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somewherenow  asked:

can u rec me any good frerard fics?

hell yEAH I CAN

They’re all on ao3 bc that’s the site I read 99% of the time, and they’re all full-length, not one shots. I’ve also put a ★ by my absolute favorites.

okay so these are really famous but you should read them if you haven’t:

★ Unholyverse (linked to the first part of the series); 186k, Frank has a stigmata, Gerard is a priest who helps him

★ Anatomy of a Fall; 107k, High School AU/ghost story

★ A Splitting of the Mind; 144k Gerard is in a mental institution and claims his mind holds the key to existence, Frank wants to be fixed

and my personal favorites:

★ Nightswimming (there is a prequel I strongly suggest reading, but it centers around Pete/Mikey. really helps understand the story though); 140k, I can’t even describe this one, during the summer and its basically just Frank and Gerard being together and I love it so much

★ I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love (But I Did); 84k, basically a Friends AU, they’re roommates and Frank has loved Gerard for years.

Stunning Someone; 38k, Gerard is an art student and meets Frankie, who’s genderfluid

(Mama); 275k and in progress, definite trigger warning! Frank’s mother badly abuses him, Gerard wants to help him

A Case of Unknown Identity; 43k, high school AU, they met online through a site for closeted teens

Lie To Me; 118k, Frank is a punk, Gerard is a theater nerd who decides to dress as a girl to get Frank’s attention

Crazy for You; 34k, Gerard decides to call a sex hotline and things take an unexpected turn

★ MJ’s Not the Only One With a Man in the Mirror; 43k, follows two parallel universes of Gerard’s life based off one choice he makes

★ Tales of Nighttime; 30k Gerard is a prositute

When We’re Both Thirty; 84k, when they were very young they made a pact to get married if they were both single at 30 years old, except now they hate each other

Fickle Reticence; 47k, college AU, Gee is genderfluid

Angels From The Neon; 44k, a wonderful killjoys AU

★ Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted; 72k, AU where Gerard goes to a boarding school for other teens with “mutations” (Gee has wings, Mikey can read minds, etc)

Envision the Magic; 64k, Gerard is a cocky magician on a successful cruise ship, Frank is a new bartender on the ship

★ Like a Safety Pin Through Your Skin; 111k, Gerard falls in love with a new, mysterious bartender in his town. Five and a half years later, Mikey is trying to find and kill the thing responsible for what happened to his brother

You Can’t Push it Underground; 35k, Frank makes a bet with his best friend Brendon that he can’t find someone Frank will fall in love with

Grayverse; 72k, based on the AU that you see color when you see your soulmate. The first color Gerard sees is the red blood of the guy he might have just killed 

Masterpiece; 74k, this one is really hard to describe. Gerard is an artist, Frank is a free spirit who tries to make Gerard one too

★ On the Midtown Direct; 23k, a love story one train ride at a time

★ Camp Cherry Woods; 21k, Gerard and Frank are counsellors at the same summer camp

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Love You Like the Devil Do; 40k, Frank is a Catholic schoolboy and then Gerard happens

The Enigma’s Anomaly; 145k, Frank is an extremely skilled assassin. Gerard is the first person he misses

The Elite Club of People Who Have Seen Gerard Way Naked; 69k, high school AU, funny af. Just read it.

I Think I Like It; 266k, teacher/student AU. Very smutty but also very sweet. There’s a significant age gap (20 years), but honestly its almost irrelevant and they’re so in love it doesn’t matter. But just a warning. I personally hate age gap but loved this one so…

enjoy :)

anonymous asked:

Challenge time :D...... write a story about a dragon

hmmm okay
there once upon a time a little kid from new jersey named Gerard Way, he loved comics, the characters and everything awesome and magic about it, but there once something he loved even more; the dragons, he always dreamed to ride one and fly away… that was when he was 12, now he’s 25 and he found something he loved even more than dragons, it was his boyfriend, a lil punk from new jersey as well; Frank.
Gerard now doesnt dream about riding dragons now he rides his boyfriend’s dick, that’s the second thing Gerard loves mor in the whole world, THE END lmao