riding on the metro

silly ladynoir things
  • chat starts Shit Talking Sundays bc there are some days when chat just needs to talk about how dumb his dad is being and ladybug needs to scream about this bratty bully in her history class
  • on days when they’re bored, they’ll board the metro in costume and ride it for a few stops purely for the shock value
  • chat finds out ladybug can’t whistle and spends every available opportunity trying to teach her
    • cn: *squishes her cheeks between his hands* you’re not pursing your lips enough and your tongue isn’t positioned correctly, try again
    • lb: my tongue is sitting in my mouth what do you mean it’s not positioned correctly i don’t ???????
  • joint naps during patrols are very much a thing bc these kids never sleep between school and akuma attacks. sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find ladybug snoring on a rooftop with chat noir laid on top of her, drooling on her shoulder
  • when patrols get boring, ladybug will hop on chat noir’s back, make him shut his eyes, and act as his eyes while they try to patrol the city before switching places. they don’t talk about that time chat was laughing too hard to warn ladybug about the ledge and they almost fell off a roof. 
  • hide and seek games that last literally hours
    • they both cheat and bring their phones to stalk social media tags and see if anyone’s posted tips and/or sightings of them so that they can find the other
  • chat’s really good at massages so sometimes he’ll work out the kinks in ladybug’s shoulders when they have downtime bc “wow you carry so much tension in your neck please tell me you’re not hunched over your desk all day”
  • the eiffel tower is their honorary “it’s 3am and we can’t sleep” meeting place. 
  • they’ll often drop into parks and playgrounds and join with some of the neighborhood kids on games of tag, frisbee, and football
  • they have a going scoreboard for their impromptu arm wrestling competitions. last they checked the score was 32-35 with ladybug in the lead. 
  • they each have their own personal lists of dumb/funny things that the other has said
    • chat’s list of things ladybug has said: “sleep isn’t a thing you know. they lied to you. it’s not real,” “you ever wonder if i can spin a web with my yoyo?” “can lucky charm conjure me an A for this physics test tomorrow?” “i almost had my cat-eye eye liner perfect today before that akuma appeared and messed me up like that proximity to perfection might never happen again.”
    • ladybug’s list of things chat has said: “is there a place where we can borrow a microwave? i wanna see what happens if i use cataclysm on it,” “memes are like the dysfunctional family you didn’t ask for but didn’t know you needed,” “im like terrified an akuma attack is gonna happen when i’m in the shower while im naked and vulnerable,” “if i extend my staff long enough, do you think it’ll reach space?”

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Washington, DC

People tend to talk about DC as being just politicians, monuments, hotels, and restaurants, with not much in between. That’s not actually the case at all. So when you’re going to write about DC, here are some things to keep in mind, in no particular order:

DC isn’t a state. While that may seem obvious, it leads to some odd things, like the fact that DC has no vote in Congress. This is particularly weird given that Congress approves DC’s budget and given that DC residents, as opposed to residents of places like Puerto Rico (which also have one non-voting member in the House), are subject to all federal taxes. (This was an issue during the government shutdown, because they refused to pass the DC budget as well.) A lot of DC license plates read “Taxation Without Representation”.

As of July 2016, there were about 680k residents in DC, with the number of people in the city reaching 1 million during the workweek. The DC Metropolitan Area (which is mainly DC, Arlington, and Alexandria) is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the US, with more than 6.1 million people.

DMV refers to DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Visiting the monuments is referred to as “monumenting”.

There is a large public transportation system in DC, consisting of buses and the metro. Nobody calls it the subway. The system is called WMATA. The buses are a flat rate of $1.75 (soon to go up to $2) per ride. The metro cost depends on starting and ending points and whether you’re On- or Off-Peak (aka rush hour). The highest cost is $5.90 for a ride. They no longer (I think) have paper tickets, so everyone uses SmartTrip cards.

