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We just had a major trailer drop again! :D

And then we go into high-gear. First, we get the reveal of two of the masked figures from the USUM poster:

At least the helmeted one in the far back.

We may also get a name drop, but unfortunately, I don’t read Japanese. Will update later tho as information comes out! (I’m interested in who these guys are and their plans/ They don’t dress like Aether Foundation….)

Edit: Mustache’s name is Zionira, and he’s speaking about Necrozma stealing Alola’s light.

Necrozma appearing from the Ultra Wormhole, and Nebby attacking it:

Ultra Beasts, and it hinting that Xurkitree and Nanu’s Personal Hell will get bigger roles in the plot:

Hala talking as the Ultra Beasts arrive and a new area–a gem-filled place and some sort of energy circling around it? Maybe invented by Aether, and/or the new guys?

This Xurkitree looks like it’s in a different area, tho…

Another new area, perhaps Necrozma’s Ultra Space? AND OUR BOI IS BACK!!! Finally, we get to see him in a trailer. He’s at the Altar of the Sunne/Moone too? Not being able to read makes it hard to place, but it doesn’t seem he’s there to take away Lusamine like last time?

Lusamine on Guzma’s jacket? It looks like she’s on the ground too?

Apparently tho, riding with Lunala/Solgaleo thru Ultra Space is another new minigame.

I have no idea what’s going on. Interestingly tho, Solgaleo/Lunala aren’t possessed and your character is wearing armor like those masked people. Are they on our side?

And ending on a pretty cool shot of Necrozma crushing the sun.


The final ride on The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There are many videos claiming to be the “last” ride, but many are “the person recording the video’s last ride, and not the actual last time the attraction vehicle moved through the attraction with guests on board. As far as I can tell, the video above is the actual last ride, as there is nobody in the queue to get on, and no full ride vehicle leaving the station as this vehicle comes in (as I saw in the video included below).

Granted, here is another video – while this moment is briefly shown in the above video, it’s more extensively covered in this next one. After the final ride, the cast members came out for a curtain call. And to be honest, it moved me to tears. (this next video shows highlights of the “final ride” that they were on, even though you see another car load of guests entering the attraction as this vehicle pulls into the station, but it features a fantastic spieler when you can hear him, and the full curtain call at the end of the night).

[Edit: tumblr either won’t let me post the video or it’s down at the bottom of the post, but it’s at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2QVUbDSPBc – it’s more of a highlight reel than a ride-thru, but the full curtain call is at 8:49]

The cast member on your right who is involved in the curtain call seems overwhelmed.

And I definitely get that. The first time I left Disney, when life circumstances led me to Illinois even though I didn’t want to leave, I was granted a request to sell balloons on my last day, with a closing shift. The park closed at 11:00pm, so I was supposed to head back to have my inventory taken and then count my money at 11:45pm, and be off by 12:30am..

But I was always fast with my money, so I stayed out in Town Square until 12:30am, at which point my emotions got the best of me. One of my favorite things was to see kids sleeping in strollers as their parents pushed them back to their cars. Because I remember, as a kid, days after being at Disneyland when I didn’t remember whether I had actually been there, or if it had just been a wonderful dream (and then I’d see the new pin or other souvenir I got and realize that it was real). And I loved seeing people hesitant to leave the park, because for some it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I had to get myself off Main Street when I started feeling the sobs coming on.

I mean…it was my last day. My paycheck was ready. If I had stayed out later, I wouldn’t have been paid for it, and I was okay with that. My goal was to stay out until the last guest had left.

But I had to exit, stage left, before that happened. I didn’t want to have to explain why the balloon vendor had tears streaming down his cheeks.

So while I was off about 15 minutes late that night after having my balloons counted and then turning in my money, I was okay with that (in fact, if I HAD stayed out until the last guest left, I would have been okay with not being paid for it, since it was my own call to stay out late against my orders to come in at 11:45).

But it may be one of my absolute favorite memories of working at Disneyland. I was back about 2½ years later, and worked there for a couple more years before life circumstances again got in the way.

But Disneyland still is (and very well could remain) my favorite former job.I like what I do now (shift manager at a casino, also the manager in charge of the bar at said casino after formerly managing security), and it’s easier work, but…Disneyland was special. And always will be to me. It was HARD work, physically…but SO rewarding mentally. The casino is mostly fun (except for a certain couple of guests), but…nowhere near as rewarding. I can’t make “magic” happen. It’s all based on random number generators.

