riding a bike on a sidewalk

Imagine Bucky racing to get to you

Bucky had gotten the call he had anticipated for weeks now. He was across the city far from where he was suppose to be. He quickly purchased the few items he had in his basket and threw them in his backpack, raced outside to his motorcycle and jumped started it. The bike took off in no time, speeding through traffic. He prayed that he wouldn’t get stopped by any cops as he made his way to the Avenger’s Tower. A car honked at him, but he paid no attention. His mind was running a marathon of different scenarios. Were you okay? Were you in pain? Would he make it in time?

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C: A few weeks ago I was walking down a skinny sidewalk right up on a wall and a busy street, with bulky bags. An elderly black man was riding his bike down the same sidewalk so I pulled the bags closer to me and got closer to the wall to give him some room and gave me a disgusted look as he went by. I think he thought I was scared he was going to rob me and that’s been haunting me. lol. It shouldn’t be that deep but that bothered me a lot.

I go to pick up my brother from
primary school
and the ice-cream man shows up.
I know what you’re thinking—
cute little van, cutesy music blaring
out its windows
This is my ice-cream man.

He rides his motorcycle with a
whole ice-box attached to it.
He pulls up at the side of the sidewalk
and opens up his umbrella.
O, reader, what an umbrella.

I am 3 again and have just recently
managed to recognise the ice-cream
I am 5 and running towards it, pulling
my mom by the hand.
9 and I am buying ice-cream on my own
as my mother stands off to the side,
14 and I’m buying it for my parents as
they wait for me upstairs.

I am 20 now, and still looking at the
It is a red Walls umbrella.
Up it goes and down the ice-cream man
A queue has already formed, parents buying
cones and ice-cream between rainbow-
coloured bread and ice-cream between

Rainbow-coloured ice-cream with flavours
unknown but delicious with a hint of durian
from the leftover bits on the ice-cream scoop.

My brother comes out, and I hand him some
money for him to get some ice-cream.
There’s a discount for children, $1 instead
of $1.20.
I did not know, and blush as the ice-cream
man laughingly asks me for more money
for my cone.
Sorry, Uncle.

What a term of endearment and familiarity
for someone I only know as an ice-cream
man. It is the same everywhere here.
Picture a hawker centre:
Uncle, laksa please. Makcik, lontong,
terimah kasih. Brother, got appom?

I think the word most appropriate here
is rojak.
What is this place but a rojak of different
cultures? As the song goes,
one people,
one nation,
one Singapore.

How do we connect if not for our collective
love of food?
How do we not view one another as family
this is our country,
this is our flag?
And how the pledge says
regardless of race
or religion?

I’m not a child anymore.
But under this big, red umbrella, we’re all
sweating it out under the hot sun.

—  Venetta Octavia​, “I Want to Show the World What Singapore Can Be” 
The Flowers in James's Ribs

A/N :  Mentions suicide so if that isn’t your thing then the next thing will be happier, promise. For  @picassowasblue because she likes badass Lily as much as me  ///

Eliza Potter is not stupid.

She’s almost seven now, and can put the bread in the toaster without Sirius picking her up, so she can see that James is friends with the pretty new neighbour. 

And she is pretty, as in, interesting pretty. Like she looks like she could punch someone in the mouth, which Eliza actually saw her do one time to Jimmy Ogden during school when he told her to turn around for him. Eliza isn’t scared of her though, because once she fell over when she was riding her bike on the sidewalk outside the house and the pretty girl ran over and helped her up. The girl said that her name was Lily and helped Eliza inside. James smiled when she opened the door even though Eliza’s knee was bleeding into her sock.

James smiles a lot when she’s around, Eliza’s noticed. She tells Lizzy, her best friend, and Lizzy snorts, and says seventeen year old boys don’t smile a lot. And Lizzy would know, she has twin brothers who are seventeen and is the only one in the class who has a raincoat without any mud on it. Lizzy just understands these things. But James really does smile a lot when the girl- Lily- is around. Like when he was mowing the lawn and she waved at him from where she was picking flowers in her yard. James nearly took his foot off when he tried to wave back and Eliza remembers Mummy yelling at him to watch her flippin’ hydrangeas.

