How do you even define this unique and classic Taylor movement?  Dance? Playing an instrument? rocking out? Re-doing a hairstyle? Working out your core? Checking for lyrics on the ceiling? Neck exercises? Embodying ALL the emotions?


My mother just gave me the most horrible experience ever: 

We were talking about ‘Parades End’, cause we wanted to watch it together and i looked up on the internet, how long the episodes were. When she saw Benedict Cumberbatch, she was like 'oh that’s the guy from Sherlock’ and i was like 'yeah mum’ and then she said, without batting an eye:

'I like what he says on that poster of yours' 

Just for the record i got a poster of John and Sherlock in my room and it says : 'Heroes do not exist and if the did, i wouldnt be one of them’. BUT I got a Johnlock-mini poster, standing casually on my desk…

I was thinking about it for a heartbeat and was all like 'OH GOD, MOM KNOWS I SHIP TWO MEN.’ but then i remembered the other one…

Thanks mum

my professor must have a damn deal with New Direction publisher....

He assigned 9 books, all of which he wants us to get the New Direction edition of each…..

…..freaking ridiculous, even the english professor’s are getting money on the side for pushing many fairly expensive books that have no ebook alternatives either.

lovely, thanks, i’ll stick with reading google book preview of most of the sections and buying the ones I have close reading’s due for…..

the amount of times that i post things on this blog that are meant to go to my main blog because of my xkit settings is a litle ridiciulous

anonymous asked:

Wait what's so bad about the Kardashians? I'm not defending them or anything im honestly just curious what your opinion is?

I mean everyone special but they don’t have any talent like af all their only famous cuz they have money and it’s ridiciulous that they influence young girls to believe they need to look like that. Not that they don’t right say look like that but you are just teaching children especially kim that your body will get you fame and respect.