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I know we all are starving for the backstory and i dont know if you talked about this but do you have any predictions or wishes ?

oh yes yes I love prekerberos backstory stuff!! Okay, so:

  • I don’t think Shiro and Keith were friends at first. we know that Keith has deep abandonment issues and really struggles with emotional intimacy, so I imagine he had difficulty reaching out to others. We also know that Shiro really changed his life, but many people are averse to change. Even if Shiro was just trying to help–saw that Keith had no one in his corner and tried to take him under his wing–I think it’s very likely Keith fought him every step of the way. He can take care of himself. But gradually, Shiro works his way into his heart, and there’s just no turning back. (see here
  • I also am very much a proponent of the theory that the change of clothes Shiro got from Keith’s shack belonged to him originally, and that he stayed over at some point prekerberos and left them there
  • Following in the same vein of that, I like to imagine the hoverbike was originally Shiro’s and he and Keith ditched curfew to go on midnight rides through the desert. And at one point Keith drove them to his shack. To me, it just makes more sense that the bike would be Shiro’s, because I honestly can’t think of any conceivable way for Keith to afford it. We’re talking about someone who lived in a rundown shack without a bed and a slab of stone on stacks of cinderblocks for a table after all, I feel like he couldn’t afford this sleek new hoverbike model. 
  • Keith’s favorite class according to the Voltron site’s paladin quiz is self-defense, and we know from his gladiator days that Shiro was damn good at hand-to-hand combat. So I just really want Shiro and Keith to be sparring partners at the garrison. Like maybe Keith is really stressed out and needs to blow off some steam so Shiro offers to train with him. And yeah, he’s fast and his footwork’s deftly fluid, he’s good at evasion and more agile than anyone in his class. But he’s also impatient and hot-blooded, and after gauging his technique long enough it doesn’t take much for Shiro to get the better of him. Keith spends their first few sessions with a perpetual losing streak and having to constantly hear “patience yields focus.” 
  • Keith broke lots of records in the sim, and most of those belonged to Shiro 
  • They eat lunch together in the commissary and everyone stares at Keith because what the hell is that cadet doing with Shirogane 
  • Shiro is the garrison golden boy and Keith is the up and coming ace pilot. The officers mostly can’t stand Keith because he’s rough around the edges, blunt, hates following orders, carves his own course, and never does things by the book. 
  • Astronauts at NASA have said part of the screening process was determining whether or not you would be good for publicity. Like, Shiro is practically America’s sweetheart and perfect for being the face of the garrison. He’s great for the recruitment posters. Having their best new pilot be Keith is frustrating though, because he doesn’t fit into their little mold, but he’s also too damn good for them to ever let him go
  • Keith pining for Shiro please
  • And Shiro being really blown away by Keith’s raw talent and ability, Shiro admiring Keith and slowly realizing oh no, I like him
  • I really want Keith either being super supportive of Shiro’s decision to accept his mission for Kerberos or completely heartbroken he’s leaving and tries to get as much distance as possible to make the separation less painful
  • Keith being there for the mission launch and Shiro holding him close in a warm hug, murmuring that he’ll be back soon and not to worry. Keith stiffens, but still says, voice broken, “I know. You’re a great pilot, Shiro. You’ll be okay.” 
Some Secrets Come Out in Unwanted Ways

I have a new prompt that I just came up with so please enjoy the new langst one shot!

Prompt - What if Keith and Lance got in a fight at the Garrison and when they ware about to save Shiro Lance just freezes up when he sees Keith, remembering what happened.

But Keith doesn’t remember what the heck he did to Lance or remember Lance in general.

So Lance is really scared to be near Keith and always near someone else when Keith is in the room and when they are alone, Lance just leaves the room with no explanations.

How everyone finds out is by mind meld. I am also very sorry about all the time skips! I’m just too lazy to write all the speaking until they get to the mind meld. There is also an open ending so if you would like me to make another chapter of this, just ask!

Lance didn’t mean to freeze up and start having a mild panic attack with a war inside of his head when he saw Keith. Just seeing his out-dated mullet made Lance want to cry like he did all those few months ago.

But Hunk and Pidge were here and Lance couldn’t just break down when seeing someone.

Clearning his throat, Lance spoke up hoping that his voice wouldn’t shake, “Nope. No, you - No, no, no. No, you don’t. I’m saving Shiro.”

 "Who are you?“ Keith looked at Lance with a confused face with something else behind the confusion.

Part of Lance was happy that Keith didn’t remember Lance but the other part of Lance was sad that Keith did’t recognize him, it wasn’t that Lance was compared to him all the time. 

"Besides the point Mullet. Lets just get Shiro out of here.” Lance decided not to say his name, his name wasn’t important and if he gave his name he was worried that Keith might beat him up again.

“You’re right, come on, lets get him on my hover bike.” Keith spoke again, lugging Shiro outside and to his hover bike.

“Is there going to be enough room for everyone?” Hunk asked, his anxiety clear in his voice.

“Nope, we gotta toss out some non-essential weight.” Keith threw a look over his shoulder, looking at the other three and the unconscious Shiro.

Lance felt his mood dampen even more then it already has. He wasn’t sure but he felt like that, that insult was directed at him. 

“Big guy lean to the left!” Keith broke through his thoughts, speaking to Hunk to did so.


Lance didn’t remember much of the ride back to Keith’s little hut in the desert. He was mainly focused on not having a panic attack with just being around Keith. 

In the little hut of Keith’s Lance stood close to the door, pressing himself against the wall desperately trying to put as much as distance between Keith and Lance without being suspicious. 

Lance studied everyone’s face as everyone introduced themselves to Shiro who just woke up. 

“What is this? Some sort of cryptid board?” Pidge pushed up his glasses that were slipping down his nose. 

Keith scoffed, “Of course not. There is some sort of energy pull that is around here and there’s some sort of lion cave drawings on the wall in the well, cave." 

"Well let’s go.” Lance spoke softly, looking up at this two friends being sure not to make any eye contact with Keith.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Lance? For all we could know is that it’s a trap!” Hunk turned to Lance, his eyes wide, “I’m not ready to die just yet!”

“I’m aware that there is a chance of it being a trap but I’m interested so I’m going to go.” Lance crossed his arms, his eyes went hard, his voice serious.

“I’m interested as well but how would we find the energy source?” Pidge spoke up, speaking his own thoughts.

“I think for now we just have to travel where the energy source that Keith knows. Then from there we can go into the cave.” Shiro spoke up, power laced in his voice.

“Sure, but we can but we can’t take the hover bike. We won’t have enough room for all five of us.” Keith spoke up, crossing his arms as well, making Lance close his mouth and avoid eye contact.

“Then what are we waiting for? Lets go see those weird cave carvings!” Pidge cheered, nearly pushing Lance over to get out of the door.

“Fine. Let’s just say that if anyone dies or gets injured I did foresee it so I get to say that ‘I told you so’.” Hunk reluctantly followed Pidge out the door with Lance following close behind, making sure that Shiro was behind Lance, not Keith. 


“These are the lion carvings that I was telling you about.” Keith scanned the carvings against the stone wall.

Lance reached out to the carvings gingerly, making them glow a bright shade of blue, “Wow…" 

"It’s never done that before.. What did you do?” Keith turned to Lance as the floor gave away, resulting in everyone screaming.

“Wow…” Lance marveled at the Blue Lion encased in some sort of force field, “Is this Voltron?”

“How do you reckon we get into here?” Keith stepped up to the robotic lion.

Jokingly Lance spoke, once again hoping that no one could detect the shaking in his voice, “Maybe we just have to knock.”

As if on command, the force field dropped, making everyone gasp or even scream in shock.

“Whoa… Did anyone else see that?” Lance took a hesitant step back from the mechanical lion.

“So Voltron is a robot. Voltron is a huge, huge awesome robot!” Hunk exclaimed, anxiety gone from his voice.

“Lets go in!” Lance took long strides to the Lion’s head who dropped down, opening their jaw allowing Lance to walk in motioning the others to follow.