But Lily really is nice, plus she has cool hair. Eliza once asked who poured all of that red paint on her head and Lily laughed while James glared and told her not to be such a nerd. But it really did look like paint on Lily’s head, and when she told Eliza that it was just how her hair was. Eliza got annoyed; because she wanted hair that looked like blood so that she could scare sway stupid Fabian Weasley who keeps staring at her in class. Lily laughed again and said that she liked Eliza’s black hair, that black hair was really cool. James smiled really hard when she said that.

Lily is painting her fence on Saturday and James gets out of bed at nine in the morning (he never gets up that early, not even for cartoons) to help her. Eliza brings them sandwiches that she made herself and when she walks over James is talking, “…Yeah but that technically didn’t count as a suspension because Mum never found out about it, she would have fucking shot me if- oh, hi, ‘Liza”. Lily is grinning when Eliza hands her the pickle and jam sandwich. If she really thinks about it, Lily smiles a lot when James is around too. 

Lily also has a sister, but Eliza doesn’t like her at all, because she yells at her when she’s riding her bike on the road and she made Lily cry that one time, when they were outside and the mean sister said that she hated her. Lily cried and Eliza wanted to hit the other girl, because she didn’t have nice red hair or pretty eyes and she hurt Lily. But she didn’t, because mum said she shouldn’t eavesdrop anymore and she was meant to be practising her printing.

But she can tell Sirius about Lily, because Sirius is the best at listening and he likes her pickle and jam sandwiches. Sirius grins so big his face might fall off and says he won’t tell anyone, but she hears him teasing James about it later. Oh well, James deserved it. He called her a nerd.

Lily comes over a lot more now, sitting on the couch watching TV with James and sometimes he even lets Eliza watch with them. Lily leans on James’s knees and Eliza leans on Lily’s knees and it’s like a cool kneeling train. She likes it, because she gets to see James and Lily, who are her favourite people in the whole world. Along with Padfoot, Moony, Wormy and Mummy, of course. Eliza thinks her Dad might have been one of her favourite people to, even though he’s in the ground with the stone on top. Mummy says he was really sad and couldn’t take it anymore. Eliza still doesn’t know what ‘it’ is, but she’s going to find out and punch it, because it makes Mummy sad and James all quiet whenever they talk about Daddy.       

She tells Lily this while she’s waiting for James to get back from Remus’s house and Lily gets really sad, so Eliza tells her not be and gives her a hug, because she doesn’t like it when Lily is sad, it makes her hurt inside.

James comes to her that night and asks if she’s ever sad about Dad, so Lily must have told, but Eliza doesn’t mind because she and James stay up all night talking about him, and Eliza likes that because talking to James is nice. James is her favourite person to talk to ever, she thinks. She tells him so and he hugs her. James is the second best huger, next to Sirius, of course.

She tells Lily this and she says she must test that theory sometime. Eliza doesn’t know what a theory is but she sees Lily hug James a few weeks later after they do their big people school homework in his room. That makes James smile a lot, and he doesn’t even yell at Eliza when she tells him she broke his headphones by accident.

On the day that they always go and visit Daddy’s grave Lily comes with them, Mummy never goes. She just stays in bed and won’t make Eliza breakfast like normal, so James does it. But he’s really quiet and puts too much milk on the cornflakes, so it’s not the same. They borrow Peter’s car because it’s nicer and they drive to the rock in the ground with “ROBERT ELLIOT POTTER’ written on it in big letters. Eliza gets to put the flowers that they brought down, and she arranges them in a smiley face so that maybe, wherever he is, Daddy won’t be so sad anymore. Lily holds James’s hand and Eliza holds Lily’s other hand and it’s like when they kneel on each other on the couch but not fun. Not fun at all.

