riding her bike

A beekeeper witch for a contest on Instagram. She specialises in creating lavender honey, known for its healing properties and exceptionally sweet taste. Catch her tending her garden, riding her bike around town, or taking fresh honey to the local bakery once a week, where a cute baker may or may not be sweet on her. She gets pretty good discounts on the sweet rolls, including the blueberry and lemon cake that is her favourite. Her hands have become immune to bee stings over time through the use handcream she makes. 

Yang's 'Bike'

So all this bullshit discourse about what Bmblb is really about got me thinking…

What if the characters begin using Yang’s bike as a euphemism or a metaphor for Blake so Yang can talk about her feelings without being direct…


Yang: I was kinda mad at my bike for disappearing for a while but now I’m just really sad and I miss her… err it.

And eventually Weiss and Ruby just roll with the euphemism and begin referring to Blake as ‘Yang’s bike’

Which inevitably leads to the obvious joke…

Jaune: Yang looks pretty tired, what was she out riding her bike all night?

Weiss: *Chokes* Ruby: *Spit take*

The signs as different sapphics
  • Aries: Space sapphic. Finding galxies in her eyes. Traveling at the speed of light, through a million galxies just to see her smile. Giving her a piece of the moon to keep in her bedside table. She thinks of you everytime the stars come out.
  • Taurus: Garden sapphic. Leaving freshcut flowers on her doorstep every summer. Planting flowers with her every spring. You weed your garden together, and your fingertips graze each other's.
  • Gemini: Moon sapphic. Staying up late with her. Connecting the freckles on her skin to make constellations. The moonlight streams in from her window, and you can't tear your eyes away from her sleeping face.
  • Cancer: Ocean sapphic. Tasting the salt on her skin. Skinny dipping by the light of the moon. Giving her rocks that you find on the ocean floor. Splashing her and melting when she giggles.
  • Leo: Summer sapphic. Laying in the front yard with her, tanning. Walking down to the ice cream parlor and feeding her a sundae. Watching storms roll over the horizon with her.
  • Virgo: Cafe sapphic. Waiting for her with her favorite drink ready. Studying together and rewarding each other's hard work with a kiss. Surprising her at work with a cup of coffee when she can't make a coffee date.
  • Libra: Artsy sapphic. Painting a portrait of her. Going on museum dates and thinking she's the most valuable piece of art anywhere you go. Asking her to pose nude for you, and you try not to blush too much or look for too long. Reenacting that scene from Ghost with the pottery wheel.
  • Scorpio: Vintage sapphic. Only touching in private. Everyone thinks you're just friends, but you two know better. Putting on her favorite record and slow dancing in your living room.
  • Sagittarius: Sun sapphic. Lazy mornings with her. Riding bikes and laughing too loud. Rubbing aloe and kissing her sunburn. Kissing all of her freckles.
  • Capricorn: Forest sapphic. Climbing a tree and leaning down across a branch to kiss her. Walking through the woods and protecting her from the spiders or bugs. Collecting different leaves and telling her all about the trees.
  • Aquarius: Winter sapphic. Cuddling with her on a winter night, underneath a quilt. Making her hot chocolate and kissing her cold forehead. Frolicking around in the first snowfall.
  • Pisces: Bookstore sapphic. Your eyes meet in between the bookshelves. You read her excerpts from your favorite book. You leave handwritten poems in her favorite books, she finds them every time. Sharing a kiss by the romance section.

