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Why are LM Stans like this? 😂😂 they've been riding on 1d since the xfactor(perrie "having a crush" on Louis and all that). If they can't accept that these girls genuinely enjoy riding on these boys' coat tails ATLEAST can they pleeease accept that they're being managed horribly? They can't honestly tell me that these girls have ever been spoken about WITHOUT zayn or 1ds name next to them. That's an even bigger joke than LM themselves.

Literally every single interview, they talk about Zayn/1D. Directly or Indirectly. Idk why the LM stans are so pressed about it. And, like you said, at least accept they’re very mismanaged by LMHQ. Oh, and when they’re not talking about the boys, they’re saying stupid things like, The Agent Orange is welcomed in the UK, because British people welcome everybody. Like?????? Watch/read the fucking news.


What is Sharon’s story? What’s her background?

We know she’s Peggy’s great niece and so in this film she expresses why she didn’t ever talk about the fact that she was related to Peggy. You know she really wanted to make it on her own. It’s very telling of who Sharon is and her integrity - that she never sort of, wanted to ride on the coat tails of her great aunt’s position in SHIELD. We get a sense even just from that of who she is. 

I’m going to say it to the trolls…I HATE HER! As a black woman I’m tired and offended that she uses her race when things don’t go her way or an excuse that people don’t like her because it couldn’t possibly be her shitty attitude! I’ve worked damn hard for everything I have and even in the face of racism I choose to turn my back and stand on my individual drive and achievements. Yes, I have a man I share my life with but its clear we share. Not riding each others coat tails and he definitely didn’t RESCUSE me. I find her offensive to women, ethnic women, women who choose to work, women who choose to stay home, people who have truly pulled themselves through life and to their success through their own work ethic and will. In short, I wish either someone punches her in the face or she gets hit in the head like in the Dodgeball movie! No bad vibes my ass! Hate this racebaiting bitch. Sorry had to get it out.


Thank you T ^^ ♥ I feel you, I’m sorry 

One more thing i gotta say about it and ima at least take a break:
Miley tried to call out Nicki by saying she persevered. She *persevered*. She, a white woman raised in the household of an already famous musician, was trained from the ground up to have the “talent” to thrive, all while living in a household where the mechanisms of music industry were already known. 

She told this to a black woman from queens who grew up basically poor and survived an abusive father and relationships. Everything she knew about the industry she did her self. Every gig she got was done without a manager. Every rap she spat was created without ghost writers. 

Honey you didnt persevere anything. Nicki did. Nicki persevered herself all the way to the top with little help and is still not getting what she deserves cause shes black. Dont speak on racial issues while wearing dreads u pasty, tin foil martian, black dick riding, daddys coat tail hitching trailer trash.

It’s time to expose ExposingSMG for the lies they’ve been spreading.

I’m sure that everyone saw the post that @exposingsmg has made on their account in regards to “exposing” Camila Cabello and what not. However I recently came across a post that shows that this supposed “exposing” blog is nothing more than some fake attention seeking gossiper that’s simply riding on the coat tails of other people’s success. I was going to write a post in response to the vast amount of garbage they’ve said in their blog however I think it would be more interesting to talk about the so called “sources” that @exposingsmg supposedly has. 

What ExposingSMG does is pretty slick actually. She waits for certain fans to come on and talk about certain drama that’s been brewing up however she never claims to back it up. In fact its been proven that @exposingsmg has no real sources what so ever. But You don’t have to take my word for it. 

Credit goes to @factvsfiction and @exposingesmg for doing some awesome detective work in their posts. here is what they had to say in exposing this so called “exposed” blog for the nonsense they’ve been spewing out. So don’t be fooled by the stuff that this blog puts out. It’s nothing more than cheap trickery and false BS. This blog will even go as far as to come off as their own catfish! But don’t take my word for it. Give thanks to @exposingesmg and @factvsfiction for their nancy drew detective work. :

This part of the post is written by @exposingesmg and @factvsfiction

For a while now fictionvsfacts has said they were going to be posting something very important and yes, this is that post! This is a post that fictionvsfacts and exposingesmg have been working on this since we found old screenshots from the time period that the situation occurred.

We decided to finally start getting receipts and whatnot together to finally show you that exposingsmg will do anything, and we mean anything, to come off as a reliable exposing account. That includes becoming a catfish for a short period of time!