Lizzy tells her James wants to kiss Lily and Eliza tells her that’s gross, because kissing is yuck and you aren’t allowed to do it until you’re at least twenty-one. That’s what James, Padfoot and Moony all told her. Lizzy tells her she’s just a big baby and Eliza punches her in the mouth just like Lily did to Jimmy Ogden, because Lizzy’s always calling her a baby now and just because she wears a raincoat without mud on it doesn’t mean she’s the queen of the world. And she still doesn’t feel bad about it when she’s sent home early and Mummy yells at her. She tells Lily what Lizzy said and Lily goes really red and mixes up all her words, which is weird because Lily never does that.

One night the phone rings in the middle of the night and Eliza answers, because the phone is on the desk right outside her room and it’s Lily on the other end. She’s crying a lot and tells her to just go get James please and Eliza is really scared because she sounds really sad and what is she’s so sad that she leaves like Daddy. Eliza doesn’t want to see Lily’s name a stone in the ground so she runs to get James really fast. James is mad when she wakes him up but Eliza shoves the phone at him and watches him as he talk to Lily. He says things like, “Calm down” and “I’ll be right there” and then he’s putting on his t-shirt and running for his car. He says he won’t take Eliza and that makes her mad because she wants to see Lily and give her a hug and tell her to not leave, please, because Lily is hers and she loves her a lot. She tells James not to let Lily leave forever and James looks at her real hard and promises he won’t. And then it’s okay, because James doesn’t lie to her, ever. So it’s okay.

Eliza asks Remus why Lily was crying when he comes over the next day because Remus is smart and knows how to explain things so that they make sense, he always helps her with the stupid math homework so he will help her understand why Lily called in the middle of the night. Remus looks at James for a minute and James just gets up and leaves, which is confusing. Remus tells Eliza that Lily had been at a big people party and one of the boys had tried to hurt her, so she called James to come and get her. Eliza asks if James punched they boy and Remus smiles, saying he doesn’t know, but he should have. Remus then makes her promise to tell him or Peter or Sirius or James if a boy ever tries to hurt her and Eliza does, because why wouldn’t she tell? Peter, Remus, Sirius and James are her best friends, even better than Lizzy. Remus hugs her when she tells him this and she hugs him back, because Remus is the third best hugger of all time.

Lily gets a rabbit and Eliza likes to go over and pet him, but when James tries the bunny bites him and Lily laughs so hard that she falls into her pool. She pulls James in by his foot and he yells and gets really wet. Eliza laughs because they’re laughing and then James is pushing Lily’s head under the water and Lily is splashing him and Eliza is grinning and grinning because her older brother is laughing and Lily wasn’t lying about her hair, because the paint doesn’t come out in water so it must be real.

James gets asked by Lily to go to her mean older sister’s wedding and when he leaves in his fancy pants and jacket, Sirius stays and watches cartoons with her. Watching cartoons with Sirius is fun, because he yells funny things at the characters and makes popcorn. Sirius says that James might be in love with Lily. Eliza doesn’t know what that means, because she loves Sirius, so is she in love with him? Sirius laughs and pauses the Power Puff girls. Then he looks at Eliza real hard which means he wants to tell her something really important so she looks back at him and tries to look like she’s listening really hard, because she is.

Sirius says being in love and loving someone isn’t the same, because Sirius loves her but isn’t in love with her. Eliza still doesn’t understand and wishes Remus was there to explain it, but Sirius keeps talking. He says that being in love with someone is when your ribcage feels like a flower garden whenever the other person is around. Eliza doesn’t know what a ‘ribcage’ is but she likes flower gardens and hopes that James has one in his body always, so she says she doesn’t mind if James is in love with Lily, just as long as they don’t kiss until they’re  twenty one, because that is illegal. Sirius smiles and tells her she’s right. Then he makes popcorn and uses lots of salt, just like how he knows she likes it.

