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when will antis notice that Yuri Plisetsky is not their 15 year old son who must be protected from any form of relationships but a character of an anime which actually means he doesn’t exist in real life? and why can’t they accept the fact that Otayuri isn’t about sexualizing Yuri but giving him a relationship? and what’s this fight between antis and shippers for? none of us is writing s2’s plot, we can’t be sure if they get together or not, and i don’t think that either the antis’ hate or the shippers’ fanworks could change kubo’s and the team’s plans for the story.
so please tell me, dear antis, what’s so bad about having fantasies of Yuri and Otabek that you wish we’d choke? making fanarts or writing fanfictions about nonexistent characters isn’t worng. hating others for doing it is. let’s forget it all and wait for season 2 together.

Why Sarah Jane Adventures is a terrific TV-show

I’ve been rewatching this show for a while now, and decided to make a list of all the reasons Sarah Jane Adventures will always be a terrific TV Show, and why Sarah Jane Smith is an absolutely terrific character

  • Sarah Jane is an older woman, and still the main character. Elisabeth Sladen was closer to 60 at the series start, Sarah Jane at least close to 50. And she is still center stage in the show.
  • Sarah Jane has had a rather crappy life. Let’s be honest, shall we? She has lived most of her life already when the show begins, and it has been very far from the perfect, successful life she might have dreamed of.
  • The message that it is never too late to succeed, and have a good life. Before The Doctor, Sarah Jane’s life hadn’t even started yet. After The Doctor, It took Sarah Jane 40 years of not knowing what to do with her life before she figured out what she wanted to do, and before it started looking brighter again. Isn’t that a splendid message?
  •  You don’t need a guy to always save the day. She learned that through 40 years of uneccesary pinning, and then she really take sit all on on her own.
  • The well-functioning intergenerational friendship between the ‘companions’ and Sarah Jane. People doesn’t have to be your own age for you to be  your friends and for you to enjoy eachothers company. ❤
  • There is nothing wrong with being smart, or a little socially awkward. It doesn’t take away from you as a person. Shown through Luke the new-born teenager boy genious.
  • The honest emotions in this show. They don’t hide anything. They show how much Sarah Jane hurts every time she find The Doctor and every time something happens, there is several scenes of Rani running home to hug her parents and cry when something upsetting happens etc. They give all emotions the characters experience the space to run their course and not just be over in the blink of an eye.
  • Relatable Characters. I could imagaine meeting every single non-alien (with the exception of Luke and Sky) character in this show irl
  • The actors /actresses - they’re all fantastic at what they do, especially Elisabeth Sladen
  • Logic and consistency- over five seasons they manage to hold it toghther very well and even though there is a lot of aliens and ridicoules threats the solutions never feels half-finished or rushed. It always feels as though it logical based on the events of the episode.
  • ‘Multiple parts’ or serial adventures. Just like Classic Doctor Who 90% of SJA is built up out of serials, two parts, which in my opinion  leaves more room for development and fulfillment of the plot. BUT since the episodes are only 30 min/each, it still doesn’t result in too many things being left hanging.

That is all. If you have your own ideas reblog and comment it! 😁

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Marauders + house share head-cannons 