“Not to be a Debby Downer but we are currently in a giant futuristic alien cat head. Are none of you concerned about it?” Hunk laughed nervously as he stepped into the cockpit.

“Come on guys! Don’t you trust me?” Lance laughed, feeling at ease, forgetting the fact that Keith was basically breathing down his neck.

“With you piloting and I just met you, I don’t trust you!” Keith spoke up, his voice filled with malice.

Lance felt his mood dampen but he managed to smile, “Lets see what this baby can do.”

“Lance this isn’t a simulator! Be careful!” Pidge exclaimed as Lance and the Lion shot up into the sky.

“You are the worse pilot ever!” Keith yelled as Lance twisted in the sky with a big smile on his face. 


When the Blue Lion finally landed (Lance promptly named her Blue and she, Blue, agreed on the name.) everyone stepped out, in awe at the planet that the landed on.

“I don’t recognize the constellations here, we obviously not in the Milky Way anymore.” Shiro spoke softly, looking up that the sky, “Everyone be prepared, I already lost my crew and I don’t intend to lose my team again.”

“Well what are we waiting for? These people must have advanced technology!” Pidge ran ahead with the others close behind. 

“Pidge be careful-” Shiro began to speak but got cut off by some sort of drone scanning them.

“Hold for identity scan.” The computer spoke, making Pidge’s eyes shine while the others were a little scared.

As soon as the scan finished a few of the lights flickered on, creating an ominous glow to the hall way. 

“I guess the only way to go is this way.” Hunk spoke nervously, managing to get out a nervous laugh.

“I guess so buddy. Do you want me to lead the way?” Lance patted Hunk on his shoulder giving him a wan smile.

“But- Fine, once you make up your mind, you barely change it so I doubt you’ll change it now.” Hunk sighed and allowed Lance to walk ahead.


“Now the most   important part of paladin training is being able to meld your minds and focus on one thing: Voltron. Everything else has to fade away. This technique will be essential every time you form Voltron. So, relax and open your mind. No walls, no secrets between paladins. Come on, everyone, clear everything. Now, focus on forming your lion. Bring your lions together and - and form Voltron. Keep your minds open, work together. Good! Keep focusing! Only one to go!” Coran spoke over the coms, his voice barely heard over the white noise in side of Lance’s head.

“Okay Lance, think happy thoughts, not of Keith basically killing you.” Lance thought to himself and yet, there his mind went. 

“Lance, clear your mind! Stop thinking about… me…?” Keith began to snap at Lance who hated to admit but was shaking.

“I-I’m done for now… I’m going to bed..” Lance took off the mind meld helmet setting it down on the ground, disrupting the the training.

As soon as Lance left Pidge broke the silence, “Does anyone know what just happened to Lance?”

“It’s a touchy subject to be honest… But Lance won’t tell you so I guess I should.” Hunk cleared his throat, setting his helmet down, “Back at the Garrison Lance got into a fight with Keith… He wouldn’t give me the details about it but Lance was beat up pretty bad…" 

Keith felt his blood run cold, what did he do to Lance? 

"Should I stop…?” Hunk spoke quietly, his face a little paler as he was reliving the moment.

“Please don’t, I don’t remember anything…” Keith spoke up, looking at Hunk in the eye.

“Okay. So Lance came back to our dorm room and oh God, he was so bloody. I swear that I could hear his ragged breathing from down the hall. The only thing that Lance told me is that someone beat him up for something he did in the last class that he had or maybe something that the said person did.”

“How could you forget beating Lance up?!?!” Pidge screeched at Keith, their eyes wide.

“I don’t know Pidge!” Keith yelled back before Shiro stepped in.

“I don’t know what you did Keith but you should go apologize to Lance. Make amends.” Shiro spoke with reason making Keith nod and get up to go find the Blue Paladin.


“Hey Lance, can we talk?” Keith arrived at Lance’s quarters and knocked on the door, “And please don’t run away from me this time.”

“What do you need Mullet?” Lance opened the door but kept an unhealthy distance from Keith.

“I- um… I’m sorry about what I did at the Garrison.” Keith fidgeted, obviously not used to apologizing. 

Lance didn’t say anything, “I accept your apology.” Lance gave a smile to Keith, “You must of had your reasons to do so.”

“Why are you accepting my apology so easily?! You should be mad at me!” Keith ran his fingers through his hair tugging on his hair, oh how he would love to punch Lance and the moment but that was the opposite of what he was trying to do.

“But Keith. It’s okay, I’m pretty much used to it!” Lance patted Keith on the shoulder before leaving Keith in confused silence.

Keith stood in stunned silence, what did Lance mean by he was used to be beat up? 

I’m sorry - 2

by popular demand 



He Tian woke up sore, wondering why he felt so latently homicidal. 

It came back to him slowly as he pushed himself into a sitting position on the world’s most uncomfortable couch. He closed his eyes at the memory of Mo Guan Shan’s skin and suddenly had the intense urge to shower in boiling water and douse his brain in bleach.

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My duuude u still do requests?? IF SO, can u do RFA reacting to MC in a coma?? (Maybe MC waking up after like so long) sorry if I'm bothering 😅

 I’ve never stopped trying to trick people into requesting my crappy writing. God. I’m so sorry. I got so excited about this request I monologued again. Oopies. Oh well. And trust me you’re not bothering me in the slightest. Enjoy, please! And be sure to request more. 

[[ I’ll add Saeyoung later. I’m really beat and wanna post this anyway :))]]

● • · Jumin · • ●

  • Jumin and You had been out and about on one of his rare days off shopping and such for the next big event, Chairman Han had arranged for your recently announced engagement. 
  • “Jumin I don't think we had to buy all the dresses for one event.”
  • “But you looked so lovely in each of them, how was I too chose?
  • You hated when he said it so bluntly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world…
  • “Still…” you started stopping after feeling a hand on your shoulder spinning you around to face him. A serious look gracing his features…
  • “I wish to give you the world if you wish it, _____. A few dresses are nothing but the start of it.”
  • “THats not what I want, Jumin. I just want you.” You gave him one of your trademark grins that melted him deep in the core
  • “Then so be it, Mrs. Han.”
  • “Jum-”
  • “Mr. Han” A new voice intruded your conversation taking you by surprise. You had gotten used to it being just the two of you, Jumin had rented out the entire store for your convenience and you being escorted by his bodyguards to the car. 
  • “Yes” He said looking clearly angered by the newcomer the bodyguards’ parting way so he could take a good look at him. 
  • “May I help you?”
  • “Yes, you can.” He was shaking dressed in a well-do suit you noted everyone in Jumins’ circle dressed as so it took you by surprise to see his disposition. Sure Jumin was intimidating but not this much.
  • “Jumin I think we should go.” You said placing a hand on his arm hoping to communicate the obvious discomfort circulating through your veins. 
  • He shushed you, clearly not reading the situation correctly.
  • “By…” He shouted as he reached into his bulging coat pocket only to be tackled to the ground by security. 
  • “See ___? Nothing to worry about” he trailed off noticing your hand was off arm. 
  • Looking around puzzled ignoring the shouting man and the grunts of the bodyguards to find your crumpled form on the ground.
  • Panic rising, he immediately knelt beside you turning you over to see your closed eyes face. Not seeing any cause he brushed back your hair to see the large gash from where your face had made contact with the ground. Hands shaking.
  • “______!”
  • “Someone call the damn hospital. “ 
  • “Hold on, _____. Hold on…!”
  • “Mr.Han?” 
  • “Yes? Any news?”
  • “I’m afraid despite our best efforts. Miss.____ has slipped into a coma for an unknown amount of time due to the head injury,”
  • “It’It was just a tiny scratch. What do you mean head injury?”
  • “It caused bleeding in her brain leading to her body in defense to slip into a coma, sir. Outlook is neither good nor bad. Head injuries are very unpredictable.”
  • “Unpredictable?”
  • “Yes, see-”
  • “I don’t care. You’re a doctor, I’m paying you to fix it.”
  • “Sir? Its not that simple.”
    “Yes, it is. Money is no object so make no mistake either you fix it or I’ll find someone who can.”
  • “Sir..!” He looked taken back at his brisk attitude
  • “And make no mind its Mrs.Han to you, understand?” He looked at him with an icy glare.
  • He turned around thinking…
  • “I’ll keep my promise _____. I’ll be yours till you wake up and forever after…”