When James gets home later Eliza walks up to him and tells him it’s alright if he’s in love with Lily. James stares at her for a minute and then throws his wallet at Sirius’s head, who catches it and smiles, chewing on the nice mint gum that he gave Eliza a piece of.

A lot of days later, she sees James and Lily kissing on the sidewalk. But she doesn’t call the police, because James is smiling when he pulls back and Lily flicks him on the nose and laughs. Eliza lets them do it this one time, but next time she really will call the police. Because she’s not stupid and Peter told her that if she kisses anyone before she’s twenty-one she will have to go to jail. And Remus said they don’t have the Power Puff girls in jail. And that would suck.  

The remnants of vanilla and citrusy oils still clung to her palms and forearms, enveloping her in a mist of aromas that fought to outshine one another. She’d wiped as much of the liquids from her skin, but still patches of moisture twinkled in the sunlight as Sage stepped outside of The Woodhouse for her lunch break. With a messy bun flopping to and fro on the top of her head, the twenty-five-year-old unchained her yellow bike and pushed off down the road, following the downward curve of the hill before her to whoosh into the French Quarter, where Café du Monde’s delicious delicacies awaited her eager tastebuds. 

All seemed well: the road was smooth, and the rumbling cars that lazily crawled along the asphalt were easily dodged. When Sage reached the little bump that separated the sidewalk from the vehicles purring past, she recalled just how new riding a bike actually was. They say that one never forgets, but it had slipped from Sage’s muscle memory a long time ago. And so, as she tried to dodge the portly elderly woman strutting down the street (with her equally chubby pooch) and ride onto the pavement, Sage lost control of the handlebars. She flew over the bike, arms outstretched, only to have her hands smack against the ground when she finally hit it. As the shock and pain shot through her, Sage let out a groan, squeezing her watery eyes shut as a hiss slithered from between her clenched teeth. When a stranger’s silhouette cast itself over her, she looked up, forcing an awkward smile onto her reddening features. 

“Uh… So… You saw that, huh?”


i work the late shift at the ice cream shop and i don’t leave until it’s dark, almost ten o'clock, but when i do i get on my bike and put in my earphones and ride through the mystery of suburban night, follow hazy streetlights, avoid cracks in the sidewalk, and everything is a little mystical when the sun has gone down and the lawns are all the same in rows upon rows, and you can’t be sure if the fuzzy shape in front of you is a person or a tree, but you swerve anyway, and keep on going, the smooth pavement under your tires whispering away. and i ride and ride.

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How about something with Kise and Aomine on how they first meet their crush but it's something embarrassing and memorable, like they feel into a pool and grabbed the guys out of reflex and dragged them in to?

Awkward Moments

Kise: Riding a bike in the city can be dangerous. You wanted to exercise a little more and thought that instead of taking the subway you would bike to school. The cars only left a little room each time they went by and the sidewalk was not exactly meant for bikes to go on. This one particular vehicle decided to leave the smallest sliver of road for you to ride on. The precision it took to keep yourself balanced was rather daunting. The front tire hit a pebble and sent you off course enough that your steering began to wobble. You had no choice but to turn onto the sidewalk or risk falling into the road, but well, the sidewalk had people on it. With your balance completely off kilter, you yelled to the pedestrians to watch out, but one particular young man could not move out of the way in time.

Both of you glanced at each other with surprised faces before crashing into one another. “Wah…..I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that! Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Kise scratched his head, “Ahhaha I’m alright, a little banged up. Did you hurt anything? That guy was driving way to close to you.” he shoved the bike off of the pair of you and placed his hand on your shoulder as he asked. No one really fancied crashing, but you would happily crash into him any day. “I think I scraped my elbow.” you responded. Kise immediatley grabbed your arm and examined the scrape. “You did scrape it quite nicely there. How about I go help you clean it and get a bandage? After all, I only help pretty girls.”  

