ride with kevin

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

have you ever been in love? - reggie mantle

word count: 2.328 (oops)

warnings: swearing, i mention death like once

plot: a quiz about love makes reggie think about you

a/n: plot was inspired by this . i wanted to write something short and cute and now it’s 3am and i wrote this long ass thing

part 2

“Alright, class,” The teacher spoke up, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Hence today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give you all a short, small quiz!”

The announcement was met with a collective groan.

“It’s not that kind of quiz.” The teacher began handing out papers, a smile on their face. “It’s about love and even though it won’t get graded, try to answer the question seriously, don’t joke around.”

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the brosten bromance
  • the eagles are super stoked that neil josten signed on with them 
  • but NOBODY is as stoked as Matt Boyd is, because this is his precious flower child and they are finally on the same team after a year of Neil post Fox. 
  • so the entire team is there at the court doing basic drills when this 5′3 human comes barrelling out the door and just charged straight at Matt 
  • and everyone is horrified because 1-neil is super small but super fast but nobody was prepared for exactly how fast he was, and everyone is already cringing cardio day because coach will be riding their asses to keep up with the midget. 
  • 2-at first they imagine that there has been a terrible argument because their real experience of Neil is savage clapbacks on twitter or some impressive fights on court and Neil is probably going to tear out Matt’s throat 
  • instead they matt whooping, basically picking neil up and giving him the bear hug to end all bear hugs. 
  • coach is yelling in the background but neil is explaining in great detail his experience with the nasty kale chips kevin sent him for the plane ride. 
  • matt is sympathetic. 
  • kevin had also sent him the same chips but he had wisely tossed them without sampling any. 
  • eventually because neil is living out of a sketchy motel room Matt basically forces him to pack up his belongings-belongings which have expanded past a single duffle bag, much to Neil’s dismay- and forces him to move in. 
  • like to be honest though matt has such a sketchy apartment. there is no fire alarm and if you turn on the light in the kitchen it turns off the light in the living room and it’s so fucking tiny they have bunk beds. 
  • they basically exist off of take out. why cook when you can dial a phone? 
  • they’re living above some chinese restaurant so they can usually hear the music playing from the kitchen which is why Matt posts a video on his instagram of Neil Josten dancing at 2 am, and the fans go mental. 
  • because his instagram has become the Neil Josten story. 
  • like to be honest his instagram prior to neil moving in consists of horribly blurry photos of weights and random converse pictures-matt has an obsession with converse shoes, Kevin is still mad about it.
  • his personal fav picture is one of Neil sitting in a grocery cart holding up a brand of kale flavoured protein bar with kevin’s face plastered across the box, unimpressed look on Neil’s face. 
  • neil’s twitter is just random out of context matt boyd quotes that are hella random and hard to explain? like nah the coconut flavour is bae, wtf is with limes? and nobody knows if it is ice cream or something weird?
  • eventually one of their teammates documents Matt using Neil as a weight, him across his shoulders and Matt doing squats. they’re count is up to 156 before Neil starts to get bored and starts making eagle noises. 
  • dan and the girls venture to the shared apartment, eyeing the stack of take out dinner boxes and unwashed dishes
  • “you used to have class, Boyd.” Allison informs him as she primly nudges one towering stack of styrofoam boxes from their Indian phase. It’s rivaling the stack of jenga they got going on in the center of the room, both boys sitting on the floor crosslegged, eyeing the rather crooked tower as it’s supported by like 3 tiles for a base now. 
  • “you have heard of wall art, right babe?” dan called from the kitchen where she’s inspecting the alcohol stash but only finding cheap beer.
  • “yo we don’t go into your home and disrespect your class and walls.” matt informed them as neil toppled the tower. 
  • “yeah, that’s because we have class”-allison’s home is a massive penthouse suit where the walls are white and the floors are marble and it’s basically an interior decorator’s orgasm. 
  • dan is simpler than that, but still quite lovely. renee is between places, having returned from backpacking across french countryside. 
