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Hayden Szeto Gif Pack

Name: Hayden Szeto
Source: Edge of Seventeen (17)
Gif Info: HQ 260x146 / 166 total
Age/roleplayable age: 30 / 25-35
Ethnicity: Chinese 
Gender: Male
Note: ALL MADE BY CATWOMAN FROM SCRATCH. Feel free to edit but do not claim as yours and DO NOT WHITEWASH. Generally SFW unless you count him being shirtless in a pool scene as nsfw.


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“A Place to Go” (rebelcaptain fic)

Y’all I did a fic because Jyn’s life story gave me more feels than i could handle. The canon Rogue One universe is not kind. Jyn needs a massive hug.

This story is long. It’s angsty. And I’d post it on ao3 but I don’t have an account yet so sorry :( I’d honestly rather post it there because dashboards are brutal.

CW: Some language, allusions to sex (in case this matters to anyone)


Cassian learns more about Jyn, and about grief.

“Just because you can’t turn off the spy switch in your head doesn’t mean you can take away what little I have left and give it up to everyone else in the Alliance.”

Word count: 8,215 (christ why)

Someone, long ago, had once told Cassian that grief was just love with no place to go. He didn’t understand it at the time- all the grief he ever had had dried up when his family was stolen from him by the Empire. Later, the sound of every blaster shot he took merely bounced around in his heart, turned hollow because whatever love he had left was emptied out of him and given to the Alliance.

Now, as an adult, he could sympathize for those who grieved. That was easy. But even after Scarif and the Battle of Yavin, empathy continued to elude him.

The realization distracted Cassian one day as he conducted his usual mid-morning walk across the cargo bay of Echo Base, an ideal location because the area was at its emptiest. It was the best way for him to clear his mind after debriefings, but it left him vulnerable to self-assessment. Would he ever grieve if his love was always poured into efforts for the greater good? Is he any less human if he died never having felt grief again? If he gave his love to Jyn and she rejected it, would he feel it then?

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I had a customer tell me I was a stupid dumbass today because I wouldn't give him cash back on a return he didn't pay cash for. He used credit and refused to believe me even when I showed him the register screen saying he paid with credit. Just..riduclous. On the bright side my coworker had my back and called him a heathen to his face lol

Under Pressure - Spencer Reid

Originally posted by prettyrickyreid

this one I jammed to while writing ngl. this blurb is inspired by Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen (aka two of the most important people in my life) and also this gif gives me butterflies :)

enjoy my little muffins!!

word count: 1,539


Spencer Reid’s gun was held high as he crept along the empty and dark hallway. The only light that he had was from the streetlight outside of the abandoned apartment complex he was in, and it left an leery feeling in his gut. His face remained stony, and he wanted nothing more than to clear the building and look somewhere else for the unsub. But, a feeling in his gut told him that the unsub was here, perhaps even close.  It was a feeling he hated, but it was always worth it in the end.  

He crept through the warehouse, and the silence in his earpiece was equally as frightening.  Everyone was so serious and so quiet when it came to an extremely dangerous unsub like the one they were after now, and it was evident in the team’s actions.  

Spencer crept into an open room, and stayed against the wall as he surveyed the room carefully. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and there was absolutely nothing to looked to be out of place.  It was quiet, still, except for the rain pelting the metal ceiling vigorously.  If he were home in his bed with a book and light music playing, the rain would be a soothing privilege, but in the warehouse, where he could die at any moment, it was unnerving.  

He made his way around the perimeter of the large room and stayed silent, stepping over rubble and easing under the girders leaning against the wall.  Once he made his way around the room, Spencer walked towards the center.  

For a moment, he stopped and pinched his nose in an attempt to keep himself from sneezing in the dusty room.  He felt sick for a second, like he was moments from having an allergy attack, but the feeling shook off quickly and he sniffled in the dark room, trying to make as little noise as possible.  Once he regained his composure, Spencer scanned the room once more before turning around and walking towards the second entrance, letting his gun down for a split second.  

Just as he did so, a figure stepped into the dull light from the hallway, warranting Spencer to bring his gun up in a split second.  All he could see was a silhouette, and he was hesitant to make any action.  What if it were a member of his team?  It was obviously a man from the shape of the silhouette, but it did not appear that there was a thick FBI bullet proof vest on.  

“Drop your weapon,”  Spencer ordered unevenly.  He was worried he was pointing his gun at Morgan, or even Hotch, but it did not seem that the shape of the person matched that.  “Is that you, Brandon Marlboro?”  Spencer asked deeply. 

