I love how people are calling Neda a ‘meninist’ because she’s targeting Cass. How tf does that make her a meninist?? What is she supposed to do, not go after Cassandra just because she’s a woman even though Cass said she wanted to backdoor her?? The term meninist gets thrown around way too much now. 😒

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Can we expect any more writing 👀 I'm so dead up I love ur writing it's mad entertaining tbh I was just lookin up tom for the new movie and I came across one of ur writings and I was like 😍😍😍 than the more videos and pictures of tom I saw and now I'm trapped 😩 it's u and tom fault

I’m glad I can be a reason for the cause of your obsession😂 But girl I don’t feel like doing ish rn, these people are tf WORISOME and I got a lot of stuff that’s about to come up. 

And it honestly depends on how i’m feeling. Like if I get random inspiration then I will type it but sometimes I can’t finish! I have so many imagines in draft, its ridicoulous! 

Like this shit is out of control but I don’t have the enthusiasm to finish right now😩


stavo pensando che ormai ci sono gruppi di whatsapp per tutti/tutto: quello del calcetto, quello familiare, quello dei fan di doctor who (davvero, io non ci sto ma c’è), quello dei fan di caparezza (idem), la mia migliore amica sta in un gruppo con altri fan degli afterhours! 
insomma, gente che si conosce e gente che no, tutti su whatsapp.

e se esistesse un gruppo whatsapp di tumblr, voi ci entrereste?
ovviamente poi sarebbe gigantesco.
e io, in gruppo con chi starei?
fammi pensare.

soggetti-smarriti che tanto farebbe finta di non esserci, brondybux perché ci vuole, miaeffe per scambiarci foto sexy di capa, mariaemma, tripps42 per la musica, ambarabaccicicoco, crosmataditele per le gite a cappadocia, selene, winmyfoes, masoassai & le donne nude, kon-igi perché serve, normanora, risiebisi, santacrab, mmegatsby, burrone, masclez ma solo se porta i supplì ..e poi boh, sicuro altri ma evidentemente non mi comparite in dash da un po’. 

che caciara sarebbe.
ma tanto poi di che parlo io, che ho 1 solo tumblo su facebook e ai meetup non vengo perché mi vergogno? 

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“I should be sleeping but my mind has hit some kind of headcanon & fic…”


This is a bit of a Obi-Wan focused trainwreck, sorry. 

I have so many small headcanons and tiny fic ideas and stuff so I’m just gonna write up some of those I remember in somewhat loose terms.

Well, we have fun headcanons like:

  • Padawans need to learn how to handle at least one instrument, Obi-Wan plays the piano. He teaches Ahsoka sometimes.
  • Cody gives out pamphlets to the shinies of the 212th labeled “General Kenobi survival guide” that has useful tips such as “If General Kenobi smiles and strokes his beard with a look in his eye, run. Leave the room and find someone from the Ghost company immediately.” and “You might have heard about the crazy shit General Skywalker pulls, but trust me. Our General taught that man everything he knows, the shit he pulls is lowkey compared to what Kenobi gets up to. The only reason no one knows is that Kenobi is better at making reports that sound sane.” and so on.
  • Obi-Wan likes to hide among the troopers at times. Mainly when he doesn’t feel like writing council reports or just needs a break. He has his own set of clone armor with a voice regulator in the helmet and the only ones who can tell him apart when in full armor are Waxer and Boil for some reason. It leads to rumors of a ghost trooper on the Negotiator.

  • In a Daemon AU I hc Obi-Wan’s daemon to be a tiger and settling late. Everyone thinks she’s gonna end up as a cat since people keep underestimating obi she seems to prefer that form and likes to ride on Obi’s shoulders.

Then we have some of the angst fic ideas.

  • Well, we have Obi-Wan getting stuck in his own head because Palpatine is a dick and no one can help him. Let’s just say Ahsoka cries and it is NOT fun because I don’t know how to make it progress anywhere.
  • There is the kind of cute one where Order 66 doesn’t happen but Depa Billaba dies anyway. Caleb and Obi-Wan bond over dead masters/parental figures and there is sadness and support.
  • Then there is the winter soldier inspired one (I know there are others but I haven’t read them so)  where Obi-Wan gets captured and mindwiped several times stripping away what makes him him piece by piece until he is a yellow eyed hollow weapon Ventress has chained up and releases to take care of Jedi in the battlefield. So the Jedi gather up their forces and goes to take out this new jedi killer. Only it’s Obi-Wan, and Anakin is there. I can’t decide how to end this one because the angst potential but someone will die.

#brianajungwirth #briana @brianaashleyjungwirth Let me tell you one thing, honey. You can’t control the Internet, you can’t go here and there and tell people to delete pictures because you don’t like them… They were here since last year and they were here because you let them be here, you wanted to be in this pictures and now they are here and everywhere and you can’t delete all of them because you don’t like your face… You have to accept that people don’t want to delete them… Like you accept all those beautiful pics and all the compliments like “queen Briana”… You always love and accept the positive things people say about you, but why? What have you done? You are not famous for a talent you have like singing or dancing or something like that, you never did something important to take all the compliments and support and everything, you are a normal human being… You gave birth? Ok, tons of women did that… Why you allow to call you “queen”? Queen of what? So if you can handle “queen Briana” you must handle also all these pictures… And don’t tell me you want privacy because someone who wants privacy don’t make Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat profiles public to do Q&A and other things… You want fame, we get that, nothing wrong but stop acting like you’re the victim cause you’re totally not! You want fame? You got that, with the whole package! Good luck.