We’re sure you all remember the fiasco when exposingsmg supposedly met a Selenator on her trip to Yosemite? This Selenator (who went by the name Annie) later stated that exposingsmg showed her so much proof that she was convinced the blog was 100% correct about everything they’d ever written about. She was so convinced, she went out of her way to seek out accounts exposing exposingsmg and other Selenators who have argued with exposingsmg to tell them all about her experience. She had to go out of her way because her account with 11,000 followers was supposedly hacked (receipt below)

Before we go into the whole exposingsmg situation, this is where people who were confronted by Annie got slightly suspicious as well.

An account with 11,000 followers was hacked, but she never once gave out the old @? Let’s say the old @ was indeed SelenasAnnie…she had no friends to contact through Twitter and tell them she was hacked?

And don’t get us wrong, TJ (exposingesmg) was also hacked and struggled to regain her 16,000 followers, but she still had the same mutuals she had on her other account because they knew it was her, even if they were just following each other and hadn’t previously spoken in DMs or anything else. Surely someone with 11,000 followers wouldn’t lose all their mutuals and friends just because they were hacked? And wouldn’t someone have to be a very active Twitter user to be able to gain that amount of followers? Annie has been extremely inactive since getting hacked, particularly after the hype of her meeting exposingsmg died down.

Of course, these were all theories to begin with, so we didn’t have much to go by. However, exposingsmg did begin to slip up as time went on. Annie was arguing with a Selenator (delenaxari now thegomezrevival) about exposingsmg and how she was proven wrong on too many occasions to be taken as a reliable source of information about any celebrity in the industry. At the time of this, exposingsmg was M.I.A until Annie stated “let’s see if that’s true” (referring to something regarding exposingsmg.)  Check out the time stamp! 11:06PM (below):

And what happened in that same time frame?

Exposingsmg randomly comes online at the exact time Annie mentions her and she went out of her way to address the situation too.

Again, this could’ve been taken as a coincidence. A random account popping up claiming to have been hacked and making sure to tweet exposingsmg hate in the meantime before going to Yosemite and looking into someone’s phone screen and seeing exposingsmg herself, in the flesh, writing a fan fiction for her readers. A post that was postponed and Annie’s story was posted before it!

She must have felt very special to be seen as a more important story than an exposed post about the whole purpose of exposingsmg. Hm.

But all of the above theories were shrugged off as coincidences. You know, the kind of coincidences that occur in fan fictions, but that wasn’t surprising since exposingsmg’s whole blog was, still is and always will be pure fiction.

We’re not gonna just give one source of proof for something like this because we mean, as we’ve said, it could totally be a coincidence.

By this point, people still had many unanswered questions about Annie and exposingsmg. How did Annie even look at exposingsmg’s phone screen and see that she was indeed exposingsmg? Wouldn’t you have to be pretty close to someone to be able to properly read their screens? Especially since, when you’re writing a Tumblr post, the URL is displayed as very small and if you’re answering questions on Ask.FM, the username is not displayed at all. Either Annie was looking at exposingsmg’s phone screen as demonstrated below:

Or exposingsmg has really bad eyesight from all the fan fiction she’s been wasting the last three years writing and has her font set this large:

A lot of this meet-up seemed sketchy and just didn’t add up for many people, so one of these people chose to take matters into their own hands, they traced SelenasAnnie’s IP address.

*Note that neither of us, TJ nor fictionvsfacts, had any involvement in obtaining the information for this part of the post.  The information was sent to us without prior notice. To avoid any speculation, we have chosen to blank out exposingsmg’s SelenasAnnie’s IP address and not reveal the user who obtained this information since the only people who know are exposingsmg herself, us, and the person who was willing to be used a test for the IP address link.

Here are the DMs exchanged between them:

Notice how the reply was late and the person did not open that message until 10am, leaving no time for them to actually fake the email below containing the IP address. The time stamps are important, keep that in mind!

Annie’s message was sent at 2:21AM (probably while the person was asleep) and the IP was sent to their email as soon as the link was clicked on:

And with that IP, it was found that Annie lived in New York, where exposingsmg has said on multiple occasions where she lived.

We can see that Annie (Angela) uses Verizon and was in New York (specifically Brooklyn) at this time (also where Angela has stated several times she attended college).

