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i wanna know what benny looked like as a tribal !!!! :’D (if you talk with benny at caesar’s tent he tells you his secret backstory)

PS.: of course i drew the picture too but i couldn’t find a way too work it into this short scene so here’s that as a bonus:

(also: benny has lots of pictures of his and his chairman family before and after their boot rider days in his jacket, at least in my headcanon)


Boo ya! I actually love this story. It took me a bit of reworking to figure out how I could keep the OUAT elements whilst also keeping Loki in character, but I did eventually get there. If you want some soundtrack for this, play “Where’s Hiccup?” from the HTTYD OST at the line detailing the flower “gifting [Loki] a second chance”. Thank you to the anon who asked for this one; @chloecat48 also wanted to be tagged. Hopefully you all enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Can you write a Loki x reader where the reader is captured by an enemy of Loki’s and is put under a sleeping curse (OUAT style), Loki believes the reader to be dead and administers the kiss that saves the reader? 

‘I Will Always Find You’ (Part 1)

They called it Witch’s Hollow. To some, the name was purely fictitious; a myth woven like cloth and strengthened by years of superstition to keep small children from wandering too far into its depths. However, a handful of people knew that the shadows in Witch’s Hollow held eyes of wicked green. The stories were not just to keep the children away…

On any other day, the glade would be calm. Nothing more than the odd bird song to fill the air. Today, however, brought change. A timid fox emerged from her den, raising a curious snout to the sun and sniffing twice. She pushed her head fully into the daylight and shook off the dirt behind her ears. Suddenly, those ears pricked upward, and her focus turned north, dark eyes narrowing as she felt a rumbling in the soil.

When the drumming hooves got louder, the fox turned and scurried inwards once again. The horse’s flanks rippled with every hoof and his breath huffed out in rhythmic bursts. His rider was cloaked in green, leather reins in one hand, and a compass in the other. They snapped the lid of their compass shut, and pulled the horse to a halt.

The oak tree stood proud and strong, roots firmly planted into the surrounding area. From the outside it appeared no different to any other oak tree. However, when the rider took their boot to it, the trunk tore like paper and they were able to climb inside, needing only to duck their head as they did so. The tree’s interior was bigger than it appeared outwardly, lanterns in each corner of the darkened room being the only indicator of the room’s size; dark magic was at work here, but there was no other choice…

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Pass it on.

Last week something kinda cool happened while I was at the barn.

The barn that I am at right now is a public barn; often families with little children walk though to look at the horses. My horse has actually acquired a small fan club.  As I was untacking after a ride on New Years Eve, I saw a couple of grandparents walking with their grandchildren through the barn.

“Do you want to come and meet him?” I asked them. The girls quickly ran over. My horse has grown to understand his role in these situations: he is calm, gentle, and super sweet. I gave the girls treats to feed him. Their grandparents thanked me and said that they would let me finish putting him away. But one of the little girls told my horse that she loved him before walking away. 

I put him back in his stall and saw the family again. I walked over to the girl who had confessed her love to my horse. “Hey,” I said. “Can you do me a favor? I need help making him a snack.”

She jumped at the opportunity. “YES!” As we walked over to get his supplements, she grabbed my hand. “You’re my friend,” she said firmly. 

“Okay,” I told her, letting her hold my hand. I usually don’t like being touched, but this wasn’t too horrible. “I don’t have a lot of friends, but I guess you seem cool.” Then I added, “And I guess you can be my horse’s friend too.”

I taught her and her sister how to scoop the rice bran, then add water, and add in the supplements. She was proud to stir it all up, and her sister happily dumped it in my horse’s feeder.

“Do you need help putting this away?” she asked, still clinging to the bucket. 

“Sure,” I told her. We walked back to my tackroom, and she placed the feed bucket back where she found it. 

Her grandparents, who had been following us this whole time, asking questions about my horse, told her that it was time to leave, and thanked me for showing her around. 

Without warning, the little human wrapped her arms around my legs and gave me a big hug. “Bye friend!” she said. By the smile on her face, I could tell that I made her day, but she will never know that she made mine too.

Stay strong and be kind, because you never know what little girl is out there hoping that one day she will grow up to be just like you. Equestrians are a dying breed, so if you meet a kid that loves horses, do whatever you can to encourage them to chase that passion. We were all those little kids, willing to do anything just to pet a horse. So pass it on.



More Than Alive

VLD zombie apocalypse au by @maireep​ and @somethingmorecreative1

title kudos to @jubileeart

keith and lance band together, as the only two mildly sane people they’ve met so far and slowly create a strong bond that leaves all of their plans with loose ends as they try to survive and thrive together.

pairing: klance
rating: unrated


The music faded from his earbuds abruptly as his iPhone died. He had to commend it for lasting as long as it did from his tiny solar charger. Sighing, he took out his buds and stuffed the cords into his bomber jacket pocket. Without the low thump of the same downloaded playlist over and over as his companion, he was utterly alone.

