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When Miyazawa Rie loses the game and undergoes the punishment administered by Jun, she is regretful, but notes more importantly that Jun’s face is filled with such enjoyment and happiness as he carries out his duty.

There’s a reason for his DoS Bancho reputation, yes?

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[Twitter] Yokoyama Yui 2016.03.16 07:46

3.16 Not yet デビュー5周年✨✨
3.16 Not yet’s debut 5th anniversary ✨✨

I remember 5 years ago when Yuko-san, Sashiko and Rie-chan were so kind to the newcomer me.

Please continue to support us in the future!!

#Notyet #ノイエ5周年 #ありがとう
#Not yet #Noie 5th Anniversary #Thank you


Jun’s points out the “Strength” piece in the middle of the room, asking Miyazawa Rie’s opinion of it, and whether it would be something that she would want.  When she hesitates in her decision, he sneakily informs her that it is his work.

Her immediate response? “I want it!”

Jun-kun, you wily butler~~ (^_^)

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AKB48 General Election Official Guidebook 2016 - Yokoyama Yui

I cried a lot!
I won’t compare myself to anyone anymore.

007 Yokoyama Yui Age 23 AKB48 Team A
[Predicted ranking] 7th    [Last year’s ranking] 10th

So much honest to lose herself and so clumsy to not keep things in order.
Therefore, I want to see AKB48 with this kid in it!
She is the general manager who is only for us that is different from anyone other!!

I can’t help but to really look forward to talk with everyone at the handshake event now.

“This is the fake AKB48”
Those words struck me in my heart

 Yokoyama spoke her target goal for the first time. With that said, her distance with the fans shrank more than ever.

“Until now, I’ve been upholding the principe of actions speak louder than words, I was thinking that it was important to accept whatever the result is, however because when I said what my target ranking was and in the quick report my ranking was reported to be low, at the handshake event, the fans comforted me and told me things like, “I haven’t voted yet, so don’t worry”. I ranked the 10th for the final result and I was very happy with the ranking, but the fans told me, “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the 7th place”. Moreover, when I got my first solo song as AKB48 titled “Tsuki to Mizukagami” in Team A’s new stage, everyone was incredibly happy, even happier than I was, it made me very happy. In these past 1~2 years in particular, I reached the point where I can think that to be able to interact with all the fans through handshake events and mobile mails are genuinely fun”.

 This year is her first year as the general election after she took over the position in the early December last year. When we asked her how she will appeal herself as the general manager, she gave the following answer.

“Without forgetting the original intetion to want to be the essential member for AKB48, I want to continue to aim the higher place as the ordinary member named Yokoyama Yui!”

 Of course her struggle as the general manager deserves to be valued, but there’s  some inside stories as to why she doesn’t want to forget herself as a member.

“Two years ago, when Takamina-san about the next generation general manager, because I really enjoy talk with the members and I also have started to have good communication with the staffs, I immediately answered, “I’ll do it”. I thought that it would work out OK. Because I’m basically a very optimistic person (lol).“

 After she finished her training period as the next general manager, last year on December 8th, the general manager position was officially inherited from Takahashi Minami to Yokoyama Yui at the beginning of the 10th anniversary concert.

"I already have a fixed impression of a general manager because I was beside her watching her until then. But……”

 As soon as she took over the second generation, Yokoyama was shaken by successive things that happened.

“First of all, as the general manager, my number of works increase, of course it’s a necessary and important thing, but my mind can’t bear it…… However, what bothers me the most is to be compared (with Takamina) by many people. Like "Takamina skillfully gathered us together”. Among them there were also something like, “You should have let the young member inherit it (the general manager position)” or “This is the fake AKB48, right?”……  I think they meant no harm, but it strucks me and deeply hurts me each time.“

 However, the person who most often makes the comparison is probably her own self.

"When I actually do it, I realize that there are a lot of the same things that have be done so well by Takamina-san, yet I couldn’t do that well. No matter what I do, when I think, "If it’s Takamina-san who does it, she will do it a lot better than me”, I would think that I really can’t do it……I did nothing but cry every day because of it.“

  And then, the highest peak of her trial is at Request Hour which was held in January this year. It was because both the changing clothes was so complex due to the ranking forms at the concert and many MCs. The backstage is so chaotic every year. She took a tremendous burden as the stagehands as well as the general manager who is the representative of the member. And if she appears in public, the eyes of many people would compare herself with the former general manager…… At least Yokoyama thought so at the time. She was so spurred by it.