This is the process of everything: Look at the time stamps (responded at 2:21 AM and the link was opened at the same time)

Of course, another coincidence could’ve been that they lived in the same state and used the same phone network and just happened to go to Yosemite at the same time and end up at the same hotel and met in the lobby. Right? Wrong! Annie has claimed to live in Arizona, a whole 37 hours away from New York!

Why would SelenasAnnie lie about being from New York? Could it be possible that she also lied about meeting exposingsmg? Or maybe exposingsmg lied and decided to build up a Selenator account for a few weeks to later meet up with. Why? To make herself seem legitimate of course. She thought maybe pretending to meet up with a Selenator would make her seem much more reliable.

Keep in mind, this was around the time accounts exposing her were constantly popping up. Perhaps she was getting worried and resorted to catfishing in order to convince her dwindling believers that she was truthful. I mean, even a Selenator said so! And not just any Selenator! The biggest Selenator on Twitter, exposingsmg herself!

Of course, exposingsmg caught wind of people suspecting her of posing as a Selenator and posted about it, using a completely different IP address website to prove that her and SelenasAnnie’s IPs were not the one that was traced, despite the link to trace her IP only being sent to SelenasAnnie and an IP was only traced when SelenasAnnie opened the suspicious link.

Not only that, she didn’t use a reliable website to trace her own IP, like the person who traced her IP address did. Why would she want to expose herself like that? This is when the girl who traced SelenasAnnie’s IP asked a girl if she could trace her IP in order to prove that the IP tracing was legitimate and she said yes.

Her IP address has also been blanked out because we have no intentions of leaking IPs:

And we know that this method is reliable because TJ was shown how to do it & used it to trace her own IP. It worked and found her exact location. Meanwhile, the site that exposingsmg used (whatismyip.com) gave the complete wrong location for her.  Try it for yourself.  It said fictionvsfacts was in New Jersey and they haven’t lived nor been there.

We mean, yes, it is possible to change your IP (the website exposingsmg used even provides a tutorial on how to do that), but only if you go out of your way to do it yourself! Annie - or should we start calling her Angela now? - was unaware that the website/link was going to trace her IP address so she didn’t feel the need to change it like she did when she changed it for her post on Tumblr.

She was exposed the day she posted about SelenasAnnie in 2014, but people doubted it and exposing accounts who had the information decided not to get into it as exposingsmg threatened legal action to avoid being exposed any further.

We, however, know we’re not breaking any laws since we’re not posting any IP addresses, and the information we’ve used was information exposingsmg has provided for us herself in her own posts about the situation as listed:

1. Exposingsmg stated on multiple occasions that she lives in New York and SelenasAnnie claimed to be from Arizona.

2. Exposingsmg posted her own version of the blanked out IP address, therefore making that information available to us anyway.

3. Neither of the people who wrote this post traced the IP address.

4. Exposingsmg made sure to tell us from both of her accounts that she would be spending time in Yosemite.

I’m sure there’s much more we can add to that part since exposingsmg isn’t as careful with her private life as she ought to be, but, in conclusion, exposingsmg created a Selenator account to seem legitimate AND that same account has been favoriting tweets posted by accounts exposing her and exposingsmg has been, once again, exposed as a compulsive liar. Be more careful next time, exposingsmg. Hopefully you don’t have any other hidden Selenator accounts that you stalk us from!

Anyone who goes to such great lengths to make them seem reputable is not trustworthy, reputable and just plain desperate. Now you might be asking “what about all those times she proved herself right?” This link (TJ’s organized list of posts) should do it for you along withthis link (other blogs like us) and this link (fictionvsfacts’s most recent post on how wrong exposingsmg was on attempting to have information on the lives of celebrities in Hollywood)!

Plus more posts to come from both of us if there’s any need to after this!

This is just the many examples of @exposingsmg lying and manipulating her followers. With fake evidence and “sources” who she claims are her own yet some how come from the same places that she logs on to. 

What you’re doing is lying to your fans. You fake the “sources” that you have and you resort to dirty tactics like lying and catfishing. 

There is NOTHING truthful about what you say. 

I wish you all would realize that I didn’t do this out of spite, I didn’t do this out of a personal level, I did what I did because I’m the Universal Champion. I did what’s best for business. I didn’t need some washed up has been riding my coat tails any longer. It was fun and games for awhile and you know? I got sick of it. I wasn’t being taken seriously as a champion. Now, you all know that this right here, this isn’t a fucking game to me. I’m not here to be liked, I’m not here to be ANYONES friend, I have a job to fucking do and I did it. I have two mouths to feed so suck my dick, if you don’t like it.

and that’s all I’m gonna say it on the matter. Now go cry in your damn pillowcase while I reign as fucking king.