Only months ago, it had been completely different. His world, the world, had changed with one bloodborne virus and suddenly he cared nothing about how his music major didn’t match the aeronautical classes he took or that his dorm’s RA Ashley didn’t get the hint that he wasn’t interested. New York was a city, and if his obscene obsession with splatter films in the summer of eighth grade taught him anything, it was cities were to be avoided in the zombie apocalypse.

Except the government didn’t call them zombies. A virus affecting people vulnerable to pre-and-post-mortem infections of the blood stream. If you got bit, you were hit. And there was a lot of biting going around.

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In a way, Benny’s attempt to overthrow Mr. House perfectly parallels his takeover of the Boot Riders. When the Courier asks how House introduced himself, Benny says:

[House] said we’d been selected. Vegas needed us to defend it. In exchange, we’d get cushy digs, full stomachs, medical treatment. Everything a nomad never gets, in other words. Most of the tribe thought we should say no. I thought it was the best idea ever.

Even though the rest of the tribe didn’t want it, Benny was willing to fight their current chief to the death to make them settle in Vegas. He decided on his own that it was the best path for his tribe, and he alone took the steps necessary to see it happen.

Benny is selfish, but that doesn’t make him incapable of caring about people other than himself. His selfishness/egotism manifests far more harmfully: in the way he treats the people he cares about. When Benny truly, deeply cares about someone or something, he’s determined to do right by them. The problem is, he thinks he knows what’s best for them more than they do. And what Benny thinks is best for them just so happens to always align with what he wants.

His plan to take Vegas from House follows the same pattern. It’s important to note that he never talks about running Vegas himself. He only ever talks about the Chairmen running Vegas as a group:

You help me, and before long the Chairmen will rule all of Vegas, dig?

Of the three families, we’re the only ones with the heart and savoir-faire to run the Strip on our own.

Benny sees overthrowing House as way to benefit his city and his tribe– and he sees himself as the only one willing/able to make it happen, just like seven years ago. He keeps the rest of the tribe entirely in the dark, not because he doesn’t trust them, but because he knows they wouldn’t want him doing this for them. As the official game guide says:

[The Chairmen’s] traditions of honor continue to inform how they select their leadership and interact with each other and outsiders. Unbeknownst to the rest of the tribe, its current chief, Benny, has for months been scheming to seize control of Mr. House’s technology and The Strip itself, violating the tribe’s deeply-held values against duplicity and treachery.

Benny is aware that his tribe would disapprove, but he’s convinced that once House is out of the picture, they’ll come around to the idea. Just like they warmed up to Vegas itself.

sciienc  asked:

why do you like the benman so much? (a genuine question; I hope it's not taken in a mean way!)

you’re good dw asjdnfkj 

the text i wrote is kinda long so I put most of it under read more, it’s important to mention tho that this analysis only exists bc I talk day and night to @instishoot about him, so I have to credit her here as well, and without her I wouldn’t have come up with even half of it ❤

I think the biggest factors why I love him so much are his role in the plot and his personality bc Benny is not quite what the game (but also he himself) makes you wanna believe he is.

The game (in the beginning) does everything to portray him as some sort of a ruthless mobster villain, someone who’s all business, nothing personal. The entire scene with the Khans is so overly dramatic (I mean, he’s trying to execute you in the middle of the night, under a full moon, with Vegas in the background), he takes the chip from you (in the beginning you dont even know what’s for, just that it’s apparently very important) and “kills” you after dropping a phrase like “hey kid no hard feelings right :)”, so after you wake up in Doc Mitchell’s house you only know two things: this guy stole your package and he’s also an asshole. so you make your way to Vegas, fighting off countless enemies and monstrous beasts, until you finally reach the Vegas Strip and enter the Tops, and that’s where the funny part kicks in:

he’s nothing like you remembered him.

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aetheravis  asked:

Omfg I want to rub my face all over your reactions like a cat on nip asdfghjkl you characterize them so well and i never thought I'd see such good content™ and reactions for the companions. I admire how deeply you consider their character and their personalities! That being said, I understand if you're busy, but do you have any headcanons for Benny? My love for this loser surpasses reason and logic.

My love for this loser surpasses reason and logic.

Honestly same. Benny is my garbage fave. I realized cleaning out my inbox that like ten people have asked for headcanons for him. And thank you! Tbh I don’t know why anyone would start a reaction blog if they didn’t want to explore the character’s personalities and flesh them out as much as possible. (This isn’t like a dig at anyone btw, all reaction blogs are good reaction blogs imo and I enjoy just about every characterization as long as they’re not like, offensive)

As for headcanons, I have a few!

-He’s got just a touch of an obsessive compulsive disorder, which mostly manifests in his grooming habits. He has an exact number of times he rakes pomade through his hair, a certain number of shines his shoes get, and his suit always has to be just so. Personal appearance is about the only thing he has complete control over and it’s comforting for him to exercise that control. It’s why, when on the run from a mailman that rose form the dead seeking vengeance and sneaking around behind Mr. House’s back, the lovable doofus never once changes his appearance. To the point he gets captured by the Legion because of his hair (a real actual thing that happens in-cannon). This also causes him to have a few motor tics; things like tapping his fingers, flipping his lighter open and shut, and running his fingers through his hair. He’s mostly gotten the hang the last few years in Vegas at suppressing these. Better that no one catch a peek under his poker face.

