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13 Days of Halloween! Day 9: Supernatural Creatures/Monsters AU

Welcome To Samwell University for the Supernatural!

Bitty: Vampire; European-style bloodsucker. No sunlight for this Georgian boy! He runs a blog based around dishes safe for vampires to consume, and likes to experiment with different ways to prepare blood. Came to Samwell for a fresh start, excited about attending a university specifically for supernatural creatures.

Jack: Loup Garou; French-Canadian-style werewolf. Turns into a wolf at will, but can be contagious in that state. His anxiety is a big factor in his transformations, and he usually goes wolf when he has panic attacks or is very stressed. Despite the wolf’s generally docile nature, he doesn’t trust him with others after a breakdown during the Q that ended his relationship with Kent and almost cost him his life. Came to Samwell to start over.

Dex: Poltergeist; He dead. And predominately incorporeal. He can make himself seen, but it takes a lot of energy, so he usually just moves shit around when he wants to make his presence known. He can expend the most energy when he’s angry, so Nursey probably sees him the most.

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For our money, if there was one creature that would seem capable of organizing, developing a civilization and rising up to overthrow humanity, it would be the octopus. Why aren’t these writhing, melon-headed bastards riding sharks up and down the coast harassing surfers? It doesn’t make sense that these creatures are so smart and have so many astounding adaptations and yet they haven’t managed to build a single underwater castle yet. That we know of.

Their stupid defect?  They can’t have sex without dying. Yeah, that’s a big one.

After a male octopus has mated for the first time its own body will, in a remarkable display of post-coital shame, release a special endocrine secretion that will cause it to drop dead within a few weeks. As for the female, she lives long enough to care for her eggs … but then that post-partum depression kicks in and causes her to stop eating and die. It’s genetically programmed death.

7 Animals That Are One Flaw Away From Taking Over the World

"There's a cut scene if you land on the shark"

So when the Fort Pinta beach first came out Anna and I went to check it out like everyone else. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but we somehow decided the shark was now Garnok, we needed to worship him, and we started jumping into the water to be with the shark.

Which made people wonder what we were doing. Instead of admitting our Garnok cultist ways, Anna told them there is a cut scene if you land on the shark. Specifically a cut scene of you, on your horse, riding the shark. But you had to be careful, because if you landed wrong the shark would bite you!

I have no idea how long we stood there amazed that people were actually coming in droves to unlock this elusive cut scene. I think we eventually jumped in so many times the shark finally got us and sent us back to our home stables. Good times!

SPG in space? More like a bunch of baby robot dorks in space. A few people were asking me to draw them in space, and in honor of the quickly approaching Vice Quadrant, have your favorite robot cuties riding space sharks, (which are almost as cool as sky sharks) Also, thanks to everyone who joined me on Periscope! I hope I wasn’t too awkward, and hope you had fun watching!

Hope ya like! ^^