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Charles Perrault (12 January 1628 – 16 May 1703) 

French author and member of the Académie Française. He laid the foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale, with his works derived from pre-existing folk tales. The best known of his tales include Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), Cendrillon (Cinderella), Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots), La Belle au bois Dormant (The Sleeping Beauty), and Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard). (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Illustrations from The Cinderella Fairy Book; containing: Cinderella, or the Glass Slipper, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, Drill of the A, B, C, Army. With Twenty-eight Colored Illustrations. Cincinnati: Peter G. Thomson, 1881.

To the Moon (Mark Tuan)

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“Well Tuan, we’re headed to the moon.” 


Word Count: 2,034

Genre: Fluff
@cho-humnah I hope you like this! I changed the prompt just a tad, though I hope you don’t mind. Idk if this is good or if it meets your standards but I hope it does?? Sorry, this took a bit longer than I anticipated, I hope you enjoy!  <3

“Back again Y/N?” Mark looked up at the sound of your name being mentioned, peeking over the edge of his locker.

“Why yes, I am.” You said with a large smile, eyes twinkling with a deliberate cleverness that ignited curiosity in him.
“Where did you go?” Your friend questioned you as your voices got farther away as you walked further down the hallway.

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Bon anniversaire Charles Perrault!! 

(January 12, 1628 - May 16, 1703)

M. Perrault is known for writing these beloved tales: 

Le Petit Chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), Cendrillon (Cinderella), Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots), La Belle au bois dormant (The Sleeping Beauty), and Barbe bleue (Bluebeard).

Pictured above is an illustration of Cinderella just past midnight at the ball, taken from the story “Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper.”

From our stacks: 

The Cinderella fairy book : containing Cinderella or the glass slipper, Puss in boots, Red Riding Hood, Drill of the A.B.C. Army.

With Twenty-eight Colored Illustrations.  Peter G. Thomson, Cincinnati, 1881.

Pre-Launch Kill

I was in my powersuit in the launch tube. Though I was still weightless, my heart was racing, mind focused tight as a laser by the combat drugs. We were about to orbit-drop straight into some pretty heavy street-to-street fighting. Even if you’re wearing a suit that technically qualifies as a light tank, that makes you kind of jumpy.

The rest of my lance had already launched. I was about to get my countdown when the launch control officer swore right in my earpiece. I felt the ship buck, and there was a flash of static. 

I tried raising the launch controller. “LCO, this is lance gamma, lost you over.”

I tried again, but my only reply was static. 

All I could see was the inside of the ceramic thermocapsule, foam pressed against my faceplate.

I tried twice on the backup channel. Nothing. 

That’s when I felt some weight. It was returning slowly instead of in quick jerks, so it wasn’t evasive maneuvering.

That was very bad. Weight meant the ship wasn’t in free-fall any more, so we we ren’t in a stable orbit any more. 

Which meant the dropship was going to crash. 

I remembered the drill: ride the ship’s disintegrating hull through the upper atmosphere, bleed off some speed, then use powersuit retros and parachute once I’d reached a survivable entry velocity. 

If I reached a survivable entry velocity.

It was going to be a very, very bad day.

I tried my hand at predicting the rest of Season 2

Nightmare Hospital: Dr. Maheswaran, called in on a late night call,  accidentally brings Connie’s duffel bag to work with Rose’s sword inside. Steven and Connie attempt to get it back before Pearl finds it missing or Dr. Maheswaran finds it. Meanwhile, a gem monster is on the loose, causing the late-night call in the first place.

Catch and Release: Steven discovers there’s a gem monster loose in the Temple’s plumbing, prompting a search through the magical way(s) the Gems provide water for the Temple.

When It Rains: Peedee’s afraid of the storm, so Steven tries to help him through it at the shop,

Back to the Barn: Pearl gets the idea to reverse engineer robots to protect themselves from Peridot, Malachite, or both. So the gems head over to Greg’s uncle’s barn to use his tools, with hilarious results.

Sadie’s Song: One of Beach City’s music festivals is coming up and Sadie wants to perform. Unfortunately, she has bad stage fright and no song. Steven steps in to help her write a song and get over her stage fright, leading to a touching episode about romantic love.

Super Watermelon Island:The gems head back to Mask Island to check on it and find a civilization of Steven melons.

Gem Drill: I feel like this one is later in the season, down with Gem Harvest and Gem Hunt. So here’s what I think will go down. The gems find out that Peridot is underground, barricaded in an old gem “mine”. Having no way of getting there, they use a gem item that drill through the earth to head down there, only to find it empty.

Barn Mates: Another Vidalia episode, Steven invites Vidalia over to their barn because Garnet says no other human can come to the temple. Vidalia and Amethyst start talking and get into an argument, so Steven has to try and get them to reconcile while they ignore each other.