hi guys so my girlfriend’s name is blue sargent and this is why i love her

  • she accidentally became a vegetarian she just isn’t fond of meat so she eats so much yogurt and salads and totally packs fruit kebobs for lunch,,, what a nerd
  • she has an emergency sewing kit
    • henrietta high school legend says if you say “blue sargent” and spin around three times in the girls bathroom she’ll walk out of the stall and have the exact right button to replace the one that got ripped off your sweater
  • literal embodiment of “aesthetic or die”, she’d choose overheating in the middle of a virginia summer over ruining her look
    • “blue you look like you’re gonna pass out”
    • "i’m sorry, i misheard, i think you meant i look fucking great”
  • her guilty pleasure is 90′s boy bands she loves *nsync and backstreet boys and totally knows all the bad dance moves from the music videos
  • she’s tone deaf though can’t carry a tune to save her life but sings loud and proud anyway
  • she has a gap in her teeth just big enough to be noticeable, it whistles when she’s trying not to laugh
  • she’s a mug hoarder that brings tea up to her room but has like twelve mugs on her window sill from forgetting to bring them back down
  • her dad’s a fuckin woodland nymph so she’s ridiculously good with plants and her vegetable garden is the envy of the neighborhood
  • she’s a dog person she walks dogs as a job because she gets paid!!! to spend time with dogs!!! she loves it so much
  • once whipped out her switch on a boy twice her size for catcalling and scared the living daylights out of him,, attitude makes up for height and this girl’s got plenty of it
  • she’s not a bad student but she does get asked to leave class for sassing her teacher’s or telling them theyre wrong
    • “[insert historical figure] was gay”
    • “ms. sargent please don’t”
    • “history is so fucking gay you don’t understand-”
    • “please sit outside for the remainder of class” 
    • *cue deep dramatic sigh from blue*
    • the teacher called maura, who laughed her ass off and hung up the phone
  • she was riding her bike home one day and was late because she got distracted talking to a homeless guy while waiting at an intersection and she bought him some mcdonalds and played cards with him
  • LOVES stargazing so much, persephone taught her the constellations when she was little
    • when she misses her she goes and sits under the stars with smelly tea, wearing a pair of persephone’s socks. she feels closer to her that way and it hurts a little less.
  • the gray man didn’t teach her how to fight, calla did.
    • by the time calla is done with her blue can flip ronan on his back
  • speaking of ronan him and blue are best friends i don’t make the rules these are just facts
    • she has dream hair clips that change color
    • she sewed pockets into all his jackets for chainsaw
    • theyre combat boot buddies
    • she is Tiny and rides on ronan’s back or shoulders
    • she has literally taken a running leap and jumped on his back while he was in the middle of a conversation and he didn’t falter in the slightest
    • he rips up clothes for her so she can get that Punk Aesthetic
  • she gives the best hugs on the planet she is a tiny lady but will pull you in so tight and you can rest your head on her soft hair,,, wow
  • her nail polish is always chipped it lasts like an hour tops
  • there’s always kids running around the house and she is so good with them, playing tag, teaching them crafts and cool friendship bracelet patterns and she wears all the ones they make for her
  • you think ronan cusses up a storm? blue could give him a run for his money the girl’s got a mouth like a sailor
  • loves yoga but only knows like 6 poses that she does over and over, calla judges her
    • “blue why are you laying on the ground”
    • “im doing yoga. its called corpse pose. leave me alone youre fucking up my zen.”
    • corpse pose is a lie it’s literally laying on the ground 
  • that’s about it
  • my girl is a dorky feminist hippy and i love her
  • she deserved better
  • :))))
Sons of Lawrence

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Kevin Tran, Jo Harvelle, 
Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Female Reader
Word Count: 2,219
Warnings: Language
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, possible explicit canon typical violence.

Originally posted by troohhippi

Freedom. That’s what it felt like when Dean hopped on his bike, and rode down the streets of Lawrence.  Even the back roads. Especially the back roads. It didn’t matter if he was going 20 or 90. It was the wind that surrounded him, pushed through his hair, up and over his shoulders. It was the fact that as he rode, nothing else mattered. Not John or Bobby grooming him to take over the family business. Not Mary pestering him playfully that it was past time to find a woman. Not Jo pining after him like he was a goddamn football quarterback. Nothing. It was just him and his bike.