  • neil comes home with a few boxes of fairy lights to compromise and sends a few snapchats to andrew of matt wrapped up in the tangled cords of lights. 
  • eventually the press is getting worried (read: excited as fuck) about what this means for neil and andrew, and if it really is neil and matt 
  • neil and matt are usually the ones doing press, because they’re both pretty known and the audience adores neil. 
  • especially when the reporter asks a silly question about what was it like working with an ex drug addict 
  • because holy hell our 5′3 child is savage when he asks the reporter what it is like working with your head so far up your own ass, like he’s a medical wonder. semi-functioning and everything. 
  • allison always retweets captions of him in interviews. 
  • but yeah 
  • so the reporters are anxious “any news regarding playing against Minyard?”
  • They shrug because the line up in still being laid out 
  • and Andrew has been swapped three teams again and again because of an attitude problem? 
  • so Matt just says ‘naw, but like we’re ready for his sorry ass’
  • neil mentions that it’s a lovely ass
  • Matt adds though that his is a far nicer one than Andrew’s. 
  • a few days later on twitter Andrew informs them to leave his ass out of it 
  • but someone takes a picture of andrew and neil on a date a few weekslater 
  • and the internet blows the fuck up BECAUSE IS NEIL CHEATING ON MATT???
  • Matt prints out copies of these reports and is like babe, why? the next time they have interviews 
  • the reports end up taped to the fridge
  • someone eventually asks dan’s opinion 
  • and she’s like yo, i may be matt’s girlfriend but apparently neil is his bro mate.
  • and maybe allison is being catty when she mentions on her way to her team practise (ironically she’s on the Vixens team, an all girls team that is fucking rising) and informs this one reporter that oh yeah, andrew and neil hated each other in school, they used to go at it all the time. she gives the camera man her most andrew like blank stare ever. 
  • it’s goals, man. 
  • and nicky adds of twitter that he has always tried to support them in whatever way possible, whether tying them to each other or locking them in a closet to work out their kinks. 
  • wymack simply says no comment when they begin pestering him. 
  • neil usually just mentions that questions about love triangles are really useless in exy sports panels recapping specific games, like guys, lets keep focus before i get bored and leave.
  • basically the whole OG squad are mindfucking the reporters but renee, but she always smiles serenely when fans ask and says that it’s nice to see Neil so happy with Matt.
  • andrew gives reporters blank looks whenever they try to get near him 
  • the media is so lit its roasting
  • the next time Andrew’s team the Falcon’s play against Matt and Neil it is absolutely ridiculous. 
  • the entire original fox lineup is in the audience and they are stoked (but kevin, because kevin is dreading everything because kevin is such a princess) 
  • Matt charges onto the court with Neil on his shoulders and Neil is waving exy rackets, basically the outcome of having chugged three power drinks. 
  • andrew is narrowing his eyes 
  • and is basically like done 
  • but the two aren’t done 
  • at one point matt just like drops to his knees in the middle of the game and neil leap frogs over him and Kevin is in the audience LOSING HIS SHIT 
  • Like he’s leaning over and screaming orders 
  • but it just never stops 
  • neil starts asking andrew questions about adopting cats in between score attempts 
  • and andrew is snarking back about gymnastics and that he knows very well how to hide a body
  • so basically matt and neil start performing aerials 
  • -leading to one of the most important changes in exy rulebook history where players are forbidden from doing aerials EVER on the court-
  • my boys are so extra I love it 
  • and the fans are going mental and the other eagles are just used to their boys acting up and causing mass destruction wherever they go 
  • the game ends with a tie 
  • basically matt and neil are extreme bromance goals and they will not stop fight them. 

inspired by http://broship-addict.tumblr.com/post/143323205892/so-the-first-time-neil-and-matt-see-each-other-in

(A/N) Something I’m working on as i need closure about Nicky kissing Neil with out consent and Andrew drugging Neil.

Part 2 Part 3 Ao3

They were on the way to the locker rooms when it happened. They were celebrating a good win, one that Neil had guaranteed them with a particularly good goal. When he went of the court, Dan had lifted him off the ground in a bear hug, Matt had insisted on giving Neil a piggyback ride and even Kevin didn’t have anything negative to say. Nicky was positively bouncing around Neil and Matt as he retold the highlights of the game in a dramatic manner.