● • · Zen · • ●

  • “A coma?”
  • “Yes were very sorry sir but due to complications from swelling from the accident. We had to medically induce the coma in hopes it went down. 
  • “She was wearing a helmet. We both were.” He protested sitting straight up.
  • “Yes but in this case, while it protects her from fatal injuries, it did cause some problems. See when she hit the ground-”
  • His ears simply allowed white noise to wash over him as he put his face into hands and begin choking out sobs as the previous events flashed through his mind.
  • “ZENNNY!” 
  • “What, babe?”
  • “Not so fast, please.”
  • “Faster? Sure.
  • “Zennnnn!!” 
  • He chuckled at your groans and allowed the motorbike to slow as they approached the red light.
  • It had taken weeks to convince you to ride with him having the picture of him riding with his best girl ever engraved in his mind since he started riding. You had been hesitant due to fear of falling off. But he had met your concerns with a big grin and said…
  • “I’ll just have to catch you then, princess.” Pinching your cheeks.
  • So after late night practice, he had found himself with a perfect excuse to take a ride with you. Roads were clear and morning rehearsal was canceled.
  • “Ouch!” He groaned feeling harsh tugging at his ponytail.
  • “THats for going so fast!” You said in his ear, wiggling closer to him. 
  • “Oh, you said slower I could have sworn.” 
  • “You know what I meant” 
  • Well apologies then, princess.”
  • You simply giggled. 
  • The light turned green and he begins to gain speed as he accelerated forward. 
  • “Hold on tight, Bab-”
  • A stray car barrelled forward through the red light horn blaring catching his attention as he swerved to avoid it. Turning his bike into the deserted sidewalk.
  • “ZENN!” You screamed behind him as he hit the curb causing you to fly forward onto the ground. 
  • Hands atomically attempted to find you as he attempted to twist your body to catch you from making contact with the ground the last ditch effort but it was in vain as you spiraled away from him.
  • He heard a crunch as his arm that was outstretched towards you snapped. Vision blackening due to the pain.
  • Groaning he heard people coming out stores surrounding as he came to, looking for you, he held his arm pushing himself up finding you eyes closed chest barely moving your body bunched together.
  • “Babe” He rasped out.
  • Ablumbalnces rang behind him as he felt his conciseness slipping back into the black.
  • Tears fell down his face as the memories faded out.
  • “I’m so sorry, _____. I didn’t catch you.”

● • · Yoosung · • ●

  • “Yoosung I’m going to lay down. I have a major headache. You said leaning against the doorframe slightly dizzy.
  • “Okay ___!” He called half listening as he began a new quest in LOLOLOL.
  • [8hrs later.]
  • “Done! Yeahhh!” He shouted triumphally voice echoing across the empty living room after many hours of raiding he finally achieved a new armor that he had talked about since Monday. 
  • Looking at the clock, he winced noticing the time. 3:00am? It had been 8hrs since he had last seen you. He suddenly remembered about your headache rushing from his computer, he swiped the aspirin bottle making way to your bedroom.
  • “______….?” He whispered letting the door creak open surprised to see the bed empty and the bath water running, confusion dulled his senses in why you were bathing at 3 am. Crossing the bedroom in easy strides. He rapped on the door attempting some attempt to catch your attention. Noticing the soggy carpet seeping through his socks made the alarm bells go off in his mind. Flinging open the door the bathroom floor was covered with icy water your body in the middle of the room face up as your hair floated in the freestanding water. 
  • Ignoring the still flowing water he swooped down to you cradling you.
  • “______? _____?!?!” He shook your freezing body in an attempt in to wake you fumbling for his phone in his hoodie almost dropping in the water filled room. 
  • “911, what is your emergency?”
  • …..
  • He paced around the waiting room, the entire RFA surrounded him. All voicing their concern for you. 
  • “ Miss. ____’s  family?
  • “How is she, Doctor???” He raced for the doctor eyes wild.
  • “I’m afraid, Miss.____ had a hyperglycemia episode that’s what cause her to pass out…” He paused looking at Yoosung’s lost face.
  • “That’s from her diabetes right?”
  • “Yes her blood sugar was dangerously high. The cause unknown should have shown signs…”
  • “It did. She said she had a headache.” Feeling guilt aching in him. LOLOLOL feeling utterly silly right now.
  • “Well she should have paid more attention to that, nevertheless she suffered from that and very low body temperatures…”
  • He spaced out feeling hollow, he should have checked on her or at least removed his headset. How long were you lying there?
  • “Resulting in a coma even though we regulated her blood sugar and body temperature. She may not wake up.”
  • He crumpled in half guilt making him choke out sobs at this blocking out everything. 
  • ______, I’m so sorry. 

L o v e,

M o c h i

Mini-Sheith Fanfic / Begins right where Season 2 left off

They all stood in shocked silence. Shiro was gone…again. Keith held it together in front of everyone for the most part, only silent tears rolling down his cheeks. But once he got to his room, it was all downhill from there. Days passed where Keith locked himself in his room, not even coming out to eat. He could hear his friends outside his door, making sure he was okay. Keith always said the same thing. “I’m fine.” But none of them really understood what those two words meant. They meant he was broken and needed help. Only Shiro understood them. It was almost a relief to Keith when his friends would walk away, that meant it was okay to sob again.

One day Allura came to Keith’s room. She knocked before opening the door. Keith looked up and Allura frowned. He knew how bad he looked, thinner than usual, pale, puffy eyes, dark circles. She handed a tray of food to Keith before sitting beside him. Allura put her hand on his shoulder. “We need to move on, Keith.” She said.

Keith’s face scrunched up into pain. He didn’t want to move on. I mean, how could he? He had found Shiro once and he doesn’t know how he is supposed to do it again. “I…can’t.” Keith muttered and set the tray of food on the ground. “Shiro was…” he sighed as tears threatened him again. “He was everything, you know?”

Allura gave him a pained expression.

Keith sighed and buried his hands in his hair. “I lost him once before. After a ‘pilot error’ on the Kerberos mission. It took us a year to finally find each other. And now…now he’s gone. Again!” He let out an aggravated grunt. “Sorry, Allura, I can’t move on. Not yet.”

She didn’t say anything for a while. “Tell me about him.” Allura said making eye contact with Keith. “Tell us all about Shiro.”

Allura managed to bring Keith out of his room and down to the dining hall. Everyone was waiting there, faces contorted into worry. “Hey, guys.” Keith greeted them in a raspy voice. They all whipped around, relief flooding over them. Lance was the first one to rise and give Keith a hug, then everyone else followed. “I’m okay,” Keith laughed.

Once everyone was back in their seats, and Keith in his, Allura said, “go on, Keith.”

It felt like a rock was in Keith’s throats as he tried to speak. He knew he was going to end up crying, having to think about to the good times back at the Garrison with Shiro. “I guess…it started the first time I met him.”

Keith was doing some midnight practicing with a flight simulator. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do this, it was against Garrison rules. But really he didn’t care. When the simulation ended, Keith sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He hadn’t been able to beat his score since his in class run. That’s wen Keith heard a voice calling out. “Hello? Hello! Who’s there?” Keith cursed under his breath and slid down from the pilot chair so that he was beneath it.

A guy walked up, his brows creased together. Keith noticed him immediately. He was the famous pilot Takashi Shirogane. He was supposed to be the pilot for the Kerberos mission. The pilot shrugged and turned to get into the chair. Keith cursed when Shiro’s legs came around and hit him. The pilot yelped and practically flew out of the chair. Keith grunted and stood off the floor. “Watch it, man.” Keith said rubbing the back of his head.

Shiro frowned at him. “Excuse me but I wasn’t the one hiding underneath the chair. What are you doing here anyway? It’s two hours past your curfew.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “Came for some late night practicing.”