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In 1996, nine-year-old Amber Rene Hagerman was abducted while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas. It remains unclear exactly how she was abducted, however the crime was witnessed by a neighbour who phoned the police and informed Amber’s brother who then rushed home to tell his parents the horrifying news.

After an extensive search, Amber’s body was discovered four days later in a creek. She had been stabbed in her neck and it was revealed that she had been kept alive for at least two days before she was killed. Due to the lack of credible witness accounts, there has never been any suspects and her killer was never caught.

With the help of congressmen and Marc Klaas, (the father of Polly who had been abducted and murdered three years earlier), Amber’s parents created the America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response: The AMBER alert.

The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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FEBRUARY 7: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2012)

On this day in 2012, The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth first hit shelves. Although this was only five years ago and may not seem like some hidden gem of lesbian history, almost every college-aged gay girl I’ve talked to about Cameron Post has not only known who she is, but has reacted with some kind of anguished face or hand over their heart at the mere mention of her name. For this reason, I knew it had to be included in 365 Days of Lesbians.

What makes The Miseducation of Cameron Post so iconic? I’ve seen it described in article headlines as everything from a “Cowgirl Coming Out Story!” to a harrowing tale on the experiences of gay conversion therapy. The truth of the matter is that it is all of these things and more; the book tells the story of a girl growing up in the rural, Christ and pasture-driven town of Miles City, Montana. After her parents die unexpectedly in a car accident, Cameron becomes the ward of her conservative grandmother and Aunt Ruth. Throughout the course of the novel, Cameron develops a crush on her best friend and must deal with the unaccepting reactions of both her family and her small town after she is outed. Yes, there are elements of the ~cowgirl aesthetic~ and the book does take you through Cameron’s heart-wrenching experience of a gay conversion camp, but The Miseducation of Cameron Post is neither a dime store novel of lesbian cowgirl romance nor a soul-crushing tragedy. It’s a coming-of-age novel filled with just as much wonder and grief as anyone’s teenage years.

When I first read this book, I was on the eve of my sixteenth birthday and in the middle of a long summer spent bored and sunburned at my grandparents’ house. There were moments in the book of Cameron experiencing internalized homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality and all those other academic words that were scarily relatable to me, as I assume is the case for all the other girls who hold this book near and dear to their heart; however, there are two particular scenes that live distinctly in my memory – one, a passage where Danforth describes Cameron riding her bike on a hot summer day to her local movie rental store (hello 1990s), and the other, a moment where Cameron is riding in a car with the window down and making waves in the wind with her hand. This is the most iconic thing about Cameron Post. I had heard about internalized homophobia and conversion therapy from news outlets and the internet, but never before had these concepts been living and breathing and walking around inside a girl so similar to myself. This wasn’t Girl Discovers She’s Gay: The Novel, which, although those stories have their place, I would have been too scared to pick up in the book store anyways; Cameron rides her bike on summer days, hangs her head outside of car windows on the highway, and gets crushes on girls – these are all just facets of who she is as a person. There is nothing flat or contrived about Cameron’s experience or character; she is a full person who you root for, grieve for, and love throughout the entirety of the novel, and the more years that pass by, the more I’m able to understand just how much these depictions are needed and why The Miseducation of Cameron Post is just one of those books that has come to define a whole generation of lgbtq youth.  


what if one year when lily’s really young she goes back to cokeworth for the summer and some of the neighbourhood kids take a special interest in her bc where has she been going for most of the year anyway?? so she’s out riding her bike (petunia didnt want to come) and these kids just come out of nowhere, circling her like a pack of wolves, noticing weird things about her, like how her hand keeps drifting to her pocket or how she keeps muttering things under her breath. they start calling her names and making fun of her until one of the guys is like, ‘what are you, a witch?’ and she’s just like ‘yep’ and fucking decks them

i hope she knows i want to…

hold her hand
stay up late with her watching movies until she falls asleep in my lap
take her bike riding and go on picnics
laugh together until we cry
share secrets at 2am
sing our favorite songs as loud as we can stare at her for hours
tell her how literally gorgeous she is
travel the world with her and go on crazy adventures
have her come to me when she needs a shoulder to cry on
make her feel wanted and important
see her face light up at my gift
write poems to her
paint pictures of us
tell her the entire story of how i fell head first in love with her

