Yay for sharing! So, most if you know I use my vanity planet spring brush daily because I am obsessed with it.. But, I also use this charcoal/sugar scrub that I have never mentioned before! Anyway, tonight I finally got a chance to use my new tamanu + wild citrus cleansing oil (It has roots and plants in it or something that I’m super into)
It is supposed to soften, and brighten your skin! You basically rub it in and put a hot towel in your face! I’m all about it.
Anyway, as come the codes! But, like I’ve said before, I won’t post anything I wouldn’t/don’t use myself.. So see this as a gift or something!

▫Spinbrush from (www.vanityplanet.com) #AR4CLEAN (original: $99.99 | discount price: $30 + free shipping for US)
▫Charcoal sugar scrub (You can find it at rideaid)
▫Tamanu oil (www.vanityplanet.com) #AMBER4VP ($10 dollars off)

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