ridin dirty!

Lance car shenanigans part.1
  • Keith: *is driving with his bf**stops at red light*
  • Lance: 'This is my time to shine.' *rolls down all the windows, kicks feet up on dash, cranks up stereo to ear shattering volume*
  • Keith: *tapping on the wheel,is completely oblivious to what's happening*
  • Lance: *makes eye contact with next car* *dramatic pause*.......
  • Keith: *turns head in slow motion*
  • Lance: *suddenly wearing swag glasses and a snapback, practically hanging out window, bouncing the car*
  • "Tryin to catch me ridin dirty."
  • Keith: *is mortified and shocked even though this happens often*
  • Also Keith: quietly ejects himself from the car and walks into open traffic
  • Don’t try and tell me that Lance isn’t the kind of person that lives for opening up the car windows with music blasting and singing/ doing interpretive dance to whoever is driving next to him.

A goal of mine, I want to complete in the near future, is to make a Link cosplay from either TP or HW and dance to several dank songs, such as:

I’m on a Boat by TheLoneyIsland
Shell Shocked from the TMNT movie
X Gon Give It to Ya by DMX
Take on Me by A-ha
Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire
You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood
Rasputin by Boney M.
Moves by Big Sean