The metro is a mess. They’re currently doing repairs, which mostly makes it more of a mess because they’re running shorter hours and frequently do single-tracking, which significantly slows down travel. On the other hand, it catches fire less.

There are twenty colleges and universities in DC.

You can’t take the metro to Georgetown University.

DC has neighborhoods and quadrants. Neighborhoods include Georgetown, Dupont, Potomac Heights, etc. Quadrants are NW, SW, NE, and SE. They’re not of equal size. Addresses contain the quadrant in them. For example, the White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

There is a lot of difference culturally and socio-economically between the quadrants.

Embassy Row is a road containing most of the embassies. On Halloween some of them give out candy and stamp passports. A lot of them also have very disparate architecture style, which looks very weird all next to each other.

Things are referred to by acronyms. Everything has an acronym.

The Homeland Security building is diagonally across the street from American University.

DC is ~48% Black or African American.

There are a lot of gentrification issues in DC.

DC is a very expensive place to live.

Tourists drive DC residents nuts, primarily when they can’t figure out how to use escalators.


Bruce Wayne x Reader

word count: 588

warnings: none

author’s note: this was requested by @hypno-bear-tini (dunno why the tag isn’t working), based on the song Hero by Miguel. Enjoy!

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It was 3:30am by the time Y/N began packing up to go home- her third attempt for the night. A code blue was called for one of her patients recovering from a hip replacement just as she finished up her paperwork for the night, crushing any hopes of leaving work on time. An hour and a half later, a dozen patients were carted in after a fight broke out at The Iceburg Lounge. With a full house, Y/N and several other nurses were shifted around help manage the overflow. After several renditions of how Batman saved the day while she cleaned cuts and gathered insurance information, Y/N was finally free to leave.

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Location: 1455 rue Sainte_Catherine Ouest, Montreal

Metro Station: Guy-Concordia

Hello hello!!! I have officially closed all my school books and made myself a nice cup of tea. I am ready to tell you about the all new coffee shop that literally opened about a week ago and how it quickly turned into my favorite spot near school. 

But let me start with a little background story (obviously). So Monday around noon, I came to Concordia for my class. All along the metro ride there, I was wishing I was home instead, drinking coffee, doing something relaxing. Monday blues had hit me hard. Even though my first class started at 2. And I only had one class. Okay… not the worse Monday you can have, but it was still Monday. And I walked into school unhappy. But my bitter unhappiness suddenly turned into confusion.. 

As I walked up to the second floor, I realized that none of the lights in the school were turned on. It took me a while to realize that Concordia was having a power outage. Cherry on top of all the issues this school has been having this semester.

They evacuated the building and my class got canceled. My Monday was getting  a bit better and a little more interesting.

I’m in downtown at this point - with no laptop or notebooks. I can’t do any school work. What do I do? Yap, you guessed it. 

I decided to try HVMANS cafe that just opened next to the EV Building. Let me tell you - every single cafe crawler I know had tried this place within days of its opening. And fell in love. So yes, I was excited to see it for myself.


I walked into the cafe, immediately greeted by beautiful sunlight entering from their huge windows. 

I noticed their decor was mainly concentrated on a very pale color palette - mainly white and pale wood with strong greenery accents. The windows amplified any light that came in, and the white-ness of the entire place reflected even more brightness and made the space shine. I’m a huge believer of light and its benefits to our mood. I was instantly happy. My Monday blues were cured.

Although the cafe was mainly white, they had decorated the space with many little plants (including cacti), which provided a beautiful contrast and amazing prop for those Instagram latte pictures. Plants are becoming a trend in Montreal cafes and I’m absolutely loving it. More please!!! They add so much life, yet have a subtle elegance.

The chairs here were extremely comfortable and they have many tables - and a lot of window seats. I don’t know about you but window seats are my absolute favorite spots in coffee shops. I sometimes hunt for those seats when entering a coffee shop and have my eyes set on the window seats. It’s a bit stressful. But not here, because almost their entire cafe is windows. Chances are - you’ll get the exact seat you want. They have many individual tables and a big desk at the very end if that’s what you prefer. I think I changed my spot about 3 times so I could experience different settings in the cafe. 

