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This drabble came from a conversation with @smutwwe after an anon asked me who I’d rather sleep with sub!Seth or dom!Seth and I replied “both”.

You’re tying a naked Seth to your bed, much to his surprise.

“Babe, what- what are doing?”

“Shut up, Seth, you know exactly what I’m doing.” You smirk down at him, as his confused expression turns to a lusty one.

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The Chargiest Charger

On his adventures with the Inquisitor, the Iron Bull discovers a baby hart that has fallen down a cliff. He rescues it, because he is a giant soft marshmallow, and it is making a very sad honk.

he doesn’t mean to do it, but he names it Imekari (because Qunlat has no other words for small things that you want to protect) 

Imekari recovers from her mishap in short order, and decides that the Iron Bull is now her mother. I mean, no one else here has antlers.

He tries to leave her with Horsemaster Dennet. Dennet knows…. animals, right?

Dennet brings her back two hours later, and Bull hears them coming, because Imekari is making the saddest, most terribly tragic, extremely loud, honking. She’s been separated from her mother, what else can she do? She has no other way to communicate her sadness and distress. So honking it is. (you know when you’re riding a hart, and you gallop, and they make that noise? you know the one. It’s that noise, but tinier, and also louder, and much more likely to haunt your dreams.)

She’s discovered that making this noise will cause everyone around her to do what she wants. She decides this is a good noise, and she should make it more in the future.

And that’s the story of how the Iron Bull recruited the first Charger who can actually charge.


Things I thought about while riding my bike today about bikes and life.

Picture 1: sometimes you get wind. Sometimes you get rainbows. Today I got both. Focus on the good, ignore the bad.

Picture 2: there are several inevitable truths about living in this small town. But two of them are TRAINS and jerks in RED TRUCKS. @amft once told me her theory about red trucks. It’s hers, I’ll let her tell it. And if you ever go on a run, ride or you’re in a hurry in my hometown, YOU WILL GET STUCK BEHIND A TRAIN.

Picture 3: it’s a miracle when you marry two things that don’t go together and it works perfectly. But most times when you marry two that don’t go, well it just gets messy. I put this bottle combination together because everything is dirty in the dishwasher. I had this lid and this bottle and it kinda fit. More got on me than in my mouth. Just. Messy.

And no picture… But riding a bike will keep you honest about the way you are eating. Eat like crap, you’ll know it as your attacking a hill getting ready to vomit the not so smart lunch choice of a burger and onion rings. Never again. NEVER.

treasure, that is what you are

Taehyung + Dirt for @cuzimsickwithhope

imagine a pocket-sized you riding on the flat sensor of a metal detector as taehyung slowly walks it over the grass. treasure hunting is serious business, so you’re both uncharacteristically silent, ignoring the birds chirping and the dogs barking in favor of listening for a tell-tale blip.

a minute later, the thing starts to go off and you immediately jump into the grass to begin poking aggressively at the earth with a spoon. taehyung giggles and grabs the spade he borrowed (read: stole) from jin to help you, shoving the metal into the ground and chucking dirt carelessly behind him. soon he’s made a hole big enough for you to stand in, and down at the bottom, you finally see a glint of silver.

throwing the spoon aside, you begin digging away with your bare hands until you’re pulling a heavy silver ring out of the ground. taehyung sighs, a look of admiration fixed to his dirt-streaked face, and you rub the remnants of earth off the intricately engraved metal before beckoning for taehyung’s hand. you slip the ring onto taehyung’s pretty fourth finger and beam to find that it’s a perfect fit.

unfortunately, you don’t have long to bask in the moment because a grumpy old guy is coming out of his house and yelling about damn kids digging up damn holes in his damn yard every saturday. taehyung scoops you into his newly ring-clad hand and darts off giggling and shouting apologies and promises of autographs over his shoulder at the poor guy standing in the middle of his hole-riddled backyard.

First Dates with GOT7: Mark

Check out the first part here where it all starts and has an explanation as to what’s the situation! 

- Goes second

- Takes you to the zoo

- You two get your faces painted to the other’s choice (You pick a tiger for him and he picks a bunny for you)

- Proceed to take tons of goofy cute selfies

- You guys go on one of those ducky paddle boat rides

- You see elephants from there

- He nearly fell out when his hat was blown into the water

- You rode a camel and he rode a miniature horse (a.k.a. a pony)

- Fed some animals in the petting zoo

- The goat freaked you out because it would randomly scream really loud and you didn’t like it

- He hugs you tightly and takes you into the reptile exhibit instead

- There was a event going on and he was picked as a volunteer

- Had to imitate reptiles and have the kids in the crowd guess what he was

- You took plenty of video evidence to share with the members

- Told him he was the cutest komodo dragon you’ve ever seen

- Tries to be a goofball and lick at your cheek like a lizard

- You pass a bird exhibit

- The attendant says you can take pictures with them on you

- Mark excitedly says yes and you end up with two macaws on your arms and a toucan on your shoulder

- He took a bunch of pictures and calls you his “Amazonian Princess”

- Luckily none of them pooped on you 

- But the toucan did like to yank on your hair ouch

- Dinner is in one of those cafes where you eat next to giant fish tanks

- A stingray really liked you and stayed near you in the tank

- Someone proposed near you two

- He says he hopes you guys can get there one day

- Buys you a stuffed giraffe before you leave and kisses you on the cheek

(pretend you’re jinyoung)

None of the gifs are mine! Stay tuned for the next part!