"To tell you the truth, I don’t have much memory of that time. On the stage, I can’t comment as smooth as Takamina-san, I don’t even know what kind of things I said to begin with and in the back, I can’t solve a lot of problem like Takamina-san did, it was really embarrassing. However, because I automatically agreed to take over the general manager position without discussing it with anyone, I thought I should resolve it by myself……”

When she realized it, Yokoyama was cutting herself off from others.

The day when Yokoyama new system began
to the “walking hand in hand” general manager.

  Some members saw the change in her way.

“When I’m annoyed with myself for couldn’t do well, I would just sigh without talking to anyone, then Juri and Yuria came and said, "Do you get a minute? We have something to say”. I thought this is the moment. I thought ‘let’s become like a general manager’, but I probably didn’t make it in time……“

  "You can’t keep up with the irreplaceable general manager any longer”. She must have thought that what she would be told.

  However, the words that came out of Juri were very unexpected.

“I like the old Yokoyama-san better”. When I felt uneasy because of those words, Yuria told me, “I want the "used to be Yokoyama-san” to be the general manager"…… And they both said, “There’s no member that thinks something like "It doesn’t matter how hopeless I am right now, I’m not gonna follow Yokoyama-san”. So, please we want the usual Yokoyama-san to be back"…… And so, it finally dawned on me. The me that has always thought how important it is to have fun conversations my conversations with the members, how important the care I feel for AKB48 is, and how important it is to share with the fans even the smallest things of everyday life; since when I became General Manager, I’ve been losing sight of that side of me. Both of them taught me that.“

I’m sorry to have worried everyone.
Because I won’t lose myself anymore……

  For the sake of Yokoyama, the juniors who were at the risk of being disliked still told her their own ideas. Yokoyama understood their true intention that was conveyed through those words. There is this one episode that shows the strenght of their bond that has grown until now. During the circular array before the second performace on that day, the general manager shed her tears in front of everyone.

"In a performance a little while ago, I stood in the stage in a state where I lost sight of what should have been myself, I’m sorry to have worried everyone because of that. By saying that, I apologized. Then I said, "However, since my love for AKB48 hasn’t changed and is still the same as before, since I want to work harder in the group together with everyone, please let me do that”……“

  After she ended the circular array with a shout, the members didn’t leave her immediately, they gathered around Yokoyama.

"Of course Shiichan, Kitahara Rie-chan and Akicha were there, Katorena and Abe Maria who were also there told me, "I like Yokoyama-san who cries when we cry”. The seniors also comforted me saying, ‘We know you’ve been doing your best, so it’s alright as it is”. I’m so happy to know that many people support me, even though I automatically accepted the position to be the general manager withouth discussing it with them.“

  This time, she didn’t stop her tears of joy. If Takahashi Minami was the general manager that led at the front, Yokoyama will be the general manager that walking together with everyone. 1 and a half months after the inheritance was the moment when the new AKB48 began to be led by Yokoyama Yui General Manager in a true meaning.

I want to build the new AKB48 that can only be build by us.

  Now, there’s a new wall that Yokoyama wants to cross over.

“In order for AKB48 to survive in the future, I think it’s necessary to continue to challenge the new things as we’re defending the things that the seniors have built. And so, I want to create a kind of environment where the ideas and opinions from the members, even the ones that has been left in the staffs’ hands, can be conveyed and the good things get to be implemented. I don’t think it will be easy to change the things that have been going on for 10 years. I have already tasted the failure for several times (lol). However, I won’t give up.
  At the time of the Haru no Tandoku concert where Yuko-san graduated, she told me, "It’s all right to advance on the road that you thought to be 'this is it’”. Since I originally have the members who I’m good friends with in each sister group like Sashiko, Sayanee, Rie-chan and Jurina, I think I can utilize that strength.“

  The girl who came all the way from Kyoto to Tokyo, from long before became the general manager, had consistently walked it for the shake of her friends and for the group, even if she’s clumsy.

"No matter what happen, without losing myself, I want to chase my dream together with a lot of my trusted friends and staffs and all of the important fans. Because I love the sparkling AKB48!”

⚫ Became the second generation general manager of AKB48 Group
⚫ Her work as an actress is fulfilling such as appearing in dramas, stage play and movie “9 Windows”
⚫ In charge of a solo song in the new performance

► “There were days when I cried for couldn’t do my work well as the general manager, but as I continue to do the work, I found that being yourself is very important. For the general election, I personally want to aim for the higher place!”