But my casino life is beside the point here.


hello everyone! first of all, could you all please for the love of all that is both holy and unholy stop sending shitty messages to cass because i have my inbox turned off!! don’t put that on her. that’s not her responsibility. if you have a problem with me or some shit you can’t possibly go without saying to or about me on this hellsite, find a way deal with it on your own. talk shit to your friends, indirect me, @ me, whatever. i mean, i will ignore it because i literally do not give half a shit anymore, but PLEASE stop putting it on other people. i’ve had my inbox turned off for over a month because of you shitheads. because i am Dead Tired of y’all weaseling your way into my inbox every fucking time i post something you don’t like or agree with. none of y’all pay my bills and until you do, i’m going to post whatever i damn well please on my blog because it’s…my blog. this is my downtime, not my job. 

so now! bc apparently some of u seem to think you have some insight into my mind and feelings, allow me to clear some things up for u:

  • i’m not a houie or ‘soft houie’ or whatever tf u all are calling it these days. i still VERY much believe harry and louis are together and VERY much in love, as they have been since the beginning. i’m a larrie, ride or die, and i’m currently riding thru the city having a fucking blast, baby. that said, i also don’t agree with…probably 96% of larries these days on an array of things and frankly find a lot of the things i read embarrassing 🤷🏻‍♀️ but honestly who cares. whatever. *** **.
  • re: eleanor/elounor: i don’t…ship elounor. i’ve never understood the whole like. shipping but don’t actually believe they’re together thing? so i just don’t rly do that? however! i also don’t think she’s a demon or the devil or a “swine” as some of you have so eloquently and maturely referred to her. i just don’t. and y’know what?? i don’t think louis does either. i think he’s better than that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so whatever. sue me. i think she’s adorable and i like the way she dresses sometimes. i’ve always posted her and if you’ve been following me long enough, you’d know that. blacklist is ur friend. anyway, i’ve been over this approximately one thousand times and i’m not about to make this one thousand and one. so that’s that.
  • i’m not another harrie larrie who’s ~bitten the dust~. i’m here, bitch. and i love those two fuckers (four fuckers, really) more than anyone or anything in the world and i will be here thru it all and support every endeavor they have in this lifetime and the next and you will not find me speaking one ugly or negative word about either of them publicly or privately. i literally adore them and more importantly, i TRUST them. i trust them to know their lives and relationships and careers better than i do. so excuse me for not spending energy going on about how shitty and terrible everything is. i refuse to see it that way. sorry* for being excited about harry’s album. i’m sorry that i don’t find it shady or absurd. i’m sorry that i’m excited about whatever louis’ working on with whatever team he’s working on it with. i’m sorry that i haven’t created my own expectations for the boys and their careers based on ?? god knows what. that’s not my thing! if harry wants to drop the next iconic hiphop album at 12:37am on march 25, 2017, i will be the first to tattoo HEEZY TAUGHT ME across my chest. if louis wants to be the next big country music star, saddle the fuck up cowboy i am here for it. i’m here for them, together and as individuals, thru whatever they wanna do. 

i’ll just wrap this all up by saying this: i don’t have the time or energy for drama or negativity anymore. i’ve spent a lot of time feeling like shit and generally wanting to be dead, but i’m finally FINALLY excited about life again and i’m not going to let any bullshit that i cannot control get in the way of that. i don’t see the point. it gets you literally nothing but misery and anger and nowhere but a constant state of anxiety. i might voice my opinion sometimes, but generally i’m just here. ignoring the negative and focusing on the positive and getting excited about things! because i just refuse to live any other way anymore. so if any of this is a problem for you, that’s fine. unfollow me. i’m not paying your bills either. you have no obligations to anyone or anything on this website but yourself, so take care of you.

*jk i’m not really sorry about any of this oop !


um yes im wearing an easy access dress for that sole purpose!

✨the signs as magical things✨

♈️Aries: spellcasting duels, enchanted arcade games that always let you win, joyriding on a broom, hitting ghosts up via ouija board, dragon’s blood incense

♉️Taurus: fairy rings, singing garden gnomes that water your plants, crescent moon cookies, collecting cute succulents, breaking open a pretty geode, money and good luck spells

♊️Gemini: sacred geometry, rainbow aura amethyst geode spheres, flashy tarot card readings, blowing magic spells into bubbles, friendship spells

♋️Cancer: moon spells, unicorns in a meadow, collecting rainwater, soaking up beams from a full moon on a beach, salt ring circles, palm reading, protection spells

♌️Leo: pink fairy dust, having a black cat for a side kick, alien abduction, emoji spells, sunflower gardens

♍️Virgo: crystal healing, planting more trees, sage smudging, coloring mandalas, creating your own sigils, charging crystals in clean soil