Miraculous Sense8 AU
  • Adrien lives on the East Coast America
  • Marinette’s in China
  • Alya is in Martinique 
  • Chloe lives in Paris
  • Nino’s in Morocco 
  • Lila’s in Italy 
  • Juleka’s in Japan
  • Rose is on the West Coast of America
  • ‘Whispers’ is Gabriel and helps fund BPO with some of his money from his clothing empire. Honestly the best way to hide is in the spotlight.
  • Adrien clicks with Marinette first in their cluster and (obviously) he falls in love with her at first sight but she tries to kick his ass BECAUSE THERE’S A RANDOM (yet beautiful) WHITE BOY IN HER ROOM????
  • Chloe and Alya are the first two to accidentally see each other half naked 
  • Nino’s first meeting with Lila is she’s at an event with her diplomat parents with a DJ when suddenly it’s Nino laying down the fresh beats and Lila’s like??? that’s not who they paid for
  • Rose is riding her bike singing a song on her way home from school while Juleka’s riding her bike singing the SAME song on her way to school, they do a whole riding around each other duet sequences it’s honestly really romantic
  • the Fighters of the group are Adrien, Marinette, and Juleka
  • the Hackers are Alya and Nino
  • the Driver is Rose (she’s a gearhead and her father runs a mechanic shop) 
  • Chloe’s the Money and Lila’s the Actor but both can also be counted on in the fight (defense training by some of the very best money can by) 
  • Marinette is the “Leader” when there’s trouble and can coordinate a plan in seconds 
  • obviously they start a groupchat (that Nino and Alya create so it’s untraceable and only accessible by anyone in their cluster) and just to see how far this goes types in their native tongues (which automatically translated because why wouldn’t they) 
  • I think they’d all be in high school level so they’re are a lot of slice of life moments
  • Trans!Chloe and Adrien!!!! obviously??? 
  • Juleka has one of “those” moms who can’t accept her daughter is gay and also delinquent 
  • Sabine is the one who trained Marinette while Fu trained Juleka, and Gabriel made sure his son could protect himself in a fight
  • Chat Noir, Ladybug, Abeille, etc are all code names they use to refer to one another in the group chat just in case
  • Adrien, Chloe, and Lila visit each other often since they have similar upbringings; Alya and Marinette are practically joined at the hip but Alya can also be found with Nino a lot 
  • Rose visits everyone equally except for Juleka who she spends the most time with; Marinette and Chloe bicker a lot but boi if someone insults one the other’s gonna kick that person’s ass in a heartbeat 
  • Alya and Lila get along famously it’s like they were cut from the same cloth; Nino and Adrien are bros obviously  
Dad!Connor x Reader fluff headcannons

Hi guys this is my first request and I love getting them so send more in if you want! ————————————————

 -You would have a little girl that Connor would be SO protective of

 -her nursery would be really yellow which you had to talk Connor into doing because the guy doesn’t exactly love bright colors 

-during the labor Connor would have been freaking out more than you 


 -he would go with them when they do the check up on her cause he’s already like “no way is anyone gonna hurt my baby" 

 -he would see this duck stuffed animal on the way back to the room and he gets it because it reminds him of the nursery

 -the baby really helps him open up even more than you did. It makes him more protective but more caring than usual

 -she cries in the middle of the night ALL THE TIME. But like what baby doesn't 

-"I’ll get her” “no Y/N you got her last time go back to sleep”

 -you walk in and Connor is bottle feeding her while singing ba ba black sheep and you’ve never seen your daughter more content

 -Connor reads to her every night before bed. Her favorite is Mrs spiders sunny patch kids books 

-on her first day of kindergarten Connor did her hair in these little pigtails and she was so adorable. 