Let’s talk about coffee. First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed so long at a coffee shop before (6 hours) and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered so many drinks at once! I took a chai latte (which was recommended by my cousin), a regular latte and a matcha latte. And a croissant on the side.

Ok, let’s start with the chai. Heaven. and gorgeous. and heaven. Best chai latte I’ve ever had in my entire life! The cinnamon wasn’t too empowering, the spice wasn’t too much and the amount of milk was just right. I think I finished it in 5 minutes. I didn’t even take a bite out of my croissant in between sips like I normally do. I need to go back there for another chai. Soon.

The regular latte was my friends’ and she loved it. The latte art on this one was really nice. I need go to back to try their regular coffee since I didn’t this time (oops). 

And the matcha - delicious matcha! Matcha lattes are one of my favorite drinks and not a lot of cafes do it right. It’s really easy for matcha to taste like fish (it’s not suppose to) so I really try to look out for coffee shops that get it right. And HVMANS did. I go to Leaves cafe for my matcha but now this place is a good competitor. And you can see that I had a lot of fun taking pictures of it too.

Another aspect I loved were the people. The barista was super nice and forgave me for my broken french (I really tried). And since this cafe was all new, and right next to a university that lost power for  a few hours, a lot of Instagrammers stopped by at my same time. I was able to meet/see some of my favorites, which made my experience here even more exceptional. 

So, hvmans of Concordia, if our school ever has a power failure again, you know what to do. You know what the real drill is!!! HVMANS: the perfect hideaway on a Monday. 

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ROMANIA. Bucharest. December 22, 1989. Bucharest’s residents protect themselves from the crossfire between an army tank and pro-Ceausescu troops during clashes in the Republican square.

On December 22, 1989, my mind was still full of memories of covering the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was ready to celebrate Christmas with my family, but the Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu changed my plans.

My boss and I were watching Ceausescu leave Bucharest by helicopter live on TV. I rushed to the airport and was lucky to board a flight chartered by the Medecins du Monde humanitarian organisation.

We landed at in Bulgaria and took a taxi to the Romanian border. Luckily the border was not closed and I hitch-hiked a ride to the capital on a truck. At noon I simply took the metro to arrive in downtown Bucharest in the middle of heavy gunfire. No helmet, no bullet proof jacket, only the enthusiasm of youth and the joy of witnessing a historical event: a revolution.

With my 300 mm 2.8 and an extender, I shot residents protecting themselves in the crossfire between an army tank and pro-Ceausescu troops during clashes in Republican square. No time for more pictures, just enough time to process and send a lone colour print to reach Sunday newspaper deadlines.

There were only two phone lines at the hotel, and scores of reporters arriving to file their stories. I kept the phone line open and did not hang up for 10 days in order to transmit pictures and stories.

The picture made the front page of most international papers. It was not the best picture of the revolution but one of the first colour pictures to hit the media market. It reminds me how hard it was to get around with cases of heavy equipment (80 kg of gear including an enlarger, photo paper, a transmitter, a typewriter).

Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

Thank you for 1k! I decided to make a follow forever to celebrate this milestone so here’s a couple of my favourite blogs that makes my dash ever so entertaining ✨💕 italics have a special place in my heart

@polaroidsupercolor Jue, Yuly, the OG, with whom I ride the metro in the wrong direction just for the hell of it. You’re the meme queen, always.

@juggieisace Amy, sweetheart, #1 Grundy hater in the whole wide world. Your crackfics never fail to make me happy.

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My parents got me a skateboard to ride the 7-8 blocks from my house to the metro so I can get to school but I bind. Would that cause any health problems?

