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MY TOP 10 OTP’s <3

1. Gray and Juvia (of course)

2. Natsu and Lucy

3. Erina and Soma 

4.Chitoge and Raku

5. Yamada and Shiraishi

6. Misaki and Usui

7. Kei and Hikari

8.Kou and Futaba

9.Emi and Mao

10. Kagura and Sting



15 April 2017

Yet another stunning morning! I love April so much! I went for a short 25.5km solo spin on the bike and just followed my nose, throwing in a ‘bound’ up the goat track at Reabold Hill for good measure. I even surprised myself with a trio of Strava achievements. Sweaty selfies are de rigueur for my Healthy Challenge group and the bottom one even sports a big helmet indentation on my forehead along with the sweat-slicked hair and red cheeks. Afterwards I was so starving I ate leftover dinner for brunch - pork balls, potatoes, kale, spinach, mushrooms and tomato in a red pepper sauce.

Energy- Auston Matthews

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Ok so I really don’t know how I feel about this one. Anon if you aren’t happy with it let me know! Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: hello! really love all your writing!! I was wondering if you could write one about like you and Auston dating but you are always super energetic and annoy Aus (maybe involving like you and Mitch all energetic and getting on Austons nerves) idk if this really makes sense or is a prompt but yeah thanks!!


              You really weren’t sure how Auston put up with you.

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Sorry for this super long-ass post haha in case you need a recap:

This guy had to have a potato masher taped to his dominant hand and then got it stuck in the oven door and then Alton offered to saw his arm off and then finally abandoned him to go to his trailer. What a ride. Also so very similar to my dreams that stem from my severe claustrophobia

Disneyland with a side of dessert

Chris Evans X Y/N.

Warnings:Sex, language. Not much else really.


Y/N is in a interview alongside Chris Evans, during so it’s revealed that  she’s never gone to Disneyland and Chris can’t fathom the idea. Being the gentleman that he is, he vows to take you to Disneyland because… everyone should go at least once in their life.  

Y/n  smile as her nerves tempt to get the best of her, James Corden is slowly making his way down the sofa, asking both fan and random questions that he found. Chris Evans was the first to go, answering the obvious questions. “What does he think about the new direction Cap is going? Does he see a real love interest with Agent 13 and Cap? How many dogs does he own? Is he more a dog man or cat man?” 

Y/N watched Chris answer the questions with enthusiasm and nervousness, he smiled too much and struggled to convey what he truly meant sometimes. However as James cards of question dwindled down, she knew it was close to being her turn. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but she was late for rehearsals and had no clue what she would be asked. 

The English talk show host starts off simple, “where was she born, what was her favorite subject” and as the questions progress they become different in nature, some personal others ridiculous. It’s the second to last question that gets a reaction she didn’t expect. 

“Now, Y/N, is it true that you’ve never been to Disneyland?” Some of the audience members gasp with shock as James finishes his question. 

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13rw series // teaser

(real name TBD)


a/n: plot twist! i said i wasn’t gonna post anything tonight but i did anyway!

-shawn’s pov-
1 week earlier

“What do you mean she disappeared?”

“I mean she fucking disappeared!” I shouted into the phone, running my hand through my hair as I paced back and forth in the morning light of my apartment.

“How could she have just…disappeared?” my dad asked, clearly confused at how I had come to that conclusion.

“She’s just gone, Dad. I have no idea how, but she’s fucking gone.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your writing <3 I also love fluff. That being said, since you are the best writer ever, do you think you can do a super fluffy day at a carnival (ferris wheels, other rides, foods and mini games for prizes) with the whole RFA gang? MC can be with your favorite member or Saeyoung cause he need so much love! It can be funny moments filled with fluffy cute small moments. I need the fluff >n<,

B-best wri-writer ever? *blushing*

So I don’t really have a fave, as I said before, because I think they all need so much love. But I chose Jaehee because, well… girls just wanna have fun *wink*

If you squint really hard, you can see the fluff and the carnival, it’s just the idea of a carnival is kinda different in my country, so I don’t know much about it and I focused on this dynamic between Jumin, Jaehee and MC. I hope you still like it, tho:

