The Types Of Bros:

This is a list of the types of bros I or my friends have encountered:

  • The Needy Bros: They have to see you & hear from you 24/7
  • The Forgetful Bros: They usually forget they have a girlfriend, then make out with other girls. Usually reminded by getting their stuff back.
  • The Fakeout Bros: Act like a douche infront of their friends, but with you they’re all sweet and in love.
  • The Reverse Fakeout Bros: They act nice in front of friends, but with you they’re douchebags.
  • The Stylish Bros: They always look good, no matter what. Even on the field they dress to impress.
  • The Slummy Bros: Ive never seen someone with so many sweatpants. Its like they raided every college’s student store.
  • The Mommy’s Bros: They love their moms………a little too much. Some may bring mommy along on your date.
  • The Beauty-No-Brains Bros: They’re hot. Thats about it.
  • The Ok-All-Brains Bros: Its whats inside that matters♥ Besides, he helps you out with schoolwork. Thats how you’re staying in school……I bet.
  • The Materialistic Bros: They see you for whats on the outside, they dont care about anything else. You need to look good every time you’re with them, they’re allergic to lazy days.
  • The Lover Bros: They love you no matter what, in heels or in cleats, you’re always #1 in their mind♥
  • The Bat-Eyelashes-&-Beg Bros: Your go-to guy for everything you need, advice, car fixed, notes for class, movie date. Stop leading him on, save a sweet soul.
  • The Fresh Bros: Fresh to death, Polo everyday, Jordans on deck, etc. They keep it clean.
  • The Douchebag Bros: They’re just a douchebag. They usually ignore you for ages, after telling you you’re the one. You and 10 other girls. Some may have the same name. (also known as the M-Douche or the A-Bag)
  • The Sporty Bros: He lives for sports. If you asked him what his favorite news outlet is, he’d say ESPN. Favorite thing to read? ESPN Magazine. He knows all the stats of basically every team in the country.
  • The Adventure Time Bros: He’s been all around the world, and now he’s back to take you with him. After you drive cross country, visit every national park and landmark, and do everything on your bucket list.
  • The Daddy or Brother Bros: He acts like your dad or your brother, sometimes. Things could sometimes get awkward.
  • The Tumblr Bros: The hot, perfect, sweet, amazing, athletic, or even toned ones you cant have because they live a million miles away. Most of them are the sweetest & chillest bros in the world, & you really fall in love♥ You also might marry one of them. As a joke. But some of them think its okay to talk to 23 other girls, telling each of you that you’re the one. They killed it for the good ones. 

I probably missed A LOT of types of bros, so drop some in my ask & ill fix this. This is purely for fun, so dont get all mad ;)

I wanna be that kind of girl......

The girl who scores all the goals.

The girl who keeps her low stick.

The girl who dodges defensemen, stops attackmen.

The girl who always gets the ball.

The girl who looks good in goggles and a mouthguard.

The girl who’s name they yell from the sidelines.

The girl who plays every minute.

The girl in the Nike Volt socks holding the deBeer or holding the Brine.

I wanna be the most athletic.