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More Voltron bbys with them favourite/ spirit animals!!!

Inspiration taken from the Voltron test to see which Paladin you are:

10 Alternative Facts about Donald Trump
  1. Donald Trump was banned from SeaWorld for attempting to ride a dolphin.
  2. He claims to have learned how to ride dolphins by playing the Sega Genesis classic, Ecco the Dolphin.
  3. Ecco the Dolphin was released in 1972, six years before Trump was born.
  4. Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures who use their opposable thumbs to pick sea urchins off the seafloor to wield as weapons.
  5. Donald Trump fought in the Great Dolphin War of 1831.
  6. Over 3 million sea urchins were killed during the Great Dolphin War. No dolphins were harmed.
  7. The Great Dolphin War was the inspiration for Ecco the Dolphin, which Donald Trump designed.
  8. Donald Trump is a dolphin.
  9. You are a dolphin.
  10. We are all dolphins now.
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nintendo needs to make another Kirby Air Ride game, with multiple larger city trial maps, more mini games, an option where you can spend more time powering up in city trial and then competing in a series of mini games and races, and online multiplayer.
What We See in the “Islands” Intro

Just some thangs I done saw:

  • Marceline, PB, and a Grass-Finn wave goodbye
  • There’s a teddy bear floating in the ocean
  • That banana boat (heh) looks like a cross between a Byzantine dromon, a Greek galley, and a medieval caravel.
  • There’s a weird-booted dude riding a weird-booted bear
  • A dolphin riding a robo-dolphin
  • The weird monster-thing that we last saw in the flashback in “The Visitor”
  • A bird with boots, and a sea-dragon
  • Finn’s got his robo-arm (finally!)
  • Pirates

“In recent years years, bottle-nose dolphins were documented riding humpback whales in Hawaiian waters. The dolphins actually slide down the backs of the whales into the water like a makeshift "slip and slide”. Scientists believe it is just a game between the two species, because neither of them displays aggressive or distressed behavior toward the other. It seems to be play-time that they both genuinely enjoy. When the dolphins are riding on the whales’ backs, the whales will sometimes go up to the surface and lift the dolphins into the air. The interactions are rare or at least, very difficult to capture on camera.“  

(Via AELLA) 

rare myth of the week: leucothea and palaemon

my girl ino, (who’s the daughter of my boy cadmus), had a really awful husband named anthamas. so one day, she was running away from him (not sure why? bullfinch doesn’t tell me?) with her baby son melicertes, and they run into this cliff. it’s either jump or face her nightmare husband, so obviously she jumps. and it turns out great for her and her son, because poseidon is like “ayyy nice” and makes them both gods/esses! ino becomes leucothea, and melicertes becomes palaemon. they were both invoked by sailors to avoid shipwreck, and palaemon got a really cool dolphin to ride around! also, the isthmian games were held for them!

moral of this story: does your life suck? no problem, just jump into the ocean! poseidon’s got your back.

Aqours as Muse Fangirls
  • Yohane: "They can be my little demons!"
  • Hanamaru: "I can book tickets online? MIRAI ZURA!"
  • Riko: "I hope they don't think I'm too plain..."
  • Chika: "A A A A A A A A A A A A A H"
  • Dia: "Will Eli bE THERE?"
  • Mari: "One VIP ticket to meet Eli, for a friend."
  • Kanan: *Rides a dolphin to the event*
Things said during a completely intellectual discussion

“Coconuts are melons right? They’re big and have shells…like grapes.”

“I always imagined sea lions devouring penguins.” (in response to a question about animal symbolism)

“…so when she says rocks are life she is correct because…uh…she likes rocks.”


“The really ugly looking paragraph in the middle” (in response to the teacher asking where a quote was from)

“I drink to forget.”

“I am coughing so that no one hears you. Please take that as a compliment.“

“The author equates boys riding dolphins to continents riding tectonic plates. Imagine this like Surfs Up but the penguin was a boy and the surf board was a dolphin.”
various recs

i should probably mention that a lot of them are nsfw- some with amazing plots and some just pwp. some are fluff. there’s angst involved. atm most of the spn recs are wincest but there’s destiel as well. just plz do check the tags before reading: i warned of the noncon i immediately remembered but i may have missed some (i kept off putting a lot of the noncons from my original reading list- might add tehm later? but most probably not)









The Hobbit



Modern Worshippers: Poseidon

The beach is their playground. Cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, lap races. The sun and surf are as familiar to them as the walls of their rooms where they photo dump on Tumblr the scenic pictures of the day. Water is precious to them as is all its treasures. Some refrain from eating seafood while others indulge and give thanks for the bounty of the sea. If you’re inland, someone from the coast will send you a monthly shipment of shells and sand and jars of saltwater to mix into your kernips to purify it. They ride with the dolphins and explore the tide pools. Even the landlocked visit the local ponds, streams and rivers to feel the power of the water and be closer to Him. They send petition after petition to conserve the local water ecosystems and volunteer in beach cleanup like clockwork. Temperaments change on a dime like the tides or stay as steady as the sea.

Every follower is a facet of the Ocean and Him.