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To the Moon (Mark Tuan)

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“Well Tuan, we’re headed to the moon.” 


Word Count: 2,034

Genre: Fluff
@cho-humnah I hope you like this! I changed the prompt just a tad, though I hope you don’t mind. Idk if this is good or if it meets your standards but I hope it does?? Sorry, this took a bit longer than I anticipated, I hope you enjoy!  <3

“Back again Y/N?” Mark looked up at the sound of your name being mentioned, peeking over the edge of his locker.

“Why yes, I am.” You said with a large smile, eyes twinkling with a deliberate cleverness that ignited curiosity in him.
“Where did you go?” Your friend questioned you as your voices got farther away as you walked further down the hallway.

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