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El Anime Twin Angel Break anunciado con 12 episodios y una OVA.

El Anime se estrenará el 7 de abril. 

Amazon Japan ha catalogadoTwin Angel Break, el nuevo Anime para televisión en la franquicia de Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel, para ponerse a la venta en una Blu-ray Box con todos los 12 episodios de la serie y un episodio OVA que no será emitido en televisión. El Anime se estrenará en abril del 2017 en Japón.

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When Miyazawa Rie loses the game and undergoes the punishment administered by Jun, she is regretful, but notes more importantly that Jun’s face is filled with such enjoyment and happiness as he carries out his duty.

There’s a reason for his DoS Bancho reputation, yes?

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Takamina 755:

After FNS rehearsal, I went for the NYLON×WEGO fitting🎵 I had a fun time. 
After that,
to PUNYUS’s exhibitionヾ(´・∀・)ノ
I found a shirt that’s made for me.
Katsu KATSU?
I had a shock
It’s seems like an outfit made specifically for me who loves katsudon
Of course I bought it lol
Looking forward to it arriving 🎵 Others included salmon roe and lady’s fingers.
Rie-chan got salmon roe, Sae-chan got lady’s fingers, the 3 of us are having matching outfits (・∀・)


Jun’s points out the “Strength” piece in the middle of the room, asking Miyazawa Rie’s opinion of it, and whether it would be something that she would want.  When she hesitates in her decision, he sneakily informs her that it is his work.

Her immediate response? “I want it!”

Jun-kun, you wily butler~~ (^_^)

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[Twitter] Yokoyama Yui 2016.03.16 07:46

3.16 Not yet デビュー5周年✨✨
3.16 Not yet’s debut 5th anniversary ✨✨

I remember 5 years ago when Yuko-san, Sashiko and Rie-chan were so kind to the newcomer me.

Please continue to support us in the future!!

#Notyet #ノイエ5周年 #ありがとう
#Not yet #Noie 5th Anniversary #Thank you