rider prototype

Rider Prototype (Perseus)

One of the most celebrated Greek heroes, and the demigod son of Zeus and the mortal woman, Danaë. Her father was so angry at her pregnancy that he locked her into a chest and flung it into the sea. The pair managed to survive and Perseus grew to be a great hero. 

On a task for King Polydektes, he slayed the three Gorgon sisters with the help of Hades’s invisible helm and the eye of the three Graeae. When he took the head of Medusa back to Greece, he came across the Princess Andromeda chained to a rock as a sacrifice for a sea monster. Using Medusa’s severed head, he turned the monster to stone and rescued the girl. 

The two would later be happily married and had many children, including one who was the ancestor of Hercules.

Rider (Ozymandias/Ramesses II)

Egyptian Pharaoh that was believed to have been the one featured in The Exodus. He took to the throne in his late teenage years and was regarded as the greatest ruler the country ever had.

He would manage to regain several Nubian territories that had once belonged to Egypt and started several campaigns against Syria.

According to The Bible, Ramesses II would enslave the Israelites, until the prophet Moses appeared with a message from God. When the Pharaoh refused to free the slaves, God would set the Twelve Plagues upon Egypt.

When Moses freed the slaves, the Pharaoh and his army followed them to the edge of the Red Sea where the Israelites were trapped. By a divine miracle, Moses cut the seas in half allowing his people to pass. When the Pharaoh tried to follow him, the seas reverted and swept him away.


Hiiro Kagami (Toshiki Seto) is a surgeon at Seito University Hospital with a strong sense of responsibility. Using the Follow Quest Gashat, he transforms into Kamen Rider Brave. Brave is quick on his feet and commands the power of fire and ice through his Gashacon Sword.

Taiga Hanaya (Ukyo Matsumoto) is an unlicensed doctor who will use any means to win. Using the BangBang Shooting Gashat, he transforms into Kamen Rider Snipe. With his trusty Gashacon Magnum, he’ll put down anyone who’ll get in his way.

Another Kamen Rider will make an appearance too! He’ll first be seen in the last episode of Kamen Rider Ghost fighting against the Ganma. This mysterious Kamen Rider uses a prototype of the Mighty Action X Gashat to transform. He rides around on a pink and green bicycle. Who is this Kamen Rider?

The two Bugster executives are Pallad and the Graphite Bugster. Pallad is an intelligent member of the Bugster who is trying to change the human world into the game world. Graphite Bugster is a hunting game software with more power than Ex-Aid.

While at an arcade event, the Salty Bugster emerges from a boy’s body. It then begins to destroy the arcade game machines. The Aranbura Bugster has incredible thunder magic and restoration magic. The regular grunts are simply called Bugster Virus until they infect a host body and become more powerful Bugsters.