There was a pause before Shiro sighed. “Alright, well, I did too. I’ll walk you back to your dorm. Sound okay?”

“Whatever,” Keith muttered and brushed past Shiro.

As they walked to Keith’s dorm, Shiro kept trying to make small talk. Keith was about ready to sew his lips together in the beginning, but soon enough he fell into the pattern. “How long have you been here?” Keith asked.

“Three years.” Shiro shrugged. “It’s a good place, the Garrison. That is if you like flying.” Keith laughed and nodded.

“I can’t wait until I’m able to go on missions, like you.”

Shiro glanced over to the younger boy. “It’s something, I’ll tell you that. But… it’s dangerous. Every time our missions go up, the people on board are risking their lives. Who knows if they’ll make it back?”

Keith paused. “Is that what you think before you go?”

“That’s what I’m thinking right now. I have four months before the mission and my heart is already pounding.” Shiro grabbed Keith’s hand, surprising him. The pilot placed it over his heart, so Keith could feel how fast his heart was. “Some nights it’s so bad I can’t sleep.” Shiro gives a dry laugh. “But, once you get up there. Boy… what a view. You look back over to Earth and you realize it’s just a tiny speck in the past. It makes you feel tiny in comparison.”

Keith was in awe. “Sounds amazing.”

He didn’t realize Shiro had led him out to the rooftop of the Garrison until they were looking up at the stars. “That’s Orion.” He pointed out. “Oh and that’s Cepheus. Hercules there.” He kept rattling off these different constellations Keith still had to learn. It was when Shiro began to name the stars that Keith leaned over onto Shiro’s shoulder and fell asleep.

“That was my first impression of Shiro. He seemed so amazing to me…so far away. And then we kept getting closer together. On one of our vacations I brought him out to see my little shack in the desert.”

Keith glanced over at everyone who was leaning forward in their seats. “Well? Go on!” Allura said to Keith.

The boy laughed and started again.

“Wow!!!” Shiro exclaimed as he started looking through Keith’s shack. “It’s so cute, I love it!”

Keith laughed nervously. “It’s gotten sort of out of control since my dad left and I went to the Garrison but… it’s hanging in there.” Keith walked over to one of the curtains and started flapping it to get some of the dust out. It hit him like a bomb and sent him into a coughing fit. Shiro laughed and helped dust off the other curtains.

It took them around two hours to catch up on cleaning. When they were done they collapsed on the couch in laughter. “Well! I’m beat.” Shiro sighed.

“Same here. I could eat a whole grocery store right now.”

Shiro got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. “Do you have anything?”

“I don’t know!” Keith yelled to him. “You’re the one in the kitchen you tell me!”

Keith could hear Shiro laugh from the living room. “Don’t be a smart ass! Come help me!”

After they were done eating, Keith suggested they go for a ride on the hover bike. Shiro’s face lit up and soon enough they were driving through the desert, Keith at the wheel and Shiro with his arms wrapped around him. They whooped and hollered as they passed through rugged terrain. Shiro even dared Keith to fly off a cliff which he did happily. Once the thrills got too much, however, the stopped at the edge of a cliff. Shiro hopped off the bike and sat down, patting the ground next to him to invite Keith. The boy plopped down and they began talking about stars. This time, Keith was able to point out some constellations.

“Hey, Keith.” Shiro began after a long pause of silence. “You know I’m going up to Kerberos in two months and…”

“And?” Keith urged.

“And I’m trying to leave without any regrets. Just in case…just in case.” Keith nodded and looked back out in the stars. He nearly jumped out of his skin wen Shiro put his hand over Keith’s. The boy turned to the pilot before being pulled into a kiss.

Keith never felt so right before. Kissing the pilot who he loved, who he admired and trusted, under the stars. That was all he could ever wish for.

“WHOA HOLD THE PHONE!” Lance yelled. “Shiro and you were a thing?”

Keith stared at him blankly.

“I mean c'mon, Lance.” Hunk said. “I saw it.”

“Me too,” Pidge and Allura said.

“I didn’t know it was a secret.” Coran said with a shrug.

Lance slumped down in his chair. “I’m always the last one to know.”

Allura laughed. “Continue, Keith.”

The day for Kerberos rolled around. Keith didn’t want to admit it, but he had tried to distance himself from Shiro over the past week. Shiro, of course, saw through it. The pilot made sure that every chance they had they would be hanging out. To Keith, this just meant more attachment and more hurt in the end.

They were beside the ship, as the last minute fixes were being done. “Keith,” Shiro said and combed a hand through the boys hair. “I’m leaving but, before I go, I need to tell you something. I love you and I will always love you. Even when I’m across the universe. Even when you can’t see me. I’ll love you. And I’ll come back to you.” Shiro gave Keith a peck on the head.

“You promise?” Keith asked, tears streaming his cheeks.

“I promise.”

Then Shiro was gone, and Keith’s life went downhill.

“He had promised.” Keith sobbed. It was a full on attack at this point. His shoulders heaved with each sob, his eyes couldn’t see with the tears blinding him. “Then I got him back. And just when I think we’ll be okay, he disappears again.”

The team came in for another group hug, all trying to fix the broken mess of Keith. But it wasn’t enough, not for a second time.

“We’ll get him back, Keith.” Allura promised. “We’ll get him back.”

The Weight of Water

(Or read on AO3. Look, I wrote a thing! A whole thing! I finished it!)

‘Agent Danvers, go home. You’re on leave.’

‘J’onn, I’m fine,’ Alex protests. Physically, she’s back to normal, and restless after a mere two days of inactivity. She needs to be in the field. She needs to be active. And the DEO – doesn’t exactly need her, she understands that, but it doesn’t need its agents scrambling to deal with her unexpected absence either.

And she’s fine. If she doesn’t remember that a glass box without air has been added to her rotating menu of nightmares. If she doesn’t mention it took her ten minutes to step under the shower this morning. J’onn gives her a piercing look, eyebrows raised, and Alex realises he knows anyway. She scowls at him.

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candybarrnerd  asked:

If we think about Keith's shack as being his (and previously his fathers) do you think Shiro was the first person that he showed it to before the rescue mission? Do you think they hung out there? there were old VHS's in the corner, do you think Keith and Shiro hung out and cuddled on the lumpy couch and watched staticy VHS movies and fell asleep together in the shack?

I like to think so, ya! Shiro doesn’t get his change of clothes until after he gets to the shack, which makes me think he may have been over before and left them there at some point. When he wakes up, he also doesn’t seem surprised to be standing out by this little shack in the middle of the desert. He never asks “where are we?” or something like that. He does ask what Keith’s been up to when he sees the conspiracy theory board, which could maybe imply that shiro’s been there before, but never seen anything like that.

And this is more so just headcannon, but everything at the shack is old and run down except for the hover bike, which seems new and high tech in comparison (like the boy has a slab of stone on cinderblocks for a table and doesn’t even sleep on a bed, but he can afford the latest bike model for joyrides??) so anyway I like to think shiro bought the bike and they used to take it on rides in the desert from time to time.

movie nights with old tapes also sounds fun! shiro and keith sure looked comfy in that movie marathon official art a while back, I can see it kinda being their thing

Lexie (Five-Inch Feels) - Chapter 2 - performativezippers - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I moved this 4-part series out of Mean Peach Mojito and into it’s own free-standing fic called Lexie (Five-Inch Feels). Chapter 2 is now up! 

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, definitely do that first here!

Maggie’s getting a coffee before heading into work for a couple of hours. It’s a Saturday, and she’s had a lovely morning so far. A good long run, followed by a good long shower, and a good long breakfast. She should only have to work for a couple of hours before she’s off for the next three days in a row. She’s planning to ride her bike out of the city and really take it through its paces in the desert. She can’t wait.

She’s already thinking about the winding roads, so she’s not really watching where she’s going until she collides with another body.

“Oh my gosh, oh no, oh gosh I’m so sorry!” Maggie looks up to see preppy young woman in a yellow dress with blonde hair and glasses and a look on her face like she’d just kicked Maggie’s puppy.

