Huzzah the creation of my Elsa skirt. Figured I’d show both pictures to try and give a better idea of the colour. The bottom isn’t hemmed yet and I haven’t put the slit in. I figure I’ll do those parts once I have found the shoes I’ll use because I want them to have a bit of a heel.

P.S. ridiculousabsurdity the fabric is a bit stretchy, that part wasn’t just a dream =P This is happening =D

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number 20 :)

ok this is kinda specific so I’ll give some back story.
I think 20 was last thought before bed
Some friends and I went out to get some tim hortons last night and we got to talking about what we would do in the zombie apocalypse. And we have this friend who I said we would tied down burn alive and then throw at the zombie horde, hoping he’d take some of them out with him, SO my last thought of the night was…

I doubt we have the combined strength to actually throw a man on fire to the zombies nor the requisite knowledge to build a catapult.