riding whip

{Insert Overwatch reference here}

Context: I’m the DM of pretty non-serious D and D game and our newest member- a tiefling monk- is determined to make this a serious game despite me doing things such as; having a magical imp named Gimpy follow them around, having their horses literally drop out of the sky so they can get a ride, and having them whip a hedge’s butt.

DM (me OOC): Oh man I just realized that two of you have rides and the other two don’t. Hmmm, I got this

DM: Uh, suddenly Grace realizes that you don’t have a ride and so she brings her fingers to her lips and whistles. You hear a distant thundering coming towards you.

Half-Elf Paladin (OOC): Please tell me this is what I think it is

DM: You see Torbjorn on all fours running towards you!

(Everyone cackling) Dragonborn Sorcerer: Wait wait Torbjorn from Overwatch?

I nod as everyone has a good laugh at this, our monk looks exasperated.

Tiefling Monk: Fine! Fine I, I guess were doing this! I get on.. on Torbjorn. Lets just get this over with

And that’s how I think I broke the spirit of one of my friends and newest party member. 

me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can