Maggie looks down at herself, and is pleased to see that her coffee only splashed on her hand, not on her clothes, or, it seems, on this stranger.

“No, my fault,” she says immediately. “Wasn’t paying attention.”

“Are you okay? Did you get burned? My sister Alex is right over there, she’s a doctor, she can help!”

“No, no, really. I’m fine.”

The woman opens her mouth, probably to protest again, but then three things happen at once.

“Alex,” the man behind the counter calls, “large Americano for Alex.”

A woman whose back Maggie had been absently admiring turns around and walks toward the counter.

“Oh, there she is,” the blonde in front of Maggie says.

And Maggie’s mind is reeling, because the woman walking toward the counter has straight brown hair cropped to her chin, and is clearly named Alex, and is clearly the sister of this young professional woman.

And also, she’s Lexie.

She gets her coffee, thanks the barista, and then turns to walk toward her sister. “Kara,” she says, looking down at her coffee, carefully taking off the lid, “you ready?”

She’s crossed nearly all the way over to them before she looks up. Her eyes flick from her sister over to Maggie, and she blanches.

Maggie’s never actually seen anyone blanch before; she’d thought it was just something people did in books. But Alex’s face actually freezes and actually turns white, and her eyes are actually locked in a frantic stillness.

“Hey,” Maggie says, and she can’t help but grin, because this is so weird and she has so many questions, but honestly this person, Alex with dark hair and a preppy sister, Alex in a soft maroon sweater and dark jeans and no makeup, fits so much better than Lexie with the blonde hair and the ridiculous crop tops.

Alex stutters.

Kara doesn’t seem plugged into anything that’s happening. She looks back to Maggie. “This is my sister, do you want her to look at your hand? Is it burned?”

Alex’s eyes move between Maggie and her sister, her panic clearly increasing by the second.

And Maggie doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, but she likes the feeling of having the upper hand. “Alex, is it?” She asks, one eyebrow up.

Alex makes a little sound that is definitely not a word.

“Your sister here says you’re a doctor?”

Color is slowly returning to Alex’s face, but it’s only made it as far as her ears, which are now turning a delicate shade of red.

“Not a practicing one,” she finally manages to mutter.

Maggie’s expecting to get to play with her for much longer, but Alex suddenly changes. She seems to gather herself, and suddenly she’s all business.

“Are you injured?” She asks, her tone clinical and clean.

Now it’s Maggie who stutters. Who is this person? “N—no, no. I’m not hurt, no.”

Alex just blinks at her, raising her own sardonic eyebrow. “So…no, then?”

Kara cuts in again, and Maggie couldn’t be more grateful. “Are you sure?” She asks, her face full of concern.

“I’m sure,” Maggie reassures her.

She turns back to Alex, who is standing her ground with an almost military bearing, shoulders pulled back, face set, like she’s daring Maggie to say something.

And Maggie would never betray someone like that. She would never out someone like that, even if she can’t for the life of her figure out what someone like this is doing spending her nights out on that corner.

“Well,” she says, starting to take steps backwards, “I’ve got to get to work. But I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

And Kara seems to take that blithely – they seem to frequent the same coffeeshop, after all – but Alex just narrows her eyes again.

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Dance with me - Norman Reedus

For @purpleswan<3

You’re a french dance teacher, it was all you had ever wanted to do. It was your life. You taught many people in the industry and now you were about to teach non other than Norman Reedus. He was assigned to you as he new film involved a lot of dance and he had little to no idea what he was doing.

He arrives at your studio and introduces himself. He is so handsome and adorable.

“I’m Norman” He smiles as he takes your hand. You blush as he kisses the back of it.

You introduce yourself, and explain what dances you will be teaching him. He is nervous and bites his lip. You reassure him and smile.

“Let us get this hair from your face, so we can see the beautiful eyes” You smile, as you pull his hair back and tie it.

He smiles at the fact throughout the lesson, you mix up your words as you are French, he finds it adorable.

He is so clumsy and acts like a dork the whole time, as you laugh. Norman is clueless about dancing but you find this endearing. His arms around you as you show him dance moves and look back at him through the mirrors surrounding you. He is a pleasure to work with and you have so much fun and laugh together. He apologises when he gets the moves wrong or steps on your toes. You giggle at him as he sticks out his tongue trying to concentrate trying to get the moves right. Every time his hand touches yours, you feel the electricity flow. Hours pass and he is finally getting the hang of the dancing, well sort of. He makes you laugh so much. You don’t see him as the actor, but as himself.

The following day, you are teaching a little girl. She is just the sweetest. She has so much talent and when the lesson finishes she hugs you tightly and thanks you.

What you don’t know is that Norman is watching you and the little girl, it makes him smile. He leans against the door way watching you together. The little girls skips off towards the door.

“You learning to dance too Mr? She is the bestest teacher in the world” She smiles sweetly at him. He looks down at the little girl and grins “I am, but I am no where near as good as you yet. You are a little superstar!” He holds out his hand and kisses her the back of her hand as her mother smiles at the interaction.

“My mommy says I am a princess ballerina” She giggles.

“Well your mommy is right about that” He says as he winks at the mother. She smiles back gratefully and takes her daughter’s hand, as the little girl skips off waving at Norman. He chuckles, you were so good with that little girl.

You are oblivious that as you practise dancing he is watching you. His eyes wander and he smiles as you move. He watches for a long time as you are unaware of his eyes on you as you dance away in the studio. He takes in your every move and watches as your body moves to the music.

Some times passes and the music begins to stop, he stands in the door way hands in his pockets, rubbing his bottom lip. He clears his throat and you jump, turning to look at him. You blush wildly as you realise he has been watching you. He claps you and grins as he walks towards you.

“You’re very talented” He smiles at you.

“Thank you, Mr Reedus. But you have no lesson today?” You blush.

“Call me Norman. No…I erm I wanted to ask you out for a drink. That is if you aren’t busy?” He grins at you. You smile brightly and nod.

“I am not busy Norman. I go change and we can go to get drinks?” You suggest, you can’t hide the redness of your cheeks as you skip off to change.

Norman and you walk to a local bar, chatting and laughing. You spend the night getting to know each other. His smile draws you in, and the way you don’t care about his fame status attracts him to you.

“Is that your bike outside of the studio?” Norman asks you with intrigue.

You nod “ Yes it is, I have been riding for some years now” You sip your beer, and watch him. He is so beautiful, and so down to earth.

“You should come for a ride out with me, tomorrow night?” Norman asks as he rubs his lip, his elbow propped up on the bar.

“Oh yes, I would like that very much” You smile widely as you run a hand through your hair. He smiles at you and nods as he sips his beer.

You both talk for hours, learning about each other. His eyes never leave you for long, he is taken a back with you. During the night, he flirts with you but doesn’t take it further. Some gentle touches, lingering eye contact. You can’t help but blush as you see his eyes bore into you. You rub your thighs as you feel emotion you haven’t felt for years. As the night gets late, you decide leave and Norman walks you back home.

“Tomorrow night, I will be waiting” He smirks as he rubs this thumb against his bottom lip. You blush and smile. He leans forward and brushes your hair out of your face, and pulls you into a warm hug.

“Tomorrow” You sigh happily, as you wrap your arms around his warm body.

He pulls away from the hug and smiles at you as he walks away.

You get inside and close the door behind you and just smile widely. Tomorrow cannot come quick enough for you.

The next night, you are finishing up at the studio and get change quickly into your bike gear. You hear a bike roar outside and smile to yourself. You go outside to find Norman sitting on his bike, he takes off his helmet and smirks at you.

“So you ready babe?”

“Yes, let’s ride” You beam, smiling.

