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Rie Tsuji, keyboardist and assistant musical director for Beyonce’s backing band, the Suga Mamas, goes all “What, you didn’t know that I’m also an accomplished classical pianist?” at the I Am… tour’s Atlanta show 7-1-09

all-on-ya-mouth-like-liqah  asked:

do you have the ig-names of beys dancers, band-members, the mamas etc. ?

As far as I know (hope I don’t forget anyone)


Ashley - ashleycmeverett

Kimmie - kimmiegeedotcom

Les Twins - lestwinsoff | lestwinson

Hannah - hannahdlaine

Kim G - kimgingras

Amandy - am4ndy620

Ksyn - missksyn

Dnay - dnaybisme


Tifanny Monique - divatiff1908

Crystal Melodis - crystalmelodis

Montina Cooper - montinacooper


Bibi (electric guitar) - bibimcgill

Crystal/Rovel (trumpet) - loverovel

Kat Rodriguez (saxo) - katrodriguezmusic

Elle Tizzle (bass) - laurentaneil

Rie Tsuji (keyboard) - rietsuji0730

Adison (saxophon) - adisonevansmusic

Venzella Joy (drums) - joythedrummer

DaniIvory (keys) - t2dani

Beauty Team

Ty Hunter - tytryone

Raquel Smith - raqraq178

Neal Farinah - nealferinah

Francesca Tolot - francescatolot

Sir John - sjblife

Lisa Logan - lisa_logan


Matthew D Siskin (web and creative director) - designedmemory

Yvette (PR) - yvettenoelschure

Angie Beyince (assistant) - angiebeyince

Angie’s brother - tourlifelb 

Melissa (assistant) - doramelissa

Ms. Ivy (#BeyGOOD) - 4ivmac

Frank Gatson (creative director/choreographer) - frankgatson

Jaquel Knight (choreographer) -  thejaquelknight

Chris Grant (choreographer) - chrisgrantmusic

Eddi Romack (pyrotechnic) - pyrojunkie

Falconi (videographer) - adultsnack 

Lydia Rui (videographer) - lydiaruihuang 

Manuel Mendez - mmanuelmendez

Robin Harper (photographer) - robins_robin

Rob Hoffman - (photographer) - rob_hoffman

Yosra (photographer) - itsyosra

Marlon - marlonsontour 

Todd Tourso - toddtourso 

UPDATED - (if you know more, send me the IG user and I’ll update)