Despair Beyond Repair

Words: 946

Warnings: None really, angsty, hints of emotional and magical manipulation.

Notes: I got the idea of Lightning Sheep and Robro interacting, and I was in the mood for a bit of angst and… this happened. I don’t know why torturing the babbies is so fun. Kirindave very easily can ruin you if you give him the information to, and boy, does he.

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Oh, oh! When I was little, Papa helped me make a really cool robbit out of some spare iron, wires, and an easy-bake oven! 

Papa took Robbitimus away when he found out the oven still worked ‘cause he didn’ want me gettin’ hurts. 

And then he found out the eyes shot lasers an’ I gots in lots of trouble. 

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The man, obviously feeling far more haggard than he looks, nods to a chair on the same side of the desk that he sits on.

“you are always welcome here, as an equal. Feel free to sit on down an’ make yaself comfortable.”

So it’s self insert day an I was like WOAH ILL DRAW SOMETHING!!! But I kinda forgot where I was going after I drew myself?

I really should stop having obsessions with tall immortal pricks with red hair tbh

*jazz hands*

(Note: Mephistopheles Is saying “I’m a prick”, Ridge is saying “I am also a prick”, and I am saying “fight me talk pricks”. I also forgot how to draw meph.)

elzariel asked:

Talking about ridge, am I the only one weirded out by the fact he is literally BEGGING for money on this twitch? We know that most of the out-of-office yogs aren't exactly in a stellar monetary situation, but Ridge has made a POINT of the fact that all the twitch donations go to "keeping the roof on his head". It just.. doesn't make sense to me that if he's been responsible of servers and technical stuff, he'd be this poorly paid? Which makes me think he is indeed being phased out?

Nilesy used to do the same, and even though he doesn’t say it Sips wants donations as well, but he’s not going to say outright “I need Twitch donations so I can put my son and my unborn child through university” because that’s creepy. I don’t worry so much about them getting donations. If the community sustains them, it’s some indication that their presence is wanted.

It seems clear that Ridgedog isn’t receiving any money directly from the Yogscast, as he doesn’t do any more administrative or creative work for them. So in that respect he’s been phased out.

I believe Nilesy used to say that he was able to pay for rent and avoid going back to work at the call center after a little streaming. I haven’t caught any of Ridgedog’s streams, does it seem like he’s actually getting anything out of it? Because if he’s asking and asking and nobody’s paying, then he should just… get a job. It doesn’t even make sense for him to maintain this theoretical “blackmail” situation because he’s not making a living wage off it, he’s just finding a conveyor belt of women to house him.

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Now that it’s summer I’m officially back! I’m going to get with what few asks I still have, and I’d love for some more asks! And I’m sure Pup would love the company!))

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The man sighs heavily.

“I swear to Notch. If the security aroun’ heah doesn’t get better I’ll have to have the head of security takin’ care of. But if you must know what makes me feel better when I’m in a bad mood. It’s touring the city at night when all is quiet but for the howling of wolves and the patter of cats running over to roof tops. That is what makes me feel betta’ “