Aomine: Instead of feeling sleepy, this time he felt hungry. He was supposed to attend practice but well, he was hungry. There was no point in practicing on an empty stomach. He selected the first place he saw which happened to be your usual after school hang out. Your were there with two friends of yours and instantly noticed his presence; Aomine had a way of making the room feel heavy sometimes. He ordered his ramen bowl and caught you catching a quick glance at him. He raised an eyebrow before collecting his bowl and began walking to an empty table behind yours.

Unfortunately, your friends knew you had a slight crush on him and gave you that almost devil-like suggestive look that you knew meant they were up to something. Right as he walked past your table your friend happened to stick her foot out in his path at the last minute. Aomine suddenly flew forward, he tried as best he could to control the bowl of ramen, but his bowl handling skills were nothing compared to his basketball skills. Your eyes widened as the noodles appeared to reach out to grab you. The ingredients of his lunch had soaked your clothes and the noodles draped all over your upper body. Aomine slouched and placed his hand over his eyes, an awkwardly curved smile gracing his lips, “Ah…….I’m sorry.” he mumbled, blushing slightly. Your friends began to laugh. You looked down at your shirt and was embarrassed to find that your bra was showing through the white school shirt. “I-I….!” you wrapped your arms around yourself in attempt to cover the sodden fabric. Aomine took his hand away from his eyes. He smirked for a split second, feeling slightly satisfied at his mistake. “Here,” he said as he removed his jacket and placed it over your shoulders. “I want it back, though. Come to the roof sometime.” he winked and left the store.

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the fandom would probably do what you said in your tags and i'd be in a small group going "consider: pet with 200 uselessly dramatic pieces of tableware, a fancy degree, roasting everyone, and also playing videogames" "stop giving them everything" "but i just want pet to be happy" "i mean fair but pet's too hardcore for that" "i will fight you brian"

mfnfhfndh and then one day some Hot New Content would come out and it’s literally just a montage of Pet Physics Failures

just a solid half-hour of me falling up staircases, and falling off the sidewalk and down a hill, and riding a bike straight off a ledge and faceplanting, and punting a water bottle in half and accidentally drenching myself, and straight up inhaling a chicken finger up my nose from laughing

and then everyone realizes “oh fuck we were wrong pet’s actually a huge garbage nerd”

Rajigaze Oct 7

Reita (reading question): “On this month’s theme of ‘Your Manifesto,’ I want to make more bike-only lanes. I feel like it’s become sad to ride a bike because no matter where you ride it, people just think you’re in the way. I think if we had more bike lanes, everyone would be safer. Do you two ever ride bikes? Please let me know.”

Ruki: Did you know that?

Reita: What?

Ruki: That there aren’t many bike lanes.

Reita: Yeah, I know.

Ruki: Like, where are people supposed to ride them?

Reita: That’s a good question…on the sidewalk? Hm, I think you’re actually not
really supposed to go on the sidewalk.

Ruki: But [if they ride on the road] they’re in the way of cars.

Reita: They really are.

Ruki: So, that’s the problem. Cause people are like, “Hurry up! Go!”

Reita: Mhm.

Ruki: And they can’t go on the sidewalk, either.

Reita: Yeah, cause they’ll be in the way there, too.

Ruki: So…they have to go like…between the sidewalk and the….uhh…road.

Reita: Yeah, in between.

Ruki: Inside the yellow line.

Reita: That’s so narrow, though!

Ruki: Yeah…and even then, there’s people trying to pick up taxis there, you know?

Reita: (laughing) There are.

Ruki: I almost got run over once.

Reita: Ah.

Ruki: Cause there were bikes there. So yeah, they’re in the way there, too.

Reita: Uh-huh.

Ruki: …Why don’t people just not ride their bikes?