Kii says:

Try doing the trip without your binder first. If you’re winded or breathing heavy, it’s probably not a good thing to do in your binder. However, if this is something you do every day, you might build up strength and endurance and may not get winded after doing this for awhile. 

Written by: @2violetflower15
Summary: AU. Rick and Michonne run into each other while riding the metro in DC. Could a spark of recognition lead to something more? (Each section is limited to 100 words.)

Rating: T


  1. Do I know you?
  2. Don’t make eye contact. Just keep walking.
  3. I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.
  4. Sit down.
  5. How does this thing work?
  6. Not again.
  7. Don’t be mad.
  8. One question: Why?
  9. Would you do me the honor?
  10. How did this happen?

1.“Do I know you?” (Rick)

Maybe it’s her hair? She kinda looks like that accountant that Daryl brought with him to Glenn’s Fourth of July party last summer. Or was it two summers ago? Lori was nine months pregnant at the time, so it had to have been last summer. He remembered because she had chosen that particular get together to announce to all of their mutual friends that she and Shane were getting married. And he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of the stranger with the enigmatic eyes, and the thick black hair. That has to be her. Shit, she’s looking…


2.“Don’t make eye contact. Just keep walking.” (Michonne)

The blue eyed stranger had been staring since Metro Center. Take a damn picture, sheesh. The train car slowed to a stop and a bell chimed. “Doors opening: Woodley Park.” Finally. She stepped onto the platform, already envisioning the pesto pasta she would order for dinner, when she collided with a solid chest. She looked up into familiar blue eyes.

 “Hi. Have we met?”

She blinked, transfixed. He’s southern. “I don’t think so.” She turned to leave.

“For some reason I feel like you put Doritos in your sandwiches,” he called after her. “Am I right?”

She didn’t answer him.

3.  “I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.” (Rick)

He’d taken the red line everyday for three days straight, but had yet to see her again. Doritos. He cringed. No wonder she kept walking.

 “Are you stalking me?”

Her voice was deeper than he remembered. Sexy. “No.” He took in her strappy black heels and her long, bare legs. Fancy.

“Maggie’s BBQ. You took the last of the chips.

“If I recall correctly, you yelled at me. Lesson learned.”

“I thought you lived in Georgia.”

The heel of his cowboy boot clicked against the dirty concrete. You can take the boy out of the country.  He smiled. “Not anymore.”

4.  “Sit down.” (Michonne)

Doritos. She tried to write it off as an oddly specific pick up line, but his eyes just wouldn’t let her.

She and Mike had just split, and she was feeling sorry for herself. Daryl, ever a friend, had invited her to Maggie’s BBQ. Old blue eyes here had been a little greedy, and thus incurred her wrath. She’d been hormonal and depressed but he’d just smiled at her with those eyes.

The train arrived and she entered the railcar, sliding into an empty pair of seats. She turned to look at him. “Are you just going to stand there?”

5. “How does this thing work?” (Rick)

They sat together for the short ride to Adams Morgan. The silence between them was awkward, but not entirely uncomfortable.

“Maggie said you’re in DC to be closer to your kids.”

Kid. Singular. He swallowed. “Yeah. My ex wife moved here with her new husband.” She smells like peaches. “I think our stop is next.”

She nodded. Silence. “I could give you my number.”

Thank God. He pulled out his phone. “I don’t really know how to…it’s new. My son made me get it.” Smooth, Grimes.

“Here, let me.”

Their fingers brushed when she took the phone from him.

6. “Not again.” (Michonne)

Her phone beeped.

Hi. It’s Rick. From the train. No work today. Sick kid. Sorry to miss you.

When she hadn’t seen him, her first thought was: I hope he’s ok. Followed immediately by: I hope he’s still interested. She hated feeling insecure.

Ending things with Mike had killed her. She’d spent a lot of time sitting with the ghosts of that relationship. She’d almost become a ghost herself. Fortunately, Andre wouldn’t let her.