“… and then, Neil ducks under, you hear that ladies and gentlemen, he ducks under the backliners racquet and scores! Man, Neil I could’ve kissed you!”

“No thank you, I would prefer if you didn’t do that again”

It was an innocent comment, and a innocent reply  if it hadn’t been the “again.”

“What, you’ve kissed Nicky?”

“No, Nicky kissed me, there is a difference,” said Neil. All the foxes had stopped in their tracks. This conversation had taken a turn that started to feel unpleasant. There was a question hanging in the air that no seemed to want to ask. Finally it was Renee that did.

“Did, did you kiss Neil without his consent, Nicky?”

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Of First Greetings

Summary: Kevin and Joaquin accidentally meet the squad on their second date and everyone wants to know who he is.

Rating: T

Genre: General, Canon Compliant, Fluff

Pairing: Kevin x Joaquin

Timeline: Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place, 1x07

Word count: 1,190

“So, Pop’s?” Joaquin asks.

Kevin rubs his temples, leaning against the seat. “No, not Pop’s.”

“Why not?” Joaquin props himself against car’s dashboard, turning his body to face his boyfriend. “I thought you liked Pop’s.”

“I do, but so do all of my friends,” sighs Kevin.

The way Joaquin looks at his lap first and at through the windshield second almost passes unnoticed by Kevin. He feels something in his chest, a tug towards the back of the seat; when he swallows, his throat is dry.

“That’s not what I meant.”

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Gaston and the Beast

Originally posted by riverdales-daily

It was very evident that Jughead and Archie didn’t get along. When one arrived, the other left. They got into fights weekly, mostly over tiny things like if one looked at the other the wrong way. Other than that, they had one thing in common. They both liked you. 

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Time Waster Pt. 4 [j.j]

Jughead x reader in which he decides its time to confront (Y/N).

Part one: here

Part two: here

Part three: here


It had been a month. A month since Jughead Jones III had promised himself that he would get (Y/N) back no matter what. A month since he had promised himself that he would make her his.

It had been a little over a month since Betty and Jughead kissed. A little over a month since (Y/N) had gone to Reggie and left them. It had been a little over month since (Y/N) had joined the gang at Pop’s. She had been sitting with Reggie lately. In fact, she had been doing everything with Reggie lately and it annoyed Jughead to no end. Her Instagram was saturated with pictures of her and Reggie and occasionally, only Reggie himself.


It was a Friday night, a calm one with no football game or pep rally to attend, when (Y/N) had approached Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin, who all sat in a booth next to a window. Archie, Kevin, and Veronica all perked up as she approached the booth, happy to see her joining them again after so long.

“Hey guys, can I join?” the (H/C) girl smiled shyly.

“Yes! Of course,” Archie answered immediately, scooting over to allow the girl to sit next to him, casually throwing his arm around her shoulders as she did.

This small action did not go unnoticed by Jughead, who upon seeing their interaction, immediately narrowed his eyes and glared at Archie until the redheaded boy noticed and gulped, removing his arm from where it had been.

“(Y/N),” began Kevin. “So the rumor around school is that you and Reggie Mantle, aka one of the hottest boys in Riverdale, are doing the do.”

(Y/N) snorted in a very unattractive way as she started laughing. She had been laughing so hard that she had managed to fall off the booth and was now lying on the ground. “Me and Reggie? Having sex? No way!”

“Well everyone seems convinced that you guys are a thing,” Veronica butted in.

“I will admit, I find him ridiculously attractive and I used to have the biggest crush on him,” she said. Jughead clenched his jaw.

“But,” she continued, standing up, “I quickly got over that. He’s my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides, Cheryl has her eye on him. That girl is a mythic bitch. I would not like to get on her bad side.”

“Oh yeah (Y/N), you totally got over Reggie Mantle very quickly,” Betty teased, shooting a shy grin at her (ex) best friend.

“Oh shut up Betty! So maybe it did take me quite a while to get over Reggie,” the girl replied, shooting back a grin of her own, basically letting Betty Cooper know that she was fine and that all was forgiven.