Reita: (laughing) No, listen. I ride my bike sometimes, and when I’m on my bike, the cars are in the way. When I’m on my motorcycle, the cars are in the way. But when I’m in my car, the bikes and motorcycles are in the way…

Ruki: …Oh! I see what you’re trying to say.

(Reita laughing)

Ruki: But what about those bikes where you can change the speed? The legit ones…but those would still get in the way too, eh.

Reita: The problem with those is that, they’re at this vague speed where you can’t pass them, and for some reason they’re trying not to get passed too.

Ruki: Oh, yeah…

Reita: So it’s really dangerous.

Ruki: Oh, I seeeee, you’re riiiight…it’s an awkward speed, eh?

Reita: Yeah, it is.

Ruki: Mhm, I can imagine.  

Reita: But I do think everyone should ride their bikes.

Ruki: Even I ride it.

Reita: Yeah – ah! …Really?

Ruki: I do, I do.

Reita: How do you ride it? Is it a mom bike? (*bike w basket on it)

Ruki: No, just a normal bike.

Reita: The kind with gears?

Ruki: With gears.

Reita: The kind without a splash guard?

Ruki: (laughs) It has one…

Ruki: Well, I hardly ever ride it…only when I don’t really feel like walking

Reita: It’s complicated.

Ruki: Yeah, especially cause…I’m not in the country or anything…so there’s people wandering all over the place…and I feel like I shouldn’t ride where they’re walking and it’s like, where am I supposed to go…

Reita: Well, we were never really taught where you’re supposed to ride your bike, or rules like, you can’t go on the sidewalk.

Ruki: Well, there were never rules before.

Reita: It didn’t matter, right?

Ruki: Mhm.

Reita: But now it’s pretty strict, right?

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: I mean, I wonder if they’re teaching kids this stuff from elementary school.

Ruki: Ah…

Reita: Cause if they don’t teach them, it’s a problem for us too.

Ruki: Yeah, for sure….(starts giggling) Hey, you…

Reita: What?

Ruki: Uhh…

Reita: What??

(both giggling)

Ruki: Wait, wait…you’ve probably seen this cause you live in the country…recently aren’t there people who pedal standing?

(both burst out laughing)

Ruki: Their butts bounce so much, right?

Reita: Yeah, yeah, back in our day most people rode like that.

Ruki: But I saw someone doing that yesterday for the first time in a while.

Reita: That’s especially hard when you’re going on hills.

Ruki: Well, it’s probably cause there’s no hills (*that the person was riding like that I guess)

Reita: Yeah, also wouldn’t you fall off? I mean, the roads [here] are so narrow…in the country the roads are big (*so people can stand-pedal and bounce they asses)

Ruki: Well, this person was probably trying to go fast.

Reita: (laughs) Oh, really?

Ruki: Well yeah, they were probably in a hurry…and that’s why they were riding a bike.

Reita: Mhm…

Ruki: Yeah…it’s a shame, eh.

Reita: It really is~ so we have to teach the proper way [to ride a bike] to the people of the wor– of Japan.

Ruki: But even though there are rules (*of where you can ride), the towns themselves aren’t set up for them.

Reita: And it’s like, “there’s actually a rule for that, you know.”

Ruki: Yeah, I think that’s not good.

Reita: It hasn’t permeated [society].

Ruki: Ah, that sounds manifesto-y.

(Reita giggles)

Ruki: Huhu

"get the fuck on the sidewalk!!!"

no, sir, i won’t. because it’s illegal to ride there (unless you’re a child, disabled, or elderly, & even then, it should be at a slow speed, yielding to pedestrians)

but, more so, i find it incredibly pathetic how many times (easily in the hundreds) this has been screamed at me, after a driver has acted in a reckless, life-threatening manner. of course, it would be more convenient for me to not even exist in your sight whatsoever than for you to have to consider NOT ENDANGERING SOMEONES LIFE.

no. actually, how about get the fuck off the road if you can’t give a cyclist space & wait the SECONDS it would take to pass them safely.

drivers licenses should be harder to get.

