rifa face



First Banjo photoset! These shots are by Cayla who is amazing and manged to get lots of shots of all my cosplays asdjaiodja I love her ok?

I am so happy with how Banjo (and mostly Kazooie) pulled together. Yes. <3

Oh my god PLEASE full view these. Especially the middle one on the right. My face, what is it.


Whoops I did the thing.

Wow closet Hannibal and make up test? Wowee fun. 

Poor quality shots are poor, but I was trying to replacate some of the show’s lighting in the photos.

Eehh, learned a lot, there is some makeup I want to track down to make it better for next time (assuming there will be a next time). I parted my own hair and held the ponytail which worked well but won’t work at a con setting, also since its closet cosplay I ended up looking like a goddamn undertaker, I didnt have any fabulous ties, and the only vest I had that was near suitable was my old Ples one so there you go.

Might try and get some clearer photos, maybe with a touch less shadow so you can actually see the 40mins of makeup thats all fucking over me.


New haircut!! We were playing around with the styling and it can do so many things so we washed it again to let it air dry so we can what it does bit oh ny goooooood I am so fucking happy