⬛ “After the 1 year of training, I officially took over the general manager position. I’m gettin better at summarizing the MC, the members trust me more and more.”

1. Sorry it took this long for me to finish Yui’s; 2. Big thanks to the wonderful @mirokuu48​ (as always) for the help with proofreading and the translation.


[G+] Matsui Jurina

I’m hungry (><)

By the way, I woke up early and cheered on the soccer team!!
Whenever I see the sight of people giving their all, I always feel the urge that I too must try my very best.
And, I received courage.
Thank you very much for the energy and passion!!
Also, even after 4 years, I look forward to seeing the cool, lovely sight of everyone in the football team!!
By then, I too want to keep on growing more and more (^^)

I was even holding a key holder while I cheered them on!!

Yesterday was
The birthday of my beloved Nee-san and Rie-chan. ♡♡
I wonder what present I should give them…(^^)

Single rooms are always lonely…(><)
I’m still not okay with this even after turning 17…(><)

I’m happy that there’s lots of people that say, “Go now” but…
I won’t go inside! *laugh*
There’s not even a bed! *laugh*

Everyone’s so nice ♡♡
For the time being, Ima take a bath. ♪♪ *laugh*

Sasshi letter to Riechan

To Riechan

You’ve work hard for your last AKB theater show. Even though I want to be there at the AKB48 theater after a long time to disturb you, I’ve the show in Hakata now and can’t be there. Even though we are all working on different magazines, TV now, our starting point is still AKB48 theater.

Back in the days when we are still back dancers, for Team B for Team K, as kenkyusseis, we would talk for hours at the elevator hall that’s either too cold during winter or too hot during summer. Do you remember our conversations? “Who do you think will survive if we have Battle Royale?” and “Who do you think will survive if we went to a no-man island?” Even though it’s mindless conversations, I felt as though it just happened yesterday.

Even though there’s a lot of memories, there’s one thing that I wish can come true. Even if it’s just once, I wish that we can be on the same team. If Sashihara had not been transferred, maybe we could have been in the same team. If we had been transferred to the same team, maybe I could have been able to talk with Riechan cutely more. Even if it’s just once, I really want to be on the same team as Rie-chan.

We have never quarreled before but there’s just once that Sashihara had been angry with Rie-chan on my accord. It’s something that now that we thought back, it shouldn’t be something to be angry about. Rie-chan had sent an apology on LINE but I didn’t reply. During that time, Rie-chan’s transfer to NGT48 happened. It seemed like an incident that only happens in the manga. At that moment, I didn’t know how to approach the Rie-chan who was surrounded by Team K members and her juniors. I was thinking why should I get angry at Rie-chan, why didn’t I reply to her LINE. Rie-chan saw me, and both of us hugged and cried and apologized to each other.

The Rie-chan who would be angry when she’s hungry. The Rie-chan whose lips colour turned better recently. The Rie-chan whose skin is very white after shower. The Rie-chan who will think about others before herself. The Rie-chan who will respect her seniors, and will look after juniors. I’m regretful to be unable to join you on this stage that’s filled with our memories but I’m looking forward to the next time that we can share the stage again. Let’s work hard together from now on.


TN: I’m translating base of fans’ tweets of the letter. It might not be exactly accurate. My translations might not be accurate also. Until someone can come along to do a better one, enjoy this? Haha I didn’t want to do this after I did ANN last night but I promised so on Twitter so here goes. Sorry no read more break because on mobile.
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「Request Hour photos☆Juritan」

Good evening!!
It’s been a while, I’m sorry>_<
Recently, I’ve been waking up around the same time in the morning…
and sleeping around the same time at night…
Is it good or bad (laughs)
I’m doing my best!!
I’ll post the photos I took during the 4 days of Request Hour(^^)

with Takamina-san♪♪

General Manager\(^o^)/

She always cares about SKE!!
She’s really a kind and reliable senior!!


Kawai Kawai Murashige-chan (laughs)


This is the first time I write that\(^o^)/

New song\(^o^)/
The feeling of complete!!

It’s been a while since I performed Choco no Dorei with Rie-chan\(^o^)/

There are still more photos so I’ll post them later!!
Now then, see you next time\(^o^)/

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Translated by : Kai-Le of Juurina
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