♎️Libra: love potions, beauty spells, grounding self to the earth, the concept of soulmates, magic mirrors, candied rose petals, peace spells, little pink heart shaped votive candles

♏️Scorpio: sex magic, using rose petals in a bath, wishing on shooting stars, haunted houses, black velvet wedge boots, animal bones

♐️Sagittarius: astral traveling thru space, ancient runes, knowledge and clarity spells, meditation to open the third eye, writing your wishes on paper and throwing it into fire

♑️Capricorn: dusty spellbooks, cauldrons with green bubbly stuff inside, hoarding random jars, doing yoga on a misty mountaintop, skull candles

♒️Aquarius: soft chiming bells as if fairies are nearby, saving the bees, riding on a Pegasus thru puffy clouds during a sunset, reading minds, collecting feathers

♓️Pisces: glittery crystal balls, seashells blessed by mermaids, lavender fields, northern lights, putting crystals under your pillow to enhance dreaming, stardust


Charming… part 5

you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here & part 4 here

Tig was riding thru the city. Showing you places you had to visit or were you had to eat. Most of the time, he offered to take you there. After the city tour you stopped at a bar on the edge of the town.

Both of you were sitting at the bar waiting for your drinks.

“So how long are you staying?” Tig asks.

“Don’t know. Till I pay you guys back for the repair.”

“You have to stay longer. It’s a great town.”

You looked towards him and you just gave him a smile. The woman behind brings you the drinks and gives Tig a wink. Tig smile towards her.

A few hours past by and you were having a good time with Tig. Both of you were flirting with each other but not more than that. When the woman behind the bar but the last drink down she shoved a paper with her nummer towards Tig.

“I think I have to go. I will leave you two love birds to chat.” You said drinking the last shot.

“No wait.” Tig says grabbing your arm. “I will bring you home.”

“You don’t need…”

Before you could finish you sentence he responds “I want to.”

He drinks his shot and walks with you towards the door.

Outside the fresh air hits your face. It felt so good. Tig stands next to you and also takes in that moment.

“I actually want to walk.” You said to him with a smile.

“Hopp on the bike I will ride slow, so we can enjoy the night.”

He handles you the helmet. You put it on and sat at back of the bike. You steady yourself by hugging him from behind. You were tipsy and you really didn’t want to fall.

Tig didn’t say anything and just started the bike and rode away. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked thru the streets you passed. This was enjoyable. It just made you feel calm and peaceful. It made you feel free. You thought about Mike and Anna. You didn’t really want to go back. The story telling about Travis wasn’t something you wanted to go back to. You felt trapped and scared because of him. You just wanted to hold onto this feeling of freedom a little longer.

“Tig?” You said. He stopped his bike on the side of the street so he could hear you. You were still resting your face on his shoulder. “Can you take the long way back?”

“Yes of course.” He looks towards you making you take your head of his shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just… I don’t want to go back at this moment. had a little fight so just want to stay away a little bit longer.”

He turns back and started riding again. You rested your head on his shoulder.

A few seconds later his phone started to ring. He stopped on the side of the road. You took your head of his shoulder. He took his phone of his pocket and looked towards it.

“I have to take this.” He says towards you. He steps away from his bike. You looked towards him, he was passing around talking on the phone.

He stops on his tracks and you see him look towards you. He says something back to the person on the phone and hangs up. He walks towards you again.

“I have to take you home. I have to do something.” He looks towards you. “I…”

“Tig it’s okay.” You said to him with a smile. You knew what he meant what he had to do something. The club needed him and the badge on his chest said pretty much enough to you.  

He nods at you and steps back on his bike.

Tig brought you back to the hotel.

“I had a good night.” TIg says

“Me too.”

“Maybe we can do this often.”

“Maybe we can.” You winked towards him. “Go on. YOu had something to do.”

He smiled at you and rides away.


Tig rode as fast as possible towards the TM. Clay called him a few minutes ago telling him that he needed him. Tig pulled up on the parking lot. He saw the bike of his brothers stand on one side and on the other side were 2 bikes were parked that he didn’t recognise. He parks his next to the one’s of his brothers and walks towards the clubhouse.

At the bar he saw Clay and Bobby talk to two men.

“TIg.” Clay said. “Come here.”

Tig walks towards them.

“Tig, this is Travis and Mark. They’re from the Bandidos in Texas.” Both men look towards Tig. “They’re want to buy guns from us.”

“Yes…” the man named Travis says. “We always have problems with your charters nearby so we thought let’s just visit the originals.”

“It was good thing that you did.” Clay says.

Tig was looking towards the men, something didn’t feel right to him.