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Shouldn’t 6

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary:  Dean acted on his feeling for reader, regretted it, found reader in bed with Sam, jumped to conclusions.  Reader left him behind.  What happens next?

Word Count:  590

Warnings:  Language

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  

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Shouldn’t 6

The room is poorly light, it smells musty, as if it’s been sealed off for quite some time. You seem to be laying on a mattress and you shudder to think what might be staining it. Experimentally, you tug at your wrists. They’re bound tight, whoever tied you up is quite skilled with a knot. A dull throbbing ache in the back of your head reminds you of the blow you were dealt right before your head hit the dashboard of the pickup truck that you’d hitched a ride in. That was the last thing you remembered before waking.

You shouldn’t have walked away from Dean at the gas station. You shouldn’t have given up, not without a fight. You shouldn’t be here right now.


Sam chastises Dean as the Impala tears out of the gas station. “How could you let her walk away like that?”

“Sam, I fucked up, I get it. Can we please just concentrate on finding her? She couldn’t have gone too far.”

“Yeah, but what if something happened to her?” Sam pushes.

Dean sighs. “Sammy, she’s a hunter, she can take care of herself. She’s fine.” Dean is lying to his brother. Something in his gut tells him she’s in danger and it leaves him feeling anxious. He shouldn’t have let her go. What was he thinking? God, he was such an asshole sometimes.

“Her GPS is off, which makes sense, she wouldn’t want us to follow. Tell me again about the truck that picked her up.”

“Uh, late model Ford, rusty brown. Taillight out. Guy had a baseball cap pulled down low, I couldn’t see his face. Alabama plates.”

“That’s it? You don’t remember any numbers or anything?” Sam questions.

Dean is kicking himself mentally. Why hadn’t he paid more attention? Oh yeah, ‘cause he was too busy being a dick. “Fuck, man, I don’t know. Look, we can’t be too far behind, just keep your eyes peeled.”


Two hours of driving and they’ve found nothing. Not a thing. This is backwoods country, tiny invisible roads branch of the highway everywhere. Dean is feeling a little desperate, he can’t shake the feeling that something has gone terribly wrong.  

Sam is about to suggest they retrace their steps when a voice sounds out from the backseat, Dean swerving the Impala into the oncoming lane.

“Hello, Dean. Hello, Sam.”

“Jesus, Cas! How many times have I told you not pop in like that!” Dean says as he corrects the car.

“My apologies, Dean. However, this is of importance. Where is (Y/N?)” Cas asks.

“We don’t know,” Sam admits. “We’re trying to find her. Can you locate her?”

“That’s why I’m here. She appears to be in trouble, she’s been calling out for me, but I can’t locate her. I assumed she’d be with you.”

“What do you mean you can’t locate her? You’re a freaking angel of the lord,” Dean grumbles.

“She must be warded somehow, but the connection is stronger here. She must be nearby.” Cas disappears and reappears in the blink of an eye. “Turn left up ahead!”


The door opens with a groaning sound, protesting loudly. Your eyes focus slowly as you track the footsteps across the room.

“Ah, sleeping beauty is awake,” a male voice cuts through the air. Grabbing you harshly by the shoulder, he demands, “Sit up.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” you demand as you struggle to sit upright.

“I want nothing from you. But I want to take everything away from Dean Winchester.”

Part 7

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It was always her

A/N: The final part to It wasn’t her. Its a smack in the feels. Flashbacks & things the reader has said are done in italics. I tried to focus on everyone equally but it focuses a lot more on Dean’s struggle. There also isn’t must dialogue & it’s pretty long…sorry, not sorry.

It wasn’t her masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Mary x Daughter!Reader    Cas x Reader (platonic)

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The ride back to the bunker was done in pure silence. Cas drove his truck back separately while Dean drove the impala with Sam riding shot gun and Mary in the backseat. Sam had offered to ride with Cas so she could ride in front but she refused; she wanted to hold her baby. When they pulled up in to the garage no one made a move to get out.

Not until Dean spoke, “You guys go inside. I’ll bring Y/N in.” Neither Sam or Mary budged, “Sammy, please.” Dean’s voice broke as he asked his brother to leave. Sam sighed and got out of the car, he walked around to the passenger side Mary was sitting on and opened the door.

“Come on Mom.” He said while reaching his hand out to grab hers. She slowly got up, delicately placing your head back on the seat. Dean had carefully wrapped your body in your favorite blanket that you always kept in the back of the impala, “It’s my emergency blanket! We sleep in this car so much that I wanna keep it here just in case. I’m doing you a favor really, this way you don’t have to listen to me bitch about being cold.” Now you were wrapped in it, only your head showing due to Mary maneuvering the blanket down so that she could look at your face. You were her little girl, she had always wondered how you would look like when you grew up and now she knew; you were a gorgeous woman who had small traces of herself and John, but she also saw bits and pieces of Dean and Sam, and parts of you were all your own.

Dean remained in the car after Sam and Mary had gone into the bunker. He just wanted quiet for a few more minutes. He wanted a few more minutes to pretend that everything was alright. That his beloved baby sister wasn’t dead in the backseat of his car. That he wasn’t going to have to carry his lifeless sister into her room while he went outside to chop wood. Wood that he would then use to build a pyre. A pyre that he would then have to watch his sister burn on until she became a pile of ashes. After that he would have to go back into his home, which would forever be different without her presence, and comfort his mother, who has been dead for 33 years, and his little brother, who had been tricked into killing their little sister.

So yeah, Dean let himself sit in silence for a few more moments before he watched his entire world crash and burn in front of him.

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I Never Told You

12x12 Coda

Warnings: None (a couple f-bombs)

Words: 1.2K

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The drive home is a quiet one.  Dean can feel Sam beside him, squirming, desperate to ask questions.  To talk about what exactly just happened.  He knows Sam knows better, though.  Thankfully, he keeps quiet.  Every couple of minutes, Dean glances in the rearview, making sure Cas’s truck is still behind them; still following them.  He wanted Cas to leave the truck and ride with them – he’d been through a lot, didn’t need to be driving.  Cas, of course, refused.  With a heavy sigh, he tightens his grip on the steering wheel and presses harder on the gas.  Dean’s full of adrenaline, full of questions, full of… he’s not even sure.  He’s buzzing.

Sam barely waits for the door to close before he announces he’s beat, and heading to bed.  Dean grunts a goodnight in his direction and turns his attention to Cas.  He still looks worse for wear – exhausted and filthy.  “You look like you should hit the hay, too,” he says.  He tries to sound jollier than he feels.  The waiver in his voice betrays that.  He notices Cas gripping the back of a chair, and he has to stop himself from reaching out to him.

“I’m fine, Dean,” Cas says quietly, avoiding Dean’s eyes.  “Thank you.”

Dean takes a shaky breath and nods.  “Yeah,” he says, in answer of nothing particular.  “Well, I’m gonna…” he jabs a thumb over his shoulder.  “I’m gonna grab a shower and head to bed, so…”

“I’ll be here.”  Cas lifts his eyes slowly, and Dean’s breath catches in his throat.  The whole way home, that night had been playing in his head.  The thought of losing Cas.  Cas’s confession.  Dean’s cowardice.

“Right.”  He steps forward and pats Cas’s shoulder awkwardly.  “Night, Cas.”  

“Goodnight, Dean.”

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