  • So they are done with Hogwarts, the world is their oyster, freedom ect 
  • and then
  • shit
  • “Pads we have nowhere to live” 
  • “I’ve got a real big cardboard box you can share Prongs mate you don’t have to live with your parents.” 
  • James and Sirius have a panic because they are adults and do they know how to adult? No. 
  • Lily and Remus are watching like ??? 
  • Purebloods are not good at getting on the property ladder due to an abundance of ancestral family homes. 
  • Lily and Remus mention that they are renting a flat together. 
  • “Great! We’ll live with you!”  (This is Sirius. James is still a little scared of accidentally scaring Lily away with his over-eagerness.) 
  • Lily says it would make rent cheaper (and she’s head over heels for James and now she doesn’t have to ask him to move in so it’s all great.) 
  • “There are only two bedrooms.” - Remus and his A* maths skills have realized this isn’t going to work as smoothly as they all think. 
  • “Lily and James, you and me, Moony. Perfecto.” 
  • Sirius realizes what he has implied and blushes a lot. Remus blushes a lot. James has a realization. Lily is rolling her eyes. 
  • “Erm. Or you know, I could take the couch.” 
  • “Don’t be stupid, Pads. We’ve shared a room for years. Besides, we don’t want you always hogging the sofa and claiming it as your own.” 
  • Remus adds this a little hastily because yes he absolutely does want to share a room with Sirius he just doesn’t want to admit it. 
  • Sirius nods, still a little embarrassed, maybe thinking about seeing Remus shirtless and sharing a room with no James and no Peter. 
  • Where is Peter you ask? I don’t know. On holiday in Australia. I don’t freaking care. 
  • “You and Lily have to keep the sex to a minimum OK my innocence can’t deal with it.” - Sirius, again, mainly because he doesn’t think he’ll be able to have sex ever again whilst sharing a room with Moony unless it’s with Moony and that would be crazy wouldn’t it yes. 
  • Lily elbows Sirius rather hard. 
  • Anyway they agree on this and they move in 
  • but
  • the flat is tiny
  • like super tiny
  • there are technically two bedrooms
  • but
  • each will only fit a double, not two singles
  • unless they go with bunk beds
  • no one wants bunkbeds have you ever slept in a bunk bed
  • it’s hell
  • the other person twitches their big toe and it’s like you are on a rolling ship in the ocean
  • idk maybe I had shitty bunk beds
  • anyway back on topic
  • Sirius and Remus don’t really talk about it, they just get on with it
  • and if they wake up snuggling well no one needs to know
  • and they both kind of like it so
  • they don’t kiss or anything they just snuggle in bed
  • Lily and James catch them one morning, snuggled up, arguing, and ask if they are dating
  • and they are like ??? no! of course not! this is platonic morning snuggling what are you talking about 
  • then Lily and James leave
  • and Sirius is like 
  • Moony are we accidentally married
  • Moony says maybe they are 
  • They kiss a little 
  • they kiss some more
  • Sirius bounces out of the room to tell Lily and James that yes they are dating they are boyfriends now 
  • Que eye rolls from the flatmates who are semi competent at romance
  • Anyway Lily and James share their tiny room 
  • and they love it
  • but they fight. So much? 
  • Not about anything Sirius like they just like a good fight 
  • “James Potter are those your socks underneath my pillow again.” 
  • Lily Evans will you refrain from storing your wand in my boots!”
  • They are both messy af though so that isn’t an issue
  • Remus and Sirius though -Remus is so messy? You wouldn’t think it because he has his shit together and he meets deadlines and all but… he does not do tidy. Sirius is a complete neat freak though so he’s always pairing up Remus socks and doing his laundry and making the bed the second Remus is out of it and it drives Remus mad. 
  • “Sirius where the fuck are my shoes? And that book about muggle electronics?” 
  • “On the shoe rack and on your bookcase.” 
  • “What the hell are they doing there?! how am I supposed to find anything if you keep moving it into ridicoulous places???” 
  • “??? it’s literally in the right place Moony you are being ridiculous.” 
  • Anyway Sirius does most of the cleaning around the flat, Lily and James do the cooking (Sirius and Remus can. not. cook. Everything is burnt or raw. If left to their own devices they would eat toast, biscuits, crisps and apples. Sometimes peanut butter by the spoonful.) 
  • Remus does the grocery shopping because he can budget and he is excellent at writing lists. He loves his lists. 
  • Sirius is horrified the first time he does Lily’s laundry. 
  • “That is a thong, Sirius. Please put it down.” 
  • He is actually quite concerned. 
  • The main flat arguments they have are over:
  •  1, Lily and James make up sex (at least three times a week after a meaningless fight. Sirius and Remus are convinced they fight just to fuel their sex life.)
  • 2. Remus leaving his socks everywhere? Like everywhere? He comes home and leaves them in the sink, on the sofa, balled up in the corner, in the bed - anywhere. 
  • 3. People using Sirius’ shampoo. 
  • 4. Taking the bins out, which they all hate. Other than that they are pretty clean. 
  • 5. James’ repeated attempts to adopt stray animals. 
  • “James dear, that is fox. It is wild. It does not need rescuing. Please put it back outside.” 
  • “BUT… IT’S SO CUTE.”
  • 6. James getting up at 5.46 everyday so he can be out running before the other runners, and smirk at them whilst they warm up. 
  • 7. Sirius overly load rock music and Lily’s overly load pop music and especially Lily and Sirius’ frequent sing/dance offs. 
  • Idk I just really like thinking about the marauders and Lily squished into a tiny flat in London for the first year out of Hogwarts and yeah things are starting to get scary but it’s OK for now and they are happy and in love and everything is good. 

