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Trump’s Labor Day

This will be the first Labor Day of the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who came to office riding a wave of anti-establishment anger from average working people. No one can say they didn’t see it coming.

By the time Trump was elected, the typical American household had a net worth 14 percent lower than the typical household in 1984. The richest 1 percent owned more than the bottom 90 percent.

Last year’s annual Wall Street bonus pool alone was larger than the annual year-round earnings of all 3.3 million Americans working full time at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

While 90 percent of US adults born in the early 1940s were earning more than their parents by the time they reached their prime earning years, only half of adults born in the mid-1980s are earning more than their parents in their prime earning years.

Most also have less economic security than their parents.  Nearly one out of every five American workers is in a part-time job. Two-thirds are living paycheck to paycheck.

Most are working more hours than they worked decades ago and taking fewer sick days or vacations.

The gap in life expectancy between the nation’s most affluent and everyone else is also widening.

Increasing numbers of Americans on the downward economic escalator are succumbing to opiods, chronic liver cirrhosis, and poisonings that include drug overdoses.

The standard explanation for why all this has occurred is that most American workers are no longer “worth” as much as they were before digital technologies and globalization. So they must now settle for lower wages and less security.


This doesn’t explain why workers in other advanced economies facing similar forces haven’t succumbed to them nearly as dramatically as have workers in the United States.

Or why the pay of top executives at big companies has soared from an average of 20 times that of the typical worker 40 years ago to almost 300 times now.

Or why the denizens of Wall Street, who in the 1950s and 1960s earned comparatively modest sums, are now paid tens or hundreds of millions annually.

And it can’t account for the decline in the starting wages of recent college graduates. A college education is now a prerequisite for joining the middle class but no longer a sure means for gaining ground once admitted to it.

To attribute all this to the impersonal workings of the market, and assume it’s because most workers aren’t “worth” as much as before, is to ignore the increasing ability of moneyed interests to alter the system for their own benefit – demolishing trade unions, turning full-time employees into contract workers, and monopolizing industry.

America’s economic and political elites could have used their growing political and economic clout to help workers get ahead – through better schools and more affordable college, comprehensive job retraining, wage insurance, better public transportation, and expanded unemployment insurance.

They could have pushed for universal health insurance.

They could have paid for all this by accepting, even lobbying for, higher taxes on themselves.

They could have sought to reduce their own political clout by demanding limits on campaign spending.

But they did the reverse: They spent more and more of their ever-growing wealth and power to rig the game to their own advantage.

As a result, trust in all the major institutions of our society has plummeted.

In 1964 more than 60 percent of Americans thought government was “run for the benefit of all the people” while just 29 percent said government was “pretty much run by a few big interests looking out for themselves.”

Nowadays the numbers are almost reversed, with 76 percent believing government is run “by a few big interest” and just 19 percent saying government is run “for the benefit of all.”

In the early 1960s most Americans said they had a “great deal of confidence” in the nation’s major companies, banks, and financial institutions.

Now just one in ten has a great deal of confidence in them.

In his first seven months as president, Trump has done nothing for American workers. In fact, his attempt to undermine the Affordable Care Act, his retreat from Labor Department regulations boosting overtime pay, and his proposed tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations will make most workers worse off.  

But he is in office because of their anger and distrust, and he’s still feeding off it. “The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country,” Trump said in his inaugural address. “Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs.”

Tragically, Trump was right.

Now all of us are paying the price.

Tonight, the Hulu streaming service premieres a new adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, the 1986 novel by Margaret Atwood. Her futuristic story, in which women are denied rights and freedoms and the most fertile of them treated as breeding stock, is now a ten-part miniseries, starring Elisabeth Moss, who played Peggy Olson on Mad Men. Our TV critic, David Bianculli, says:

The Handmaid’s Tale arrives on Hulu already riding a wave of controversy, with several people involved in the production – some producers, and even some stars – denying that this new miniseries adaptation is either a frightening feminist narrative or a timely political commentary. Of course it is. And those aspects, especially the swift and aggressively hostile erosion of women’s rights and status, are what make The Handmaid’s Tale so haunting.”

