#brianajungwirth #briana @brianaashleyjungwirth Let me tell you one thing, honey. You can’t control the Internet, you can’t go here and there and tell people to delete pictures because you don’t like them… They were here since last year and they were here because you let them be here, you wanted to be in this pictures and now they are here and everywhere and you can’t delete all of them because you don’t like your face… You have to accept that people don’t want to delete them… Like you accept all those beautiful pics and all the compliments like “queen Briana”… You always love and accept the positive things people say about you, but why? What have you done? You are not famous for a talent you have like singing or dancing or something like that, you never did something important to take all the compliments and support and everything, you are a normal human being… You gave birth? Ok, tons of women did that… Why you allow to call you “queen”? Queen of what? So if you can handle “queen Briana” you must handle also all these pictures… And don’t tell me you want privacy because someone who wants privacy don’t make Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat profiles public to do Q&A and other things… You want fame, we get that, nothing wrong but stop acting like you’re the victim cause you’re totally not! You want fame? You got that, with the whole package! Good luck.