Cute sketches commissions for 5$


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Park Encounter Part 2

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Warnings: Language

On the way to the coffeshop you wouldn’t stop talking. You discovered that he is also very funny and open minded.

“What do you want to drink? A banana milkshake maybe?”

“How did you know?”

“Ehmm… I have seen your interviews.”

 When you arrived you ordered a coffee, something to drink yourself and a banana milkshake for the handsome man standing next to you.

Your order arrived and when you were about to pay, KJ steped in and tried to do the same. “Ehm… No fucking way!” 

You tried to push him away but he grabbed you and pinned you in his body. You were so close that you could feel his breath in your neck and you suddenly forgot how to breathe yourself.  He, of course, paid, since you couldn’t move and then -unfortunately- he freed you smiling while doing so.

“Thank you! You really didn’t have to!” you said while exiting the coffeeshop.

“You have cream in your lips.”

“Of course I fucking do. You should see me eat. The food is always getting everywhere.”

“Let me help you with that.” He came closer to you. Staring at your lips he used his thumb to wipe the cream of your lips. He then brought his thumb to his mouth while looking directly into your eyes. “You have really nice lips.”

“Thank you! It is one of my best features.”

“What are your other best features?” he said seductively.

“Legs and hair. And many other things that it would be too narcissic to say. Why? What were you expecting?”

“I was not expecting anything. I wanna find out myself.” he winked. “Do you want me to take you home?”

“Do YOU want to take me home?” you said bitting your lower lip while never breaking eye contact.

“Hell yes!” he said looking again at your lips. “Let’s go!”

The ride to your appartment was realy fun. You were singing together to them most ridicoulous songs you had on your phone like “Wannabe” and “Milkshake”.

“So who’s your celebrity crush?” he asked you. 

“Chris Evans and you.” you said like the smooth motherfucker you are.

“Oh is that so?” he asked palyfully.

“Yup. Yours?”

“Kendall Jenner and you.”

“But I am no celebrity.”

“You will be one day. Either for your talent or for dating me. Maybe both.”

“Oh stop it you. You will make me blush.” Lie. You were already blushing.

“You are one of the most fascinating human beeings I have ever encountered (Y/N) (Y/L/N)”

“Wow! You must have encountered really few then.” you said and you both laughed.

“Wanna come upstairs?” you asked him when you arrived.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Hahaha come on then!” 

When you opened the door, you found your roomate studying. You gave her her coffee and you introduced her to KJ.

“Thank you for the coffee. Well that explains why you hang up soo quickly. Wait! Isn’t he the guy you painted last month?” 

“Wait! You have painted me? May I see?”

“Ehmm… Yeah sure. Follow me.”

You quided him to your room where a bra was thrown on your chair. “Sorry about that.”

“Ha! Like I mind….”

Your room was full with paintings, paint, brushes and books. 

“You are unbelievable! These are amazing!”

“Here.” you said showing him his portrait. It was full of colors and you had captured his beauty perfectly. He was amazed. He looked at you shocked and then he grabbed your face and kissed you, his lips connecting with yours. The perfect fit. It was like when you put two pieces of a puzzle together. That’s how the kiss felt.

“Wow! I guess you liked it!” you said when parting so that you could breathe.

“You bet I do. It’s amazing! Fantastic! GREAT! You know what else I like?”


“Kissing you.” He said and did just that.

What do you guys thik? DId you like it?