RFA at the carnival

  • It was Seven’s idea, it’s been a while since the RFA doesn’t get together just to hang out
  • It’s also a celebration due to the success of the café you and Jaehee opened a few months ago (although nobody said this officially, otherwise Jumin wouldn’t show up and wouldn’t let Yoosung go too)
  • So yeah… at first, it’s very awkward between Jumin and Jaehee. “Long time no see, Assi… Miss Kang.” “Good to see you, Mr. Ha… Jumin.”
  • But you and Seven manage to light the mood, you two are the most excited about the rides and keep telling everybody how amazing this is gonna be!
  • Zen is fascinated with the house of mirrors. How can he still manage to look so perfect even with his face all distorted? Ugh… he’s such a God’s mistake!
  • He also is showing off to you and Jaehee when he makes the bell ring at the strongman test, starts sneezing when he sees the prize is a stuffed kitten
  • “I think Jumin would like that, give it to him.” You suggest, Zen refuses giving a gift to Jumin. “Nevermind, I’ll give him.” You take the kitten.
  • Jumin is obviously uncomfortable, he watches while Yoosung and Seven are having fun in the bumping cars, Seven cornered Yoosung’s car and keeps bumping over and over.
  • He’s just… there, sitting on a bench. He starts scrolling on his phone when you sit beside him. “Not having fun?”
  •  “I’m just… working.” “I see… you really are a hardworker checking the chatroom where everybody is right here.” CAUGHT!
  • “You know I just came because Luciel basically kidnapped Yoosung, I’m not still comfortable being around…” “Her.” You finish to him, noticing the glance he gives to Jaehee while she’s shooting a target with Zen.
  • “Can I be honest with you, Jumin? I think it’s time to move on. Stop considering this a defeat, so what if you lost your assistant? You earned a new friend!”
  • “I… don’t need new friends.” “Jaehee really admires you and respects you, she’s ready to move on and forget the past, why can’t you?” he starts scrolling his phone again, is he listening? You sigh in frustration. “I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life! Okay, maybe you don’t need new friends, but you’ll definitely lose the few you have if you keep acting like this. Here’s a gift from Zen.” You storm away from him, throwing the kitten at him.
  • You’re worried that maybe you were too harsh, but Jaehee makes you forget this when she drags you to the roller coaster. You love her smile and he way her now long hair flows with the wind.
  • You two almost forget that you came with the boys. You try a lot of rides together and she earns you a stuffed turtle at one of the booths.
  • But you’re really alone when you go to the photo booth. You take silly pictures and you feel really hot when she leans closer to you. Is this gonna happen? For real? You’ve been waiting for so long…
  • “Ah, you’re here, Miss Kang, can we talk in private for a little?” the last photo is your flustered face due to a Jumin who just barged in to the photo booth. Seven is definitely keeping this photo.
  • Zen, Seven, Yoosung and you decide to grab something to eat. Most of the time, the actor and the hacker are trying to goofy off to make you two relax. It’s been a while since Yoosung isn’t able to just hang out like this, and you… are worried. Isn’t that conversation taking too long?
  • When they go back, Jumin scolds Yoosung for not waiting him to eat. “Yoosung couldn’t possibly know what you want, stop being a spoiled jerk!” “Hmmm, so I’ll have what you’re having.” Jumin takes Zen’s food out of his hands, the actor open his mouth to start a trail of insults.
  • “Before you make a scene, remember this is a public space, this can’t be good for a public figure.” And Zen sits reluctantly. Jumin is acting weirdly playful, what happened?
  • You want to ask Jaehee, but she sits across from you and start eating in silence. She looks hungry… and tense. Shit! Did you screw up?
  • For the last ride, Seven chose the Ferris Wheel, he takes Yoosung so he won’t sit with his boss. Zen wants to go with you, but Jumin gets in the way.
  • “Don’t thing too highly of yourself, though. We should just let the ladies stay together.” Well, Zen can’t disagree on that. “Also, you gave me this kitten, and I’m repaying the gesture. “ oh god… Zen will push Jumin off the Ferris Wheel, we should keep an eye on them.
  • You and Jaehee are together and alone again… you’re so afraid to say something, but you have to. “How… how was it with Jumin?”
  • “Painfully awkward…” oh god… “But I think we’ll be able to talk more properly when he goes to the café next Monday.” WHAT? JUMIN? ON THE CAFÉ? This is… this is… unexpected.
  • “I have no idea what you told him, but it worked.” She smiles sweetly, oh my… she’s not mad at you! And she’s so beautiful…
  •  You feel the thud of the Ferris Wheel stopping, with you two at the highest top. “Wow, the view is amazing…” she probably means the whole vision of the carnival, but to you, the view is her smile right now.
  • You’re staring, probably too much as she looks at you and blushes. “Do you think Luciel somehow hacked to leave us on the top like this?” she asks.
  • “Yeah, probably…” she’s leaning closer again… so hot… so hot… “Remind me of thanking him later.” And she finally does what was promised since the photo booth fiasco.
  • A kiss, the first one. You’re trembling and your face is on fire, her lips are so soft… you almost didn’t notice the fireworks exploding in the sky. Another Seven’s doing? Nah, just a very on point coincidence.

I’m so angry that it took me like 11 months to realise epcot was my favourite park because I used to actively avoid going there for the majority of my program and now wanting to sit by the main entrance with a frozen mango margarita and watch spaceship earth change colour with the sunset is like… a Big Mood I have have multiple times a day