Hey guys i’ve got an Artstation now, and i put some new concept art stuff in it  


A personnal practice on the universe of Edge Chronicles’s books, which had a huge influence on me as a child. If you liked the books i’ll be thrille to have your opinion or maybe some ideas for new paintings based on this universe.

Of course the concept art of the skycraft and the design are products of the genius mind of both Paul Stewart and Chris Ridell, I can claim no credit for that: i just wanted to paint Rook and his skycraft. If you guys like this i’ll may paint Rook int the forest with the Banderbears. Such a great moment in the trilogy.

Pour remplir mon nouveau book orienté concept art j’ai commencé une série de recherches et illus sur l’univer de Chroniques du bout du monde de Paul Stewart et Illustré par le génial Chris Ridell. Je n’ai donc aucun mérite sur le design des personnages, objets  et créatures mais j’avais très envie de dessiner Rémiz Gelardeau dont j’aime particulièrement l’histoire dans cette trilogie.

Why the ‘80 Voltron is at least worth a look
  • It’s hilarious
  • get some popcorn and some friends because you’re in for a ride
  • Lance has a mullet oh the irony
    • wears flared pants
    • his personality was amputated at birth I think
  • Hunk is angry 24/7
    • yells FIGHT ME at everything
    • sounds weird
    • where is the cinnamon roll?!?! not here
  • Pidge sound like a cross between JarJar Binks and a bird
    • also he’s a dwarve?? or a child, everyone calls him ‘small one’ or ‘young one’
  • Anything Sven (Shiro) says in his wonky accent is a joke on its own
    • that’s it he doesn’t do very much
  • Keith wears white knee high boots 
    • his hair is fucking fabulous
    • is the leader and has a hero complex
  • Coran is the most normal 
    • even though he dresses like a cheap magician
  • Allura is this pure glittering damsel in distress
    • literally, she cries glitter tears I’m not even joking
    • she tells Haggar to ‘find the good in her heart’ when captured’
    • seriously get a grip, woman
    • basically Cinderella, she was raised by dancing space mice
  • great oneliners
    • Keith upon being captured: “We’re space explorers and we need space!”
    • Lance at bird flying away: “Okay birdbrain you are grounded.”
  • Zarkon has a cat
    • this is not a drill he really has an evil space cat he loves to death
    • he also has a crown, throne, cape, scepter and one of those ball-shaped thingies idk the name
  • everyone yells HIYA when fighting
    • hilarious voice acting, was probably great at the time
    • why so serious
  • funky music
  • every weapon is called the super ultra mega space something 3000
  • also there is an animated movie with multiple voltrons cause why not
  • it’s waaaaay better than the 2011 version, that one makes my eyes bleed, this one just makes my ears bleed

Okay I had so much fun drawing that last art trade that I kept doodling in that vein until… um, yeah. So you can all blame @aquastarart for this. 😝

I might scan and clean this all up later, but I can’t yet. :/

Poe has a shiny Rowlet. Orange and white, one of a kind. I picked it because it’s a starter that flys, and is a cute round buddy. 

Finn and his Squirtle fight over Poes jacket. I picked it because it’s armored, like Finn used to be, and it eventually evolves to have giant water cannons on its back (and we know that Finn is proficient with blasters).

Rey has a Torchic because like her it is an adorable creature from a hot place that can and will mess you up if you cross it.

Kylo got Litten for the soul purpose of making a kitty litter gag out of his creepy bucket of ashes. Also because it just LOOKS PERFECT FOR HIM and would probably refuse to be intimidated by anything he does.

I might do more of these with other Star Wars characters! It’s really fun!

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

Right now I’m just using starters for the main characters, but I may branch out for side or non movie characters. 


During a respite on the quest (probably at Beorn’s) Thorin lets (pocket)Billa redo his braids, which unbeknownst to her is a huge honor among Dwarves. Unfortunately she’s not very good, and he’ll have to do them over later, but he’d rather chew his own arm off than tell her that.

The first pic was originally going to be a new ID for my DA page, but then suddenly Fem!Bilbo happened, and so the parade of Pocket!Hobbit art continues. :U