One thing I’ve noticed is that people don’t get credit or sympathy based on how difficult their circumstances actually are for them.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have expressed to me that my life must be “so hard”, because my father is dead and my mother is disabled and my brother is always like one unexpected expense away from homelessness. Casual acquaintances feel really bad for me, because of those things. The people at the church where I babysit bilingual kids for free feel bad for me, somehow, even though they have less money and more hardship, so for Christmas they’re offering to buy winter clothes for my household. I’m trying to redirect this to my brother, who is technically not part of my household, but who actually needs winter clothes and stuff. I don’t actually know if I need winter clothes. I’ve been wearing a stained pair of slacks with a hole in them for the past week, and I don’t remember what else I have. What is my name. We forgot the taste of bread, precious. We’ve been too busy doing homework in the school library and eating peanut butter crackers so that I don’t have to go home and stop working.

But like–the hardest external struggle in my life is my homework. I cry over my homework more than I have ever cried about my brother or my mom or my dad. My daily struggle is like 80% facing my homework and saying “I am going to do more than absolutely none of this today, and even if I don’t finish it all, I will still not be a worthless human being.”

And like, I know one of the things that people say when they feel down is that other people have it much worse. And that’s true! Other people do have it much worse. There are people in this world who are living in fear of their lives, and my homework is never going to compare to that.

But sometimes I see people say things like “My homework isn’t a big deal. There are people out there who have lost loved ones, or whose family members are sick–people with real struggles. And I should be as strong as they are.”

So I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, as someone who is constantly being identified as an individual who is Going Through Hard Times And Trying Her Darndest To Be A Brave Little Toaster About It, that the thing which threatens to break me every day is homework. The thing which made me want to run away and be homeless in my first year of college was homework. The thing that stole a year of my life from me was despair that was exacerbated by homework. The thing that made me want to stop existing was homework, was education, was feeling that I was not living up to my potential, was the voice saying I have been given so much and yet I produce so little.

So don’t ever think that you’re weaker than other people for struggling with something that society expects from you. Society’s expectations are broken and ridiculous and can hurt a person every bit as deeply and thoroughly as an unexpected loss or personal crisis.

I don’t care if your giant has a silly name, or if it has the name of something that isn’t a giant for other people. It’s your giant, and it’s trying to kill you, and you’re fighting it anyway.

Whatever it is, I admire you for fighting.

Strawberry Bubblegum - Kuroo Tetsurou

AN: I love this song and I think about Kuroo when I listen to it idk why!!!! I took the song lyrics as literal as it could get, sorry if you thought this was gonna be nsfw cuz the song is an entire innuendo but idk I wanted cute Kuroo things

Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake

Soulmate AU: the one where you see colors for the first time when you make eye contact with your soulmate.

Today was like any normal day in the city - the trains were packed, the smell of coffee polluted the air, and the skies rained.

Kuroo held onto one of the overhead straps in the middle of the train cart. Everyone was stuffed tightly into the cart and he could feel everyone shuffling around as the train approached each stop, but he made sure that he had a secure spot in the middle.

You, on the other hand, had gotten into the same cart not too many stops ago only to be pushed from the door to the very center. Holding your phone tightly to your chest, you sighed, just riding the waves of the sea of people. You figured it wouldn’t be worth the struggle to stay in your spot, but you practically choked on your bubblegum with every bump and shove.

Kuroo felt someone shorter jab their elbow into his lower back.

“Ow!” he hissed.

“Ah, sorry!” you exclaimed from behind.

When Kuroo turned around to tease you a little, he felt his breath get caught in his throat and thought the train had stopped moving.

You were nothing like he’s ever seen before.

You stood directly in front of him, your occupied hands almost pressing against his chest. You were stunning, even in a school uniform; almost too good to be true. He almost didn’t want you to look him in the eyes. Kuroo wasn’t really one to believe in soulmates; he thought that just because you were fated to be with someone, it didn’t mean that you were meant for each other. If he was going to love someone, it was going to be on his own accord.