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Anon, why would Magen's view on Taylor change just Bc Tay isn't feeding sm or going out. Magen's been a stan since the first album. Taylor deserves to have time to herself. TS is probably sick of people riding her coat tails for money and clicks. I low key hope she doesn't share any 4 th of July pics Bc the press is so awful to her. Fuck them, even tho I would be sad.

I think taylor will be more private with her life from now on regarding everything.

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You're riding on the coat tails of the hamwriters' success. Go build ur own success

I will! I’ll get back to you when I become the first person to win both a Nobel Prize in physics and a Pulitzer Prize in literature. See you later!

  • Amai Mask: *lecturing Saitama* who do you think you are. A B class hero being around S class heroes? You have no place there and...
  • Saitama: *staring past Mask, brow furrowed*...*internally* did I pick up cabbage yesterday? I think I did. I should probably check. We probably need beef stock too. I think I'll do that
  • Amai Mask: you are a sad excuse of a hero that's riding the coat tails of a-
  • Genos: *scowls and clenches his fists*
  • Saitama: *walks away*
  • Genos: *blinks as he follows after Saitama* sensei?
  • Saitama: Hm?
  • Genos: are you alright?
  • Saitama: yeah but I think I forgot to get cabbage. I was going to go check.
  • Genos: *smiles*
  • *Amai Mask shouting in the background*
  • Saitama: What's he so mad about?
  • Genos: Nothing
Okay but please consider...

Videl going to the police academy while Gohan’s in college, and basically being beloved by all because the entire Satan City Precinct absolutely adores her. But of course, she doesn’t want to ride on the coat tails of her reputation, and strives to be The Best Damn Cop this academy’s ever seen.


Watch on queenshipdome.tumblr.com

0:28 “And I really love Rooney…”

1:09 “I sort of feel in a way that we’re kind of kindred spirits, if I can you know trade on her coattails some a little bit. (laughs)  And it was just very easy. We didn’t overtalk things, we just got on with it. And there was this even unspoken understanding between us I hope which translates the screen.”

I researched on the meaning of the urban slang term coattails and it says, “It’s like when someone imitates someone else or does something cool after someone else already made it cool, basically saying someone is “riding the coat tails” of the person before them.”


it’s even better than the airport scene in the gang broke dee cause?? he’s not trying to get anything out of it or ride her coat tails its just….he think’s he’s gonna actually die and he has one (1) thing to say that she needs to know and everyone needs to know and its i love you

As a purely Johnlock/TJLC blog, I am going out of my way to prove what I believe to be right. Because I support TJLC, this isn’t just a ship to me. I actually believe this love will be canon. I do not hope. I know. If you do not agree, that’s fine, please let’s go about our days not interacting. There is nothing you can do to convince me I’m wrong, and there’s nothing I can do to convince you I’m right. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do not have time to take on people with conflicting opinions all day. I have better things to do than to instigate Internet fights over fictional characters with strangers. And anyone who does is wasting their precious time. If your arguments are actually better than mine, leave mine alone and create your own on your blog to promote your ideas. Your arguments should speak for themselves and not need to ride the coat tails of mine. You can continue to reblog my posts with unabashed and hateful criticism but I will never engage someone who does so, therefore my followers will never see your opinions. You are screaming into the void when you do that. No one will hear you. It is actually quite silly when I or another TJLC blog produce an in depth analysis complete with quotes, interviews, and screencaps to prove a theory and you respond with “nuh uh! That’s dumb!”. Okay! You got me! I’m dumb! You’re right!


Create your own analysis to refute TJLC. Let everyone see the arguments and decide for themselves.

Me and Alex were talking yesterday about the whole suicide squad thing and I have a sad theory about the whole Jared Leto thing

It honestly feels like accounts about Jared Leto getting in character and doing any form of method acting or anything is being blown up as this huge PR thing, like, they are talking about it with the intent to try and stirr up media responses and get a hype train like Dark Knight did regarding Ledger’s joker.

