rides we take

i want people to keep making art and headcanons of the hiveswap characters so when it comes out in 80 yrs our grandkids can have a fun time laughing at the mischaracterisations of their predecessors

Let's Take A Ride Like We Used To
Pat The Bunny
Let's Take A Ride Like We Used To

Came to this world a loaded handgun, firing at random

Hit the people who were closest, not the ones who deserved it, and

Some of them still don’t talk to me, can’t say I blame them for a second

I’ll try to aim more carefully

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concept: moana getting super sick. nothing fatal, just something REALLY unpleasant to go through. She knows nothing's gonna happen to her, but unfortunate, out-of-practice-for-1000-years maui does *not* and goes into full-blown Panic Mode over her well-being.

Look, an honest effort at fluff! Fun fact: I wrote this when I was actually suffering a migraine. Probably should’ve gone to sleep, but I hadn’t written yet that day, so this is the result of me shamelessly inflicting my own pain on my favorite characters.

Also, in Moana: Island Life, it’s confirmed canon that Moana sometimes forgets to eat her own breakfast because she’s too busy worrying about her own people. Chill, Curly, they’re not gonna die if you drink a coconut or two.

His first clue is a wince. It’s a little thing, just the smallest movement in the corner of his peripheries, and it’s gone when he glances beside him, but he catches it all the same.

“Something on your mind, Curly?”

“Huh?” Moana responds, all of her earlier eloquence gone, and Maui takes that as a no. Makes sense. Even an orator like Moana has to run dry of clever words sometimes, and after her incredible display of diplomatic navigation inside that fale tele he’s not surprised she’s hit her cap.

“Ah, nothing,” he says, waving an airy hand in her direction. “Anyway, now that’s done, whaddya say to a day on the water, huh?”

Moana’s face lights up, all eagerness and anticipation…and then falls. “I can’t,” she replies quietly. “I have stuff to do.”

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@screechingsheepdonut GUESS WHAT I DID.
Masaru and Nagisa in zelda au THATS RIGHT.

So I show up in a beat up Nissan sedan.
It’s not exactly a horse and carriage, but
at least it rides smoother.
we take on fourteen hours of
all american south,
which turns out to be a lot of grass
and flooded swampland, but
you’re singing along to Brand New
from the passengers seat and
I’ve heard the song before, but
this time I’m really listening.
The Scenic Route

MariChat Week 2 Day 1: Kisses. Didn’t think I’d pass this up, did y’all? *flashes Certified MariChat Trash badge* FEATURING: The Sidekick!Adrien AU.


Twenty-one year old Marinette Dupain-Cheng walked the lamp lit streets of Paris on her way home from work. As she passed an alley, an engine revved. Headlights blazed to life and half blinded her. She shielded her eyes. “Chat Noir,” she cried, “what would Ladybug say if she caught you stalking civilian women in the dark?”

He pulled up beside her, the LED screen on his cat helmet’s visor set to a mischievous smirk. “You tell me.” He patted the seat behind him. “Need a ride? We can take the scenic route.”

“I’m tired, kitty. Aren’t you tired?”

“Oh, absolutely. The life of a trust fund baby is so exhausting.”

Marinette put her hands on her hips. The LED visor changed to sad kitten eyes. She laughed and slung her leg over his bike. “Fine,” she said. “I didn’t feel like walking anyway.”

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While TBL looks like it's about to get pretty exciting, I can't help but feel that Tom Keen/Ryan Eggold is being pushed out of the story. My understanding is that the spinoff isn't getting any more episodes, and Eggold himself hinted at that during a comment he made at a Tribeca Film Festival function. Do you think there's a place for Tom Keen in the overall Blacklist story going forward?

I haven’t seen that interview, so I don’t know if I agree or disagree with your statement about Redemption not being renewed.

But, yes, absolutely I think Tom has a place regardless of what happens with Redemption. Bokenkamp made it clear before Redemption aired that Tom would be back on the main show. He’s tied too closely not to be. If they had meant to leave it so they could ease him off the show for any reason, I don’t believe they would have worked as hard as they did to show Liz being supportive and how strong they’ve been together on his recent family drama.

I have no idea if Redemption will get a second season or not, but what I do know is that this creative team seems to know what they’re doing. They went for a very specific time slot and set of episodes for the spinoff. I seem to have been wrong in my idea that they weren’t looking for a second season (that was one crazy cliffhanger!), but that doesn’t negate the fact that their airtime was chosen carefully. I think the Jo(h)ns knew the risks associated with setting up a new show during the spring and in a late time slot. I imagine that they have a backdoor that they can use to deal with everything.

Right now we’re viewing episodes that were filmed while Ryan was filming Redemption. I love that man’s energy, but he can’t be at two places at once. We knew we’d have some episodes without him, so it’s not some terrible sign of things to come, just scheduling conflicts. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect him back until the last episode or two. I’m hoping for that birthday party they talked about on Redemption, personally. There seems to be a bit of a time overlap, so maybe that’s how they’ll bring him back on.

For now I’m enjoying the crazy ride Blacklist has us on. Kate’s backstory was utterly fantastic and I’m really looking forward to meeting Gale tonight.

Rosie’s first horse (which she and her family still have) is an ancient blue roan mustang from the Choctaw herd that she did pony club with and his name is Skittles. But she quit earlier on (C-1) and picked up dressage and games. Dressage ended up winning and while she was never ranked (and only competed in Nationals for one test) she still rides dressage (even does local shows – mostly for fun freestyles). Her horse now is called Taz around the barn a derivative of his registered name Balthazar’s Silver Dollar.