The figure was silent and instead, moved into the dark room, where Spencer’s eyes were able to adjust and land upon the unsub, Brandon Marlboro.  “Brandon, drop your weapon and we can work this out.”  Spencer said more solidly as the unsub held a gun in his hand, pointed towards the ground.  “Where is Hailey and Jenny?”  He asked, referring to the two latest victims he had kidnapped. 

The unsub tilted his head to the side and smiled one of the most wicked smiled that would brand Spencer’s mind for time to come.  “Now, what would be the fun in dropping my gun?  You would just arrest me, and we wouldn’t talk.”  He said with a deep, menacing chuckle.  

“I am not going to tell you again.”  Spencer warned loudly, hoping someone, anyone would hear him.  “Drop your weapon.” 

He told him once again, but the unsub only smiled and stepped closer once more.  “And if I don’t?  You and I both know that I am much quicker, and much more talented with a gun, my dear Spencer.  Before you could even process it, I would have you dead on the ground,”  the unsub laughed loudly, and it reminded Spencer strangely of the Joker from the Batman movie Penelope forced him to watch ages ago.  

“Where is Hailey and Jenny?”  Spencer asked again, holding his finger on the trigger.  “Tell me and we can work this out.”

“You keep saying that we can work this out, but is it true?  After all, I have killed thirteen women, and we both know that is far passed a life sentence.”  The unsub riducled and then, before Spencer knew what was happening, the unsub began to lift his gun towards Spencer, and the sound of a gunshot pierced his ears.  His eyes closed in an instant, waiting for the pain to set it, but it never came.  When his eyes finally opened, you were there, twenty feet behind the unsub with your gun still pointed at him. 

“(Y/N),”  Spencer whispered and he doubted you could hear him.  The two of you rushed to the unsub an you snatched his gun from his limp hand as Spencer checked for a pulse.  

You looked down with a frown as you spoke into your vest.  “Spencer and I got him.”  You said and crouched down to Spencer’s height on the ground, touching his shoulder.  “Are you okay?”  You murmured and looked at the unsteady look on his face.  

Spencer nodded numbly and stood as the team and local policed rushed in.  He looked at you, surprised and grateful that you were there, and so awestruck that you saved him without blinking an eye.  He knew you hated killing people, whether they be serial killers or not, and you hated using you gun just the same, but you seemed so unaffected by the fact that you had just killed the sick, twisted unsub on the floor right before you.  Instead, you turned and left out of the door you came from.  


You sat on the plan in one of the double seats that faced the open couch with your legs folded under you and your earbuds in your ears.  The team knew you didn’t care for flying much, so they knew better than to bother you as you gripped the arms of the chair when the plane took off.  You and Spencer were very close, and he sat next to you on every flight, for moral support, and because he enjoyed looking at you when you slept so soundly, even if at some pointed you were actually passed out.  

Ever since you had joined the team around the same time as colleague David Rossi,you were quieter than the rest and had taken a particular interest and fondness in Spencer.  He was much like you, and you were able to stay up with him in the late hours of the morning, talking about books you have read and discussion various classes you were taking in your down time.  The two of you were rarely apart, given that your apartments were two doors down from one another.  Most nights you spent together in one of your apartments, falling asleep on the couch in the living room or out of the balcony in the cool night air.  

The two of you were inseparable.  You knew all there was about Spencer, and Spencer knew all there was about you.  You had even traveled to Las Vegas to meet his mother, which was hard on him, but made him feel so much better.  The team was just waiting for the moment the two of you finally confessed your love for one another, no matter how long it took.  It was a skinny love that neither of you would admit.  

Spencer, however, felt fearless as he leaned towards you and removed one earbud from your ear, interrupting your music.  You glanced at him with a confused look on your face as you removed the other.  

“I never got to thank you.”  Spencer told you and frowned lightly.  “For not letting the unsub kill me.”  He finished and looked at his hands.  

You nodded lightly.  “No need to thank me.  You would have done the same if I were in your position.”  You explained and licked your lips as your fingernails dug into the tan leather of the seat.  You never truly got used to flying, no matter how many cases you went on.  

Spencer shook his head.  “No, I know what you think of using your weapon, and I know it keeps you up at night, and I wanted to thank you. Without you, I would be dead because I was unable to react as quick as you did.  It was truly amazing how quick you were able to react.  You were under pressure and still managed to act so appropriately,” he rambled until you finally leaned over and took his face into your hands, kissing him on the lips for a long, sweet moment.   