Same Old World: Hmmmmm. I feel like this one is WAAAAAY farther down but here goes. The dust settles after the big battle and nothing is the same again. It’s vague but that’s all I can think of.

Hit the Diamond:  FIRST PART OF SEASON FINALE. Yellow Diamond’s long-awaited appearance on Earth. So much sh*t goes down, like Peridot being betrayed, Malachite getting mind-controlled by gem tech, and everything looking hopeless. Maybe an appearance by Stevonnie to help out.

Steven Floats: Steven has a great idea about how to beat the heat this summer. Root beer floats! He sets up a stand on the Boardwalk and starts selling (giving) them, but something happens to his stand that makes him jump after it off the boardwalk. His determination to get it before falling allows him to use his floating ability that we saw Rose use. The rest of the episode is him trying to master it.

Too Short to Ride: Oh I think we all know where this one is going. Connie wants to go to Funland, but Steven is banned for life. So in order to go, they fuse (with a little trouble cuz this is the first time they’ve fused on purpose). We get to see Stevonnie again and maybe even see them in action if the gems step in to get them unfused!

Drop Beat Dad: Greg starts a rap “career” when Steven introduces him to his friend Sour Cream. Hell yes

Mr. Greg: After the rap artist fiasco, Greg tries to get a job around Beach City, unsuccessfully. (Sorry Greg, but you don’t have too many qualifications…) Steven tries to help but only manages to mess things up. It’s a sad episode, but Steven and Greg’s relationship is explored more and the end is presumably cute and helps put Steven at ease.

The New Lars: Lars does something jerky and really pisses off the Cool Kids, so Steven and Sadie step in to help him be a better person. Possibly with a song from Lars (please) and a healthy dose of character development.

Beach City Drift: I feel like this one will go along the lines of “Beach Party”; a fun, light-hearted episode where Steven drags the gems into Beach City to watch car racing and give them a chance to interact some more with the locals. But of course events are interrupted when a gem monster shows up and causes havoc that must be solved through human-gem cooperation.

Restaurant Wars: THE PIZZAS VS THE FRYMANS, GO. Probably just Ronaldo (the dink) vs Kiki and Jenny. Maybe Kofi too. But seriously, the battle lines are Boardwalk Fries and Fish Stew Pizza when someone (Ronaldo) ticks off the other restaurant with a comment on how their restaurant is supremely better and has higher standards than the others. Steven is caught in the middle and has to run back and forth playing diplomat.

Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more anime, this happens. Steven joins Kiki on her delivery runs, prompting some character development and fun dialogue. Along the way they bond and Steven shares some of his feelings as well. We find of Kiki is actually super strong and she helps Steven fight back a gem monster that the gems lost track of earlier in the day. Possibly cameos from the residents of Beach City

Monster Reunion: THE LONG AWAITED RETURN OF CENTIPEEDLE!!! But be prepared for a swift kick in the gut, for I don’t think Centipeedle is here to stay…

Alone at Sea: Some more searching for Malachite is interrupted by a storm, which separates Steven and the gems. Steven drifts alone in his life raft, rambling to himself until he stumbles upon a familiar mane of green-white hair. After getting her attention, there are some tense moments where Malachite almost smashes him because she doesn’t recognize him. But then she turns around and swims away from Steven, the Lapis part of her recognizing him and not wanting him to interfere. The gems eventually find him and learn of his encounter, trying to think of a plan from there.

Greg the Babysitter: Greg’s still looking for a job, and what better job could he have than taking care of kids? He advertises his babysitting skills throughout Beach City and gets hired for a few during a montage. Then the Maheswarans call. They heard about this “Stellar Sitter” and want him to watch over Connie while they go on date night. Steven wants to go, but Greg doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Steven sneaks over anyway and overhears Greg and Connie talking about the gems and him. It ends like “We Need to Talk” in that Steven feels alienated from his dad and best friend.

Gem Hunt: A full episode of the Gems hunting Peridot down after losing her in her underground hideout. (Part two of the Gem Drill series) They revisit many areas they’ve been, but Peridot warps out every time. They finally catch up to her and manage to sneak up on her in the Kindergarten again, which leads to the events of Gem Harvest

Crack the Whip: Amethyst and Steven join Vidalia the middle-aged mom in her roller derby league. Vidalia and Amethyst play dirty and Steven has to come to terms with the fact that Amethyst isn’t always good.

Steven vs. Amethyst: Steven confronts Amethyst about her life before Greg and is horrified to know about her criminal history. Suddenly one of his idols isn’t so perfect and he makes a comment that sets Amethyst off. They argue, with Steven trying to make up with her but Amethyst runs away from the problem, back to Vidalia’s house. Steven eventually finds her and Amethyst apologizes after taking it out with Vidalia.

