I said we’d been to some interesting places - just outside Kakamas we came across this solar energy project called ’!Khi Solar One’ - all I could establish is that it comprises hundreds of mirrors that track the sun and concentrate it’s rays to the top of the tower where it apparently boils water at an incredible temp and somehow the ‘clevers’ get it to produce electricity for our grid, there are apparently four being built in the Northern Cape. Why aren’t we told this sort of thing?? Below that is the technology of yesteryear, a water wheel in Kaimoes, used to redirect water from one canal to another, if you look carefully you will see, right at the top water being poured from a 'cup’ into a tray and that would go elsewhere - clever!

We also visited a place called Riemvasmaak and the collage below are pictures taken there; at the top is a cottage called Black Eagles Nest, there is a Black Eagles nest and there was one in the nest too! The steep gorge is where they have a hot spring and two small outdoor hot pools. Some fantastic rock formations and even better camping sites, although one has to be seriously brave to take a trailer or a 4x4 caravan into the area, but as you can see, it can be done - he still has to get out!! then the really modern transport - they had been to collect fire wood; lastly, there has to be a bird, I think this chap is the grey version (there is a black version too) of the Mountain Wheatear.

At the moment we are at Sendelingsdrift which is the start of the Richtersveld adventure. A very stark but beautiful part of the world, with roads that only just qualify to be called by the name!

Cheers, Don 


Night sky with the cliffs of Riemvasmaak in the Northern Cape of South Africa.


The sun sets over the cliffs of Riemvasmaak in the Northern Cape of South Africa.