He looks so good in his biker gear, his hair flopping in his face, his leathers tight to his body. He licks his lips as you stare at him. You shake yourself from your thoughts and climb onto your bike. You follow Norman as you both ride through the streets and onto the open road. The wind in your hair and the cool air against your exposed skin. You speed up and ride beside him and smile. The night is clear and the stars light up the sky above you. Your bikes ride along the deserted roads together as you smile laugh. The passes quickly and Norman signals you to take a break. You pull to the side of the road, and stop your bike. You pull of your helmet and let your hair cascade down your back. Norman’s eyes are on you. He removes his helmet and beckons you over. He takes your hand and leads you through some trees to a moonlit lake. It is beautiful, so still and calm.

“Beautiful” He sighs as you both smile out at the water.

“Yes it is very” You grin as you brush your hand against his. He smirks only him knowing that he was not referring to the scene in front of him, but the beautiful woman he was with. The air is chilly, and you start to shiver. You feel his arm curl around you and pull you in, you lean your head against his shoulder and wrap your arms around him. You stay like this for what feels like hours but can only be minutes as you enjoy the view and the company. You feel his hand trace the back of yours and entwine with your fingers as you hum into his neck and shoulder as he leans his head down to yours. You inhale his scent, cologne, cigarettes and something you can’t even describe but its his scent.

“Thank you for asking me tonight” You smile up at him.

He looks into your eyes, he looks like he is going to kiss you but pulls away and kisses your forehead instead and takes your hand in his. He is being a gentleman, you can see that and you admire it. You wish you could spend the whole night like this, with this man by your side.

“Its getting late, we should head back” Norman says, taking your hand.

As you are looking out at the water you see a flash of a camera, on his phone and you look around. He is smirking and chuckling. You laugh and nudge him playfully.

You ride back to the studio together side by side on the long road dark road, illuminated with lights from the stars.

You get to your studio and Norman gets off his bike, pulls off his helmet and walks over to you, helping you off your bike.

“Wow a gentleman” You smile at him, as he takes your hand. You face him and he takes off your help, letting your hair cascade around your face. He looks into your eyes, leans in and brushes his lips against your cheek. You blush as he pulls away.

“So I will see you tomorrow for your lesson Mr Reedus?” You breath out heavily.

“Oh I wouldn’t miss it, and it’s Norman you know that” He smiles as he hugs you. You inhale his scent once more and bite your lip as your wrap your hands around him.

He walks away to his bike and you can’t help but smile widely and giggle at how things have turned out.

All the way home on your bike ride, all you think about is Norman.

You are practising in your studio the next day awaiting Norman to show for his lesson. You are in a world of your own as he enters and you feel two strong arms wrap around you. You sigh into the warmth of the embrace.

“Norman you are here, you are early” You smile, as you watch him through the mirror of the studio. He smirks and takes of his shades and cap. You tie up his hair and smile. You start dancing, and he surprises you by the looks of it he has been practising. You laugh together as he is getting pretty good.

The music suddenly changes, slower more sensual. You are about to change the record when he grabs your arm and pulls you closer to him and dances with you, his face so close to yours. You can feel his breath on your skin, his heartbeat against yours. You hum to the music as he takes control. He spins you around and up close to his chest, your back against his chest. He breaths into your ear and runs his hands over your body. Your breath hitches, and you feel your heart pounding, you can hardly breathe. His lips brush your cheek and earlobe, as he grinds up against you. You feel his hot body next to yours. His arms grab onto your hips and he sways you against him to the rhythm of the music. You feel his lips start to trace your neck, his tongue licking up to your ear and you moan into him. You feel him grow hard behind you, his hands firmly on your waist. He moves you forward almost next to the mirror as your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. His hands come up to glide over your skin under your top, pushing it up over your head, tossing it to one side.

“Watch baby, as I fuck you right here, right now. I want you to see your beautiful face as you come undone.” He almost growls against your neck as he pushes you forward. You hear his belt hit the floor, and the sound of the zip of his pants. You feel his hands palm your ass through your leggings, as he slides them down enough to push your panties to the side. He traces his fingers over your centre, between your lips and rubs circles over your clit as you bite down on your lip.

You hum out incoherently at his words as he slides into you, slowly. He teases you with slow thrusts to begin with and then his pace quickens. All the while he tells you to look straight ahead at you both. You can feel your release nearing as he thrusts harder and deeper, holding you firm. His mouth attacks your neck with kisses, licking and nipping at the skin on your collarbone. You feel him start to throb and twitch inside of you as you clamp down hard around him with your walls. You finally tumble over the edge of your orgasm as he too crashes over. You come together in a hot mess of curses and moaning. You both pant hard, as you come down and he holds you tight. He kisses down your back as he pulls out. He spins you around and crashes his lips into yours kissing you deeply and passionately.

“Beautiful” He smiles to you.

Some time later Norman on set with you. He has brought you with him, you are his. You watch him dance proudly.

















So I wrote a little eyewitness fic last night bc I am complete Trash™

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Ever since he was little Lukas dreaded his 18th birthday. The idea of some girl’s name appearing on his wrist and bounding them for life was more than a little scary to him.

His mom tried to explain, comfort him by telling him his soulmate would be the best person for him, that he’d want to be with them soulmate or not. At first, Lukas believed, but then he was his parents fighting, his mom crying in the bathroom, sometimes even spending the night in Lukas’ room but refusing to leave because his mom and dad were ‘soulmates’. To his mom that meant they had to stick together no matter what.

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Bangtan Relationship Aesthetics

Jungkook: Photography. Flannels. Early morning kisses followed by breakfast in bed. Star gazing. Confessions in the car while it’s raining. Late night gas station runs. Sketchbooks and paintings. Taking pictures and drawing you when you’re asleep. Timberland boots. Stray from the norm. Sings you songs on the guitar. Cabin in the woods trips. Vintage Polaroid cameras. Mason jars filled with wildflowers. Long car rides through the desert. Giving tattoos. Kisses your shoulders. A dog. Drive in movies. Adventures. Immaturity and innocence. “You are my world.”

Taehyung: Walks in the park. Food fights. Movie nights with popcorn. Bike rides. Ice cream shop dates. Sleeping until noon. Mickey ear headbands from Disneyland. “Boyfriend does my makeup” challenge. Board games with penalties. Deep conversations on the park swings. Bubblegum machines. Falling asleep on the couch with the TV still on. “White picket fence” married life with kids. Photo booth pictures wearing funky glasses from the dollar store. Surprise parties with confetti. Lollipops. Biting his nails. Kisses your cheeks. Plays the saxophone. Hot chocolate. Thrift stores and strange unique items. Anime. Does impressions. Strange conversations. “I’ll take care of you.”

Jimin: Amusement park dates. Holding each others hand on rides. Bats your nose with the sleeves of his sweater. Brings flowers to your doorstep, throws rocks at your window. Plays hard to get. Teases you with almost-kisses. Kisses on the forehead. Long, tight hugs. “No, I love you more.” Stares at you all the time. Walks on the beach. Random dancing. Rolling down the car windows and blasting the music, singing along. Earbuds always in. Lunch on the dance room floor. Shopping together. Always holding hands. Animals. Wearing his clothes. “I’ll give you anything, because you are my everything.”

Hoseok: Tickle fights. Social butterfly. Reading books together in bed. Little kisses in public. Lots of laughs. Pinches your cheeks to make a smile. Jumping on the bed and dancing to loud music. Bubble baths together. Sunflowers. Kisses on your fingers. Sipping lemonade in the pool. Sunlight through the blinds in the morning. Eating dinner on the roof with a city view. Walking around the city and interacting with people. A garden. “Just for fun.” Falling asleep on his shoulder on the bus. Long conversations in the corner of Starbucks. Promise rings. “I will love only you.”

Namjoon: Telling you stories in bed at night until you fall asleep. Red converse. Takes you to expensive restaurants. Wonders about anything and everything. Black clothes. Round glasses. Sexually playful. Calls you his baby girl. Kisses on the inner thigh. Plays with your hair. Late night Skype calls. Studying together. Recommends good books all the time. Writes you poetry. Small corner coffee shops. Writing and composing songs together. Singing them all the time. Writes down his thoughts and feelings. “You are my one true thing in life.”

