The wonderful @officialsierraboggess posted this. This was a magnificent experience and what a wonderful story to tell and again play opposite my friend, Sierra. Thanks for posting this too, Sierra. Was a nice reminder. Probably one of my favorite roles so far. Great piece.


But I had lost my voice,

 I had no choice,

 I had no will to resist

 I drifted away with the mist 


She's my best friend. We play music, she's getting better at the guitar so I get her singing duets with me and vice versa, we just talk about life, she's my best friend you know. (...) The thing with Sierra is that we just get along like brother and sister as well. I trust her. You say you wanna see us working together and there is nothing more I would rather want, you know. I love working with her. ❞ (X)

There is this Rierra page on Instagram that keeps popping up in my reccomended and it makes me so uncomfortable? Like they post really racy fanfic of Sierra/Ramin/Hadley and its pretty gross and creepy. The Rierra/Hadley fandom is so weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love their friendship (especially the fact that Ramin named his son Hadley which is so freakin cute) but I really don’t think people should write racy fanfic about them and tag them. Just my opinion


I really don’t know anymore what’s going on here…