riding ponies

This little trooper dragged me from 500 to 1200m above sea-level in less than two hours today.

He was quite exhausted afterwards, but we let the horses rest on top and then he hardly even broke a sweat again all the way to the mountain opposite of us and back down into the valley.

War donkey extraordinaire.

“So yeah - there’s aliens looking for me and they want to kill me because they think I’m my mom, which I sort of am. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the three magical ladies that raise me want to kill me to for getting them into this mess and also for taking my mom away. But ya know, family is tricky and we’ve all got issues, right?”

“Do I keep driving or stop the car or pat his head and tell him he’s a good boy I don’t know what to do I didn’t sign up for a late night therapy session jesus lorenzo christ this kid is like 12 and needs therapy yesterday”