Yet even with his belief, he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if your eyes did meet.

Your eyes were locked on your phone as Kuroo took in every monochromed feature. As his eyes scanned your face, they couldn’t help but land on your lips. They were supple and look cute as you chewed your gum.

Kuroo could smell the strawberry flavor and wanted to taste it for himself.

You felt a pair of eyes burn holes into you, so you scanned the entire cart to look for the pervert. It wasn’t until you looked up in front of you to see a tall, hadsome guy staring at you, too.

And then your worlds burst into color.

You saw the light hazel in his irises, his spikey black hair, and his crimson striped tie. You saw the overcast skies, the gray buildings, and everyone’s gray business suits. It was a mellow day today, but you felt like it was the first day of spring. Your eyes naturally went back to the tall stranger, and his eyes never left yours for a second, even when your worlds turned. A smile creeped up on your face.

So this was your soulmate.

His eyes widened at the sudden brightness of the world and blushed when you both couldn’t break the gaze. He finally saw all the colors to have ever existed and couldn’t even bare to look away to look at the world, but he thought it was worth missing as he saw your cheeks flush, too.

“Hey…!” you breathed in awe.

And that’s when you got him.

Kuroo gave you a blank look before his lips curved into a playful smirk.


its rare to connect with someone who’ll love you unconditionally, even in times when you don’t even know how to love yourself. Those people who’ll ride the waves with you are hard to find, don’t ever let go of them.

#163 - For coffeecupsallpiledup & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one where the reader is Larry’s sister and she’s dating van and maybe Larry finds out??” and “vans girlfriend realises larrys acting strange and asks to talk to him and he reveals that he is slightly jealous because of how close you and van are and he feels not as important in vans life or something?” and “reader and van being close friends but she gets feelings 4 him n never tells him, until he gets a gf n then they stay close but she has 2 deal w/ seeing van n his gf together? but happy ending summit maybe like she gets upset n he helps her out but then he realises he loves the reader n always did??” from @coffeecupsallpiledup

You’d loved Van from the moment Larry brought him home. You were too young to know what type of love it was, but anyone that made your brother happy made you happy. They were inseparable. They picked classes in school so their timetables would match. They spent every afternoon and every weekend together. Communal clothes and CDs and everything, they lived the same life. It was weird in that they were like that, yet so different in most ways. 

Obviously, they looked nothing alike, and their mannerisms, speech patterns, and word choices were also worlds apart. They used the same slang though and made the same stupid references to football and teen movies. They had the same morals, and both respected family and friends. Van was always a little more driven than Larry but. Your parents would say Larry was lucky he could ride Van’s wave like that. Van was more extroverted and people orientated. They’d probably never leave the eight walls of their bedrooms if not for him. Opposites but exactly alike, Van and Larry were two sides of the same coin. 

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SX: Instinctual Variant

Sexual instinct can be called the instinct of attraction. It’s aggressive, competitive, single-minded, “all-or-nothing”. Use of this energy is intensely fiery and affirmative, go-get-it approach, a life-and-death matter e.g. salmon swimming upstream to mate and die. With this instincts you are either turned on or you’re not - it is what it is; you cannot fight mother nature. With this instinct one’s attention is wholly captivated energetically by someone or something.

The SX energy is described as “high energy” and is often experienced as “intense”, “assertive”, “laser-like”, “intently focused”, “playful yet penetrating” in nature. The feeling of SX-first is sometimes compared to being on a roller-coaster ride even though you aren’t on one. This subtype will “sacrifice for the relationship” to insure intensity connection. This intensity does not have to be met by another person—it can be satisfied by a project, hobby, or special interest. Rather than looking inward or to the group to resolve their problems and challenges, these types tend to look to close relations and activities that can guarantee them an experience of liveliness and intensity.

