riding school horse

Quotes from College
  • “porn is a theme”  “idk i think its more of a hobby”
  • “I don’t like sex because thats what dishwashers are for”
  • “yes, i stab every baby. I stabbed you as a baby, and I will stab your babies and then your babies’ babies.”
  • “Are you eating easy mac with chopsticks?” “yeah” “why” “because i’ve lost the small amount of control i had over my life”
  • “Have you jumped a horse since may?” “No, but my death wish is pretty intense today.” “Okay” *jumps fence that is definitely too high while trainer nods in solidarity*
  • “I’m trying to decide if I should get up and eat a trisket” “just one?” “yeah.”
  • “I’d fight a clown. I’d fight 10 clowns!”
  • “…and then {the dean} said to just fucking get over it” “wait, did she actually say that?” “bro, would I lie about this?”
  • “This…is…Howard!” *bio professor whips out chameleon from god only knows where*
  • “These are the Yale-ies. They are capuchins, there are 9 of them, all of them are named after James Bond characters and all of them are assholes.” 
  • “This is where we keep the leopard geckos and the turtles. the geckos like to be pet. the turtles do not. I know its tempting, but dont touch the turtles” *later that day, newbie comes in with bandaged fingers* “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY!”
  • “Hey, professor, we named one of our plants after you!” “Ah, is this a good thing?” “Depends. We may kill it.”
  • “So you work with the monkeys?” “Yep.” “What do you do with them?”  “Oh, you know. Monkey business.” 
Equestrian Downfall...

The worst part of horseback riding isn’t the broken bones, it isn’t the stress of the show ring, or the suck up individuals we meet. The worst part is all the horses that come and go in our lives. The hardest part of this sport is you can’t connect on Facebook or call them up when you miss your old schooling horse who was sold to a stanger, or that sweet mare who used to board at the ranch. We morn the ponies we outgrew and the retired geldings that we once showed.

Horses come and go and their is nothing we can do about it. This trait makes us stronger but it is also the hardest part of horseback riding.

Honor those important horses that left our lives, they made you the equestrian you are today.

im screaming about the ‘fake country girls’ meme!!!!! can you BELIEVE that there are real women in this world that actually think redneck culture is worth gatekeeping…. like ok, ashleigheigheigh , have fun riding your horse to school and waving a confederate flag to the sound of george strait . tell me how your cousins dick taste, lmfao

im guessing jorvik city will be divided up into small sectors that we can visit & we’ll get from sector to sector using the tram

i hope you can bring your horses.. i think one of the biggest things abt jorvik city for me was that ive always been eager to see how a society that incorporates horses so much into their daily lives would design a city. do they have riding lanes by their roads for vehicles … waiting areas with cozy stalls to keep your horse outside of , the ice cream parlor. do some kids ride horses to school (do some parents ride over to school to pick up their very little children). are there horse grooming shops with big glass windows through which you can see a neat little row of horses wearing smocks getting their hair trimmed & blow-dried?? teens that hang out and ride around the wide, horse-accomodating sidewalk in cliques, inconvienently blocking the entrances to buildings ? people who go on shopping sprees and take everything home with them in their numerous big saddlebags? do they have a park ? do people go there with their friends and sit around the lake and have a picnic and get mauled by ducks as their horses graze peacefully under the trees