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TVD Finale Thoughts

That was a really good series finale. I was in tears for the last half of it, both in happy and sad moments. There are still things I wish we had gotten more time to see played out fully, and certain things I wish hadn’t happened, but that I understand why they needed to. The main one being that I was right about who died. And I’m still not over it. That was a main sorce of my tears in this episode. The sacrifice that character made. Just when they had finally gotten their happiness. But that is why I have always loved that character. Their selflessness. All in all an amazing episode, full of closure that we all needed, even if we won’t be happy with all of it. It was one heck of a ride! And I for one can’t believe it’s truly over. 8 years, and 171 episodes later. It went by so quickly, but was a fun adventure while it lasted. x3

I’m Gonna Be the Man Whose Coming Home to You

I always feel like my car rides are all over the place with pacing but hey what can you do its all in good fun ^^ And I mean it most all this story is the usual sap mixed with teasing friends lol 

Rating: T for Language and Sexual implications

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II. Sasha

Okay, in reality it wasn’t that bad. Sasha didn’t yell at everyone on the road like Jean did and she didn’t even change the radio station. Connie passed out in the back seat once he had his fill of snack food meaning Sasha wasn’t shouting back behind them the whole time. She just hummed along to the radio and watched the road.

Sasha was Mikasa’s closest female friend since they met first semester so needless to say his relationship was tense with Sasha after everything that happened. Eren could never fault her though; she was just looking after Mikasa. In fact he was kinda convinced one of the only reasons Sasha was still coming along was to make sure Eren didn’t do any further damage. That and who could actually resist a legit vacation beach house?

“Can someone throw something at Jean to make him stop snoring?” Eren asked the van, hoping someone had a solution. “Or can we throw him out the door? Either or works.”

“At least he doesn’t snore as bad as you,” Armin said, about halfway through his book now. How that boy wasn’t hurling already Eren didn’t know.

Eren crossed his arms against his chest. “I don’t snore.”

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