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Quotes from College
  • “porn is a theme”  “idk i think its more of a hobby”
  • “I don’t like sex because thats what dishwashers are for”
  • “yes, i stab every baby. I stabbed you as a baby, and I will stab your babies and then your babies’ babies.”
  • “Are you eating easy mac with chopsticks?” “yeah” “why” “because i’ve lost the small amount of control i had over my life”
  • “Have you jumped a horse since may?” “No, but my death wish is pretty intense today.” “Okay” *jumps fence that is definitely too high while trainer nods in solidarity*
  • “I’m trying to decide if I should get up and eat a trisket” “just one?” “yeah.”
  • “I’d fight a clown. I’d fight 10 clowns!”
  • “…and then {the dean} said to just fucking get over it” “wait, did she actually say that?” “bro, would I lie about this?”
  • “This…is…Howard!” *bio professor whips out chameleon from god only knows where*
  • “These are the Yale-ies. They are capuchins, there are 9 of them, all of them are named after James Bond characters and all of them are assholes.” 
  • “This is where we keep the leopard geckos and the turtles. the geckos like to be pet. the turtles do not. I know its tempting, but dont touch the turtles” *later that day, newbie comes in with bandaged fingers* “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY!”
  • “Hey, professor, we named one of our plants after you!” “Ah, is this a good thing?” “Depends. We may kill it.”
  • “So you work with the monkeys?” “Yep.” “What do you do with them?”  “Oh, you know. Monkey business.” 
BATB castle school head canons

Belle use the ballroom as a dance studio where her students learn to dance. She and Adam organises a dance showcase with their students for the village. The girls wear dresses Madame de Garderobe made while the boys were clothes Adam used​ to wear as a boy. Lumiere and Plumette help out in some lessons while Chip supports a young girl during lessons. Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza provide the music for the showcase.

The kitchen is used for cooking lessons. Lumiere teachers the students how to present their creations in the most fancy and gorgeous ways. Mrs Potts and Chip sometimes help out in cooking lessons.

Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza runs music lessons for the students.

Maurice teaches art and how to make music boxes.

Philippe and Froufrou are the therapeutic animals. Also Belle would use Philippe for horse riding lessons. Sometimes the horse riding class would go trekking in the woods.

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sandetiger  asked:

So, horses. Is there anywhere in Tortall where there are riding schools that take horseback riding to an art. Thinking along the line of the Spanish Riding School. But also, bullfighting horses?

Not that I know of. There may be groups among the Players that do it, small groups. But it would be very expensive to fund a school of that kind, and in that period, the only customers would be really opulent courts that can afford to pay. 

Yeah, it would be kept to the Players. They could only do it for a small number of horses, and they tend to be family-oriented. They might take on two or three trainees a year, but they would have to be ready to travel and learn as they went. And they’d train in the winter camps. 

ID #16144

Name: Harley
Age: 15
Country: New Zealand

Hey!!! I’m an asexual genderfluid poc from New Zealand, (yes, we really exist :P) who loves motorbikes, the outdoors and dogs. I’ve played pretty much every sport you could name, and I love my job as a lifeguard and as a trainer/rider at a horse riding school. I want to study robitics engineering and zoology, and will support you in whatever you want to do!!! I love talking to new people (although im a little shy…) and I have no, gender, religion, opinions, or country preference.

Preferences: Under 20