 -one day after Connor tried to teach her to ride a bike she got a really bad skinned knee and Connor freaked out “oh my goodness! That’s it no more bike without training wheels” and he smiled and picked her up to get her a baindaid and you went out for ice cream to make her feel better  

-you wouldn’t rather have anyone else be the father of your child

i’m asking you (what you know about these things)

[jonxsansa, modern au, ~5k+]

said there’s no mistakin’
what i feel is really love

—sam smith (whitney houston cover)  

When Sansa had received the gold-leaf invitation to celebrate Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon’s spring wedding, her expectations were high. She had known Loras since high school—indeed, she was best friends with his sister Margaery to this day, five years after their graduation—and as such she had come to know the Tyrells to be the most extravagant of families. As a young woman with equally lavish tastes, Sansa had gotten on with them famously.

While never quite so bold or, at times, rather outlandish as Margaery and Loras, because of their influence Sansa had gained a sense of poise and sophistication well beyond that of her own family. That’s not to say that the Starks were not held in high esteem. But Catelyn Stark had always said that while all of her children had been born with silver spoons in their mouths, her eldest daughter had grown up to fashion hers into a crown. Sansa had once taken offense to that, thinking her mother meant to make a materialistic fool of her, but as she grew older she gained a better perspective.

Not one among their elite set did not have a taste for the finer things—not even her younger sister, Arya, much as she would like to pretend otherwise—and Sansa simply accepted her good fortune and used it to do good by herself and others. Margaery felt the need to point this out at every availability, usually when Sansa showed up to a social event with a less-than reputable beau on her arm. Which, even Sansa can admit in retrospect, is often. Loras’ wedding is no exception, although Sansa has yet to look at it in hindsight.  

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Autistic Kara Danvers thoughts

ok well in j&j hsau which i still haven’t rly started she’s on the spectrum & just

ok so she’s learned that being totally honest w people isn’t always a good thing like she had some trouble when she was younger abt just saying what was on her mind 24/7 & like sometimes it wasn’t nice which she didn’t like & whoever kara was talking to didn’t like either. she’s not mean yknow & just bc she thinks something at one moment doesn’t mean she always thinks it so it takes a while but in the end the only ppl she’s totally completely unreservedly honest w almost all the time are alex & eliza. kara also has trouble with being distracted like she’ll totally dive into something & Not take a break for hours but sometimes like it’s not the thing she’s supposed to be doing so she means to be reading a book for class but she has this essay she hasn’t finished & it’s not due for a week & the book has to be read in two days time but she just can’t focus on the book. also she focuses rly hard & forgets to eat & sleep & stuff so they have to have rly clear schedules so Kara knows what she should be doing & her fam helps her to stick to them & bring her back on topic. sometimes conversations go astray too bc she follows a trail of thought instead of sticking to one thing

anyway here

lena arrives on friday afternoon. school just got out & kara is skating down the road & dare she say it yes she does she’s scoping out the den of the luthors to see if her newest plot could work. it absolutely will - it’s something of a masterpiece she thinks & james & clark & alex agree - which is awesome. it’s all lazy & quiet & she can hear the sprinklers chuffing away in someone’s back yard & everything is in a hazy kind of focus that happens sometimes when she gets tired.

it doesn’t last. this girl slips out of a car in front of the luthor place. she’s Beautiful with long dark hair & the neatest hands folded in front of her & she has nothing of kara’s restless energy she’s still & quiet & she might sink into the sharp lines & modern backdrop of the luthor house like one more classic sculpture except for small little movements. brushes her hair back behind her ear, she tilts her chin up to examine the place, she frowns with the tiniest motion but Kara sees it she can’t not see it she wants to catalogue every detail she

lands with a thud on the ground & groans, pulls her wrist up to her chest.

