riding car


Trindel and Chardelia would probably be in their 70s now

and I wonder how they’re doing.

I wonder if Jason calls home often and if Trina brags about him on the Facebook account he helped her set up and if Mendel can still do a cartwheel.

I wonder how Charlotte and Cordelia spend their days now that they’ve both retired. I wonder if they finally got married.

Did Charlotte try to talk Cordelia out of catering their own wedding–did Cordelia insist?

Did they make Trina and Mendel their Maid of Honor and their Best Man? Did Mendel stand up there, leaning on his cane, talking on and on about how his granddaughter wants to be a doctor just like Charlotte, how Cordelia has laughed at his jokes for for forty years? Did he talk so long that Trina had to gently remind him to wrap it up?

Did Jason fly in for the ceremony with his children? Did he fight with their mother and insist they miss school to come see this, and was he strangely quiet the whole ride back to his parents’ house, and did he hold his youngest extra tight as he tucked her into bed that night, telling her that someday, he’d explain to her why what she saw that day was so important?

Did she ever ask why there were two empty chairs in the front row?

(Shit, I’ve gotta write this now)