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Okay but imagine. You're riding the subway with Harry. You guys are sitting and you both whisper cute little nothings to each other. No one recognized him so that's good to have your own bubble. And when it's time to get off the train he is standing before you and you just sneak your arms around him, scratching his tummy and giving sweet kisses onto his back. I'm just.. in the mood for some loving 😞

This hurts me. Deeply. On more levels than you can imagine. 

And he smells good, always (anytime anyone is nuzzling on his neck or his back, I gotta think about the smell, cause… we know it’s a drug). And it’s just so normal, you know? And so many people get to do just that every day, but for the two of you it’s rare, and there’s kind of a thrill there because of it. You don’t take these moments for granted at all – the impulsive ones where you just get to squeeze him and love on him because you want to, where you don’t have to wait until you’re behind four walls. It isn’t like you two are all over each other in public, but usually you can’t/don’t go beyond handholding, so… this is special. Especially when he laces his fingers through yours and gives them a squeeze and pulls you along when it finally lurches to a stop and the doors open. 

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I made it onto my school's English IHSA team this year in the Novice division because I've ridden for a while, but never competed in ranked, recognized shows. I feel like I'm not as good as the other girls and that the coach doesn't like me because I'm having a harder time with our traditionally western horses and their quirks. I've taken lessons for about 10 years (never owned) but I feel so scared for practices. How can I feel more confident with the coach, and riding in general? :(

That sounds like a sucky situation :( I’m not the best at giving advice so im sorry if im to no help, maybe some of my followers who are more familiar with this type of situation can help more. But all i can say is ride because you enjoy it, not because of what other people will think. As you say you’ve taken lessons for 10 years, which is really impressive. i’ve only started taking proper lessons like a month ago. I’ve never even competed in any kind of show. The girls in my town who do show, don’t really like me much because i’ve always waddled around on hairy ponies in the forest, it used to really get to me that i was disliked so much, but i’ve come to the conclution over the years that i ride because i love horses. When i started here i told my teacher about this, and she said that it’s often the less confident, less “skilled” riders in other peoles eyes that end up blooming into the best riders. I thought i sucked but she keeps saying i have a big talent and great potential, but I just want to be the best rider and trainer i can be for the horses i ride, thats my goal with riding. Ofc it’s completely fine to have show goals too, its all personal preferenrce. Just try to not let other people get to you, i know its not easy to do. I think you are doing great! Keep it up and work at it, you will be awesome. 

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what do you think harry's favorite position is? i think about this a lot and i'm just not sure

I would say doggy, as it is most men. Because they can get SO deep, and smack your ass and pull your hair - so probably that ;)

Although he’s probably partial to you riding him…. Holding you down and your breasts bouncing - mmm.

Motorcycle Adventure Challenge: Operation Moto Dog

Sometimes when the ride is almost over and you are closing in on home, have you ever had that feeling of wanting to just continue to ride? On and on till the sun sets and beyond… Meet Rufio the KLR650 Moto-Sidecar, Baylor the sidecar dog and of course lovely Mallory Paige who has accepted the challenge of the ongoing ride in what she calls: Operation Moto Dog!

External image

One day you decided to go on a ride longer than usual, how come and what’s your destination?

Prior to Operation Moto Dog, I’d never even driven a motorcycle! In October I’d ridden passenger for a brief time in Ecuador and was immediately hooked. I spent the next few months scheming about a motorcycle adventure to Alaska. And in May decided to ignore all the experts telling me it would be impossible and just go for it. I got my motorcycle license, bought an old motorcycle and even older sidecar, learned to weld, built a subframe to attach the two, and christened the rig Rufio. Then on June 15, I loaded Baylor into the sidecar and we hit the road for Alaska.

More than anything this adventure was prompted by a desire to grow into the adventurer I envisioned. Having traveled around the USA in a vintage VW van a few years ago, I knew that some of the best lessons happen on the open road. And committing to a big goal, meant I would have no choice but to figure things out. I’d absolutely have to learn how to camp alone, to turn a wrench, to navigate, troubleshoot and turn strangers into friends, it’s the only way I’d make it across North America.

External image

That is brave, to never have driven a motorcycle and then this! Some might be a bit scared to make a such an adventure by them self, what do you have to say to them?

I’d tell them what I once told my sister: It’s not about being fearless.

There have been and will continue to be days, nights, minutes and moments where I’m scared. From getting the heebie jeebies camping in the backwoods, to feeling completely overwhelmed and lost in a new place, fear is an essential ingredient to stepping out of your comfort zone and growing. Luckily, it’s also a muscle that can be trained. The more you face fear, the easier it becomes to tame your lizard brain and carry on without letting it rule your decisions.