When you pulled away, both you and Spencer’s face were burning red.  Hotch stood at the head of the plan, watching you two, and he shook his head lightly.  “Just don’t let it interfere with work.”  He said and walked right by your seats, making a smile spread on both of your faces.  

“You were rambling.”  You shrugged.  “And that is thank you enough.”  You told him with a blush on your face.

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What's the 2p version of this world like? What's Vanya and Nevo like? Do they get along well?

“There’s that term again!”

“Just ignore it.”

“But they ask if we’d get along! We showed you’re my 2p and we get along, what else could they be talking about?”


“veeee~ But loviiiii~”


“… So.. Lovino is Feliciano’s 2p? Hm. That still doesn’t answer my question. Maybe its like.. different?”

“Perhaps… 2P is not exactly a person.. but a feeling, a concept maybe. The side of you deep down that you keep away from all others in fear of what might happen. Wishes and desires you hold back to keep being civil but you still find yourself coming back to. A you that… just maybe.. could alter the very life you had with a simple action. An alternate you? An evil you? .. A different you?”

“…… That is the most riduclous and trite thing I ever heard come out of your mouth. It’s better for everyone to not think about it.”

“Yea, I guess.”

BLEACH 326 and how it reflects on canon material

After rewatching epsiode 326, I felt like I needed to get this off my chest.

I know this episode is filler, but even so, anime-only episodes can reflect on or bring out obvious character traits in some of our favourite characters or even bring out traits/relationships that are more implict in canon material. With this said, aside from this episode having the one piece of dialogue I wish was in canon (”I made a vow to never hurt Momo again!”), look at how Hitsugaya reacts after Yoruichi destroyed the regai Hinamoris:

It gets to me every time. Even though Hitsugaya knew they were reigai, his expressions and reaction shows he can’t stand anything in Momo’s exact image being hurt or destroyed,even when it’s his enemy. Heck, what do think would have happened if Yoruichi hadn’t come along? He might have tried to outrun them again, but for how long could he have kept that up? Maybe, as dramatic as it sounds, he might have laid his life down for them just so he wouldn’t have to hurt them. In the past, he has never once raised his sword against Momo deliberately. When he intervened in the fight between her and Izuru, he had his sword block Izuru’s attack while he used his foot to push down Momo’s blade. I don’t know how sharp zanpukto’s are, or how thick the shinigami’s sandals are, (and this may sound riduclous) but Hitsugaya was willing to get his foot cut rather then use his blade against Momo.

I’d even go as far as to say that his reaction after the Hinamoris were killed could hint that he’s even more pissed off at Kageroza for not only using his main weakness against him, but for using Momo’s likeness and persona for evil/sinister purposes (especially because he saw that the reigai Hinamoris were pained about the task they had to do). Again, in the manga, when he believed Aizen’s letter was forged by Gin to have him and Momo fight each other, he couldn’t stand that she was being used and manipulated evil purpose and saw how conflicted, pained, and confused she was about the whole situation. Just…oh God, my shipping heart!!

Again, I know this is filler, but I love how this and the prior episode (in which the reigai Hitsugaya explicitly states what has basically been said in canon:  Hitsugaya feels he isn’t strong enough to protect Momo and will do whatever it takes to do just that) brings out Hitsugaya’s character (and even Momo’s to a degree), the hints to the canon material (ie., the fight between Izuru and Momo, using Momo for evil purposes, and Hitsgaya wanting to become stronger for her sake) and of course, the obvious Hitsuhina moments.

Okay, rant over. This whole thing was probably all over the place, but thank you for reading :D

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It's riduclous how much one can miss a fictional character. Eric Northman was the best

Oh anon, yes. I miss him too :(

Eric is one of my favorite tv characters. Long live the viking! ;)

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Don't you think that in ensuring Harry&Louis are not spotted together in public it has got to the stage that it looks like the boys are barely even friends anymore!? The three of them are in LA and Harry has been spotted out with his 'other' friends and not them. It's just riduclous. They're in the SAME BAND ffs

Rant under the cut

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this evokes a very strange and specific early 2000s childhood feeling….. it always aired at about 6pm and was the last program before the news was on which was anxiety peak hour for me because the day was truly over and Bedtime was drawing nearer and i would watch this riduclous show even tho it freaked me out because it was either this or face the terrifying task of Getting Ready For Bed