Costumes and Proposals

Requested by: teacup-kay
I’m so sorry this took way longer than expected. I went camping and there was no service. Anyway here it is and I hope you don’t mind I added something at the end the make it extra fluffy. Requests are open so feel free to send one in. :)

“Remind me why we’re here again.” Sherlock said as I slipped a purple boa around his shoulders. 
“I’ve told you three times already, we’re here because we were invited to Molly’s costume part and we need costumes.” Sherlock began looking through a shelf of ridiculous looking hats. 
“Okay but why am I trying things on.” He held up a purple hat with bright pink feathers on it. “It isn’t even Halloween and Molly is throwing a party where stupid people put on stupid costumes and act like even more idiots than they already are.” I went over and took the hat from his hands.
“Well I suppose you are going to be one of those stupid people because you are going with me.”I placed the hat on his dark curls and stepped back. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t and I ended up bursting with laughter. “You look ridicoulos!”
“This shop is ridicoulous. It’s dark and it smells like vanilla and musk. The owner is obviously cheating on his wife with the cashier and the-” Before he could say anymore I cut him off with a kiss. As he reached to put his hands around my waist I pulled away.
“Please just try to enjoy yourself, and if not just pretend.” He sighed heavily. I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, love. Now, which do you like better, the white one or the gold one?” I asked holding up two masquerade masks. He turned up his nose. “Neither. This one suits you.” He held up a black mask with gold flakes around the edges.
“I like that one.” I held it up admiring it. “Okay well let’s go try on some costumes for you.” I grabbed random clothing articles and dragged him to the fitting rooms. “Here try that on.” He groaned.
“I could be solving cases right now.”
“Remember what you promised.” He sounded like he was struggling to try out it on. “I’d rather be with Mycroft.”
“Well that’s saying something isnt it.” I said giggling. He finally stepped out looking extremely annoyed as always.
“I look absolutely ridiculous.” He said. He was wearing a pirate costume. A white puffy shirt with a leather vest over it and matching trousers. “You do look ridiculous. But it looks nice. So you’re wearing it.” I laughed.
“Y/N I am not wearing this. It completely disrespects my reputation. I won’t be taken seriously.” I groaned and walked over to him with the hat and eye patch.
“Did you want to be a pirate when you were younger? Mycroft told me you wanted to be a pirate.” I placed the hat his head and stepped back.
“Of course he told you.”
“What? It came up once.” I took out my phone and snapped a picture.
“Did you just take a picture of me?” I immediately sent it to John and Mycroft.
“I did actually because you look adorable.”
“I do not.”
“You do. And I don’t see why-” but it was my turn to be cut off by a kiss. I didn’t even hear him come up to me. My arms draped around his neck and he held my waist pulling me closer. He pulled away but held me still.
“Y/N. You do things to me that, I can’t describe. You make me feel things that I thought I could never feel. I will wear this for you on only a few conditions. I don’t wear the eyepatch and no hook.” I smiled brightly at him.
“Deal.” As I went to kiss him again he stopped me.
“There’s one more thing.”
“Okay now you’re pushing it Holmes.” I laughed.
“Y/N like I said. You make me feel things I never thought I could feel. You helped me to become a better person. Y/N you made me realize that love is not just a chemical inbalance in the brain. It’s so much more. I’ve realized that…I love you. And I will wear this ridiculous costume, on the condition that you marry me.” He pulled out a ring from his pocket. Tears brimmed my eyes and I smiled so brightly. “I know this isn’t the most romantic place but I couldn’t wait any longer.” I kissed him long and hard and then again and again.
“Yes, yes a thousand times yes!” He scooped me up and twirled me around. When he set me back down he slipped the rig into my finger. It was absolutely beautiful. After he was changed we bought his costume and mine-a pirate as well- we caught a cab to head home. Just as I was falling asleep on his shoulder I received a text. Checking my phone I saw it was Mycroft. It was a photo of Sherlock and I in the shop as he proposed.
“Congratulations, sister in law.”
I smiled again and replied “thank you Mycroft.” And fell asleep beside my soon to be husband.


What I think of this situation?
I don’t know what I can think.
I’m disgusted, to much.
Skrill say more excuse and in this period of silence, he try his best, but hey, nobody see it.
You are kids.
Just only kids.
I really want to see you in him situation.
People hate him, everyday insults, kill yourself and more shit.
Ah but, gore is OKAY, rape NO.
Death in a drawing can make too thinks about bad experience, but people are in silence.
No, don’t say “ I HAVE BAD EXPERIENCE!!! ”
I hope Skrill are ok, I hope Skrill can be strong, I hope Skrill return and HE WIN, not YOU. @sleepy-kinq