Brass nails and why I have them.

Ever since last night I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my brass fingernails. First of all. NO, they are not prosthesis. i have them for a specific reason.

Here’s what they look like:

another view 

HERE’s is the reason:

I bite my nails all the time. constantly, idly, without thinking.

If you’re like me, and love giving back scratches, then having no nails is a problem:

Here’s how chose to fix this problem:

Shoot bullet, collect casing.

cut bullet.

The bullets have a taper inside. we will want the broader side of the taper to be outward on our nails, and the thinner side against the rear of the nail so there is no jutting up of material when they are glued on. Here’s what that taper looks like, one cylinder is flipped over to show how thick it is at the base:

clip, bend, and trim into a nail shape:

sand for a fine (BUT NOT CUTTING SHARP) edge on the front and smooth edges.

Glue with Krazy glue, it’s the best.


Amazing. the nails will stay on for about a week at a time before working themselves loose, when that happens just scrape the glue off and reapply.

Unless you happen to have reached into the closet and snagged it on your shelves and broke the nail off on your pinky cuz holy god that hurt. reapply anyways.

Also these work as screwdrivers, knives and various other multi-tools at the tip of your finger, so that’s pretty rad. I don’t know how odd i should feel about having done this, but i must say; it’s handy as hell and really fun to have nails again.

OH, also you can shine them with “brasso” or something but screw that, I’ve tried that and they get mirror bright and really annoyingly shiny. not my thing.


I for one, being a person with a height, wanted to know what the Yogscast member’s (plus some bonus) heights were! All the information was dug out of the wiki. If you know any others, feel free to add!

Ridge: 6′7″
Smith: 6′5″
Strippin: 6′4″
Ross: 6′3″
Zoey: 6′2″
Strife: 6′2″
Rythian: 6′2″
Nilesy: 6′1
Duncan: Somewhere over 6′0″
Trott: 5′9″
Lewis: 5′7″
Hannah: 5′4″
Minty: 5′0″
Dodger (Brooke): 5′0″
Kim: 5′0″

Still needed: Sips, Sjin, Simon, Martyn, Turps, Panda, Zylus, and any others including staff are welcome!

Based on this.

How many hours of your life have you devoted to the Yogscast?

The answer* is: 4 days, 2 hours.

*This isn’t even a full representation, as it only details the timeline of bluexephos’ Minecraft content.

Simon and Lewis have had other series that weren’t included on this list. Shadow of Israpony, Minecraft Xbox, to name a couple.

And that’s just Simon and Lewis. The Yogscast, as we well know, is made up of many beautiful members!

Sips and Sjin’s series include Minecraft Season 1, 2, and 3, The Tekkit Adventure, SipsCo Tekkit, SipsCo YogCraft, SipsCo Space Program, Dirt Factory, etcetra! (That’s a lot of Lego Talk and Dirt-making…)

Other members’ Minecraft and Tekkit series such as Duncan’s, Hannah’s, Nilesy’s, Rythian and Zoey’s, Martyn’s, Strippin’s, and Kim’s add onto the list quite a bit, not to mention members who have recently started producing content. Members overlap their content, as well! Lewis and Duncan are currently in three series each!

That’s just survival. Think of all the hours of adventure maps and snapshot reviews. Professor Griswold CONGRADULAAAATS you on your prime Yognau(gh)t skills! Diamonds in the Rough, anybody?

And that’s just Minecraft! Think of Sips Plays Skyrim, or Hannah’s Watch_Dogs playthrough. Many more series such as these have been done over the wonderous years!

What about the YoGPod? Surely 45 episodes have quite a large timespan.

Be proud, everybody! Our names are Dave!, and we have the balls!

(Thank you Yogscast, for your endless dedication and hard work. It means a lot to the still-growing fandom. We hope it will continue for many more years to come, and with a great legacy after that!)


Got two more icon requests that had special little additions, but I also decided while I was at it to make default ones as well, since why not.

The flower crown Rythian was requested by hikaripc

The Steampunk/Prince Ridge, based off their cosplay, was requested by ridgedork


Requests from the livestream. Didn’t take into account that not having drawn fyreuk would take up most of the time. Sorry it was cut short! And sorry to those who couldn’t get on. I will have a swing at a few other livestreaming sites next time. 

Thank you to those who came and to those who requested. More requests will be posted soon!