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Voltron/Dragon Rider AU - History and World Building

In a far off galaxy (no, this is not Star Wars), there are three planets that share an orbital area around a single star.

The first planet, and smallest of the three, is Altea, home of the Alteans, or as they’re known to others races, the immortal and magic-wielding elves. But these designations are generally formed in ignorance. While “magic” does exist, the Alteans have evolved to understand how it works and formed an alchemy of science around its existence. Their magic is fueled by quintessence, or the life force of all living things. Magic aside, they’re also developed astronomically as well, and discover that there are two other planets that orbit their star that could feasibly support life. And so they develop an alchemaic technique that will allow them to travel from one to the other.

The first planet they travel to is Daibazaal, the largest in their two neighbors. It’s there that they find other intelligent life—the nomadic, carnivorous people that call themselves the Galra. Though the Galra pride themselves on their warrior ways, they eventually come to understand where the elves came from, and so the two races slowly begin to work together, the Alteans traveling from one tribe to another, teaching the Galra what they know until, hundreds of years later, the Galra are as advanced and united as the Alteans, albeit without the ability to use magic, as only the elves seem to be capable of that feat.

Which allows the Alteans to set their sights on the third of their neighbors—Terra—without Galra interference. From the high council back on Altea, the elves decide to send a new team to finally investigate the remaining planet. Which is where they discover a third race of intelligent life, the Humans. Like the Galra, their lack of magical connection provides them short lifespans, but they’re hard working and further ahead technologically than the Galra were at first contact. Which actually proves to make things more difficult for the Alteans. While the elves could help shape and form the civilizations of the Galra, despite inherent differences in their customs, the humans have already formed civilizations. Unlike the Alteans, however, who naturally valued peace, the humans use their societies to fight amongst themselves in great wars—a development the Alteans prided themselves on being able to prevent within the Galra civilization.

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yooooo any crosover dp fics?

I’d love to, but honestly, I’m not normally a big fan of crossovers and read things so long ago that all I can really recommend are superphantom fics. haha. But, if that’s okay with you, I’ll list some of my faves (although it’s so hard narrowing it down any because they’re all so fabulous! and if you want to see every one that’s ever been written, go here and here and I’m working on part three):

The Winchesters in Amity Park by plot-what-plot

That’s what family’s for by Derinthemadscientist

5 Times Supernatural Makes Danny’s Life Miserable by Quiddative

spooky by surely-silly

Something Wicked by SilverMoonPhantom

Any thing Anthrop has written

Amphisbaena by Laora

Five Moons by Danni34

Promise Me This by phantomrose96

Disney wtf

this illustration is like the sexiest and hottest pose two persons can ever make during a wedding

seriously guys take a room

‘Anchor!’ Part 2

Note:So here it is guys the second part for Anchor..Sorry you had to wait this long..I hope that you’re going to like it..Or not,I don’t know but either way let me know what do you think..Oh and if I accidentaly forgot to tag someone please let me know so I can repair it..Enjoy!:)

‘I’m not going to do anything for you,in fact I’m going to use you as a bait the same thing you did with me.’
We were at mourge trying to get away from ghost riders,but standing here and listening to Theo and Liam bickering every five minutes isn’t really helping..‘Would you please stop fighting,the last thing I need is you two killing eachother and leaving me here all alone..Because for your information I have zero chances against this guys.‘I said annoyed.
‘I would never leave you.‘They both said at the same time and I raised my eyebrows as ‘REALLY GUYS,REALLY?! Then suddenly my body froze and I looked at Theo,by the look on his face I could tell that he already knew what was going on 'Ummm guys,do you hear that?'Liam looked confused at me 'Hear what?'Theo walked closer to the door 'Exactly,nothing.'He then walked back to me 'No matter what happens Y/N stay behind me.'I nodded my head..'Or me.'We both looked at Liam 'What I’m just saying.’
Yes,I was trying to move on from Theo but right now I couldn’t think about that.

I was tired of running around in this hospital..Me and Liam were standing next to eachother trying to catch our breaths as we saw a few ghost riders coming into our way.Suddenly I felt someone wraping their arm around my waist and I turned my head seeing Theo pulling me backwards..He pushed me and Liam into the elevator and I looked confused at him 'Theo what are you doing?’
'Being the bait.?He said with a smirk on his face I tried to reach out for him but the elevator doors were already closed 'No,no,no.'Liam pulled me in for a hug 'I’ll bring him back .I promise.’