-For all his slimy, shady, underhanded business dealings, he is still a tribal at heart, and has some semblance of honor in him. If given the choice, he would rather face people in a fair fight. This doesn’t really apply when he has something to gain out of it, in which case he’ll do anything to come out on top, even if that means having Swank do some of his dirty work, but he’s the type that looks a man in the eyes if he’s gonna kill them, if he can. He could have just shot the Courier before they woke up and buried them then and there, or gotten one of the Khans to do it, or even killed the Courier in their sleep after they seduce him, but he’s not that low. They deserved to at least see the face of the man pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, this small vestige of honor he’s got in him is just one more thing he’s mostly had to bury on the road to ruling Vegas, and the instances it shines through become few and far between. In this game, honor is just naivety, and no one is likely to do you the same kindness of acting honorably.

-He’s way more superstitious than he would ever admit, especially regarding spirits and the afterlife. When the Courier first walks into the casino, he probably thinks for a split second that they’re some angry ghost, but oh yeah wait they have a gun and everyone is looking at them, defs not a ghost. Another old tribal holdover from his days with the Boot Riders. He doesn’t fuck with the supernatural and is totally the type of guy that throws salt over his shoulder and will stare you down if you say anything about it.

-I kinda see him as an orphan, which is probably the case for a lot of people in the Mojave, but it’s part of why he fights so hard to cement his place in Vegas. Having never had a thing to call his own, he wants to make his mark on the world in some big, lasting way. And growing up on his own, he probably got by a lot more on his brains than his brawn, which still serves him to this day. He’s got some Frank Underwood in him, in that his goals aren’t tied to money, or even power, but to secure a legacy that no one in the wastes will forget. Luxury and power and all the things those bring, that’s just a perk.

-Gomorrah is one of his favorite places on the Strip to visit to clear his head, and Swank is always the one to bring him down to earth if he starts getting too sweet on some of the girls there. Love and romance and all that noise might not be in his cards while he’s in pursuit of Vegas, but he does have a weakness for pretty women (or men! Love knows no gender binary) and he can get borderline stupid if someone strikes his fancy (like sleeping with your murder victim, for instance). He’s all for one night stands, but if someone actually locked that fool down, he would be faithful as hell. Ben-man ain’t a cheater when it comes to relationships.


squidmatsus! im definitely not the first one to do a splatoon and osomatsu crossover thing but i still wanted to get this out here
i just
really like both things lemme live

i started on these like 6 months ago and then ditched it but i got around to finishing it tonight. this isnt the best work i can do, but im glad to finally get this out and posted. i think i stopped working on it for so long because i was frustrated with the drawing method i had to stick with 

i know the gear doesnt really work out with some of their weapons and god knows how oso got to level 50…i kinda just went with whatever Looked Good

i have LOTS of headcanons and ideas but i doubt i can get it all drawn gggggh

also here are my old Concepts™  

some headcanons about the younger generation of Chairmen:

  • At the time Benny took the Boot Riders to the Strip, only a few members had children. But now that the Chairmen have been settled in Vegas for seven years, many of them have families of their own. The 12th floor of the Tops is reserved exclusively for members of the Family with children. House doesn’t allow unaccompanied children (under 14) on the Strip and has a strict time limit for how long even accompanied children can spend on the Strip, so the children spend most of their childhoods on the 12th floor. That floor is strictly off-limits to anyone outside the Family. It’s the most heavily guarded area of the Tops. (Children aren’t allowed on the casino floor except in extreme circumstances.)
  • The largest room on the 12th floor has been turned into something of a school, where the children are taught basic reading, math, and – of course – how to fight. Every child above the age of ten knows how to fire a gun, though they aren’t allowed to carry one until they’re old enough to go onto the Strip by themselves. Speaking Chairmen slang is natural for them, since it’s what they grew up hearing. 
(Which means that, yes, at one point you’d be able to hear a five-year-old call something ‘ring-a-ding’.)
  • Raising children is very much a communal effort. The Chairmen don’t put a lot of stock in blood ties, so while a child does have individual parents, they’re first and foremost a child of the Family.

  • Naming a baby is a big deal in the Family; most traditions regarding that are unchanged from the time when the Chairmen were Boot Riders. The chief (in this case, Benny) has to approve the parents’ decision, and he formally names the baby two weeks after it’s born. It’s extremely bad luck to name a child after a living person, so most soon-to-be parents spend hours scouring the holotapes House gave them for a good name that isn’t being used.

  • Thanks to House’s medical supplies, infant mortality is a twentieth of what it was while they were nomadic.
  • It’s an extremely big deal if a child manages to sneak out of the casino onto the Strip. To outsiders, everything seems business-as-usual. In reality, the family is in full-on panic mode. Usually a Securitron drags brings the child back within a couple of hours, but there’s always the lingering possibility that it’ll be too late. If a member of another family hurt or kidnapped one of the Chairmen’s children, not even House could stop a war from tearing the Strip apart.