Beta (Part 1): Oooh boy. Beta implies a second iteration of something. You know what that means? MORE GEM SHARD EXPERIMENTS. Peridot, who has somehow established a base on the dark side of the moon, is rocketing them down to Beach City to wreak havoc on the Gems and citizens. The Gems fight back and eventually win, but not without heavy damage. Pearl pinpoints Peridot’s location and off they go. But they’re pushed back by more gem shards and are forced to retreat.

Earthlings (Part 2): A tiny bit of a breather episode, Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst help the citizens of Beach City clean up and rebuild their homes after the Gem Shards went beserk. Meanwhile, Garnet goes off on her own to scout Peridot’s base on the moon. So they can sneak in later. At the end of the episode, Peridot transmits the Gems a message that shows Ruby and Sapphire’s gems on a lab table with Peridot cackling maniacally.

Back 2 the Moon (Part 3): Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl desperately race to get Garnet back. There are some beautiful fight scenes and an Opal appearance, but in the end, Ruby and Sapphire are freed and use their individual abilities to take Peridot down. Their knowledge and respect for fusion drives them to find a way to help the Gem Shards. They probably poof and bubble Peridot as well. Basically we get to see Ruby and Sapphire in action.

Bubbled: Steven goes to find Peridot’s gem in a bubble against the Gems’ wishes and ends up spending so much time with it that he falls asleep. He accidentally used his abilities to enter Peridot’s mindscape and talk with her. It’s a very cute/bittersweet episode that plants the seeds of a Peridot redemption arc.

The Kindergarten Kid: The Gems finally open up to Steven about how Amethyst joined the team. Told at first by Amethyst with all of them together, Pearl later corrects some errors in Amethyst’s telling. I think this one comes before Crack the Whip/Steven vs. Amethyst, so this one plants the seeds of doubt in his mind.

Gem Harvest: The Gems catch up to Peridot and manage to sneak up on her…collecting the rest of the Gem Shards. Garnet is understandably enraged but understands the need to lay low. So they follow Peridot as she digs up all the experiments and futilely tries to contact Homeworld. Somehow she keeps bubbling things and sends them to her base (on the moon). Once they’re all bubbled, the Gems jump out to fight. But she escapes one more time, this time less one whole arm.

Know Your Fusion: While they have some down time after Peridot’s defeat, the Gems practice fusing for battle because of a conversation Garnet overheard between Peridot and Homeworld. We get to see full fusion dances for Opal and Alwxandrite and we get to see Alexandrite again for a moment. Steven also tries, but can’t get any further than getting his gem glowing with Garnet and maybe Amethyst. Connie’s also there to see her first Gem fusion.

Tiger Philanthropist: An adorable downtime episode, Steven revives his wrestling alter ego to spread good cheer and warm blankets around February/March, after the holidays have died down and everyone is just waiting for spring.

Last One Out of Beach City: Ominous. Very ominous. I’m guessing a threat is on a crash course for Beach City (either Malachite or Yellow Diamond) so Steven gets everyone to evacuate. But without a visible threat, people aren’t exactly eager to leave again. The Gems have to help him evacuate the city before the threat arrives at the end of the episode. Probably leads right into Hit the Diamond and Same Old World.


Something random from our stacks:

The Cinderella Fairy Book; containing: Cinderella, or the Glass Slipper, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, Drill of the A, B, C, Army.  With Twenty-eight Colored Illustrations. By Charles Perrault, 1628-1703.  Published by Peter G. Thomason, 1881.Cincinnati, OH.

I just love the face in the Moon and the face on the pot. Hope you do too!!!!

Well, that was a long time coming, both in-universe and out.  I’m sorry I let my seasonal depression kick me in the ass for so long!  That was a very good episode, though–we finally got Amethyst (and Steven!) to do some much-needed venting.  I wonder where they’ll go from here.  Steven vs Amethyst comes in at my new #6 for Season 3 (between Too Short to Ride and Gem Drill) and my new #15 overall (between Steven’s Birthday and The Test).

Next up is an episode people have been hyping to me for a while, now–I replaced its filename with keyboard smashing to prevent me knowing its name ahead of time, I’ve picked up that it’s a double-length episode rather than a two-parter like I thought (which makes it being the “hundredth episode“ kind of silly–this is the 98th episode, even if it takes up the 99th and 100th production slots).  I’ll be starting this episode Monday night, but it will probably take me two days due to its length.

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The test of the wolf boy: Escort the silver princess

William rose to the sound of Ser symon pounding on his chamber doors. the sun was not up but William had been, he did not sleep again, but stayed up reading up on Queen Daenerys Targaryen. When Ser Symon entered William was already dressed for the day in a grey loose shirt and Black riding Leathers. They were going to practice some riding drills but there would be a change of plans. “Go see the Prince, your having your first test today Lad. now off with you” Symon smiled sending him off. Splashing his face with water Will finished getting ready grabbing his best riding boots and his Stark Jerkin with the wolf stitched in the back. After grabbing a bit of bread he ran to Aerion’s study and knocked. 

“My Lord?”