Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos collaborate on infectious single, ‘Slide’

A few days ago, it was nearly 70 degrees outside in Madison. Students were back on Bascom Hill taking in the sun instead of going to class. Shorts and sandals made their first major appearance of 2017. Campus was filled with life. Now that the sneak peak of summer is over, we’re all craving something to latch on to while we wait for the most exciting season.

Calvin Harris is a known hit-maker and, once again, he’s delivered a song that will undoubtedly be the song of the summer.

“Slide” features the angelic voice of Frank Ocean, who is back in the spotlight after releasing his second album in August. As if that weren’t enough, we get two stellar verses from Quavo and Offset of Migos who are riding the wave of success after their first number one album, Culture.

They are the holy trinity of popular music. Calvin Harris is akin to the Father, laying the foundation for what would come next. Frank Ocean plays the role of Jesus, bringing us the teachings of how to fully enjoy life. Migos are the intangible spirit that bring us all together with a desire to party harder than ever.

All three performers shine on production from Harris that is so infectious, you’ll want to listen to it 20 times in a row (which I did).

Harris has a knack for making catchy beats, and this is no exception. It’s the perfect blend of clapping drums, piano and deep bass with a dash of tropical sunshine.

The most important thing about “Slide” is that it’s fun beyond belief. It’s a fun song that makes you bounce your feet and nod your head uncontrollably while fantasizing about school ending, sitting by a pool while the sunlight beats down on your exposed skin and drinking an ice cold drink.

As always, Frank Ocean delivers with beautiful melodies about living for yourself without a single care in the world. Quavo’s auto-tuned rhymes add an extra unexpected layer to the production that gives the middle section a slight hint of haziness. Then comes Offset.

Setting off his verse with the now iconic self-proclamation of his name, Offset flows over the production flawlessly with extremely catchy bars. “Offset! / Good gracious / Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out a spaceship / Need your information / take vacation to Malaysia / You my baby / the paparazzi flashin’ crazy,” he raps.

Its theme is one that many of us can relate to. It comes from the simple desire to live our lives to the fullest without a single responsibility in the world.

The day before the release of “Slide,” Calvin Harris tweeted out, “All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel f–king incredible.” If his upcoming songs are even half as enjoyable as “Slide,” then 2017 is sure to be a spectacular year for music.

I just want to talk about this. I see So Many backhanded compliments to The New Crystal Gems saying like, “it’s nice to have some realistic Lapis and Peridot interaction without Lauren Zuke’s shitty writing cramming the ship down our throat” or something like that, and, like, it was not bad writing?? It was not out of character or anything. As somebody trying to recover from depression, I found that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with positivity and go through the motions, and even if you don’t feel anything, you don’t feel bad, and you start to get better, and that is very clearly what Lapis is trying to do. She’s just riding the wave of Peridot’s genuine excitement of exploring every intellectual inch of life she never even knew existed before and, sort of hoping that if she plays along, some of that happiness may rub off on her. She’s watching her Earth show, making meep morps with her, helping her decorate the barn, even making music with her, and she smiles. There are moments where Lapis just smiles, and that’s her trying. I love the toilet meep morp scene in particular, because during this scene, the same dark ominous music that always plays when Lapis uses her water abilities plays, but what she’s using them for isn’t something out of rage or desperation, she’s funneling that same power she only ever associated with negative things into something silly and pointless that Peridot thinks is beautiful and makes her excited. This is Lapis healing. Peridot is the medium by which Lapis is healing herself, and that is beautiful writing.

my kind of character development 👌

When you’re hanging on the edge of uncertainty all you can do is choose FAITH over fear. Stay present with yourself and honor yourself in the present moment of today
—  The Awakened State

Many of us are riding the wave of uncertainty in our lives, we can either choose to listen to the fears or embrace the Faith that the universe is taking care of us and has our back.