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Popular Anime Studios in a nutshell
  • Studio Gainax/Trigger: Impressive visuals! Confusing plotpoints! Gripping storylines! Relatable sets of characters! Sex appe-OH SHIT WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF CASH! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!
  • Studio BONES: We may have given Fullmetal Alchemist a redo to fit the manga, but don't expect that we'll do the same for Soul Eater or Ouran High.
  • J.C. Staff: HEY GUYS, GUESS WHAT?! I FOUND THIS THING CALLED A LIGHT NOVEL, AND IT MIGHT LOOK GOOD ANIMATED. LET'S DO THIS SHIT! Oh, and if there's a flat chick with height issues, get Rie Kugumiya on the phone.
  • Sunrise: The only time people remember us is when there's another Gundam series...
  • Kyoto Animation: Moe? Snarky Male Lead? Realistic background based off actual places? Fluid and extremely detailed design and animation? Constant references to our previous works? That's probably us. Now pay us with your tears!
  • Studio Ghibli: We'll give you a movie that gives out a good moral, plot and served with a side of extremely detailed animation. It's totally worth your money, time, and tear ducts.
  • Toei Animation: Around 70% of your childhood was built on us, don't you fucking forget it.
  • Ufotable: We made the Nasuverse animated. Kara No Kyoukai? Fate/Zero? We're now in progress of Fate/Stay Night's remake. Prepare for a proper mindfucking.
  • Studio SHAFT: Our backgrounds are so surreal that it fucks logic. We barely have time for background characters, in the end, they're completely blank. Here, want a really uncomfortable and unnecessary close-up shot of that character? We only made changes to the viewpoints in the Blu-Ray releases. We're just fucking insane. That, and our necks can question God himself.
Seiyuu Rie Kugumiya's Characters

Here’s some Characters with the voice of my favourite Seiyuu, Rie Kugumiya. I love her cute voice. ^_^

From left to right and from top to the bottom :  Arisa Bannings, Kamyu, Sena Kuroi, Tio, Ikuto Noguchi, Nagi Sanzenin, Kagura Yato, Shana, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, Koboshi Uematsu, Alphonse Elric, Ringo Kinoshita.

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