weird little parallels i spotted between penelopea and brain freeze:

      *control over ice (big chill and frozen tundra)
      *control over wind (whirlwind and dolphinado)
      *ability to buff fighters (embiggen and galvanise)

*penelopea’s mega-grow aspect and brain freeze’s beastly aspect both focus on buffing their fighters through natural abilities or tricks, and making them do bonus attacks (beastly does this through frenzy, which is different from brainy’s methods of activating bonus attacks)

*penelopea’s smarty aspect and brain freeze’s sneaky aspect both focus on disrupting the enemy - whether through freezing, hiding in gravestones, looking in gravestones, bouncing, killing stuff w deadly zombies or frost w/ a winter squash on board, or turning all of your enemy’s zombies into relatively harmless browncoats

*the Canon synergies for the two heroes - peas and pets - are not only one letter apart from each other, but also share other similarities. most pea plants and pet zombies are vulnerable to damage (i’m still pissed that a well-placed butt can take out a 3-cost repeater, as i am at the fact that 3-cost dolphin rider will die if some berries pop in his face). however, both tribes can grow (albeit at different paces - peas focusing primarily on str, but also some health as well, whereas pets focus solely on str) to deal great damage to whatever stands in their way.

i have no idea what this all means, but it was Something I Noticed