SX-first people enjoy feeling invigorated. They may fantasize about scenarios that make them feel alive and that are emotionally stimulating. Key words: activation, immersion, charisma, broadcasting displays, fusion, inspiration, volatility.

Sexual subtypes are not to be confused with having a healthy sex drive or being sexy, which is a common reason for many people misidentifying themselves as SX-primaries. The name of this instinct is misleading as, in the end, all instincts play into sexuality. SP is the body-to-body part - cuddling, sensuality, autonomic regulation. SX is riding the waves of energy, the invisible forces of attraction between the people, but it doesn’t need to be actively physical. In a union, all three instincts combine—warmth (self-pres), energy (sexual), affection (social). One can have the sexual instinct operating in a group of friends—being in the heat, stimulated, energized, engaged. In relationships, there is a desire for endless engagement and fascination. 

Topics SX types might bring up in conversation: experiences, personal likes and dislikes, emotional and mental states, excitement, elation, ecstasy, intensity, energy, attraction/repulsion, passion, connection, desire, wants and wishes, possessiveness, jealousy, beauty, attractiveness, relationships, intimacy, sex, closeness, mating, risky activities, action sports, rebelliousness (sx-first people often report having strong personal preferences)

Summary of SX instinct

  • primary concern - intense experiences, connections, and contacts, wide-ranging and exploratory, in order to find something to “complete” them inside (sky diving, deep conversations, exciting movies)
  • primary focus - people and attractions promising intense energy and charge
  • primary ambition - looking outside themselves for the person or situation that will complete them, and then obsessing over that completing element
  • primary stresses - lack of intense mental or emotional stimulation, lack of an intense connection or experience
  • coping methods (unhealthy) - scattered attention, lack of focus, sexual promiscuity, intensely avoiding intense experiences and connections with a fearful and dysfunctional attitude toward sex, intimacy, and other intense “completing” experiences, as is skewed by the secondary instinct

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I know you were upset about how the Clace kiss went down for Simon's sake, but do you ship Clace together — or Simon with anyone? I don't think I remember you saying anything about your ship preferences on Shadowhunters.

Here’s my thing. 

I know that in the books (although I haven’t read them), Clary and Jace are supposed to be this huge amazing relationship that you are supposed to root for. And that’s fine, I’d be fine with that. But the problem with the TV show is that they seem to want to take that same sentiment from the books, but have rushed it, and haven’t done enough development on their end, via dialogue and direction, to make that actually true. 

For me, Simon and Clary, up until that kiss, were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Clary has shown like, no desire to be with Jace since S1, and she truly seems to think that Simon is the one for her. They are like, deliriously happy. She is also 100% content with Jace being her bro. 

So to then pull the rug out from under that an episode after she finds out they aren’t related, and try and make this kiss scene be so epic and so huge and so poignant to the story-it just doesn’t work for me. It’s lazy. You want me to root for Clace? Cool! I can do that! But make me want that, make me like them, show me their connection, don’t just talk about it on Jace’s end, show me more when they are together, show me Clary questioning her relationship with Simon, even just once this entire season. I don’t even need an entire big declaration or speech, give me reaction shots, give me longing stares, give me what you started to give me in S1 and maybe I’ll jump ship. 

Because honestly all the kiss did for me in that moment was make me feel terrible for Simon, and make me not like Clary and Jace very much as people (Clary more so). 

So really, I could get on board with Jace and Clary I just need the writers to not ride the wave of the books so much and assume people are already rooting for them when a lot of us actually haven’t read the books and are starting fresh. 

I also really like Magnus and Alec (although I want their scenes to be as romantic or sexual as the hetero’s because that’s true representation), they are fantastic, so many layers to those two that I love. I like Izzy and Raphael- I want to see their relationship develop outside of being dependent on one another because of addiction and I want to see a relationship with an asexual on TV(Pls Freeform!!!!). I also just think they have amazing chemistry. 

And Simon well…I want him to be happy. Literally if being with a tree stump makes him happy I would ship that. 