Yoongi: Coffee in the morning. Kisses in the studio. Makes songs for you. Ear piercings. Black, white, and gray. Soft lips. Pale skin. Kisses in the rain. Shy compliments. Doesn’t let go in hugs. Lies with his head in your lap. Reluctant to make first moves. Insomnia. Hugging while sleeping. Watches the sunrise. Finds peace in lightning storms. Likes to watch the waves rise and fall. Making love in the shower. Plays the piano in the early morning. Gloomy skies. Blunt, but sincere. Kisses your eyelids. Screams into pillows. Takes pictures of you. “Don’t ever leave me.”

Seokjin: Anime marathons. Trying new restaurants every week. Pink. Feeding each other. Calls you his princess. Cooking together. Super Mario characters line his wall. Always cleaning up after you. Cute good morning texts. Loves compliments. Takes lots of selfies with you. Matching outfits. Playful hitting. Sharing ice cream sundaes. Steals the blanket away at night. Hums around the house. Notices the little things. Scared of rodents and bugs. Likes clear skies and warm weather. Picnics in the mountains. “You make me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

She was gas station strawberry chapstick; hip-bone kisses and messy pony-tails under the silk of moonlite; Little Caesar’s crazybread and rocky road ice cream. She was swinging in empty parks at sunset and instead of looking out, looking up towards the sky. She was antique store record players playing songs they’d never learn the names of but would always sway to. She was slow-dancing at midnite under a full moon; tightening arms around his waist as they tore around on the four-wheeler. She was last minute roadtrips to Roswell; wraparound front porches and the sound of dust storms hitting the windows of the house from the inside. She was barefoot bike rides through old neighborhoods. She was throwing your hands toward heaven with your eyes closed while you sang praise. She was extra fries at Sonic. She was the backseat of Pickup trucks and Country music stations that played all your favorite songs. She was the only front lawn in the entire desert town.
—  The Runnin’ Indian - Harrison Trubitt

My favorite part from a story I wrote.  Maybe I’ll post the whole thing on here.

Remember how rival Brendan keeps acting like a high and mighty mentor because he’s the prof’s son and because he’s a BOY but ends up giving May helpful items like the desert goggles all the time anyway? And how he always ends those nice gestures with lovely comments like “Unlike you, May, your dad looks like he really is tough.” or “I bet you didn’t know this." 
(or y'know, May becoming champ and Brendan realizing that’s thanks to her hard work and that he’s better at the research.)

That’s what I want to return in the Hoenn remakes t b h. That, and them riding their bikes through the region together in the ending credits aaaa


Follow My Vans: Jaime Dempsey, Babes Ride Out Edition 

Work hard, play hard: that’s the motto of SoCal based moto-babe, Jaime Dempsey. When she’s not being a boss at L*Space Swim, she’s out exploring unknown terrains on History Channel Asia’s television show, Ride N Seek. We were so excited to chat with Jaime right before she made the trek to Babes Ride Out, where she shared with us the moment she fell head-over-wheels with motorcycles, and her go-to camping essentials you’d be crazy not to pack. 

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A Lost Adventurer!?

Zach was out in the desert testing out his bikes new terrain treded wheels like anyone would…by flying off sand dunes through the air at nearly 300 mph laughing his ass off as he enjoyed the morning desert air, the pleasant feeling before it became unbearably hot after a night of freezing cold. He flew off probably his 20th dune when he noticed someone walking along the desert path to the city staring at him as they walked, which was totally acceptable considering how strange it must look to see someone on an emerald and black sports bike flying through the desert air. He grinned as he turned his ride around and drove up to her, not at his ridiculous speeds as he was earlier, but at a nice 15 mph or so on electric mode so that it would be quiet enough for him to talk. “Hi.” He smiled once he got close enough for her to hear.

folly-but-jolly-deactivated2016  asked:

What's one memory that makes you happy every time you think of it?

When MyCokeRewards was a bigger deal, back when my brother and I were like 10 and 13, we used to wait until 9 or 10pm on summer nights and then head out to local baseball fields in search of Coke bottle caps. He’d ride his bike and I obviously drove my chair, and as we cruised down the dark, peaceful streets of our neighborhood, we’d plan out all the prizes we were going to someday reap from collecting these bottle codes. At the baseball fields, which were deserted after dark, Andrew and I searched through every garbage can we could find. Many nights, we came home completely covered in ketchup, burger grease, cheese, etc. but we also brought home about 100 bottle caps per night. After a month or so of this foraging, we gave up and redeemed our points for a shitty carnival game for the Wii. It was the best prize I’ve ever gotten.

I’m starting my third year of being Dan Timmermans cyclocross teammate. I look up to him and I consider him a friend. Plus his bike racing story and perspective on the sport is very unique. So when I decided to see if I could get people I found interesting to answer my questions on the record he was one of the first people I asked.  What follows is ten questions I asked Dan and his responses. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the bonedeth thing.  1. Is it true the road team forced you to shave your beard and your legs? How did that conversation go?

Uh, yes and no. Prior to 2009 I never really had a beard. I sorta maintained a trimmed stubble and didn’t really use a razor much. I’d chop the stubble down with clippers and then let it grow out a while. During the Kodak training camp they did make me go down to the store and buy razors to shave for team photos. I kept clean shaven legs back then. I don’t remember the conversation but I can assure you I was not too happy about it. A lot of it was like an office job with a dress code. I had to look a certain way and do goofy promotional presentations and signings and stuff. Like maintain a made up image of something that is defined by sales and advertising and if I messed up I had to answer to who is essentially a dictator. You get paid a poverty level income while putting in immense amounts of time and energy just to get yelled at over the radio to ride harder or be told that you are wearing the wrong T-shirt or some shit. It’s one of those things I’m glad I did to say I did, but not really something that is too appealing to me.

2. After a few years you quit. I know your reasons are posted on the internet somewhere but it’s been a few years now since you wrote those words. For me some hindsight usually lets me say things more clearly so maybe you can tell me about why you quit pro road racing and what made you come to that decision?

Oh…..shit, i think I already answered this, but yeah, the whole lifestyle just wasn’t cool. You put in a ton and don’t get much back. The directors seem to have these inflated egos that they use as justification to control parts of your life that they have no right butting into. Lemme make a little list of things I’ve been scolded for in my short road racing career.

- I was scolded, over the team radio, during the race, for using the hotel hot tub the night before

- having more than one beer at dinner

- having a beer after a race

- the whole team was woken up at 5am and sent out on a death march training ride, followed by the team van, for staying out after 11pm, mid-week, between races

- wearing a Galli T-shirt. We were a SRAM team and apparently this shirt from the 80s was a sponsor conflict. I didn’t even know the were still in business

- One time early in ‘07, Sea Otter to be exact, out of like a 10 man team, I was the only finisher. The team meeting was epic. The directors began with “Good job Timmerman. Your on your way up.” and then went around and ripped into all of my teamates…..hard. It was friggin awkward

-Most of the team meetings had at least some of that. Somebody would get yelled at for not making the break, or not making the break, or not making the break…..or sometimes not making the break. I usually made the break when I was supposed to, so was clear there.

- I heard a teammate yelled at for not winning when he podiumed the Redlands crit.

- 75% of what was said on the Kodak team radio was “Dietrich! Get to the front!” Poor bastard had the Iliac artery dead leg thing and I guarantee was trying as hard as he could.

3. Your path into bike racing was pretty interesting. I remember you telling me some story about how you rode your bike across the country or something and then decided that you would try racing after that. Can you tell me about that again for the record?

That was my path BACK to racing after I quit the first time. I had been racing bicycles for 10 years by then. My path to racing was really beyond my control because I was a 13 year old kid, tagging along with his big brother on mountain bikes. It was just what I ended up doing. I raced mountain bikes from '93 to '00ish, when, as Mike Jones put it, mountain biking’s name appeared in the obituaries. Everyone apparently wanted to be like Lance. So I tried to be like him too, but I sucked. I was like a decent sprinter in a cat 3 crit, but I would be dead last in a TT. I could go uphill OK if it was punchy I guess, but not great.