By now me and Liam were running around school trying to find one of the horses,because Liam suddenly got an idea to ride into the Wild Hunt..And no matter how stupid it was I had to help him..We found one on the lacrosse field and as Liam was about to reach to him I felt someone pushing me and I fell..I saw Liam trying to free himself from a ghost rider but he was failing..Suddenly my eyes widened on a sight of Theo killing the ghost rider and I could see that Liam was surpriesed too..Without thinking I pulled him in a tight hug and I could feel him hugging me back 'Thank God you’re alive.'When I realized what I was doing I pulled away clearing my throat..'Sorry!'He smiled 'Don’t be.'We locked our eyes for a second and then he averted his eyes to Liam 'So what’s the plan?’
'Get a horse and go into the Wild Hunt.?Liam said rubbing the back of his head 'So I risked my life so you could be taken.’
'Kind of.’ Theo shaked his head and looked at me then back at Liam 'GO!'Liam nodded and jumped on the horse 'Do you even know how to ride a horse.'And I heard Liam yelling 'Umm not really.'And then he was gone and turned around and saw Theo slightly smiling and I couldn’t help but smile too..

By the time we defeated the Wild Hunt and before I could talk with Theo he was gone..So now here I am in my bed looking at the ceiling and trying to get some sleep..Suddenly I heard a doorbell and confused I looked at the clock seeing that it was already 3:00am.'Strange…I walked down the stairs and opened the door completely surpriesed to see Theo..'Theo what are you doing here?’
He looked at me unsure 'Can I come in?'I nodded my head and moved aside so he could enter..I closed the door and turned to look at him..
'You were right Y/N,you desrve to be free from this chains,from me..So I came here to say goodbye because I’m leaving from Beacon Hills.'I espected me to say something but I just couldn’t I was busy trying to stop my tears from falling..He kissed me on my forhead and was about to walk out from my house forever..'Don’t go.'I blurted out and I saw him stopping and turning to look at me confused 'Don’t go because I don’t know if I could survive if I loose you this time..'I said walking closer to him and putting my hand on his cheek 'I felt so scared that the ghost riders had killed you,scared that I was never going to see you..Yes you hurted me but it hurts me more knowing that I have to live without you and I don’t want to feel this stupid pain anymore..'I need you in my life Theo because maybe I’m not a werewolf but you are my anchor and I can’t live without you,I won’t live without you.I love you.'He didn’t said anything,instead he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me..We pulled away and he hugged me 'God I don’t deserve your love..I got scared that I lost you so I thought that the only thing for you to be happy is for me to leave forever.'We pulled away and he put his hand on my cheek 'But now that I got you back 'I’m never letting you go..I love you so much.'I nodded my head and smiled..He kissed me on my forhead and hugged me again..People say that sometime holding on does more damage than letting go..Maybe…But I didn’t want to give up on one thing that makes me feel alive and also happy..That’s the thing about anchors..You hold on even if it hurts..

Earl of Winchester - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part two is finally here. Slowly getting there, y’all. <3

Part One

Real basic Idea of series: Dean is sent into London during the late Victorian Era to be hidden from the angels. Sam is sent to a different time period. As the stay becomes prolonged, Dean decides to assist the older Men Of Letters. He takes on a plea to handle a vengeful spirit in the home of a Marquess. Where he stumbles upon the reader.

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Word Count: 3414

Warnings: Warnings: Eventual Smut. Time Travel.The usual editing tag: probably not enough.

The dinner was a wreck. You hadn’t let up. Determined to find out the falsehood that surrounded Dean. Leaving the Marquess to try and break the tension between you and the Winchester. Every time he thought he had you stumped, you came back with another trick question or quip.

Though, you’d never been truly ‘rude,’ he’d observed. Each remark and query carefully designed to blend into the conversation. It was the undercurrents that had made his eyes flash your way. Meeting your heated and proud gaze in warning. Knowing exactly what you were attempting to pull. And damned if he didn’t find himself admiring both your determination and wit despite cursing it. Why couldn’t you have been another dull, and senseless female that appeared to be favored?

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Hey lovely! Have you ever considered drawing more Marzia and Felix? (Melix) because your art style is just so beautiful ily ❤️💕

Thank you~ Me and @bowtiewizard have something coming up~
And because of him, I’ve obtain a large dosage of Melix feels :’)
I won’t say much about it but hope you look for that :3

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