Erato and Melpomene are drunk and want to come back to my place

We will be
your Muse
you can do to us
what you choose
but whatever you
take, be prepared
to lose all those
things that make

we will bless you with
candles for eyes

we will let you sit back
and enjoy the ride

we will take you to the point
of death and bring you back
barely alive

we will eat your heart
and devour your insides

we will leave you with
no choice
but to write

steal the last $20
out of your wallet
and make you walk
to work until payday

just in case
you needed another
to write


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How do we take our ship goggles off after having them on for so long? I mean after wanting this for so long you can't help but worry that the writers won't give the scene of them admitting their feelings justice whether it be in the season or next...

Practice being excited for things OTHER than Bellarke. Be excited for the drama and the other characters. The storylines. The friendship between them. The plot. How they manage to get out of THIS jam. ENJOY the science fiction. Laugh at the bad science. Get angry at Jaha. Be happy for Kabby. Watch Murphy be a cockroach. Look forward to Raven being superior. Wonder if they’re going to tell us about Cadogan. Look forward to a road trip. ROAD TRIP!

Enjoy the show. Don’t make it focus on Bellarke. And yeah, you have to trust the writers to tell a good story. And for all that everyone keeps getting angry for doing everything wrong, I personally think that even though I am disappointed in some things, on the whole I LIKE this story. So I’m going to trust them to tell the story we fell in love with. Will they get it perfect? No. Of course not. Allow that. Just enjoy the show.

That’s all. 

Like letting go when you get to the top of a rollercoaster, raising your hands in the air and screaming as the ride takes you down the swoops and loopdeloops. Just let go. 


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good question, mr. tri-coloured hair! okay, so, think about it like this; an artist THROWING A BUCKET-LOAD OF PAINT ON A BLANK CANVAS, SCREAMING THEIR LIFE-LONG WORRIES THE WHILE. kinda hard to image, right? because, like, no fucking offense who would do that? not only would that cause a vast amount of worry or fear from those around, but also people going “ what the fuck are you doing ? “ – since ya’d look A WHOLE LOT OF LOONY! oh yeah, depending on who saw and who told who about this, depends on whether or not your entire art career is over. ❜ not unlike the bleached-haired female to approach random strangers on the street, mumbling ( or, in how others may hear at times ) YELLING over random quotations she obtained from the online multi-verse. bouncing on the soles of her worn-down high-tops, with hands intertwined together behind her back, catish grin, which was often stuck onto her freckled face, gleaming; yet the slightest trace of malice held within. ( it was always like that. mostly “ cheery “ & “ bright “, as some may tell, but it was also / snarky /; it gave off a feeling – as if she knew something you didn’t. / testing you /, seeing how long you could last in devastating situation. always teasing; always knowing. )

only now, did she truly focus on the painting; paying heed to the artistic piece in front of them both. some piece from, according to what the information card below it said, from ancient egypt; anubis using the scales to weigh the heart, or, in simplier terms, “ the judgment of the dead. “ ( although, she kinda just thought it was a dog figuring out how much flour would be put in somekind of meal. i mean, that made more sense than anything, right? how would you even figure out the deeds of the dead from a simple balancing thing? yeah, there’s no sense at all! ) okay, so way off-topic, but don’t you think anubis is kinda hot? in a weird furry sense! you know what furries are, right? if not then WOW, you must be older than you look. although, that’s like, relatable? BACK TO THE TOPIC OF SCREAMING, NOW! okay so – look at the art from another angle! think about how the artist felt while drawing this! since it’s dealing with death, you have to think; they MAY have no been feeling it that well, mr. krabs! angry? perhaps. terrified that they were gonna be next? maybe, i have no clue! so see, leave it to imagination! that make’s everything funnier! ❜ who needs proper grammar when you can say words that make things more interesting? or, in her case, saying things that make teachers throw erasers at you from across the room while screaming things you didn’t give a damn about. small bounds of laughter leaving her, before turning to look at the taller male, to, not only get a better look at his details from aside his overly-dramatic hairdo, see how he reacted to her… / wide choice of words. / blinking a few times – is that real leather? also, that thingy around your neck, are you apart of the illuminati? is it real gold? ‘cause WOW, where can i get one of those? oh wait – that’s actually a bad idea. i’d turn it in! i’d give it up for real cash money! back to the clothes, now! is it real leather? doesn’t it get hot? was it expensive to buy all of that? it / looks / so expensive! ooo, did you steal it? stealing things is so cool! does that make you a bad guy? hey, we could start a bad-guy duo together! no, that’s a terrible idea! if we both got caught and went to jail, then whose gonna turn in the things we take? i mean, my dog could, since he’s pretty smart and the boys downtown / kinda / know him, but like, what about us then? i could get out, but could you? hm… too risky! let’s just scratch that idea completely! // @pharahos - re.

I kept trying to avoid seeing Emma in her wedding dress bc I wanted the full effect during the episode but omfg she looks so gorgeous and happy I can’t take it.

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The original plan for the day had been to go cross country schooling, but when my partner couldn’t make it Abba and I went for a solo hack around the Ostrich Ranch. 

Riding out by ourselves is probably our favourite activity - nobody else to worry about, we go at our own pace, and we go wherever we want to. Today, that meant that after a lovely quiet ride, we landed up taking a road that led between the ostrich enclosures, which meant that Abba got to see female ostriches up closer than she ever wanted to.  

Suffice to say she did a lot of stopping and staring, and I did a lot of clicking and treating. She was pretty soon very happy with the first set of ostriches, but the second set were too much for her, as a female in one pen and a male in another were engaging in a flirtation over the fence. This meant that they took turns to pluck the top strand of wire separating them, and Abba just could not handle the fluffy feathers and the twanging fence. Fortunately, one of the Ostrich Ranch workers came by on foot and she glued herself to him for Safety And Protection, being A Poor Little Mare All Alone In The World (her rider did not count as company). 

It was a good day all in all, even with the ostriches. She’ll get over them in time.