So I quit, due to inadequacy. Then I started on a path of “finding oneself” I guess. I bought this RV and drove around. Soon realized that was so ridiculously stupid. One time I got a flat, like the 5th flat actually, and I packed up my shit into a backpack, got on my bike and just left that gas guzzler there on the side of the road. I soon came to my senses and figured I had to do something with it, so I went and got it, took it back to Tucson (where I was previously living), got rid of it, and then got back on my bike. This time with a pull behind trailer instead of a backpack. I rode up the coast of California. Took a train to Minnesota, a bus to eastern Washington. Got out and started riding again. At that point in my sheltered life I had no idea the great basin desert existed. I pictured Washington as this lush, wet, coniferous forest. I rode through a couple days of long stretches with no water and finally reached the cascades. Up and over to meet some buddies of mine to, yes, start a journey across the US on bike.

A few months after starting I was back home at my folks house in central New York wondering what to do. I raced local CX races on my old mountain bike and was offered a bike shop job down in Ithaca, NY for the following year. I headed back to AZ sometime late fall. Did a semester at a community college out there and returned to CNY for my new bike shop job. My buddy Mike Jones was beginning to have a successful road racing career so I decided I would jump in with the local team while I was working in the bike shop and just have some fun. I had fun. By late summer I was cat 1 with an offer to ride on the premier national amateur team.

4. When you started racing did success come fast or did you struggle?

Over 21 years of racing I’ve had a lot of both. I’ll go over some of the notable ones. When I first started as a little kid it was easy to seem successful because there weren’t that many little kids to race against. As I got further into my teens I did become truly successful as a junior on a state level. Then at a regional level and as I aged into the senior ranks I was able to win state and regional races against the adults. So everyone thought I was the shit but anytime I went to national level races I would get crushed. It was always a huge let down to me because people were expecting me to be the next big thing and I wasn’t. When my brother went over to the gravity side of racing I dabbled there too with a little success. Just a little though.

Soon mountain bike races became really crappy. Promoters would charge a ton and offer no prize money for the starving racers (sound familiar?). Even NORBA (the MTB governing body at the time) didn’t offer professional racers prize money in national events. This was the death of mountain biking. Mike (Jones) and I went out to Tucson together and he was on this rapid rise up through the ranks so I took up road racing. Everyone thought I was on the same path upward but I festered there in the cat 3s while Mike crushed it. That’s when I quit and lived on my bike for a while.

When I came back just for fun things all changed. It seemed like anything I touched turned to gold. I went through a rapid rise in a season reaching cat 1 and landing on the best amateur team in the country. I had picked up an NRC podium a the Tour de Gila crit and gone top 15ish at Fitchburg and Altoona NRC events and finished 2nd to Anthony Colby at the Green Mountain Stage race. By the following spring I was the top ranked cat 1 in the country with a top 10 at one of the early California NRC races and a stage win with 2nd overall to Brent Bookwalter at the Tour of Shenendoah. That fall I tried cyclocross, on a real cross bike this time, and though I only raced a half season I landed on at least one UCI podium. I also landed my first pro contract with Kodak p/b Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. I was Mr consistent there. I was always pretty good. Not quite a race winner in the pros. I finished the year with many solid results including a 4th place NRC TT. That team folded but I was able to get a decent contract with a start up Canadian team run by Steve Bauer for '08. My rise through the ranks had seemingly plateaued. I was still solid. Not far off from winning and always there. Great for finding the break and being there at the end, but just not quite a race winner at a national level. Several people made note to me that one of legs was much smaller than the other, something I don’t ever recall noticing before. I finished the year, again, with some solid results including a 4th in the Tour de Beauce crit (UCI). I busted out the CX bike again and went out for another half season privateer racing. I had 7 UCI top 5 finishes but only hit the podium once with a 2nd. Also top 10’d a USGP. The road travel had cracked me and I decided to quit the road scene. After years of contact with Richard Sachs the deal finally fit and I signed up for a full season of CX racing for '09 with him.

This is where things got really confusing with regards to my abilities. I was to spend the year racing some road races and training in preparation for CX in the fall. All of a sudden I was really struggling again. My body just wasn’t responding to training like it used to and I couldn’t even do well on a local level when less than a year ago I was not far off road UCI and NRC podiums. I was worried, frustrated, wondering why one leg seemed to be shrinking. Then CX rolled up and I had the most successful season of racing I ever had. I podiumed 10 UCI races, 6 of which were wins. I finish out of the top 10 once in 18 UCI races and finished the National Championships in 8th.

This was a huge shock to me after seeming to decline…..so I quit while I was ahead. A few years later, in 2012, I came back to my gig with Richard and it’s been nothing but struggle and let down’s on the bike since. There was a very brief period in the summer of '12 where I might have been good enough to par myself on a really bad day in '06, but otherwise I have been an entirely different racer. I was diagnosed with Iliac Artery Endofibrosis last year, potentially explaining a lot of stuff. Surgery happened on 4/7 of this year and it’s anybody’s guess as to whether I will become the rider I used to be again or if that is gone forever.

5. How did you come to the decision to try and get a pro contract on the road?

Well, it was never really a decision I guess. Just a path I was on. Like I said, I started racing again to have fun and I landed there on Fiordifrutta, the top amateur squad. That team’s primary goal was to be the best feeder team to the pro’s. Curt Davis and Chris Peck took pride in the names they sent on to the pro ranks and wanted to add my name to the list. Those guys did a great service to many, myself included. So from there I was just pushed along. It was supposed to be my goal, so it was.

6. When was being a pro fun and when was it work?

I guess it was like a job always. That is to say that all jobs have fun parts and not-so-fun parts…..or at least the should. It was really fun when I was home training. I could go out and train whenever I needed. Kodak had me on a 3wks on, 3wks off travel schedule so sometimes I would load up my touring bike with gear and go off for a multi day tour to do a training block while camping and seeing the sights. It was great. The racing was really fun. Sometimes in a masochistic way. But the travel sucked. 3wks away from home became 6wks with the Canadian team. A lot of that 6wks spent in vans, planes, hotels…not fun.

7. After that you raced cross for a few more seasons and then quit bike racing all together. What did you end up doing in those years?

I actually only raced cross for one season post road racing before I walked away entirely. During both my periods away from bike racing I had some of the best times of my life. The first was that bike touring period. The second, after road racing I built a yurt, lived in it, worked as an arborist, made fire, shelters, bows, arrows, traps, water vessels, clothing, food, water, tanned hides and more…all primitively, with natures offerings. I taught these skills to others, got married, bought a cabin and land, turned 30, uh, I probably did a lot more, but generally I figured stuff out. By then end of this period I felt like I had a better sense of my place in the world and the place of our species in the world.

8. You then decided to come back to racing cross and you had to be teammates with me. Is it annoying when I ask you to identify trees while we’re walking around looking for breakfast in some random town? 

No. You should do it more often…and remember the answers. Two evergreens that you might lump together as “pine” trees, despite neither of them actually being of the Pinus genus, are no more alike than a full suspension downhill bike is to your 16lb road racing bike. These things are far more important than you realize. The natural world is our origins. We all ought to know something about it if we are to have any wisdom at all about our path forward.

9. Have you been hunting lately? What did you do with the last deer you killed?

No. I had a desire to hunt for turkey in the spring but it never seems to happen. It’s hard to work some, race some, train some, work on cabin some, and hunt some, plus many other interests. I put up the meat from the fall deer to eat through the year and I have the hide in a storage phase for later tanning.

10. Do you remember that I asked you to make me a wool poncho? Hows that coming?

Of course I remember. Do you remember me pointing out that the poncho you described is merely a wool blanket with a hole cut in it for your head to go through. If you took the effort you put into, like, a rest day coffee shop ride, and put it into poncho making, well, you, me, and Brittlee would have like 10 ponchos each right now. We’d be just like Clint in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I’m the good. You two can fight over the remaining designations. Tell you what, you find the ideal blanket for your poncho and I’ll get to work locating some scissors….I mean, that can be tough sometimes…..and then I’ll even get kinda fancy and put some serge stitch and lining around the neck opening for you.