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what are your favourite 'looks' on jungkook? feel free to provide photo support ;)

i love every look on jeon lmao whatever he does makes me lose my shit anyways but i’ll give you my faves!!!!! 

btw this is going to be a long fucking ride 

denim jackets on any man look good,,,, but denim jackets on jungkook oh boy that’s some next level pain  

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Cherik Regency AU - Undisclosed Desires

Here we have part of the first chapter of Undisclosed Desires. Why just part of it? This is a little gift for @bambimarri who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday my lovely friend!!! I had hoped to have the entire chapter done for you (and I got so damned close!) but, alas, life got in the way.

If anyone out there would rather wait to read the first chapter in its entirety, I completely understand.

If, on the other hand, you pine as desperately as I do for Regency Cherik, then consider this a sneak preview of more to come!

I give you Mr. Lehnsherr and Lord Xavier, at a ball.



The first thing he noted about Lord Xavier was his eyes.

Erik hardly considered himself a romantic and was certainly not prone to noticing the eye colour of anyone he met. However, Xavier’s were a difficult thing to miss. Even across the crowded ballroom, they shone impossibly blue. He suddenly, fully, understood that these were the sort of eyes that might cause poets to pen preposterous phrases using words such as “azure” or “cerulean.” They shone all the brighter as it was clear Xavier was in decidedly good spirits.

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Dating and Sex with Baron Corbin

Would include:

-Soooo much jealousy
-Reassuring him that he’s the only guy you want
-Motorcycle rides and wearing his jacket
-Him saying ‘Love you’ only ever really quiet, but that doesn’t matter to you. You love him too
-Baron still blushing around you

-Being completely dominated by his size alone
-Giving you hickies to make sure other guys know you’re taken
-Biting. You biting him and him biting you
-His hands bruising your hips as he fuck you hard
-His sex noises making you crazy

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rfa + v reactions to mc driving a big motorcycle?


  • pops a stiffy
  • JK (maybe) he’s super into it because hello he also rides a motorcycle
  •  leather jacket couple
  • BASICALLY you two are now outwardly super badass because you can introduce each other like “yes hello nice to meet you two hey you know my S/O rides a motorcycle” 
  • PLUS now he isn’t as worried when he puts you on his bike because since you already know how to drive one so he can go as fast as he likes because he isn’t concerned anymore
  • the number of romantic bike rides increases dramatically 


  • he’s in complete awe 
  • like oh my god my lover is so cool and badass hOLY-
  • he seriously loves to go for rides with you even though the thought of it at first seriously scared him 
  • once he gets more comfortable he’ll pester you occasionally for a ride
  • all in all he loves you and your bike <3


  • she was slightly intimidated of your bike at first but i mean come on that thing is huge
  • she’s also slightly worried whenever you go for a ride
  • here’s the thing: she knows that you can take care of yourself 
  • but she can’t help the thought that she’s going to be sitting beside your hospital bed hoping you’ll be okay
  • so she’ll just make sure that you take some extra precautions to ease her nerves


  • he finds it kinda reckless and would want to dissuade you from riding it too often 
  • he’ll keep reminding you that he can get you a driver and you don’t need to take your bike
  • if you insist then he’ll get over it
  • but he’ll make sure that you have state of the art equipment so that if you do get in a crash the impact is minimized 


  • he loves your bike so much 
  • he just loves how free he feels whenever you take him on a ride with you 
  • he has no qualms about the bike whatsoever honestly he’ll want to ride your bike more then you do 


  • smol blue bab is concerned
  • he doesn’t want you hurting yourself, after all he saw what happened with Zen
  • he’s similar to Jaehee in which she wants to make sure that you stay safe
  • so he’ll make sure you wear your helmet and remembers to remind you to stay safe

Andi Mack is a Disney Channel show about an Asian girl who finds out her cool, motorcycle-riding, leather jacket-wearing older sister is actually her mother! Spoiler alert: I spent like half the episode crying. The TV premiere is April 7, 2017, but the full episode is online now!

The Price 6/?

Summary: A visitor brings news of the goings on in Misthaven.

an: Recommended listening this chapter: Bishop Briggs - “Wild Horses”, Clairity - “Don’t Panic”, Woodkid - “Iron”

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Chapter List: One/Two/Three/Four/Five

Chapter Six

Her footsteps echo down the corridor as she leads him out of his rooms, winding their way through parts of the castle he’s explored before, past a grand ballroom and the library and the kitchens, until the scenery becomes less familiar, the uneven winding staircases leading him towards a destination he’s not quite sure of. It’s the middle of the bloody night, their only light the bobbing orbs along the hallways, glowing into life as they move along, snuffing out behind them the further they go.

She’s still in the clothes she’d worn to dinner, the jacket tight across her shoulders, her boots clattering against the stone floors, and he wonders, not for the first time, if the woman ever sleeps.

He’s surprised not to receive an immediate response to his silent query - whatever has happened, it has left her distracted enough not to pry into his thoughts, or at least too tired to answer his benign questions. There is a sense of relief in knowing that she isn’t constantly in his mind, and yet, he almost feels disappointed to get no response from her.

She is silent, and it gives him far too much room to mull over things, like the pinch of her face while she’d watched him tug his boots on, like the thrumming magic, not his own, filling the rooms and corridors like wildfire, consuming the air as they walked. Like the dream.

Already pieces of it were falling away, but he remembered just fine the call of the ocean behind him, and the desperate pull to find his brother. The taste of gunpowder is strong against his tongue, still, and the tang of blood sticks in his nostrils, but worst is the terror of not knowing whether the attacker had gotten to Liam.

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