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Not really a request, but more a thing I absolutely I have to say. Imagine if the Lost Light had a human companion or whatever, and their way of transportation is a longboard, like just imagine liKE A TINY HUMAN IN THEIR RIDING ON A PLANK WITH WHEELS, WHAT IF SOME OF THE MEMBERS WOULD USE THEIR HOLOFORMS TO LIKE TRY OUT THE LONGBOARD I FUCKING LVOE THIS

Ngl as soon as I saw this the first thing I thought of was Hyojoo’s longboarding on instagram?? Imagine a human going around the LL like this:

A post shared by Ko Hyojoo (@hyo_joo) on Apr 17, 2016 at 11:26pm PDT

Top 10 Bots who’d want to try longboarding tho:

  • Rodimus
  • Skids
  • Tailgate except his holoform is a fucking infant so like. Rip in piss his baby ass
  • Whirl
  • Brainstorm
  • Swerve
  • Bluestreak
  • Blaster
  • Pipes
  • Velocity

Tbh the first time I saw this vid I immediately thought of whizzing around the LL on a tiny hoverboard doing similar tricks in the air and Tailgate getting Very Jealous bc he couldn’t pull off the same moves without crashing into something or someone

Up In The Air

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Newt Scamander

Pairing: Reader X Newt Scamander

Notes/Warnings: -

Word count: 1,216

Prompt: “Have you ever been horse riding? It’s a similar concept.” Requested by @hopsalot

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