“So why are you here instead of being with your boy toy?” Kevin asked. Jughead found himself leaning in, anxious to know her answer.

“Reggie is actually very busy doing homework tonight,” (Y/N) answered casually.

“Reggie Mantle? Doing homework?” Archie asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” the girl quickly defended him. “Believe it or not, he cares about his studies. But I didn’t want to stay in his room all night so I decided to go out.”

“And we’re very glad you did,” Betty said softly.


The diner was closing up and the six teens exited as they were shooed away by Pop Tate. Archie, having borrowed his dad’s car, offered everyone a ride, with only Veronica and Kevin accepting. Jughead’s hopes were crushed. He was hoping that Betty would’ve left with Archie but she decided to walk and since her and (Y/N) lived in the same direction, they ended up walking together, ruining Jughead’s chances of talking to the (H/C) girl.

Betty and (Y/N) walked down the road, side by side.

“I’m really sorry you know,” the blonde said softly. “We didn’t mean for anything to happen that day. It was a spur of the moment thing.”

“Its fine Betty,” (Y/N) replied. ‘I’ve told you time and time again. I’m happy for you both.”

Betty stopped walking all of a sudden, making (Y/N) stop as well.

“No you don’t understand (Y/N),” the blonde said. “It was a mistake. On both of our parts. It wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be you. Jughead, he was so upset when you left my house in tears. God that boy is so smitten with you its sickening. Really.”

The (H/C) girl sighed before turning around and walking away. “No he’s not Betty. We both know he’s not.”

“Goddammit (Y/N)!” Betty shouted. (Y/N) froze and turned once more. Hearing Betty swear was a very rare thing and it rarely happened. “You’re both so in love with each other but its so goddamn frustrating to hear both of you complain about not being good enough.

“Jughead cried. He cried when he saw you leave. He knew he had fucked up. he hated himself afterwards. Hell, he still hates himself because he knows he hurt you. He hates the fact that you turned to Reggie and he hates the fact that you’re seem to be getting along just fine without him.

“He’s so in love with you (Y/N),” Betty’s voice had quieted down. “He’s so in love and he’s hurting because he hurt you.”

(Y/N) couldn’t do anything but turn and walk away, leaving Betty standing in the middle of the road.


Jughead wandered aimlessly around Riverdale, not wanting to go home just yet. He still didn’t know what to do to win (Y/N) over and after hearing her confess that she used to have a crush on Reggie, he couldn’t help but panic at the thought of her liking him again.

Thinking back on their friendship, he realized that he could pinpoint the exact moment at which he fell in love with the (H/C) girl.

It had been the summer before eighth grade, and all four of them (him, Archie, Betty, and (Y/N)) had been swimming in the river. They had decided to play chicken and Jughead had partnered up with (Y/N). It had gotten quite competitive and they had lost to Archie and Betty, who had managed to get them both to fall into the river. Jughead was upset and wanted to demand a rematch, claiming that Betty had cheated, but when he noticed how (Y/N) had just laughed it off (’lighten up Juggie!’), he couldn’t help the feeling that overcame him. She had looked beautiful, with her soaked hair and water droplets on her face, sparkling under the sunlight. As soon as she threw her head back and laughed, Jughead knew he was a goner.

Fast forwards nearly three years later and Jughead was still deeply in love with her. The kiss had been a mistake, he knew that much. Him and Betty were broken, in different ways, and their emotions had taken control of their actions. It should’ve been (Y/N), not Betty.

Jughead suddenly changed his path, heading to Archie’s house instead of the river, where he was originally heading to. He knew what he had to do in order to win her back.


Part 4 yo! Hope y’all like it, I don’t feel as confident about it but I think it gives a nice set up for the next part. Also, part 5 will probably be the last. xoxo Also, asks are open!


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Consider Kevin being allergic to cats, and he visits Neil and Andrew and of course Sir and King are all over this tall baby and hes like “pls get these jerks off me, you know I’m allergic” and Neil just going “dont say you’re allergic to my kids Kevin, that’s fucking rude” right before Kevin sneezes directly in his face