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what rides would the gang work at in disney?

steve: test track
-tells everyone “nice ride” when their car comes as they’re getting in.

soda: star tours
-(in modern times) he’s a star wars nerd, so he loves being in that atmosphere.

ponyboy: the seas with nemo and friends
-he loves fish and calling everybody “explorers” makes him feel cool.

darry: kilimanjaro safaris
-he thinks driving the jeep around and pointing out all the animals to people is awesome.

dallas: tower of terror
-he doesn’t have to smile all the time. ‘nuff said.

johnny: it’s a small world
-the song gets stuck in his head, but it’s worth working at such a classic ride (he also loves waving at people from the tower thingie, if you know what i’m talking about?).

two-bit: the jungle cruise
-he makes the best skipper, his spiel is absolutely hilarious.

thank you for requesting!!!


Around The World In 80 Days: French Polynesia

No Go
Photo Credit: (Tim McKenna)
Sunset In Moorea
Photo Credit: (Bettina)
Photo Credit: (Ben Thouard)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

The reason why the average Leftist thinks we want to genocide non-Whites is because they don’t bother to research our views, they just ride the wave of hysteria generated by people who are equally ignorant of what we stand for.

I know this from first-hand experience. I was a radical Leftist in my late teens/early 20′s and I used to spread the hysteria without prior research too. I made the deadly assumption that “hey, only smart, rational people are Leftists, and these Leftists are saying X about Y group, so it must be true because they’re smart, rational people!”

That’s how you end up with hysterical Leftists roaming the streets with metal pipes and bike-locks ready to “bash the fash” because some doom-mongering idiot has convinced people that the “fash” are everywhere and numerous and just waiting for the right moment to fire up the ovens and exterminate non-Whites.

Companions React To: A Mechanical Bull

(A long post!)

Sole travels outside of the Commonwealth and finds a lively independent town with a working mechanical “Rocket Rider” bull. The bar welcomes them and their companion(s) with welcome arms, and invites them to enjoy a drink, place a bet, or try to break onto the local leaderboard. The bull itself has been through hell and back, with refurbished and replaced everything. The horns of the bull are actually giant Deathclaw horns drilled into a poorly taxidermied brahmin head. The old pelt is worn with use and keeps a constant musk of sweat, booze, and dust.

Hancock is all about riding this weird thing. Never seen anything like it, but that’s not about to stop him. The constant movement does wonders for his high and he manages to barely break a local record, but when he falls off, he completely wipes out, launched over the padded barricade and into a couple caravan hands. He’s good, he assures when he springs up, swaying. The caravan hands get chummy with him, and they have a laughing good time. If asked about how to stay on, he’d say the secret is all in the legs, baby.

Preston doesn’t last long. He focuses on hugging the bull like a koala and the smell, lurching, and twisting is not the best on his stomach. Somewhere in his mind, he remembers trying the same thing on a dare with a brahmin when he was a kid. It ends the same way when he slides right off the side and rolls to the barricade. He’s just alright saying he tried, and drinks a bit to make sure he’s not too sore until the morning.

Piper loves seeing Old World relics like this still up and running. All the social hubbub around the bar, the gossip, the betting, the scene drives her reporter’s instincts mad. If only they had something like this back home, maybe digging info out of the dug out would be so much easier. She braves the bull only after getting comfortable with the venue and the idea, but is grossly underprepared. After a minute of babbling and hollering, amassing something of a crowd, she flies into the padded barricade.

Nick is absolutely opposed to the idea. Why even risk his hide like that? He’s already beat up enough as it is. If Sole decides to ride the bull, he’ll cheer them on from the sidelines, yelling suggestions from what he’s seen of the other patrons (“Use your heels! You–Keep your head down, damn it!”) He’s got pointers for if you want to tackle it again, but he’s not eager to see you break your neck. Actually riding this thing is now up there on his list of absolute worst ways to go, wedged between drowning and deathclaw mauling.

