endless list of favorite characters → elincia ridell crimea (fire emblem: path of radiance)

↳ “all your dissatisfaction and misgivings about me are well founded. however, do you realize how many lives you’ve simply thrown away? strength without compassion does not a ruler make. you care nothing for the people, sir. you cloak your desire to rule with pretty speeches, but it is petty avarice nonetheless! allowing you to plant the seeds of rebellion and play havoc with the lives of my people is a failure for which i must answer. but i will see crimea through this trial. i will give my people the future they deserve, no matter the cost.”

Highlights from the Elders React: Rammstein

*Doom making out with the lady during Du Hast* “Get in the back! There’s more room back there!!!”

“Must be one of them foreign bands.”

“There was some sort of sex thing going on in the beginning.  BIG DEAL.”

*during sonne* “W-what is this????”

“He’s rubbing the apple in kind of a suggestive way.”

“Heavy metal meets… opera… or something” *awkward laugh*

*monotone voice* “that’s radical”

*during mann gegen mann* “Nudity?!?! NUDITY!!!!”

Surprised “oh my” during mgm and then a slightly turned on “oh my”

“although they have nice bodies”

“that’s a tad unusual”

*after mgm* “oh i liked that!! That was very rock n roll!!! I don’t mind looking at naked guys”


*during Benzin live* “Can we make it more extreme???? Oh yeah!!! Let’s light each other on fire!”

*beginning of Pussy* oooooooooooooohhhh.  We’ve got some bdsm going on!!!”

“I’m liking this better than the all oiled men”

“Good clean fun!!!!”