And for the travelers – especially the solo females – that worry about strangers taking advantage of you on the road, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve found the absolute opposite to be true. Everywhere we venture people go out of their way to say hello, extend kindness, support and hospitality. People are good. This I will always believe.

External image

Sometimes Baylor wants to stear…

Sounds amazing! And I guess you always have Baylor if things get to much…:)  I read you got some support from fellow bikers/people you meet aswell?

Since I wasn’t previously a rider, I really had no idea the strength and breadth of the motorcycle community. En route to Alaska, we experienced a series of obstacles. From the most unbelievable breakdown miracle in the middle of nowhere Yukon (read that here: http://mallorypaige.com/omd-travelogue-day-15//) to a series of unknown noises and oil burning concerns, I quickly realized I could not do this alone. That I would need the expertise and assistance of the rider family to make it to Alaska. And, oh boy!, did they come together to help us. From strangers across the country sending funds to help with the piston replacement, to Alaskan motorcycle legends hauling us hundreds of miles and teaching me how to tear apart the engine, it was truly a turning point in the adventure.

In that moment, it became more than just a road trip to Alaska. It quickly transformed into a life changing mission to visit all of North America. A million times over, I could not do this without the kindness and hospitality that we’re shown each day on the road.

External image

On a trip like this I guess anything can happen… For you guys thinking of going we made an infographic on what you need to know when travelling the world on your motorcycle. So I understand that you are not completely alone on your journey.. who is your travel companion and what does she/he think of the life on the roads?:)

The sidecar had to happen because there was no way I was going to leave my copilot behind. My dog, Baylor, is an adventurous yellow lab, who has been at my side for the last 10 years. Whether stand up paddle boarding down an Oregon river, climbing Colorado mountains, island hopping along the Florida coast or just snuggling up to read a book, he’s always ready for the fun.

And it was amazing how well he took to being a sidecar dog. After a few days lounging in the sidecar while I metalworked in the shop, it was time for a test drive. We went through the routine we’d practiced – load up command, harness attached, goggles on, treat dispersed – and I began rolling around the parking lot nervously. I looked over at Baylor not sure how he was going to react and then had to laugh out loud. He looked up at, sighed in boredom, and laid down to sleep – he was meant to be a motodog. It was the moment I knew Operation Moto Dog was really going to happen. Two days later we were Alaska bound.

Haha I think I’m in love with Baylor!:)
Give us 3 tips for the life on the bike?

Simplify – I’m constantly analyzing what I’m packing. En route to Alaska I tossed the pillow (my riding pants suffice just fine), in Kansas I reorganized everything so the camp essentials lived in a single bag, in North Carolina I got two Sea to Summit compression bags and rejoiced at the space we were saving. For the most part, you probably need less than you imagine and too much stuff just becomes a packing hassle when you load and unload day after day.
Eliminate Excuses – Early on I decided I’d rather be uncomfortable doing it, than comfortable still home planning it. This meant I didn’t worry about having the absolute ideal gear or being perfectly prepared, because I knew no matter what I was leaving with what I had and would make do along the way. This has made for some uncomfortably cold, wet days and extra challenges along the way, but to me it’s worth it because I’m out there doing it instead of letting little excuses prevent me from going on the adventure.
There is No Right Answer – Some people plan their adventures for years, some just wing it. Some pack everything they could possibly need, some are the ultimate minimalists. Some go fast and far in a day, some mosey and soak it all in. Everyone has a unique style; that’s the fun and interesting thing about life. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. There is no right answer, just do what works best for you.

External image

Thank you Mallory!

Visit her homepage or her Advrider for more updates and images. Good luck on your travels!:)

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Karlie I'm really gay can you talk abt girls pls

-think abt girls when they talk abt somethin they like and their eyes light up and they smile when they talk
-when they twitch their nose bc of an itch
-pretty eyes
-when they tie their hair up into a bun and tendrils of hair frame their face
-when their shirt rides up a bit and you can see the small of their back
-sweatpants and tank tops
-sitting cross legged
-playing with their hair or twirling their ring or playing with jewelry when their concentrated
-perfect makeup
-when they wear baggy shirts and pants
-when they lean forwards into you when their talking to you
-im crying im so gay too

So today I was assigned to a very interesting story and I felt like I had to share it with you guys.

More than 55.000 riders of vintage motorcycles from more than 90 countries took part today in a global initiative to raise awareness and funds towards prostate cancer research and suicide prevention programs.

Now, if you’re thinking Son’s of Anarchy type of riders, you’d be wrong because the whole idea is to don nice suits and ride really cool vintage bikes.

The event is called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and you should definitely check out their website to have an idea of what the initiative looks like! 

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getting drunk w/ the twins and both of them are putting their hands all over you, one of them kisses your neck while the other roams his hands over your chest. Rami would keep asking "Are you okay, baby?" holding your hair back and fucking your ass as you ride Sami from beneath

this….. this got me screaming ngl. this…… damn