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I just got offered a job on my mum’s favourite TV show (didn’t apply, was recommended - UMMMM?!??!!)

And I have no idea what to do, because time is A Thing and I have important things to apply for, and I love the people at my current office, but it would be a pay rie and I’m floundering financially with increased living costs, and it would only be temporary (pre-production) and my current job is temporary anyway, but it would also be 12 hour days in an industry I left last year


i’m surprised no one made a collage of takahashi rie’s roles. so i’ll do it then.

you know the adorable chuuni megumin from konosuba, right?

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well, the same seiyuu has also voiced:

the newbie seiyuu ichinose futaba from sore ga seiyuu,

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the trap-bait kobayashi yoshio from ranpo kitan,

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the kouhai takeya yuki adores, naoki miki from gakkou gurashi,

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the one who lost the game in comet lucifer, kaon lanchester,

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and in this season, the yes girl noct leaflet from saijaku muhai no bahamut

i hope to hear more from her!