ridley von clayborne


A few comic pages I made after the conclusion of my first comic.. where you can read right here! http://runicknight.tumblr.com/post/56821576594/issue-1-of-runic-academy-its-short-because-i

I will not be continuing this dialogue.

After a lot of thought and some friendly advice, I will be restarting the comic and focusing on Cheyan.

I had a lot of different things happening in this story arc that it was difficult to tell where it was going.
I am not giving up! This is a learning process!

This time around I am writing a script that I can follow rather than throwing ideas at my sketchbook and seeing where they stick.

This is my goal. A weekly webcomic will soon surface once I have this all figured out! (And some real life issues. Like.. moving out west in a couple of months. That will take some time.)

But this journey will be fun regardless. Thank you all for your encouraging words and advice!