I dreamt last night

That there were zombies in my town but like they were more of a nuisance than a real danger. Like by this point in time in history they came around rarely and when it rained they got pushed up from the mud.

Well in the dream I was riding a bike and I was with a friend at a track. She was running and I was riding my bike around her. Well this guy yells at me cause I keep getting in his way. So I’m annoyed and decide to head to the other track near this one which had sidewalk surrounding it so I could ride around it. There’s only this one guy running around it. Well it starts raining and zombies like they do start popping their hands through the mud. The guy who was running gets his leg caught by a zombie and it uses him to pull itself free and is about to attack him. So I ride over real quick on my bike and have him hop up on the spokes, this saving him from this zombie. Well when I’m far enough away I let him off. It turns out that the guy is Sebastian Stan, and he was out getting some exercise for a role, and I saved him from zombies. He was super thankful. He was wearing a baseball hat, a blue shirt and some sweats.

I woke up and was like that’s awesome that I saved him. I’m a hero! Hahaha

Growing up, nobody tells you that you only remember the best and the worst parts of your life.  

I remember my skirt flying up in fourth grade in front of everyone in my class, flashing them with my Dora underwear. I remember Justin’s smile and feeling the butterflies in my stomach the following year when our eyes met.  I remember the disappointment I felt when I didn’t place in the 800m run during the track meet in my final year of elementary school.

Nobody ever tells you to cherish the feeling of breathing while riding a bike and cruising down the sidewalk. Nobody tells you to make memories of your tiny hand enveloped by your dad’s fingers or the softness you feel when you lie down in the grass and do absolutely nothing. Those aren’t the things that make up your life and those aren’t things that you end up remembering later.

When I pick apart my memories, I only remember the big things, but never the small ones that used to fill in the gaps.

And now I’m 22 and all I have left are those ephemeral memories and a wish to go back to that simpler time. To Justin’s smile, I wonder what he’s doing right now; if he’s happy, in a relationship or if he never got over me, like I did.

I know I should call him, I want to call him but the fear’s gripped me so hard that I can’t even breath. What are you supposed to say to the person who used to mean everything to you and now is barely an acquaintance?

All I know that if I hear his voice I’ll break; the voice who used to sing me to sleep and promise me the world.

But maybe I deserve to break, so I can fix myself and become whole again.

—  A collaboration between @angel-uhrr & @giulswrites! Check her out, her work is amazing!
List of FREE little activities for summer

If you or your caregiver are on a budget you can still be little!!!!

- Go to a park
- Try Geocaching (it’s like treasure hunting)
- Have a friend or Cg teach you to ride a bike, skateboard or roller blades
- Sidewalk chalk
- Catch butterflies or lightening bugs
- Go to a street fair or festival (make sure to wear your favorite little outfit!)
- Go see fireworks
- Go for a hike
- Have a picnic
- Fly a kite
- Roll down a big hill
- Plant flowers or veggies (try to find a friend with a plant you can start these from so you don’t have to buy any)
- Outdoor theatre (lots of towns have free shows)
- Play in the puddles if it rains
- Go to a beach

Feel free to add to the list 😁

* remember being a Cg doesn’t mean buying things or expensive dates, just spending time with your little is all they want *