She wouldn’t go back to being that woman. Certainly not for some beautiful stranger.

Those eyes.

This isn’t going to work for me.

She hit send.

7.  “Don’t be mad.” (Rick)

He eased into the seat behind her. “Hey.” He wasn’t expecting the wall of silence that greeted him. His hands were sweaty which made it difficult to hold the phone.

I missed seeing your face yesterday.


Is that weird to say?

The few feet between them felt like miles.

Listen, whatever I did. I’m sorry.

 A bell chimed and the throngs of passengers spilled out onto the busy platform. He scanned the crowd for a glimpse of her face, but she was nowhere to be seen.

 And then he smelled peaches.

“It’s not about you. At all. It’s me.”

8. “One question: Why?” (Michonne)

The train screeched its way down the track and the platform cleared, leaving them in their own little bubble. “I’m being intentionally obtuse here.”

He laughed. “I gathered.”

She was surprised. “I don’t have a lot of time for dating. I work, a lot. And I have a young son at home. This, ” she gestured between them with a frantic hand, “is a distraction. ”

“I distract you?”

His face over breakfast with Andre. His voice during a conference call at work. His eyes at night while alone in bed.

“Yes, you do.” That smile. “What do you want from me?”

9. “Would you do me the honor?” (Rick)

“We could start with your name? You didn’t include that tidbit with your number.” He tilted his head and gave her a soft smile.

 She stared at him with narrowed eyes. “Intentionally obtuse, remember?”

“Right,” he joked, “How could I forget?”

“It’s Michonne.”

He scanned her face. “Is that French?”

Her mouth twitched. “At its root, I suppose.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Michonne.” He extended a hand in her direction. She hesitated briefly, then shook it gingerly. “So, I passed a sandwich shop on my way to work today, and they were fully stocked with Doritos. Are you hungry?”


10. “How did this happen?” (Michonne)

She bit into her Italian sub stuffed full of corn chips and smiled at the cheesy crunch. Old blue eyes, Rick, made sure to buy a few extra bags. Now he was telling her a story about his son’s nose, a marble, and the emergency room. He’s funny.

“So, Michonne… I’d like to see you again. What do you think?”

I think I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. She looked up into his eyes and a sense of calm settled over her. He seemed worth the risk. She took a breath, and jumped.

“I think I’d like that.”

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I not only got the job?!? But also have got another position as designer with possibility to move onto art director for an escape game?????

I came in as a customer service thing but they noticed my theatre background (but they forgot to ask about my portfolio?????) we talked and they want to try me out??????

Also the buses metro pass broke so my ride home was free???!

Y'all delivered with those positive vibes just saying.

So, guys, I was having a hard time finding fanfictions to read so in case you’re searching for some great jedtavius fanfiction here are some of my personal favourites, by @slenderlock 

Here is an alternative telling of the third movie and I swear to god it made me all warm inside.

Here is a series of some smaller jedtavius that you can read anywhere, anytime and be completely happy about it. They’re shorter so it’s great if you want to read something but are in a rush?

Here is some AMAZING teacher’s AU that I love with all my heart, god bless. Lots of bad words, also cat puke

Here**** is a great story about a company’s CEO and what was possibly the best metro ride of his life. Well-written porn. Dig in.
(****nsfw because porn, yes)

Here is the best high school AU ever. Octavius watches american football for the same reason I got into rugby and everything is amazing.


Paris: Part 1

Paris…I don’t even know where to begin.

Let me start off by saying that the flight there from Italy over the Alpes is so freaking beautiful I could have cried. If you’re ever flying between France and Italy, please get a window seat. It’s incredible…I probably took a million photos of the amazing view.

I had no idea I was going to love Paris as much as I do now. I mean I was excited to go, but it wasn’t like this huge bucket list thing for me to do (besides see Versailles). But holy moly…Paris is beautiful. And there is SO much to do and see. Even though it rained pretty much the whole time I was there and my feet hurt like they never have in my entire life (on the verge of tears at one point), I fell in love.

