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author’s note: this is in the same universe as neighbor!monsta x <3

  • the friend crush (turned actual crush) candidate neighbor
  • in other words, she’s that girl you’re dying to befriend and to get to know and all that wonder stuff
  • she’s pretty, sweet from what you can see in your comfortable nook beside her home, and she definitely sounds like a blast to be around
  • minus the times where you can practically hear her and her screeching at each other for only god knows what
  • last you remembered it was over the last eggo waffle but you’re not gonna judge bc waffles are pretty damn good
  • you know she’s also a very attentive roommate to her roomie considering she’s always buying groceries and staying up to wait for her roomie too
  • which also brings up the mention that the walls between the apartment spaces are so damn thin, you can literally hear everything so it’s no brainer than you’ve learned all these things abt jennie by observation than actual talking
  • ofc you’d love to talk to her!!! you’ve been dying to for so damn long that it actually feels painful whenever you see chances to bc you don’t take them
  • like
  • at
  • all
  • your friend taehyung’s been nagging you to do it and even your roommate jiwoo who’s been nothing but an observer of you observing jennie and to say the least the two of them just want you to come out of your shell just to say hey bc that doesn’t hurt
  • right?
  • well it doesn’t but it does hurt ur pride when jiwoo purposefully locks you out of the apartment for reasons unbeknownst to you (lmao lbr u kno why but ur in denial bC YOUR ROOMIE WOULDN’T DO THT TO U RIGHT?????,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

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