Deacon needs a couple drinks to be convinced the potential notoriety is worth the experience. Locals murmur amongst themselves before the ride has even started, they’ve never seen an idiot try riding the bull like a skateboard, a foot planted at the tail and shoulders. But as the ride starts, he actually keeps his balance. People are losing their minds, he’s just standing on it and hoping for the best. At the first twist he loses his footing and drops on it backwards, then slides off the tail end.

Curie waits a couple of turns into the night, working up both the courage to do this and also the proper hypothesis. She’s learned with every rider, the technique is knees in, hands on the horns, lean into a buck, but not too far. Once on, all scientific method flies out the window, she wraps her legs around the neck and hopes for the best. When her poor muscles give out, she abandons ship with some grace, hair askew and giggly. Such a fun adrenaline rush!

Danse immediately worries about if this distraction will keep them from their work here, because there is always work when they travel. He’s not entirely sure how it happens, but he finds himself on the bull with absolutely no idea what he’s doing. He’s not renowned for his balancing skills, and treats it more like a suit of armor to situate himself on, strong and steady. The rigidity is hard on his muscles, but he clings through pure determination until he gives out and pushes off the back end. Never again.

Maccready has the most fun out of anybody else, regardless of if he stays on. Sometimes he stays on for a good minute, then suddenly flops, or he’ll start and immediately lose his grip. Nothing stops him from coming back to the ride laughing and waving for the pure fun of being tossed around. People have learned to just not bet on him and rush the ride if they want any time on it for the night, but on slow nights, they just leave it running for him. He tries to convince Hancock having one of these would be good for the Third Rail, but they have absolutely no idea where to start with that venture.

Cait steps up to the plate with every intention of not only rising to the challenge, but getting paid for it. She demands bets, which aren’t uncommon, but her egging on raises the stakes both for and against her. Hand to hand combat does ready her to wrap her hands around the horns of the bull for all she’s worth, but keeping her arse on it is another problem. Fights break out between betters when she gets launched over the head with a fierce buck, but she hangs from the horns, legs curled into her center. Technically she’s not off, but she’s not really *on* either. They disqualify her for the record, but the money she wins for her bet on herself goes to repairing the horns (otherwise, she and Sole will have to track down some replacement horns.)

X6-88 doesn’t really want to go on the bull. He could, and would kick ass at it, but he’s not going to. What he *can* do is size up a contestant in a glance and give an accurate time frame for how long they’ll last–and he’s incredibly accurate. It only takes a little intuition, he brushes it off, a little physical examining and a confidence check. If Sole looks closely, they can tell he’s a little proud of being right.

At first, Strong isn’t even allowed in the ring with the bull. Everyone is worried he’s just too strong (and frankly, too heavy) for the old machine. He reassures Sole he’s in no mood to wrestle some fake metal brahmin. Metal brahmin don’t even have meat. Strong want to leave smelly metal and people alone, hunt real meat. If Sole attempts the ride, he admires them for staying on and showing how strong they are compared to other humans.

Dogmeat isn’t allowed on the bull by the book, but Sole negotiates with the conductor and gets them to set the bull to half speed. They hover around Dogmeat as he stands on the bull’s head, keeping his balance and grinning through the silly ride. At a rough dip, he slides off into Sole’s arms, and they congratulate him on doing so well! At the bar, they grab some brahmin meat as a treat for the good boy.

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I’m curious on why you, (idk how to word this) aren’t the biggest fan of trans people? Personally I dont agree with your standpoint, but I would like to know why you feel this way, rather than attack you.

It’s not that I’m not a fan of them it’s more that I’m not a fan of this new generation of entitlement. 7 billion people in the world and you think being misgendered is violence? You think gays not sleeping with you is bigotry? You think you’re special and soft and entitled to everything because you like to appropriate the murders of black and brown sex working trans women? Most of the people on here are riding this wave because it’s trendy without being critical about the repercussions this type of thinking brings.

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Why are you staying away from all of this??

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for the ask!

more under the cut bc this may get long and i dont want to hog your dashboards

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