northern californian gothic
  • when people say “california”, they don’t mean you. they never mean you.
  • you can see the snow, it’s under your feet and all around you, but they keep insisting it’s not there. you saw it fall from the sky yourself. “it’s not real,” they say. “it doesn’t snow in california.” you reach down to scoop some up, to prove it to them, to make them see, but it burns your hands to the bone. “it not real. it doesn’t snow in california.”
  • you’re walking through the town and it’s raining, big fat drops from a dark sky. you turn the corner onto a new block and suddenly it’s not raining anymore; the sun is out, kids are riding their bikes in circles in the street, the air is warm, and the sidewalk is bone dry. you keep walking and turn onto another block. it is raining again. the only thing that tells you you’re still in the same place is the sound of birds singing in every tree, never breaking their song.
  • when you drive by the river, you always remark about how high or low the water is. “it’s really low today.” “oh, it’s almost up to the trees.” you have to. even when you’re speaking to an empty car. you don’t want to find out what happens if you don’t. you can’t afford to find that out.
  • there’s a mountain range in the distance that always have snow-capped peaks year-around, even during summer. you can keep driving towards them forever, but they will always be the same distance away.
  • sometimes, you can’t tell whether they’re actually mountains or just clouds. you can’t really tell anything from clouds, anymore.
  • “why do they call them ghost towns if there’s still people living in it? still, it’s really cool they all dress up like cowboys.” “what are you talking about? we’ve been here all day and haven’t seen a single person.”
  • sometimes, a pinecone just hits you in the head. you’re not even near a pine tree. the pinecone finds you anyway. the pinecone will always find you.
  • you don’t ask your neighbor why their flowers are growing so well during the drought. there is always a drought but their flowers are always so happy. you don’t ask them why every spring they write “i’m so sorry” on their lawn in red paint. you don’t ask them where your friend from L.A. who came up to visit you disappeared to. you don’t ask them.
  • the dogs drug something in from the woods, but you don’t know what or where it is. you just see a bunch of thick brown fur and trail of black blood. the dogs are nervous.
  • people are wearing flip-flops in the freezing rain. “excuse me, i’m sorry, but aren’t your feet cold?” you ask them. “i don’t have feet,” they sob. “oh god, what happened to my feet? oh god, my feet. oh, god.”
  • you’re in sacramento and you know you’ve seen that tree before. there’s a million trees around you but you know you’ve seen that tree before. it’s the same tree. you’ve seen that tree bef-
  • there is a bear you met as a child. you apologized to them for looking them in their eyes, and they moved out of your way to let you pass. to this day, you are pretty sure that bear is your friend. but you never know, with bears.
  • you’re in a diner passing through a small orchard town. “my wife and i have been here since the Great Depression,” the young farmer sitting next to you says. “oh, so you’re third generation, then?” you ask. the farmer just smiles into their coffee.
  • every place is named after the terrible things white people have done there
  • there is gold in the river. there is gold in the streets. there is gold under your fingernails and in your skin. they will kill you if they find it. they will kill you if they see it. lie. lie about the gold. lie about the way your hair sparkles. “it’s all the avocado oil,” you will say as they squint at you. “it’s just the avocados.”
  • you can hear them chanting it across the bay. hella. hella. hella. it’s so rhythmic, so comforting, like the rise and fall of the hills. hella. hella. hella. you know one day they will come for you and yours. you know one day you will join them. hella. HELLA. HELLA. hella. hella. hella. hella. hella.
  • the redwoods do not “start”. the rest of the world ends.
  • the ocean is cold and gray and it will take you. it will take you away. all you can smell are the wild herbs growing on the edge of a cliff and the corpses of seals rotting on the beach and the sand is made of jagged rocks that cut your feet. still, you wade in, ignoring the way the water stings your skin until the cold eventually numbs you to the bone. it will take you away. you don’t remember what it means to be warm.
Today, I fucked up... by laughing at a little girl

As I was driving down my street about to turn right and pull into my driveway, I got distracted by a young girl of about 11 riding her bicycle on the opposite sidewalk right across from my house. What made me catch my eye was her wheel turning left and right as she struggled to keep her balance. Her front wheel ended up hitting a telephone pole and she sumersaulted off her bike right onto the sidewalk Being the immature young adult that I am, I begin to laugh hysterically; only for a very short period of time… Since I got distracted by the little girl falling and I wasn’t looking straight, I didn’t turn sharp enough and drove right into my neighbours oak tree and fucked up my whole car. Her bicycle is in better condition than my car

Karma is a bitch, do not laugh at little girls falling.

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