“ow,” she complains a little pathetically. two seconds & then there’s the skid of tyres & alex is bending down from her bike. kara takes her hand, lets her haul her up & she pouts as alex takes her hand & examines it with gentle fingers. “what’s the diagnosis, doctor danvers?”

“a scrape.” alex FLINGS her hand back when she determines there’s nothing rly wrong w her & kara hisses, clutches her hand protectively to her chest. “your nose is BLEEDING though. we should get you home.”

kara risks a look over Alex’s shoulder but the girl has long since gone inside the house. alex cranes around to see where kara’s looking & rolls her eyes.

“plot later, wash all this off first.”

Kara nods & after five minutes of trying to retrieve her board from under the parked car she had slammed into, they give it up for lost & Kara climbs onto Alex’s bike, feet on the little bars. she pats Alex’s shoulder when she’s ready & alex doesn’t bother taking it slow. she punches her feet down toward the road & complains about how heavy Kara is now she’s not ten anymore & she swerves, pretending to want to throw Kara off & grinning when kara punches her

they make it home without another incident - okay with only one more incident & it was totally not their fault but there was a pothole & they just wanted to see what would happen anyway now they’re both grazed up & eliza closes her eyes for a whole minute when they walk through the front door & sighs when she opens them again & her daughters are standing in front of her still all ripped up & grinning sheepishly.

“hi mum,”

“kitchen Alexandra,”

“ooooh,” Kara teases & quakes when eliza turns a firm glare on her. “hi eliza”

“You get some towels. honestly girls i just want one day, ONE day, where you don’t come home bloody. is that too much to ask?”

there’s a lot of finger pointing & blame going on in the next few minutes & eliza honestly puts two fingers to her mouth & whistles to get them quiet.

kara flinches. “oh i don’t like that,” she says, tone a little disgust but mostly realisation & eliza & alex nod that they’ll remember that.

“kara what happened,” eliza asks & alex groans & stomps away into the kitchen since there’s no way Kara will lie to their mother

“i was scoping out the luthor place when i saw the prettiest girl in the world she was tall but not as tall as me i dont think and she had the loveliest brown hair and green eyes I think but I was pretty far away and she looked so neat and lovely and I,” kara makes a whistling sound but quiet, not sharp, and slaps her hand against her other hand, “into a car and alex helped me up and my wrist isn’t broken I just grazed my hand and my nose bled a little.” it dripped all over her shirt & more when she dabbed at it & now she knows she looks like someone out of a horror movie. eliza looks faintly amused, maybe. amused looks similar to happy & kind but Kara is pretty sure this is amused. Kara continues. “my board got stuck under the car and the girl must’ve gone inside or something because i couldn’t see her anymore which is a shame and alex let me ride on her bike with her and on the way home,”

“what’s this about the prettiest girl?” Alex interrupts & eliza looks even more amused

“that can wait alex,” she smiles. “go on Kara what happened on the way home?”


“did the girl go into the luthor place?” alex asks & kara covers her ears.

“you’re distracting me alex,” she says quietly & stares down at her dirty sneakers & tries not to lose track of her words. “alex rode into a pothole & we fell & walked home.” she leaves out some details like alex asking if she wants to & kara enthusiastically agreeing but at the root of it that is what happened.

“so it was an accident and you didn’t purposefully ride into it?” eliza asks & kara states wide eyed at alex, looking for a prompt.

it never comes & kara gulps. “um. no?”

“mhm.” eliza shakes her head & sighs. “alright kitchen both of you. i will get the towels and alex you help Kara with that graze of hers.”

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im not even this anon but im joining the "anxious anons who want to get to know you/socialize" crew, have you ever seen a wild snek before


i used to find wild snakes, lizards, and frogs all the time at my grandparents house because they live in a forest

last time i saw a snake i fell in a creek trying to get to it and almost broke my arm–that was last year i think