We fit basically everything you can do that’s touristy in Paris in two days…besides see the catacombs. We saw the Arc de Triomphe and climbed to the top, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (even in the rain haha), spent an afternoon in the Louvre, went to Laduree (HEAVEN), went to Versailles, walked on the Love Lock Bridge, saw the Van Gogh and Monet paintings in Musee d'Orsay, went to Notre Dame, and saw The Thinker. If we had more time there we could have done more, but honestly? That’s really impressive for two days. PLUS I pretty much mastered the metro and I’m seriously proud of myself for that haha.

Since Paris was so amazing, I’m going to break it down into two more posts specifically about my two favorite places: the Louvre and Versailles.

BUT before then, let me talk about my overall experience a little more.

We stayed in an adorable Air BnB apartment, which I seriously recommend. Having an apartment for the 3.5 days we spent there was perfect because it really lets you experience the city like you would if you actually lived there. We were right down the street from the Gambetta Metro station (East side of Paris) which was great because we had easy access to the rest of the city.

Right across the street from us was an awesome bakery that we stopped in almost every morning to get pastries and quiches for our ride on the metro. Above you can see my tattered (and deeply loved) metro map. Shoutout to this piece of paper for helping us explore this amazing city. You were a live saver…and being in possession of this map basically made me the human form of Google Maps for the trip haha. Pretty sure I’m gonna frame it for my apartment in the states…no joke.


  1. Get a metro pass for however long you’re staying there because it will save you so much money on taxis/buying a new pass every day
  2. Get a museum pass because it gets you everywhere important in Paris (including Versailles) and lets you skip the line! Except at Versailles…but if you go in the morning there isn’t even a line so no worries.
  3. BRING COMFY SHOES. Because you will spend the whole day walking (we walked around 15 miles each day) and you will regret wearing boots trying to be cute. I was in so much pain at one point I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that I was in Paris. I ended up buying Nikes…which I needed anyway but don’t be dumb like me. Lol.

Food: Macarons at Laduree, Lobster Risotto at Le Coq, and gyros/greek beer at Le Gyros.

Must see: Versailles (try to pick a weekday because weekends are super busy), the Louvre (plan to spend a whole afternoon there…it’s huge), the top of the Arc de Triomphe during the day and the top of Eiffel Tower at night.

Stay tuned for details about Versailles and the Louvre….

Bus Spamano AU: College

Romano and Spain ride the same metro to class and have been experience some subtle eye flirtation and smiling.

Then one day Portugal (who sadly lives with his brother) has to go in early too and accidentally sits in Spain’s seat. Toñio, annoyed he has to give up the seat with the best view of other cute dude, bc Port is being a child and clinging to the seat. (Cue mental image of Toñio trying to yank him off of said seat) Sits a seat behind Roma’s usual.

Roma gets on a stop later, looks at Port, sitting in Spain’s seat and does a double take, accidentally blurting out “A shitty imitation?”

Toñio asked him for his number right then and there.


The National Mall has flooded with pink, as demonstrators descend on the nation’s capital Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington. Just one day after President Trump’s inauguration, marchers from across the country have gathered in the city to protest his agenda and support for women’s rights.

A three-hour rally is opening the event. The march proper is planned for the mid-afternoon, with a path that’s set to extend from a starting position near the U.S. Capitol to its endpoint near the Washington Monument.

The city’s metro system reported 275,000 rides as of 11 a.m. According to metro officials that’s eight times more than a normal Saturday. Reuters adds that the number is als “82,000 more than the 193,000 rides reported at the same point on Friday,” the day of Trump’s inauguration.

LISTEN LIVE: Women’s March Floods Washington, Sparking Rallies Nationwide

Photos: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images (2); Sarah McCammon/NPR; Becky Harlan/NPR; Polly Irungu/NPR (5)