riding a leviathan


999 found a vantage point; a platform near the tracks of the Leviathan ride. Morning came and he began to scout. Since he hid in Del Perro Pier over night nothing was open and no one was around. It was a perfect place to take out the target. There was only one witness, who saw the target shot, but was too sacred to see the shooter. Had she did it would’ve meant that 999 had to kill her, showing he doesn’t kill without cause.

lorspolairepeluche  asked:

another question about the fantasy world for you and bee: are there any major things that set the culture of each region apart, regardless of races? like, stuff that most or all of the northern peoples have in common that sets them apart from the east, west, and south, and the same question for the other three regions. thanks for all your hard work; this world is really fascinating!!

I hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly, the answer is yes!

North: famous for their magical animals. While they do have non-magical animals, the well-known beasts up north have elemental properties.

  • Nomads worship the Behemoths, highly respected beasts that control Air and weather patterns, mainly known for causing thunderstorms across the northern plains
  • Jotuns are known for breeding Wargs, which can breathe fire and radiate heat, often used to keep their riders warm. Wargs are used for riding, hunting, or sport
  • Dwarves have Leviathans, which have water properties and are said to control the currents in the Frozen Sea. They are often used in place of boats
  • Ogres coexist with Golems, which have power over Earth and often create the underground tunnels/caves that the Ogres live in. They have glowing, crystalline faces that help travelers see in the caverns
  • (notes: the animals are used cross each culture. there are metal and wood animals too, but they’re not famously tied to any civilization)

West: known for their technology. While their tech is often magically powered, augmented, and channeled, the region’s knowledge of mechanics and energy is unparalleled

  • Myrmidons use coal and steam-powered technology and are known for their airships and trains. The nation is attempting to connect the world using an elaborate railway system
  • Naiads utilize electricity through water and wind power, and have a Decopunk aesthetic. They have early prototypes of automatons, but they have short performance life and are not self-sufficient.
  • Gnomes utilize kinetic energy, so the use of cogs and clockwork is prominent in their culture. They are known for smaller scale vehicles, like personal flying machines.
  • Goblins use diesel and oil derived from organic produce, and usually use their technology to improve efficiency in farming and for defense. They are very industrial and eager to expand their cities
  • (notes: Myr technology is the most wide-spread throughout the rest of the world, but the west does share quite a bit of tech between their cultures)

East: renowned for their combination of landscapes with architecture. Each race has an ability to manipulate the surrounding area, central to each respective culture

  • Garuda live on the edge of water, and grow coral to make walkways and buildings that go out onto the water’s surface. Their buildings will even submerge in some areas, so they’re used to walking around barefoot
  • Dryads live in the canopies of the giant Eastern forests, and are known for their artistry over trees and plant life. The majority of their buildings are seamless and grow directly out of the trees
  • Fae reside in a hidden grotto that mysteriously houses floating rocks and islands in the sky. While there are ways to go up to their islands, they’re limited since the Fae are a reclusive people.
  • Trolls live on a series of island volcanoes. They’ve learned to utilize the magma flow, having lava tunnels snaking through their cities. For this reason, Fire and Earth magicians are highly regarded
  • (notes: Dryad and Garuda communities are often linked, since a majority of Garuda populations live at the base of the giant trees Drayds live in. The tree and coral architecture will often mix)

South: famed for their medicine and health sciences. While healing magic everywhere else in the world is slow and holistic, the South has developed near instantaneous results

  • Giants are the only culture to have developed any kind of “instant healing” magic. Air users are highly regarded for their ability to enchant the air they speak, resulting in incredibly powerful but dangerous clerics
  • Djinni have invented a way of manipulating body tissue to heal without scars, using a mixture of water, wood, and metal magic. They’re famous for their open body surgeries
  • Kobolds are masters of forensics and are able to use elemental mediums to determine causes of death. Powerful shamans are said to be able to talk with ghosts
  • Gorgons have extensive knowledge on chemical reactions in the body, and are able to control and heal by manipulating the different fluids/energies
  • (notes: healing magic is the leading reason why the South, especially the Giants, hold the most power in the world at the moment)