So at the beginning of the summer, my brother was watching the CritRole ep where they fight Umbrasyl and I was like “Oooooh what’s this,” casually stopped to see what exactly he was watching and immediately got SUPER HOOKED. Watched the whole episode, decided that Critical Role was a thing I needed to experience and spent the rest of the summer watching the series the whole way through. I have now arrived at that SAME EPISODE that originally hooked me and anyways this is a big deal for me. S/o to me bro for casually coercing me into watching peeps play DnD.


episode 64 - the frigid doom | percy “thanks” scanlan for trying to “improve [his] life”


Vox Machina find the root of the pestilence deep within the Shademirk, and come face to face with the creature who holds the next vestige. Looking for some awesome Critical Role swag? Check out the Geek & Sundry store to find functional and fashionable things alike! This week’s episode of C…


You fought bravely and often. You wielded your weapon strongly and had many definite physical encounters and were never frozen and showed your power and defended us to the best of your ability.” — Scanlan Shorthalt, bullshitter extraordinaire


It’s that time of the year again when the long lazy summer days give way to hints of fall. The air gets a little cooler. Leaves begin to don their fall foliage. And it’s time we all head back to school or at least brush up on our RPG skills. With friends coming back from vacation, now is the per…

Media References and Puns of Episode 64: The Frigid Doom

Poor Asum Emring. Seven of the eight puns in this episode were on his name! 

Media References

  • (0:11:49) Marisha: It’s a Trapper Keeper.
  • (0:11:55) Marisha: Yeah, Saved by the Bell series.
  • (0:14:24) Travis: The Inception!
  • (0:17:24) Liam: Your nickname is Jabba…the Hut. (Star Wars)
  • (1:00:30) Taliesin: Hunger Games.
  • (1:18:49) Liam: I think we can table Meow Mix for a while.
  • (1:20:43) Travis: Wolverines! (Red Dawn)
  • (1:21:44) Travis: You’ll be the Hercules Mulligan of Vox Machina (Hamilton)
  • (1:23:30) Sam: In the room where it happens? (Hamilton)
  • (1:23:54) Sam: We’ll just have to Seeker Asum that it happened. (Hamilton)
  • (1:32:16) Sam: Are you Tony Robbins?
  • (1:37:08) Marisha: Winter is Coming. (Game of Thrones)
  • (1:39:25) Taliesin: It’s Discworld.
  • (1:42:37) Marisha: Oh-wee-oh-ohhhhh-oh (The Wizard of Oz)
  • (1:43:31) Percy: It’s never a three hour tour. (Gilligan’s Island)
  • (1:47:30) Vex: This is danger zone. (Top Gun)
  • (2:35:42) Liam: Everyone else does just fearful anime reacts.
  • (2:50:27) Marisha: It’s not a tum-ah. (Kindergarten Cop)
  • (3:20:56) Sam: Predator.
  • (3:23:00) Percy: Today is not that day (LotR)
  • (3:26:39) Liam: Give Steve Martin a win, here!
  • (3:26:45) Matt: Between the two of you keeping an eye out with this Marduk


  • (0:11:17) Vax: Are you certain you’re not trying to do comedy right now?  Percy: I feel funny.
  • (1:12:15) Taliesin: Perhaps we should not have….assumed.
  • (1:23:54) Sam: We’ll just have to Seeker Asum that it happened.
  • (1:26:21) Marisha: You know what they say, when you assume!
  • (1:35:33) Liam: It’s not safe to assume that Asum…sorry. […] we have to assume that they are.
  • (1:37:23) Keyleth: And we’re assuming- sorry.
  • (1:37:36) Scanlan: And we know that Thordak is a total a**hole- sorry.
  • (2:50:42) Taliesin: I think he assumed
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Berlioz, Hector | La Damnation de Faust ( Solti , Riegel , Von Stade , Van Dam , King CSO ) - CD1

Berlioz, Hector mp3 download

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La Damnation de Faust ( Solti , Riegel , Von Stade , Van Dam , King CSO ) - CD1 album:

  • Artist - Berlioz, Hector mp3
  • Album - La Damnation de Faust ( Solti , Riegel , Von Stade , Van Dam , King CSO ) - CD1 mp3
  • Year - 0
  • Genre- Classical


