In my first years of college I found myself glued to a spot in the South Bay of Los Angeles called Torrance Beach. I spent many years there with my friends having all kinds of of adventures which I look back on now and call “The Good Old Days”. I’ll always remember those days and those formative years. Little did I know at the time, but amongst the group of crazy grommets that we used to terrorize on the beach, was one kid named Alex Gray @A_Gray . I recently met Alex through my good friend and amazing photographer Brent Broza @Brozaphoto. Alex grew up to be one of the best surfers on the planet and if you don’t believe me, just look him up. I noticed he would spray paint a big letter A on his boards and thought it would be fun do do my version of the Letter A for him. @brozaphoto thought it would be fun to document the process, so here is part of that right here:) The Red Tailed hawk is in memory of Alex’s Older brother Chris, R.I.P., and I wanted it to symbolize Him holding onto Alex as he surfed, like he was his Guardian Angel. Stay tuned for further installments of this boards adventures and FOLLOW those dudes! #ALEXGRAY #BROZAPHOTO @juxtapozmag #JUXTAPOZ #juxstudio @trekell_art_supplies #TREKELL @volcom #VOLCOM #SOUTHBAY #RIDETHEWILD #turkeymelt

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