rider crashing

Lancer: “It is an immense joy to me that we finally know each other’s names, King of Knights. Now we can truly duel honorably as knights.”

Saber: “Indeed it is. Though the rules of this Grail War are troublesome, we can, at least pick up the fight not as tools, but as individuals from here on, loyal knight of the Fianna.”

Rider: *crashes from the sky in his Mercedes Benz with a scared child on tow* “YO YO YO WASSUP I’M ISKANDAR, THAT’S ALEXANDER THE GREAT, RIDER-CLASS, REPRESENT, HOW Y’ALL DOIN’ THIS BREEZY NIGHT HOMIES?”


Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

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Little Bill⬇William David “Bill” Ivy
Bill Ivy was an Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from the UK.
He started racing motorbikes at Brands Hatch in 1959 on a 50cc Itom.
Entering his first TT race in 1962 on a Chisholm Itom, he later progressed to ride a variety of machinery on UK short circuits including Honda, Bultaco, Yamaha, Norton, Cotton & Matchless machines. In May 1965 he joined the Tom Kirby racing team.
Ivy’s big break into GP motorcycle racing came towards the end of 1965, when he was selected as a stand-in and flown to Japan in October by Yamaha due to regular rider Mike Duff crashing in practice for the Japanese GP, suffering a broken thigh. He finished fourth in the 125cc race & third in the 250cc class, the highest-placed of the Yamahas. In 1966, he won his first race as a regular rider for the works Yamaha team in the first race of the year, the Spanish GP at Montjuic & took 3 more wins—not enough, however, to beat Luigi Taveri, who beat him to the title by 6 points.
In 1967, Ivy dominated the 125cc championship: he won 8 out of 12 races to claim the World Championship by 16 points over Phil Read. On top of this, he won two 250 cc races in France and Belgium.
In 1968, Ivy & teammate Read controlled both the 125 & 250cc championships. In the process Ivy also became the first 125cc rider to lap the famous Isle Of Man TT Mountain Course at over 100mph. As the season progressed, Yamaha ordered them to win one title each, with Ivy scheduled to win the 250cc & Read the 125cc championship. After securing the 125cc title, Read ignored Yamaha’s orders to tie with Ivy on points. The tie break was decided on overall race times & Read took the title. Ivy announced his retirement from motorcycle racing, stating he would race Formula 2 cars during the next season.
Despite showing some impressive results in F2, in order to further fund his car racing, he was enticed back to motorcycling by an offer from Jawa in 1969 to race their 350cc motorcycle. The season began well.
Ivy suffered a huge accident during training for the GP of the Sachsenring. The crash was caused by Galling & took the life of Bill.
Ivy was often described as faster than his limit.


Motegi, 2015 - mini-bike race

The most important race of the weekend already took place on Thursday, with Dani (somewhat unsurprisingly) emerging as the victor.

This race had it all: tight battles, brutal crashes, riders cutting corners, a dramatic finish and a podium including a satellite rider (Bradley Smith), a new factory rider (Aleix Espargaro), and an alien (Dani Pedrosa).

This is racing.

The Fear Of Losing You

Summary: For seven years Y/N watched Dean race around track after track. She helped him get this far, but it took it’s toll. After a wake up call, Y/N realizes that it’s killing her to watch as Dean risks everything. Will she be able to stick by Dean’s side or will the fear of losing him drive Y/N to walk away?

A/N: So the racers mentioned in this are real racers from MotoGP and Moto2 and this is based on real events that have taken place. Luis Salom was a Moto2 rider who crashed and was killed on the track in Barcelona this past weekend. I’ve always wanted to write a MotoGP AU and I love the sport, also wanted to pay tribute to Salom in my own way, and other riders who have been killed over the years. Hope everyone enjoys:)

Warnings: Mention of death, injury, swearing?, little bit of angst, mostly fluff.

Word Count: 3549

Dean x Reader (because what else is new?)

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Dean’s POV, Present Day

Dean’s engine revved as he come off the turn and onto the straight away. Even over the roar of his bike and the bikes behind him, he could hear the crowd cheering his name over and over and over again. Like when the roman gladiators made their way into the coliseums, the fans chanted and screamed, only fueling him to push harder.

He gave it to the throttle, one final roar coming from the bike before he insured the first place on the podium. The seconds seemed to last minutes as he caught a glimpse of that checkered flag. Dean’s heart was racing faster than the pistons in his engine were pumping. The cheers from the fans faded away, as did the other bikes and riders. The only thing he could focus on now was that finish line, getting closer and closer.

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