Cause the stories are tame as shit and honestly as someone who has worked in film and directly with actors who are method or, yanno, play a role in a movie, the stories dont sound at all out of the ordinary. Like maybe an off hand comment about him being in character would be normal in an interview but the director and other actors playing it up really feels like they are trying to ride off the coat tails of “Playing the Joker makes people go crazy! Its a crazy role! WOAH such acting such character WOAH SO MUCH PR FOR US!”

It feels like really bad taste for me, cause honestly the whole Heath Ledger conversation is problematic and tasteless to start with, but also I think if Heath hadn’t passed away there would have been very little buzz about his method acting and such.

Like the Joker as a character played by an actor isnt some amazing feat or position of reverence, but because of the history the character has in recent pop culture it seems like they think thats what it is and they can drum up hype by trying to make it A Thing 

honestly thats whats really making me uncomfortable about how they are presenting this information to us :/  

Don’t be that guy

We all have a bro that always falls into one of those burdensome categories or all of the above.


“Oh shit bro you’re spitting game to a girl?! Well hold up let me take a pic with her right now!!”

You strike up a promising conversation with a girl. She’s laughing, you’re laughing, your taking shots things are looking good. Time for your cock blocking buddy to not go the fuck away and attempt to either ride your coat tails to victory or burn the house you built  to the fucking ground.

She asks you a question, he answers. He tells embarrassing stories about you involving other skally wags you banged out. Why would he find his own girl to spit game to when you have already found one that is open to conversation?

You’re talking to a female so that’s clearly an invitation for him to either hit on your girl, make you look stupid and or make everyone uncomfortable to the point that they go to the bathroom and never come back. This guy fucking rocks.

The Super Agro Lets Pick Fights With Everyone Friend

If you want good service you have to make sure you pick a fight with the bartender. They love it when guys talk shit to them in the middle of their shift.

Watch out, we got a fucking bad ass over here.

You just got your boy onto a cycle and he thinks that because he’s juicing he has carte blanche to pick fights and blame it on “roid rage.” This guy is awesome because he will never pick fights by himself but when the boys are around you better fucking believe he will. Some dude in a crowded ass bar bumped into him and made eye contact.

Even though he apologized your boy interprets that shit as “You and your boys are fucking pussies, lets fight.” He starts a brawl and by the end your clothes are in tatters, covered in liquor, beer and blood.

Too late to go home and regroup but much earlier than you should all be calling it a night. This friend just HAD to prove his pointless point and now your night is ruined. Fucking thumbs up, bro!

The I’m Drunker Than A Prom Date In 20 Minutes Friend

“Guys I’m fine, I piss myself all the time. We just got here”

This guy is ready to spend an hour and a half getting ready and heading to the bar only to fucking slam shots and beers like a fucking frat boy. He drinks quickly and calls you a bitch or a pussy because he downs his beverage much much faster you. He tells you you need to “catch up.”

Twenty minutes later he is mouth breathing with piss running down his leg. Spilling drinks on everyone around him like it’s cool and the bouncer makes you take him out. But the night isn’t over because you get to take this fucker home and make sure he doesn’t choke on his own fucking puke in his sleep. Thanks bro, you filled the night with win

The Fun Hoover


“Do your thing bro, I’m just gonna sit here and fucking sulk my face off in the background. I can’t believe these bitches don’t dig the fact that I’m drinking a martini”

This fucking guy.

This dude will bitch about every place you go to and suggest continuous bar hopping until last call when he will proclaim that the night fucking sucked, bitches are stuck up and he is so over where ever the fuck you are. But don’t you fucking dare go anywhere without this dude or he will fucking guilt trip your ass for eternity and bring up shit he did for you back in OIF II.

If everyone is having a good time while you are out but you don’t include him enough he will sulk. He will sulk like a girlfriend often does when you don’t ask her to tell you about her day then listen to her bitch for 2 fucking hours. If you are rolling with this guy you better be ready to embrace the fucking suck because he may just try to drain the fun out of your night.

Your homies are your homies; So don’t be a selfish fuck. And if you bring one of these guys out, they’re you’re responsibility. So even if you have to knock these motherfuckers out you make sure their ass is safe at the end of the night you never leave a man behind. That being said you may get into some shit so make sure your asses get your stories and alibis straight.

If you’re in this situation keep your fucking mouth shut, dumbass. 

And as always come Monday if you are standing tall in front of the man and he’s trying to forcibly insert his Danners in your asshole remember

Admit Nothing

Deny Everything

Make Counter Accusations

Now get out there and fucking be somebody.