  • Scene 17: Recitatif et chasse: `A la voute azuree’
  • Scene 15: Roma: `D'amour l'ardente flamme'nce de Marguerite
  • Scene 13: Duo: `Grands dieux!’
  • Scene 10: `Je l'intends!’
  • Scene 19: Pandaemonium: `Ha! Irimiru Karabrao!’
  • Serenade de Mephistopheles et choeur de follets
  • Scene 14: Trio et choeur: `Allons, il est trop tard!’
  • Scene 11: `Que l'air est etouffant!’
  • Chanson gothique: Le roi de Thule
  • Scene 12: Evocation: `Esprits des flammes inconstantes’
  • Scene 20: Dans le ciel: `Laus! Laus! Hosanna! Hosanna!’
  • Scene 18: La course a l'abime: `Dans ma coeur retentit sa voix’
  • Scene 16: Invocation a la nature: `Nature immense, impenetrable et fiere’
  • Epilogue sur la terre: `Alors l'enfer se tut’
  • Menuet des follets

Download La Damnation de Faust ( Solti , Riegel , Von Stade , Van Dam , King CSO ) - CD1

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Victory - Warrior music
Media References and Puns of Episode 63: The Echo Tree

Saundor: Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell Vex’ahlia how a feel a second? Now, I’m the model of a whiny archfey bow-wielder, manipulating adventurers ‘til they know I’m a creeper…

Media References:

  • (0:04:30) Liam: We kind of already had this conversation before we went and poked a badger with those floating instruments. (Eddie Izzard)
  • (0:21:58) Liam: Strongjaw’s kitten. (Koko’s Kittens)
  • (0:29:35) Travis: Like Ghostbusters goo.
  • (0:44:20) Liam: Give it to Mikey, he’ll try anything. (Life Cereal commercial)
  • (0:48:20) Marisha: If I tighten my abs and keep my feet together, it shouldn’t make much noise at all.  Taliesin: You’ve been watching a lot of Olympics.  Marisha: I have been watching a lot of Olympics.
  • (0:50:39) Marisha: …I pull a Pocahontas
  • (0:50:44) Taliesin: SAIL!  Marisha: SAIL! (AWOLNation)
  • (0:54:45) Marisha: Do I look like the Swamp Thing?
  • (1:00:31) Travis: I’m gonna Rocky ribs the s*** out of this cow
  • (1:00:36) Liam: Street Fighter it?  Travis: Yeah.
  • (1:01:49) *everyone sings theme from Jurassic Park*
  • (1:19:08) Sam: Oooh, like in American Beauty?
  • (1:23:19) Sam: Flight of the Saundors. (Flight of the Conchords)
  • (1:24:50) Taliesin: It’s just Beauty and the Beast…of pornography.
  • (2:00:56) Laura: Is [pushing Trinket through] like Pooh Bear?
  • (2:01:20) Matt: Winnie the Pooh you through there.
  • (2:01:26) Liam: This is Sparta, c’mon. (300)
  • (2:01:50) Liam: Here comes the general!  Laura: Rise up! (“Right Hand Man” from Hamilton)
  • (2:26:37) Sam: If anyone works for Apple and wants to send us all new iPads…
  • (2:35:48) Laura: The Big Guy Upstairs- Santa Claus?
  • (2:39:03) Marisha: And then I’m going to go into fire elemental form and Flame On.  Sam: Johnny Storm?!  Laura: Flame On!
  • (2:41:14) Liam: You send one’a ours to the Feywild, we send one’a yours to the morgue! (The Untouchables)
  • (2:44:15) Laura: Sandor is in Game of Thrones.
  • (3:24:58) Travis: Can I try and Tarzan my way over…
  • (3:25:18) Taliesin: Watch out for that treeeee… (George of the Jungle)
  • (3:28:14) Liam: Dammit, Bobby! (King of the Hill) Thanks to @reasonsoffate for this one!
  • (3:35:23) Sam: Is that like a Venti? (Starbucks)
  • (3:40:14) Matt: …almost like the Queen Alien’s second mouth. (Aliens)
  • (3:43:39) Various: Dead ent. Dead ent. De nah de-nah de-nah de-nah de-nuuuhhh (The Pink Panther)
  • (3:44:21) Sam: Javelin of Lightning. Taliesin: Very, very frightening. (Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • (3:47:42) Grog: What, and become the Corpse Bride?
  • (3:52:41) Sam: Don’t hit me, I’ll sing more Spice Girls.  Laura: Spice Girls, that’s so empowering.
  • (4:05:33) Marisha: Everyone hold hands and sing Kumbaya.
  • (4:08:43) Sam: Woah, Prince of Thieves style?  Taliesin: Is that really a thing?  Sam: I don’t know. (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
  • (4:08:50) Marisha: Oooh, she’ll be like Hanzo. (Overwatch


  • (0:55:00) (After Earth Elemental!Keyleth talks) Taliesin: Do you speak rock?
  • (2:03:35) Travis: I hope so, we just crawled into his tree anus.  Matt: His tranus.
  • (4:03:23) Keyleth: For someone who hates the theatre, you’ve made quite a show of all this.